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A new Maidan launched in Kiev [Live Feeds]

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A new Maidan launched in Kiev [Live Feeds]
Original published by ianewstoday.ru and other sources; translation by J.Hawk
The anniversary of “Maidan victory” in Kiev is being celebrated through a series of large protest actions, including setting up tents next to Verkhovna Rada and the ritual burning of tires. By Saturday evening, the Marinskiy Park was full of people in camouflage who were brought there from all over in Ukraine but who behaved largely non-aggressively. These were the people who brought a truck full of tires to the Rada. Will they be set on fire? That’s still unclear. It’s noteworthy that some of the participants wear identifying insignia–yellow masking tape–which suggests they are prepared for clashes with other camouflage-clad individuals, presumably from security forces.
National Guard Main Directorate Kiev chief Andrey Krishchenko said that “there is plenty of information concerning possible provocations during the commemoration of the victims of Maidan.” All sorts of “self-defense forces,” “ATO heroes”, and OUNs threaten to mobilize up to 100,000 demonstrators. The situation in Kiev is growing more tense: OUN battalion commander Nikolai Kokhanovskiy wants to storm the Presidential Administration.
Kiev protest is in full swing. The protesters have issued their first demands from the stage: Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk to resign, Minsk Agreements to be annulled. The speakers also announced “the beginning of the revolution”. Kreshchatik is blocked, the first tents have appeared. Maidan’s perimeter is ringed by militants in camouflage. The number of protesters keeps growing as additional members of “volunteer battalions” are arriving. The camouflaged militants with yellow armbands say that they have come here straight from the front and are ready to spill blood.
Live feed from Kiev:

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Mark Tyrone Chia

Good. Please take over Ukraine and launch a new war on the east. The sooner the frozen war ends the sooner the Donbass can get their independence.

Tim Hadfield

The sooner the Ukraine people realise that they are better off with Russia than with Europe, the sooner we will all get some peace.

Nevins Harding

The vultures are still picking the corpse of Ukraine and the IMF keeps sending flesh. Now new vultures are trying to displace the US allied oligarchs. Everything the US touches turns to rot.

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