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“They Had 17 Aircraft, We Have 48 Missiles”: British Navy Claims Its Destroyer ‘Deterred’ Russian Airpower In Black Sea

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Sometimes it seems that maisntream media outlets are just pulling their stories from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere or some other parallel universe of this kind.

"They Had 17 Aircraft, We Have 48 Missiles": British Navy Claims Its Destroyer 'Deterred' Russian Airpower In Black Sea

A screenshot from the video

On November 25th, British Channel 5 showed “incredible footage” which showed “dangerous moments” during HMS Duncan’s leading of a NATO fleet in the Black Sea. The footage shows the Daring-class air-defence destroyer “buzzed” by 17 Russian fighter jets off the coast of Crimea.

It was somewhat expected, since Britain cannot fall behind Ukraine or any other country as pretending to be the biggest “victim” of “Russian aggression.”

The Mail Online released the footage of the “brazen hostility” of the Russian army off the coast of their own territory. The footage takes place in May 2018.

Defense secretary Gavin Williamson praised the actions of the crew aboard HMS Duncan in the face of Russian aggression. Williamson said:

“Over the past year, HMS Duncan and her crew have embodied the key role the UK plays in NATO. As NATO flagship, she has faced down brazen Russian hostility in the Black Sea with jets buzzing overhead, been stalked by Russian spy ships and played a vital role protecting NATO allies during the British, American and French strikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities. Through her deployment, this world-leading ship and her crew epitomised the nation we are going to be as we exit the EU – a truly global Britain which is outward-looking and engaged on the world stage.”

"They Had 17 Aircraft, We Have 48 Missiles": British Navy Claims Its Destroyer 'Deterred' Russian Airpower In Black Sea

Royal Navy commodore Mike Utley said the incident involving HMS Duncan shows the challenges posed by Russian military activity. He said:

“HMS Duncan is probably the only maritime asset that has seen a raid of that magnitude in the last 25 years. I think their tactics are naive. What they don’t know is how capable the ship is. When you see that much activity, I think it reinforces the nature of what people expect at the moment and why there is a challenge from Russia.”

"They Had 17 Aircraft, We Have 48 Missiles": British Navy Claims Its Destroyer 'Deterred' Russian Airpower In Black Sea

The footage shows the jets circling around the HMS Duncan before returning to Russian soil, with one of the pilots messaging the crew with “Good luck, guys.”

The documentary showed interviews with some of the sailors, one considered the message was a warning. Another one said that “They had 17 aircraft, we have 48 missiles – I think we’re going to win that one.

Commander Eleanor Stack, Duncan’s captain, said:

“To me if felt unprecedented. There were more aircraft than we have seen in a long time.”

Lieutenant Commander James Smith said of the NATO presence in the Black Sea:

“They may consider it to be escalatory, we certainly don’t. But it depends on how you spin the narrative. The one thing the Russians are very good at is spinning a narrative.”

Then he said something that is quite obvious and significant:

“We have to demonstrate and create our own as well. They can scream and shout all they want but we still have the right, as do all these units, to be where we are, operating how we are.”

Thus, reinforcing British and Western right to create their own narrative and follow it through.

Furthermore, no hysteria in Britain related to Russia can take place without also mentioning nerve agents and the Skripal assassination attempt.

The Telegraph reported that in March, following the alleged nerve agent attack on Sergey Skripal and Yulia Skripal, the HMS Duncan was in port in Montenegro. That, of course, was worrisome, since Montenegro was part of the Communist bloc during the Cold War era and still has many links to Russia.

In a text message sent out to all 280 crew part-way through three days of shore leave, the ship’s company were told:

“The Defence Attache has informed the ship that Montenegro authorities have been made aware of a [redacted] group that will be in the area this evening. Therefore all ships company are to return onboard by 1800.”

"They Had 17 Aircraft, We Have 48 Missiles": British Navy Claims Its Destroyer 'Deterred' Russian Airpower In Black Sea

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said that security advice to deployed units is based on local threat assessments and the wider geopolitical situation. Thus, the arbitrary warning that was simply a propaganda piece simply attempts to reinforce the narrative.

No other Royal Navy ships around the world were similarly told to recall personnel after the nerve agent attack.

In the event, the ship experienced no security incidents. There were also no security incidents during the “hostility” shown by Russian fighter jets as well. It is all part of a hysteria in the “Russian aggression” narrative.

Even the Telegraph reported that the NATO patrol was undeterred:

“Our radar can track a cricket ball-sized contact travelling at three times the speed of sound 150 miles away,” said one weapons engineer. On a recent visit to a Type-45 Destroyer, the ships Operations Officer told the Telegraph: “We don’t yet understand the full capability of the radar. It’s like a spaniel straining on a leash.”

On November 21st, Gavin Williamson announced that Britain would increase military presence to Ukraine to help fight “Russian aggression.”

