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There Will Be No Military Operation In Idlib: Russian Defense Minister


There Will Be No Military Operation In Idlib: Russian Defense Minister

A pro-Turkish map shows a possible variant of the demilitarized zone in Idlib. Click to see the full-size image

There will be no military operation in the Syrian province of Idlib, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated on Septembet 17 following face-to-face talks between and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

During the talks, the sides agreed to establish a de-militarized zone to separate militants from government troops in the Idlib de-escalation zone. All heavy weaponry, including battle tanks, and members of radical militant groups have to be withdrawn from the area, which then will be patrolled by Russian and Turkish troops.

On September 18, Syria welcomed the agreement via its state media citing official diplomatic sources.

“An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA on Tuesday that the Syrian Arab Republic has always welcomed any initiative that stops bloodshed and contributes to reestablishing security and stability to each inch that was struck by terrorism as it stresses determination to go ahead in its war against terrorism until all the Syrian territories are liberated whether by military operations or by local reconciliations, which proved their capability in stopping bloodshed and reestablishing stability to areas taken place in in a way that contributes to the turning back of the displaced to their areas.

The source added that the Idleb agreement announced yesterday is a time-bound agreement and it is part of previous agreements on de-escalation zones resulted from the Astana track since the beginning of 2017, essentially stemming from commitment to sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian territories as well as liberating all the Syrian territories whether from terrorism and terrorists or from any illegitimate foreign presence,” the country’s news agency SANA reported.

There Will Be No Military Operation In Idlib: Russian Defense Minister

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Strategy In Northern Syria: Military Operations, Turkish-backed Groups And Idlib Issue



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  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    Al Qaeda are not about to just give up weapons and killing. so could read between the lines there will be military operations in idlib.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Syria is effectively partitioned now and Turkey will never give up the best agricultural lands of Idlib which was an Ottoman bread basket. Thanks to Russian pussies even Syrian can’t liberate their lands from terrorists. Way to go pussy Putin :)

      • Jens Holm

        Correct, but let me remind You Damaskus Syrian hardly was there with no Russians.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Syria is an artificial state resulting from Sykes-Picot and Russians only got involved during USSR era for military bases. Today’s Russia is weaker than Afghanistan and hardly capable of projecting power against Turkey, let alone NATO. The Turkish military is far more modern and superior to Russian vintage junk from the Soviet era. Erdogan can afford to humiliate Russia because he knows that Turkey is the second most powerful NATO military.

          • Cleverson Santos

            Man you must be a troll … Turkey is buyng these junk soviet era weapons, dont be silly…

          • Zionism = EVIL

            99% of Turkish weaponry is NATO and US genius. The S-400 deal will not materialize anyway after today’s pathetic epic fail of Russian SAMS.

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        yet Russia are standing up to the Western proxy armies, because western politicians cant sell a war which they created. And Russia is winning

      • Cleverson Santos

        Dont be silly when the eyes of the world and the west turn to the pacific Putin will strike… Just a fool statrt a war the cannot be won… Mr Putin knows the warmongers want a war to start now, let´s postpone it regroup gather inteligence, kill some liders work behind the scenes foment war beteween turkey and the YPG soon enough those territorties will give come back willingly… Try to read the Art of War!!!

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          and if he did you think he learn anything? You expect too much from single cells.

      • peacelover

        Oho plz dont loose hope. I think it is better to give those idlibi beasts chance to eliminate each other.

    • You can call me Al

      That’s a good point, but if they do, they will be pushed closer to their enemy vermin; maybe they will eliminate each other !!.

  • crying assadists i was right on idlib situation :D

    • Alex

      Don’t hold your breath, there were demilitarized before in Syria, where are they now ?

      • are you mad you cant do your military operation lol ?

        • John Whitehot

          nobody’s madder than you shlomo

          • Icarus Tanović

            Yeah, fucking gurbet shlomo, shit eating worthless rag, ape animal turkish animal, imps.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            You can’t take it anymore? I be gently not to worry .

          • You can call me Al

            You do realise that you have 3.5 million Syrians stuck in basic camps due to your terrorist scum ruining Syria. Now wouldn’t it be funny if they joined the Kurds in Turkey, when you have your mighty army in Syria and eliminate Turkey ?.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Basic camp? You must be joking. Where they live is like 5star hotel .anyone can join kurk no prop we can deal with it no worry. no 1 can eliminate turkey we r 80 millions soldiers all ready

          • You can call me Al

            Sorry, I meant the refugee camps being seriously basic or shite.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Go fuck your dear goat, you turkic khazar ape shitass dog.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Live Poor goat alone.no need .i god your mama she’s not all that but 👍

          • Icarus Tanović

            No, I did thy mom, while you were fist your sist. Turkish dog, Kurd did you and your mom.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            english or turkish no understand gypsy language

          • Icarus Tanović

            You’re turkish domuz, gurbet, tokmak and bilmez. So it’s erdogan.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            No I understand Gypsy language

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Russia is a third world shithole and Turkey should take all the lands back that it lost to the Czars. NATO will carve up drunk Russia anyway.

