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They Are Our Democratic Terrorists: United States Drops ETIM Group From Terror List

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They Are Our Democratic Terrorists: United States Drops ETIM Group From Terror List

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The United States has revoked the terror tag for the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an Islamic extremist militant group that has been seeking to establish own mini-Caliphate in China’s western region of Xinjiang. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo signed off on the order removing ETIM from the list of terrorist groups on October 20, while the move itself was made public on November 4.

The ETIM has been under the sanctions of the UN Security Council since 2020. It is widely known for terrorist attacks in China and other regions of the world. It was founded by Hasan Mahsum, a Uyghur from Xinjiang’s Kashgar region, who was shot dead by Pakistani soldiers in 2003. The group were not planning attacks on Chinese forces and facilities, but also wanted to kidnap foreign journalists, tourists and athletes during the 2008 Olympics. The ETIM also trains and employs suicide bombers.

The State Department’s decision removes ETIM from the US government’s FTO list, the militant group continues to be designated a terrorist group by the United Nations and several other nations. ETIM-affiliated units are active among other al-Qaeda-styled groups in the Syrian war and, according to China, the group has been involved for over 200 documented acts of terror.

The US move already caused a wide criticism in China, but it poses a threat not only to the security of Xinjiang. The US move already caused a wide criticism in China, but it poses a threat not only to the security of Xinjiang. The lifting of the terrorism tag by the US will expectedly lead to the increase of the group’s activity across the entire Central Asia. No longer considered terrorists, ETIM members and commanders will allow to have bank accounts in the United States, move freely within the US zone of control, conduct business activities, buy and sell weapons. If one takes into account the US ‘history of defending democracy’, it is possible to expect that the next logical step in the Washington push for further democracy in the Central Asia will be training of ETIM militants by US instructors at US-affiliated military objects.


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China will bark as always.

Porc Halal

The ETIM group is an islamic terrorist organization, so I don’t see why China won’t “bark” … I really expect China to do more than that! … what the US has done is a disgrace, but it is not surprising considering that they also support other islamic terrorist groups …


And to bark and do nothing is also a disgrace.

Porc Halal

That’s correct too!


Just need to grow a set,thats all,atleast they don’t worship homosexual.phaedophiles,which is more than what can be saID OF YOUR INFAMOUS SATANIC POPE/NOHOPE,red shoe weareth sly homosexual piece o sht,
pompeous tool!


Yeah, just need to grow a pair, I can agree with that. Bulling small countries like Nam and Pinoys can be done on the sea already.

Vox Populi

With Putin now gone with Parkisons Russia is the bag, and China will be whittled down by supporting various terrorist groups. Jihad courtesy of CIA is coming to China.


I think that waa just a lie by nyt, to cover biden’s alzheimer for a moment :)


begone nwo/p00f,you worship homosexuals like the national disease,got nothing on china incests!


Stop crying amd take it all into the ass.

Porc Halal

etim is far far away from the shores of the disunited states of A and thus can serve the purpose to cause mayhem in china with little or no risk of a spill over effects in washington. so why not when your principles are shot long ago.

Porc Halal

I don’t know what to say … now that the deep state has imposed its brainless puppet on the White House, practically the US borders will be dismantled and the influx of illegal immigrants will be devastating … what I mean is that there will be a record influx of “missionaries” of the “religion of peace” who will wreak havoc there …

Davide Herzog

With the renewed alleance and sinergy usa-eu , in Europe it will be even worst…..
Soon it will be unsafe to be white like it is in SouthAfrica .
I guess in next years will start an important evacuation towards a safe country like Russia .

Porc Halal

Yes, IF the current trend continues … and only if the deutsche mad cow continue to support the racist theory/ideology of self-killing and self-destruction of the European white race, with the exception of the elites of course …

Ps…i see Macron is distancing more and more from the evil axe and trying to reroute the path of france towards a more real pro-european one…

johnny rotten

The outlawed US empire is a joke, it can’t be true.

Vox Populi

US deep state is now in total control with a senile 80 year old Biden as a patsy and the CIA and Zionist groomed Kamala of part Indian origin is very anti-Chinese. There will be a full blown terrorist war against China in Xinjiang and Tibet.


They were the same who fabricated/invented the fake-news/fiction about the Uyghur concentration camps in Xinjiang and it was 24/7 spreaded + parroted by the combined western Fake-News/Propaganda-MSM spoon-fed by the US/UK Deep-State outfits, like the UK Deep-State Terrorist creature ‘White Helmets’ did.


The US had been backing ETIM since the 90s as part of the destabilizing plan against China’s rapid economic growth. How is this news?

China may have issues with the Uyghur population currently, and the States could have easily offered humane intervention by supporting the cause of the people, most of whom are innocent, defenseless civilians.

However, the States chose to support ETIM instead so as to undermine China’s surge in industry, which is unfair & may lead to further conflict within the region.

Similar measures have been carried out in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria .. all with the purpose of destabilization disguised as “humanitarian” intervention or “peacekeeping.” What a farce.

This has been going on for long decades and committed by both major parties in the US. The world can’t take much more of these war-driven policies & maneuvers. Something’s gotta give.

Pave Way IV

Pompeo is a national security threat to the U.S. Time to ship him off to one of those Uyghur re-education camps in China to correct his thinking (and maybe lose a few pounds of lard). Then revoke his U.S. citizenship permanently and ban him from ever setting foot on U.S. soil again. He can go hang out with his buddy Epstein in Tel Aviv.


Meantime usa persists to rot in damnation to the greatness of zeigh heir,this is cap[italist fascism at its prime,rigged elections,same sex marriage,no justice,hyping greatness,scamdemics,self decoup,like I said shot itself in the leg,yet hell b ent trying to blame heterosexual societys in order to applease the homosexual grand masters of brussels,simply put trump couldn’t put it over gimps,like I said before ,no justice? There shall be no saving anyone for trhat matter,but that’s ok,as far as the fascist creeps concern
Trump was simply too soft on cowards,yet pretended to be tough on hewterosexuals,well I’d be dammed,
even biden played him by its little weeny finger,now the purists trying to blame where all along the virus was created via brusselsprout uniteds,whom fooled and utilised china as the scapegoat and to think the world wqatches in awe of no justice,yet combined can’t even must double digit iq to put the blame where it ought to be,aka eu-epp/covert/nazi/skulls n bones nwo,therefore congratufklations fascists + bluffeds:

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