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Poor Turk

To deatroy a ship you dont need to get in the range of the ship’s defenses. Kh-31 missiles can be launched from a safe distance by a couple of jets.

R Trojson

Russia determined to start WW3 where hundreds of millions will die.

Poor Turk

Yes. They are constantly provoking NATO in international airspace and russian waters.

Promitheas Apollonious

YEP that is exactly what they are doing. how dare they protecting their borders from the democratic forces of the west?

But you dont need to worry about the hundreds of millions… usually amoebas as you, die first.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Putin has said Russia is not afraid of a nuclear war. Because Russian souls will go to heaven.The aggressors souls (who will be destroyed also) will go to oblivion. They do not do pre-emptive strikes


Trollson, you are so pathetic.

Concrete Mike

Liar! Peice of shit rooting to start ww3!!! Dont you have family??? Friends ?? Or just a drone?

Concrete Mike

Says the guy whose country is terrified of 500 latin america migrants…that you created. Your pathetic…learn to swin.


Blah, blah, eat shit and die troll.. then eat shit in hell.

Wolfgang Wolf

what is your name? R Trollson?)))

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Yup, that’s why the NATO gangsters are prancing around RF borders! Same old Western expansionsists, supremacists and violent RACISTS.

stary ujo

Oo, unqualified Williamson , do you thing , that Russians will scared 80 miles from their border ?! The stupid Britain goverment , you probably forget as to burn Coventry and London !

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

nuke us please America

Brother Thomas

What is a British warship doing off the coast of Crimea anyway?

The comment about 48 missiles vs 17 warplanes is facile – the aircraft may have a total of 34 anti-ship missiles aimed at the one British ship.


I am pretty sure that there is a Russian Bastion-P system somewhere guarding the Kerch street. No need for planes.


The British navy wish to cuck themselves there.


It’s like russian ships near Southampton… yet these nato cunts dare to say: “The one thing the Russians are very good at is spinning a narrative.” No shame.


Testing the hoax about ‘the super weapon that shuts down US vessels’

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I bet you think Russian nukes are a hoax until you see the mushrooms sprout up in the sky over your city? Those pesky Russians have no right to invent such weapons, right? That’s the God-given preserve of the Western supremacist, right? Same old RACIST Western supremacists, expansionists and exceptionalists.


So what is the evidence of that “super weapon that shuts down ships” such weapon other than an anonymous Russian blogger quoted by RT? You already lost the bet.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Like I said, your ilk believes that Russia has no right to invent any weapons. The evidence you seek will be there for all to see when the nuclear bombs go off, but then it will be too late for Western supremacists and RACISTS like you, and the whole world. What evidence do you have the Russian nuclear weapons are real? Care to have one shoved up your arse, dear???


Like you do with your own head? No thanks, go eat your banana, monkey.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Same old racists and imperialists. I have one banana a day. Thanks for your concern about my health. Now, about that bump in your head: any links with McCain? Better have a test, dear!


I’m so happy third world population can afford a banana per day.


Er….nope…8) The USN has already found out how terrifying real these weapons are…. Nice try troll.


Any evidence of just because an anonymous Russian wrote it on a blog?


nwah… a butt hurt westerner, I’ll email you a box of tissues and some lube, retard.


Thanks I need them with your mom, here


Tiny Britain is a vestige of the past and now plays arselicker to its US masters. UK is a irrelevant in the world and created a defunct empire of theft, lies and slavery. It is hardly a match for Russia and the whole British isles can be sunk by two nuclear blasts. Britain needs to understand that is a rejected third world country on the periphery of Europe.

Brother Thomas

Nostalgia for the sunny days of Brittania in these gloomy Brexit times ( sigh!!!)

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Don’t be so glum! I look forward to Britain sailing off to sunny Mid-Atlantic. We will create a New Atlantis, the envy of the termite world. Oh, wait, the Scots want to tear off to Scandinavia! That would be very painful for Hadrian’s wall!


Also the Russian aircraft have PROVEN jamming capabilities themselves! Also Russian coastal anti-ship missiles are hypersonic! They are indefensible! Russia doesnt actually need 17 aircraft! Not even a submarine! These coastal systems are highly mobile! Combine that with proven jamming capabilities and this British ship is a sitting duck!


Exactly, f’k me the british are a pack of brainless morons, jerking themselves off infront of the mirror.


Russia doe not need 17 missiles to sink the ship …. just one.

Concrete Mike

Yeah really…using aircraft to sink those ships would be dumb…russja should donald duck that ship…send a nice quiet message to the brits….quit kids men are at work here.

Feudalism Victory

That story may be propoganda or not entirely true. Russias been so clear to not engage the americans im not sure they wouldve risked attacking an american naval asset directly.

All the same it seem improbable a single ship would last long even if it fired all its missles.


