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Theresa May Thanks British Military For Protecting Country From “Russian Intrusion” In 2018

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Theresa May Thanks British Military For Protecting Country From "Russian Intrusion" In 2018


On December 23rd, British Prime Minister Theresa May gave her Christmas message to the armed forces.

In her address, she thanked the British military for protecting the UK from “Russian intrusion,” praised the co-operation with the US and France in the fight against ISIS and punishing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the alleged use of chemical weapons in April on children.

“From playing a vital role in cleaning up after a sickening nerve agent attack on the streets of Salisbury, protecting our waters and our skies from Russian intrusion and strengthening our allies in Eastern Europe, striking at terrorism as part of the Global Coalition against Daesh, and along with our US and French allies – sending a message to the Assad regime that we will not stand by while chemical weapons are used, as they were in April on families, including young children.”

Thus, essentially, she praised the military for the fight against ISIS and for several imaginary and unproven situations connected to Russia and the Syrian government.

Separately, the Edinburgh radio station Sputnik was accused of being a “Russian stooge” by an unnamed Scottish member of parliament cited by The Times. Sputnik was established by a news agency that is owned by the Russian government and it opened its UK branch in 2016.

The Times also provided a list of pictures and names of its executives, who are all accused of being “Russian puppets.”

Theresa May Thanks British Military For Protecting Country From "Russian Intrusion" In 2018

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Senior staff include Nikolai Gorshkov, a former BBC correspondent and bureau chief Oxana Brazhnik, both of whom have rejected claims that the station is a Kremlin mouthpiece.

Ben Nimmo, a defense analyst pointed to the charter of Sputnik’s parent company, Rossiya Segodnya. Its goals are stated as “securing the national interests of the Russian Federation in the information sphere.”

A Sputnik spokesman said the charter of Rossiya Segodnya, Sputnik’s parent company, did not apply to Sputnik.

“We are disappointed by these dangerous accusations,” he said. “There is a contagious ‘reds under the beds’ epidemic sweeping the British media. Daily accusations and false allegations are aimed at placing real constraints on Sputnik’s professional performance and legitimate business in the UK. We are determined that such distractions will not alter our objective of telling the untold to audiences.”

Furthermore, on December 20th, Ofcom ruled that RT broke TV impartiality in seven programmes following the Salisbury incident. “The watchdog said RT failed to give due weight to a wide range of voices on a matter of major political controversy, calling the breaches “a serious failure of compliance.”

This followed a claim by the Russian Embassy in London that its website was hacked, most likely by hackers based in the UK.

According to the unnamed leading MSP, Russians who live in Scotland and engage in “information warfare” to destabilize Britain should have their assets seized.

Furthermore, the report cites rising suspicion that the hacking of the Institute of Statecraft (IfS) in November was sponsored by Kremlin. IfS is a think-tank that was recently revealed as set-up to counter Russian disorganization, mostly through its Integrity Initiative project. It was funded for more than £2 million by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

According to the report, the reason that the Edinburgh radio Sputnik is considered a Russian “stooge” is behind, along with RT, it was among the first outlets to report on the hack that took place on November 5th.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, the LibDem MSP for Edinburgh Western, reacted angrily to the suggestion. “It would be extremely concerning indeed if a media outlet in the UK were to have been the beneficiaries of action by a foreign military,” he said.

“Organisations such as Sputnik and RT pump out propaganda backed by Vladimir Putin [the Russian president] and have been complicit in the cover-up of events from human rights breaches to the Russian invasion of Crimea. Other countries have taken a tougher line on the assets of Russian nationals than we have in the UK. The UK government must look again at what can be done.”

Russia was accused of various cyber-attacks in 2018, including the hacking of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) in Switzerland in 2016.

The hack on the IfS revealed an Integrity Initiative in Spain against a “terrorism expert with pro-Russian views, Pedro Baños, from getting a job as a senior national security adviser.”