          • Jens Holm

            Ottomans took them from the people living there too. Not many was asked.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            True, but now it is law of the jungle world. Russia has barely 140 million people, mostly Muslims, Tartars and other minorities that want out. Russian drunk Slav men are losing one million population a year and will be a minority in 20 years. Russia is prime for Balkanization and it will happen. Ukraine was a test case and now NATO is moving into Russia. The Chinese already control Russian far east and covet the natural resources. A weak third rate Russia should have never intervened in Syria and let the headchoppers take over and have fun with Europe. The US will now bleed Russia like it hid in Afghanistan circa 1980’s. Putin is a total fcukwit and a retard with no strategic sense. But then what can you expect from a low grade KGB major whose only foreign post was Dresden in east Germany. Putin had arrived in Dresden in the mid-1980s for his first and only foreign posting and failed to understand the unraveling political situation and CIA penetration of GDR intelligence whose head Markus Wolf was a Jew passing info to US and Israel.

          • Jens Holm

            I just added som history. Above that, I am for people nowerdays should be asked.

            Thats what we see not happens according to Kurds as well as the Russians in Ukraine of today.

            I am sure hardly none Armenians want You back.

          • You can call me Al

            Oh are all the Turkish buddies on here today, jolly good as it gives away your low IQ. Go and have a kebab and shag a goat.

        • Justin

          did u guys suck up to Putin? Or did u just take advantage of the situation.i fail to see any turkish heroism here. just plain old opportunism. u guys are vultures just skimming off any situation u can benefit from. u are worse than jews because at least the jews fight.
          didnt erdogan write an apology letter to putin and the russian pilots wife? pay for cost of plane and to the pilots wife?
          advance payment on S-400’s without receiving it?
          When Qatar pulled out of Syrian terrorist funding, suddenly turkey sided with russia. hmmmm. also selling isis oil too.
          the world see’s u as bitches. do u think germany, israel, usa, russia would give a fuck if suddenly turkey was to be run over? NOPE, we’d all get the popcorn ready. If u think ur country survives this shit, then ure a lot dumber than ur leader

          dude, u guys are gonna get ass raped by either the usa or russia. And deep down u know this. we are all counting the days. i bet greece cant fucking wait!

          i fully expect a western funded and russian supported KURDISH revolution to happen real soon in turkey. Why bother attacking turkey when u can tear it apart with a civil war and hen blame its govt for crimes against humanity in the global media! dude….. u know this is coming! U will be taken over by Kurds AND Armenians AND those against Erdogan! Funded and backed by Germany, USA, Israel and supported by Russia!
          Erdogan knows this now…. thats why he sucks up to russia!
          KARMA IS A BITCH!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Dude, I posted ages ago that Russians are pussies and are not able to support Assad, let alone fight Turkey. Erdogan shot down a Russian dish washer SU-24 killing the pilot and what did Russia do? ban Turkish tomatoes for a month and then Putin went to Istanbul and beg Erdogan. The Russians are so weak that Turkey will reclaim Crimea and the Caucasus now. It also shows how dumb the Slavs are.

      • Alex

        Who begged who ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tHdI5Yj8Jc

        But that’s not the point, you are just another shlomo troll :D

        • Zionism = EVIL

          After killing dumb Ruskies and selling rotten tomatoes saying sorry is easy when you know that Russian is on your feet begging. What kind of a country let’s its people get killed with impunity, only dumb Arabs and cowardly Russians.

          • Fraggy_Krueger

            You alway ask the right questions. A dumbnut would have asked: Who kills people with impunity – but not you. Thanks for saving us. Or better: thank your advisors.

        • 1691

          Alex, the mentally sick do not really know what happened. They have been supressing frustration for too long and now they believe, they have a good reason to show off and boost their egoes as they have no conscience. Ignore them, study their weaknesses, have fun. It doesn’t really matter what they say.

          • Alex

            you are right :)

        • Hahahaha little kids, your putin begging for offensive and didnt get it :)

        • peacelover

          He is not Shlomo troll I think. Only sign of desperation. He is a little bit right in his emotions,, but one should not lose hope in so kind of pessimism. Resistance bloc is not losing, but actually winning still in these latest bad political conditions.

    • Alex

      Silly shlomo troll :d

    • Merijn

      You Folks Trained, Created, Funded & Armed Headchoppers that Chopped off little girl’s Heads….a bit Modesty would be nice Bro…ISIS delivered you Truckloads of Oil…you proud of that Shit??!! WTF!!!