Don’t tell little Russians that their preferred conspiracy theory might be a hoax like Santa.

Feudalism Victory

Well im sure they have perfectly acceptable standard anti ship weapons. I dont believe in new em warefare weapons or iranian univese torque weapons either(at least until theyre used to military effect) Its pretty standard practice for weaker powers to play up their martial prowess in lieu of actual power. Its the inverse of roosevelts talk quietly and carry a big stick.

Unfortunately it also plays into confirmation bias which is what makes it effective propoganda as youve noted above.


Its funny you think Russia is a weaker power, guess thats why merika is shitting its panties about Russian weapons…. f’king kids should be watching peppa pig not here on SouthFront.


When someone starts his comment with ‘it’s funny how’ you know that the rest will sound totally butt hurt


For the weak minds that need to believe that their country has a mighty super secret powerful weapon, yes, anything is acceptable.


One should look here. Not that often discussed in the open, but seriously taken in any navy in the world: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a22593766/russia-working-on-new-cephalopod-underwater-attack-drone/

Brother Thomas

Hahaha!! I like the “might be” – you don’t sound terribly confident and seem to be boosting your courage.


I wanted to sound polite, only a Westerner could get it.


The British Navy irresponsible and moronic tweet. Call their monkeys from Black sea and don’t create problems for British nation, Idiot.

Feudalism Victory

The americans seem pretty clear that they dont want a fair fight out in the open. I doubt theyll attack directly. Theyre focused on a pretext to paint a defensive narrative.


the poor weak UK. did the US give you permission to speak lol! if the Russians really wanted to harm that ship you would have not seen any aircraft at all!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The problem here for the RN is that although the Type 45 may have 48 surface-to-air missiles aboard, (Aster) some shall have a range of under 30 km and some a maximum of about 120 km. The defending aircraft could be well outside of range from being hit when they launch their salvo’s of anti-ship supersonic cruise missiles and it’s “spaniel straining on a leash” radar (of HMS Duncan) would be an ideal target for an anti-radiation missile strike too. As the Sheffield showed, it only takes one hit on a modern warship.

Wolfgang Wolf

there is enough russian EW equipment close to the russian crimean shore. dont worry, monkey islanders) RUS would send EMP/EW missile first and then send a salvo of normal anti-ship missiles… no big deal… a diesel-electric sub will finish the rest…


“HMS Duncan is probably the only maritime asset that has seen a raid of that magnitude in the last 25 years. I think their tactics are naive. What they don’t know is how capable the ship is.”

Delusional talk from the British. That wasn’t a raid; it was a warning, a show of force. Their ship is a sitting duck. It is ‘capable’ of being sunk with one hit.


if you look at the page http://www.marinetraffic.com there are a loot of tankers around. Based on NATO experience in Norway, no need for a rocket, just a tanker…




You forgot to mention a seconded US bridge officer as well :) A FUBAR us a certainty then .

Tudor Miron

What this staged comedy video is about? Englishmen, why does your government treat you as dumb sheeple? Are you really so much detached from reality to buy into that?


Uhhh, because most in the west are dumb sheeple? This is just their contribution to the NATO fairy tale to make themselves appear relevant…so they can continue to run their protection racket (NATO). But they don’t really care if the people believe them or not, they’ll just continue to milk them.


British navy trying to sound relevant by mouthing off idiotic propaganda, costal defenses and air launched Oniks supersonic missiles with a range of 600 kms would overwhelm and outperform the Aster air defenses on the HMS Duncan, by flying close to Mach 3 at sea skimming heights.

Bigaess Wangmane

I want to try whatever drugs/medication Mike Utley is on. Any substance that can warp reality in the mind to that degree must be pretty strong stuff.


Can only imagine what those who are under his command are on. Sad how the populations of these delusional countries (US, UK, France etc.) decline while the military propaganda screams louder. Washington DC and London are not defensible positions in a nuclear war.

You can call me Al

US, UK, France = FUKUS; keep up.


Got It! Sure is a hell of a lot easier and to the point. My favorite word.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Correction, Al: F+UK+US = FUKUS! Sorry to be so pedantic! FUKUS strikes again, and pee in their pants! The Royal Navy nappy business must be booming. Those darn pesky Russians again!

You can call me Al

Git, but you are right – THIS TIME.


Washington and London need a revamp anyway. Both are full of shit.

Dušan Mirić

“Oh, those Russians!”

Bobby Twoshoes

So the Operations Officer, the guy in charge of the radar, doesn’t understand the radar? It begs the question of whether having “advanced tech” is better than having competent officers…



That captain is an idiot. He sees 17 aircraft but that’s the warning. The danger to him are the Bastion shore based missiles and the subs that are hunting him waiting for him to launch SAM’s at the aircraft ay nothing of the missiles the Russian aircraft are carrying.


and a british destroyer in the Black Sea – seems a bit out of the brits comfort zone – and pls note that if it was a more serious confrontation rest assured the destroyer would be sitting duck and turned into dust before they had time to say squat – and the moron stack wouldn’t even have seen an aircraft and even had less time to write a letter home to mum!

