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Thief Seizes IDF Attaché’s Car With Secret Files Inside (Video)

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Thief Seizes IDF Attaché’s Car With Secret Files Inside (Video)

A screenshot from the video

A thief has stolen the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) military attaché’s posh SUV with secret files.

Ynet reports (source):

The official vehicle of an IDF attaché in a European country was stolen last week while the attaché’s driver and bodyguard were standing right next to it, Yedioth Ahronoth has learned.

The attaché arrived at a hotel for a meeting with an IDF general who was visiting the city for work purposes. As he entered the meeting in the hotel, the local driver and the Israeli bodyguard were standing outside the luxury Audi jeep with its engine turned on.

A thief arrived from the other side, quickly entered the vehicle and drove away. A video documenting the incident shows the bodyguard running after the car, but it was already too late.

Immediately after the vehicle was stolen, it was neutralized by remote control with the assistance of the Audi company, and the thief was forced to abandon it. The car was later found in a neighborhood of Muslim immigrants in the city. A wallet and two uniforms had been stolen from it.

The incident was reported to the relevant officials, who launched an investigation. Although the car was eventually located, steps will likely be taken against the embassy’s bodyguards.

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Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

If the car was disabled immediately, how could it be later recovered from a Muslim immigrants’ neighbourhood?
Funny anyway.


Typical of jews coverups. None shall be responsible for it.

AM Hants

It took them time to realise it was missing. Or set up, to allow time for the secret files to be safely out the way. Staged, so comes to mind, or seriously stupid. Not sure which way to go.


OK they have admitted the theft of a wallet and 2 uniforms, Jew wallet =$ 00.00, 2 French Police uniforms??? So, wtf happened the “secret files”? Street looks like Strasbourg.thief cool as an iced cucumber walks past driver, bodyguard and lookout with his jacket over his shoulder as he walks towards the camera. Out of camera he turns around as he realises the Izzi muppets are having a mothers meeting at the rear of the SUV. And approaches from their blind spot. Opens the door and says thank you very much, and proceeds to drive to a safe location. Am very surprised it was not torched…..Hope he got the secret files too and gets away with it…..

Abdul Majeed

fools fall for that old trick …someone please publish all the files, suckers!! hahaha!


It’s clearly just a common sucker got his car stolen right under his nose by car thief.

Hisham Saber

He;s a major ‘sucker’ , but not of the common type. Some embarrassing stuff could come out of this. Like Israeli subversion in said host country.

chris chuba

Are they certain that this isn’t a video of the Mossad stealing files from the IRGC in the middle of Tehran?

The Israelis would never never mess up like this. This must be a staged event by Iran to get even w/Israel because if Israel’s brilliant Intelligence operation on their nuclear program [#sarcasm].


” Thief Seizes IDF Attaché’s Car With Secret Files Inside (Video) ”
Blame IRAN !! :))))))))

Samantha Best

“Other items found by the police inside the car that belonged to the owners were photographs and videos of children been raped and used in satanic rituals by men dressed in rabbi costumes, a strap-on dildo and some lube, a child like sex doll and a hebrew bible. Charges are expected to be laid against the owners of the car.”

Hisham Saber

The ‘secret files’ were probably the written oral a,d volume of the insidious Talmud.


That’s what happens when two jews argue about whose turn it is to pay for the bagels :)

AM Hants


AM Hants

LOL, seriously made me laugh. Sheer audacity, of the intelligence agent, who drove the car away.


Another reason not to leave your car running.

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