It was also revealed that the IfS and the Integrity Initiative targeted Jeremy Corby, the Labour leader and other members of the party. This urged shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry to raise concerns in parliament about how a government-funded operation can target the current opposition leader and other members.

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Alan Duncan’s response was that the IfS and Integrity Initiative did not, in fact, use government funds to target Corbyn. He didn’t elaborate what funds they used, probably just their personal ones, maybe they did it in their free time.

The hack on the IfS is being investigated by the Foreign Office and the National Cyber Security Centre. Unsurprisingly, an unnamed former UK government official, involved with the probe said that Russia’s “fingerprints” were all over the hack.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Mad Cow disease still rife from within No.10 Downing St, possibly for at least another 12 months.


Stupid Woman.

Mr Bray

Not so much ‘stupid’ as completly beholden to her masters and following thier instructions (no matter how ‘stupid’ they appear to us who can still think for ourselves).

Tudor Miron

Total lack of self respect and integrity IS stupid.


There were pictures of T May in East Germany on New Years Eve in East Germany 1969/70 and the mid to late 70’s on the Summer on the Baltic Coast of East Germany with Angela Merkel and the now President of Lithuania.

They were embarrassing I suppose and have been scrubbed now. There are fortunately copies though, as the photos were widely distributed here :)

When Merkel and May see each other now , one would not suspect they were childhood friends who once posed naked for the camera during a Summer holiday in the Marxist regime of East Germany.

Could this be why her Brexit negotiating skills are so poor?

AM Hants

comment image

What I find curious, is how they met up. What was the event/celebration? When you consider the rumours on the internet, with regards Merkel’s DNA. Is it a coincidence that May’s parents died before she entered politics? Her father, the Reverend Brasier, surprised me, with regards his religion. Curiousity on my part.

comment image?imwidth=450

Strange thing for May to come out with? Or is it?

‘…British Prime Minister Issues Friendly Reminder to UK Parents That the State Owns Their Children…’
comment image

AM Hants

She is like Obama, some form of hybrid character, who can only run with a script.

The eugenics programme of Josef Mengele, has a lot to answer for.

I seriously wonder, how many of those, in positions of leadership, via state funded institutions and globalist corporations, started conception, via some eugenics programme?

Tudor Miron

Stupid plus ugly…what a combo.


Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly, goes straight to the core. Written for T May

Tudor Miron

Here in Russia we have a saying – internal beauty. It has nothing to do with glamour magazine type of beauty but when “kindness shines through the skin”. Same (opposite) way evil is visible through the skin and Theresa is a striking example.

AM Hants

I remember, whilst nursing, a ‘Budhist nun’ had been admitted to the ward. She just radiated, inner beauty. Everything about her, eyes, skin, smile, etc, etc. just radiated purity.

It was the first time I was consciously aware of the beauty of the soul, in a physical setting.

Tudor Miron

Merry Christmas Anna Maria :)

AM Hants

С Рождеством и Новым Годом, Tudor, even if I am slightly early for the Orthodox Christmas, should that apply to you.

Tudor Miron

Many thanks and I wish to you and yours a happy 2019!


Do you remember the two 1970’s photos of her and Angela Merkel in East Germany ? They literally reveal all. Her association with a Marxist and her lanky body :)

Tudor Miron

A bit unrelated to ugly witches…. Merry Christmasmy friend! :)


And to you as well friend.

Next year the Syrian and Ukranian problems will likely be exacerbated by an economic slow down or collapse in the US and EU.

I am certain that Russian strategists have accounted for this, as hungry and rabid Zionist dogs are more dangerous just before they are shot

Tudor Miron

Lets see what happens within next 3 days. Ulrainian martial law ends on 28th. Let’s see if Porky realizes that his little stunt flopped or would he try and double down )another provocation) to be able to extend that martial law.

AM Hants

‘The Three Witches, Macbeth’

“Double, double toil and trouble.”
“Fire burn and cauldron bubble”

AM Hants

This one?

comment image

AM Hants

Panto season, she is in demand.