Manuel Flores Escobar

jajja Royal Navy!..I remember when a single exocet launched by Argentina Armada jet sunk the “Sheffield” destroyer!…then the most modern warship in NATO!…if it was not enough Argies sunk his twin “Coventry” during an airstrike in San Carlos Bay!…

Wolfgang Wolf

yes, and if those french frog eater assholes did not give the codes of their exocet missiles to the british, they would have lost ALL their ships in Argentina


And the Atlantic conveyor that the best brains of the British military thought it was a good idea to transport all the heavy lift helicopters on , along with all the tentage etc for the troops during the Falkland winter :)


“Our radar can track a cricket ball-sized contact travelling at three times the speed of sound 150 miles away,” Thanks for the info. Not much use then are they when Russian anti ship missiles can travel at 7 times the speed of sound.


A boatload of fucking idiots.

John Whitehot

you are so miserable in your littleness.

Patrick Armstrong

In the real thing, somewhere around the beginning of the video, when they were excitedly saying “here’s another one!” the first Kinzhal would have hit at Mach 10. Mind you, I’m sure the Russian pilots enjoyed it too.


I feel pity for britain

Ricky Miller

So stupid. Perhaps training of Royal Navy officers is so lax that they don’t know that airplanes carry missiles for weapons and are not needed to kamikaze a ship in order to damage and sink it. Let’s see, four anti-ship missiles per Su-24 and as many as 8 for a Su-34. What’s 17 times 4? Oh, 68. I think the air group wins that fight even before Black Sea Fleet surface ships and submarines sortie out to take a shot. Rolling up near a peer state’s shoreline and believing one’s ship to be invincible is a sure sign of arrogant, lazy and delusional thinking. And a sure way to get wet, if your country is stupid enough to order an act of violence in that geographical setting.

Wolfgang Wolf

we dont know the hit probability of those overrated Aster 15 and Aster 30 anti-air systems. they have never been tested under combat conditions and EW environment… same for the vessel…. if you count 50% hit probability only which is quite high for real combat…. how long can this vessel defend itself?) 2 minutes maybe? furthermore, they just have 1 old Lynx heli with anti-submarine abilities… google russian “shkval torpedo” ….. much luck glorious royal ex-navy….

Ricky Miller

Exactly. And even if it’s HMS Duncan’s birthday and these missile systems achieve a 100% kill score on fired missiles it still is overwhelmed in short order operating that close to Russia. Let’s see, anything that’s home among dozens of aircraft, Supersonic shore based P-800’s, Kalibr capable Frigates (3), Kalibr capable Corvette (1), older missile corvettes, at least a half dozen, the cruiser Moskva and her destroyer sidekick, six Kalibr missile capable submarines. I mean, sail there outside Russian territorial waters if you feel you need to but talking trash while doing so shows Naval or otherwise stupidity, bravado, or a quietly held belief that all propaganda to the contrary, both you and your country soundly believes that Russia practices restraint, even in the face of provocations.

Wolfgang Wolf

dont forget the caspian sea flotilla with long range Kalibr and the almost forgotten Kalibr Klub-K system or so, which can be placed in any 40ft standard container…. on any truck, carriage, sea barge or container vessel….

Ricky Miller

Right. But those Kalibrs have to travel so far that they can’t kick in the supersonic anti-ship boost phase of their attack. The anti-ship variety Kalibr’s are limited to around 300km for that reason. That doesn’t mean that the Caspian Flotilla can’t use the River system to transit to the Black Sea though. That provides, as you say, up to four more platforms firing eight supersonic missiles each. Busted. All this propaganda bragging by the UK is pathetic and treats the worldwide audience like we’re all stupid.

Wolfgang Wolf

be sure that RUS will never communicate the real range of their weapons which are superior to the export versions……


Well 50% hit rate does not mean, that the first missile of two missiles is hit. It can be the second one to be hit, when the first one comes through. Survival time is not determined by hit rate.

You can call me Al

“Perhaps training of Royal Navy officers is so lax that they don’t know that airplanes carry missiles for weapons and are not needed to kamikaze a ship in order to damage and sink it”.

You could be closer to the truth than you know there. We are waiting (with baited breath) for our F-35 Bs.

Hibbiz Leong

Each Brit have now 4 testicles, 2 of triple size from silicon and the original 2 downsized by half


Britain under NATO is an embarrassment – having been revealed as lacking any real military power during Iraq 2.0 (ie retreat in Basra to airport) – Britain is now relegated to role of ‘soft power’ based intelligence/ media NATO programs – White Helmets, Skirpol, etc.

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