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Third Rocket Attack Hits Emirati-Run Gas Complex In Iraqi Kurdistan (Video)

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Third Rocket Attack Hits Emirati-Run Gas Complex In Iraqi Kurdistan (Video)

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On June 25, another rocket attack targeted the Khor Mor gas complex in the Iraqi Kurdistan region which is run by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) energy company Dana Gas.

Initially, Iraqi sources reported that a salvo of rockets hit the complex, which is located in the Chamchamal district of Sulaymaniyah province. Nevertheless, around an hour after the attack, a local official told reporters that a single “Katyusha” rocket landed near the fence of the complex without causing any casualties or material loses. The term Katyusha is usually used in the Arab world to describe to any 107 mm rocket.

This was the third attack to target the gas complex in less than a week. On June 22, a 107 mm rocket, believed to be an Iranian-made Fadjr-1, struck the complex. The rocket attack didn’t result in any casualties or material losses. On June 24, another 107 mm rocket landed near the landed near the employee housing in the complex without causing any losses.

Pro-Iranian factions were blamed by some unofficial Iraq sources for the recent attacks on the gas complex. The attacks were seen as a warning to the UAE.

However, it is possible that the recent attacks were the result of a power struggle between key political and economic players in Iraq. Ownership over the gas complex is reportedly a matter of dispute between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.

The investment of gas and oil fields in northern Iraq has been a subject of conflict between the autonomous Kurdish region and the central government for years now.



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A Emi RAT Gaz in Iraq ohhhhhhhh !!!

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