Mr Bray

The Zionist Warmongering Regime calling themselves the British Government are a disgrace to themselves and to the British People. They embarrass any thinking British Citizen, and bring shame upon all people still capable of thinking and seeing the truth.

The lies and propaganda pushed by the group of elitist filth calling themselves the British Government are simply shameless. They go beyond ridiculous into an alternate reality that only the most ignorant, Mind Controlled, propagandised, and hate filled zombies could even begin to believe.

The lies and propaganda the British regime have clearly been instructed to issue onto the world stage are part of some sort of crude psy-op to get the British peole behind a war with Russia. This should be clear, and many people have written the same thing – that the British Government are preparing their people to accept a war with Russia.

Heck, they even call bad weather and storms ‘beasts from the east’ (look it up!) and get the MSM to repeat it (so in peoles minds they percieve ‘the east’ with a ‘beast’ in the same way old WW1 posters got the sheep to believe the Germans were ‘monsters’ which needed to be killed and thereby gots millions to give thier lives fighting WW1).

The British regime call any defensive move by any party they do not agree with ‘Agression’, which in the minds of the sheep is interpreted as ‘initiating violance’. This is the same sort of mind control that we see used against the population when immigrants attempt to rape a woman and she defends herself. It is the woman who is then arrested by the Police for defending herself because she used ‘Agression’ (seriously – look it up if you dont belive me).

People in the UK rarely get to hear the words ‘Russia’ or ‘Russian’ and ‘Agression’ used sepately – it is always ‘Russian Aggression’ or an ‘Agressive Russia’. Mind Control and propaganda!

The Skirpal case is a very crude psy-op (but clearly essential as they just wont let it go) that is intended to link Russia with the use of chemical weapons. Is this to prepare the minds of the sheep to accept a chemical False flag in Ukraine, or Syria, or even the UK, as the work of the Russians and therefore an Article 5 green light?

The British Regime calling themselves a Government do not represent the majority of the British people, they represent the Elite – the Pedophile Satanists, the Luciferian NWO agents of chaos, The Zionist Bankers, the MIC, and just about every other group of mafia filth or religious fanatics that cross thier palms with pieces of silver.

I hope that when whatever false flag they are cooking up is attempted, with the obvious aim to blame on Russian ‘Aggression'(be it chemical or nuclear), the British people and the rest of the World take the appropriate action (although I very much doubt they will).

God bless to all, and may you all have a great Christmas and peaceful New Year.
Mr. Bray, Dublin, Ireland.

AM Hants

Seriously cannot stand the women, who is a legend in her own ego.

Do believe Sergei Lavrov sums up the UK Government, well, ‘Tim but Dim’ Williamson perfectly.(bearing in mind I am English and used to vote Conservative). Now, until they seriously clean out Westminster, I would never vote for any of the immature and ignorant morons, whatever party.

‘We won’t fight Ukraine, I promise’: Was this the fieriest interview of Sergey Lavrov’s career?

‘…On UK defense minister Gavin Williamson, who said that Russia should “go away and shut up” after the Skripals incident in March

Lavrov: He is a man whose self-regard is layered upon an inferiority complex. I’ve been in his presence. It is a pity that such…[politicians] are chosen to represent Britain in the international arena…

…”Elegance might not be our distinguishing feature, but we would like to maintain what we understand as good manners,” the foreign minister summed up…’



…Alex Cole-Hamilton, the LibDem MSP for Edinburgh Western… blah blah blah anti-Russian diatribe follows…

In other words, they’ve got pictures of him doing something really disgusting!


Teresa May’s Christmas message to the troops:

“Does anyone know how to stop drones?”


Stupid scarecrow !

stary ujo

Russians are very danger for Britain just 200 years , up today. Stupid , unqualified prime minister !



Kire Stojanovski

“for the fight against ISIS and for several imaginary and unproven situations”
There is no need of separating the fight against ISIS from the imaginary situations, it is no less imaginary too.


kirestojanovski but

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