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‘They Messed With Wrong Guy’: Trump Supporters Show Video Of Fight Between Man And ‘BLM Gangsters’

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'They Messed With Wrong Guy': Trump Supporters Show Video Of Fight Between Man And 'BLM Gangsters'

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Supporters of US President Donald Trump have been circulating a video supposedly showing a fist fight between a white man and several BLM gangsters.

The video rapidly became viral in Twitter and even reached the Russian-speaking segment of the social media. Pro-Kremlin telegram accounts are actively sharing it as an example of the ‘successful’ resistance to ‘BLM radicals’.

The issue with the situation is that the video originiated from China and first appeared online in 2011. The fake was filmed in in the People’s Square, Shanghai as a kind of promo for kung-fu training. The filmed man is Hu Haoming and he’s a kung-fu trainer. The plot of the video demonstrates that the authors were concerned by the question of street crime by migranst in 2011 already.

'They Messed With Wrong Guy': Trump Supporters Show Video Of Fight Between Man And 'BLM Gangsters'

Click to see the full-size image

Since 2011, the video has been widely circulating in social media under different titles and once became especially popular in 2016 when the migration crisis was actively developing in the EU. Then, accounts circulating the video claimed that the incident happened in Germany.

The current level of social and political tensions in the US set conditions for fast and successful spread of various fake news and speculations that contribute to the narratives of the sides involved in the standoff. So, it’s expected that in the future more fake videos, photos and claims will appear online.


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Hmm; Voices in the background seem to be Chinese?
The FAKE attackers are all black, that seems to be a bit racist. :/

good american

Ha, you ever see this one when she puts a black man in the laundry machine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Few8kJ0zfnY

Hasbara Hunter

Trumpster supporters obviously got shit to show…and are in desperate need of a Captain Murica Comic Superman-Hero to come and rescue them…the retards obviously still do not realize that American Heroes are all Fake…what a surprise…

In Exile

American Heroes are all Jewish created like Superman, damned Jews stinking up my Planet.

Hasbara Hunter

These days Muricans get confronted with the harsh reality….and it hurts…and it will hurt only more in the near future…Muricans can use a little Civil War 2.0 to clean up the Traitors in Washington…but they have got to do it themselves…because Superman is on his way to Mars in a Tesla…so Muricans better shake hands & Unite…


We are all in grave danger of becoming Gaza 2.0

Hasbara Hunter

Over my dead body….ready ‘n’ waitin’ for the Sheeple to wake up….once they do all Hell will break loose…and them filthy One Percententers will have No place to run to & No place to hide…

Tommy Jensen

All right. Take THAT comic show from a black American! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaPVd5hNkAc


This crap has at least 5 years and it was viral because you don’t know if it’s a bad played parody or even a bad parody for bad fighting scenes.


A diverted amateur low quality pub for Kempo or chinese boxing school ?

Tommy Jensen

I knew immediately it was fake when I saw the video, because no one takes down an American.


The whole virus spectacle fueling the unrest is looking increasingly thread bare as places like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore have next to no deaths due to effective medical treatments that are being subverted in places running the scamdemic and mass murdering their people in the process.


Their propaganda effort was so unbelievably clumsy and easily debunkable that you wonder whether it was because of crude amateurism from the authors themselves or their belief that their own followers are dumb enough to buy anything published at face value without any second thought or fact-checking whatsoever. And I wonder which is worse actually. After all,their number one hero claimed that detergent injections in lungs are a miracle cure for Covid and also that “his nuclear button is bigger” between two covfefes and his “unmatched wisdom”, so go figure. Past a certain point even the best liars start believing their own tales.


“Pro-Kremlin Telegram accounts” … what is going on with Southfront ?


And what is it about this shitty picture with the little niggers-game ?

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