      • Don’t watch too much mainstream media. lol it has changed your perspective completely xD

        • Merijn
          • This is why you have this one sentence which i’ve seen in all mainstream media in Europe, it’s utter bull shiite i can tell you that lol

          • Merijn

            Just posted some random articles…different sources claim that Turkey was involved in the Daesh-Oil-Business

          • You are a utter r*tard lol

          • Merijn

            And you can pick up Your $hekels with your Uncle Satanyahoo….go buy some beers…
            Burn IsraHell! And your Fucking Uncle Satanyahoo too…

          • Hahahaha, these brainwashed kido’s useless to talk with terrorist supporters like you lmao. Syria its self is a terrorist state, same with israel, what is the difference of the regime mass murdering civilians, same practices are done by israel and co. you are just a brainless kid who doesn’t have any logic or facts or proof. you dont even live in turkey or know about turkey, and i know who is behind these acts. false flags and fake accussations without any backtracking does not mean anything.

          • Merijn

            One of my Uncles is Turkish….and I’ve been there plenty of times

          • Oh wow, you totally know alot about turkey, who houses 3 millions refugees turkey or europe? what has syria done for the civilians or iran, or russia they have not taken a single refugee. so now who’s the satanyahoo lover now warmongering freaks? lol

          • Merijn

            Turkey got Paid a lot of Money by the European Union to keep all the Syrians in Turkey so they are well paid for the Refugees….I don’t know if that money ends up on the Cayman Islands on Erdogan’s Bankaccount though…

          • Psh stop bull sh*tting man stop bull sh*tting i hold you there right now, turkey has wasted 25-30 billion dollars on only refugees. your europe couldnt even do the payments for the refugees. half the amount was paid in fact. now tell me warmongering freaks, what is the purpose of israel russia iran when turkey is the only one bordering them? you imperialist bast*rds when i slap you with facts like these i wonder what you will react little b0t

          • Merijn

            Haha now you think I’m the one who is the Imperialist… I didn’t say a Damn thing wrong about Turkey…. except that they Trained & Supported Headchoppers in Syria just Like my Dutch Government did… and they Bought cheap Oil from ISIS…and as a matter of fact: Turkey & Syria better have Good Relations…. to have a Good Border security…

          • You are blind to the fact, you have nothing to do in syria, nor russia nor america nor israel. turkey can because it borders them, what does iran even do in syria? all of you are imperialistic b*stards but dont worry soon another operation will come on YPG then i will see you cry, you are lucky idlib crisis got averted you would have gotten 2 million more syrian refugees in europe lol

          • Merijn

            I’d welcome another 5 million Syrians… because I know that Europe Supported, Trained, Financed & Armed these Headchoppers…what goes around comes around…

          • Turkey has the right because syria is the neighbour of turkey, it doesnt affect you in europe, but turkey the most. turkey has every right to intervene, and in my opinion nor europe america russia should have any saying in the internal affairs of syria. but you know, war is profitable every side has its own goal. if turkey really wanted they could’ve turned entire syria a puppet state of turkey

          • Merijn

            Basically you are saying the same thing as I do…and I expect Turkey & Syria to have good relations in the Future….just because it’s better for both…Europe & the U.S. got no more Business in the Middle East…

          • Even syrian government agreed on the idlib DM zone. but Turkey stated that idlib is a red line and if the syrian government and iran enter, that turkey would respond because turkey just cant take another 2-3 million refugees just for sauce, they will not look to confront you as long you dont enter the red line

          • Merijn

            The Deal made between Putin & Erdogan might have been a good one because IsraHell did not like the Deal and send their Warplanes the same evening to Bomb Syria and Draw Fire from the Syrian Air defense..with a Russian Plane going down as Result

          • its about the principle of not starting another humanitarian crisis, the dmz will be a buffer zone and both sides are happy idlib is solved. now northern syria’s turn will come im sure

          • Merijn

            Sounds Good….Better good Neighbours..after this Western Sponsored War…

          • For now it looks good, i cannot be sure it will be in the future

          • Merijn

            We can’t predict the Future…but Peace would be nice…

          • Peace is never achievable, not with the warmongering state of tel-aviv and its puppet United states of america. their money comes from conquest and wars.

          • Merijn

            IsraHell is nothing more but a NATO Beachhead… so that they could Raid the Middle East…It is an Illegal Occupation and the Ground should be returned to the rightful owners… the U.S. got Big problems at the moment.. their Dollar about to collapse so yeah they need another war desperately… just don’t give it to them…Turkey looking Eastwards is a lot better than waiting to be accepted by Europe since 1987…

      • Neurasth

        Brother dont waste your time with this f&cking obesogenic moth%fu$ker. He’s just some sad psycho, probably in his parent’s basement, posting online 24/7 looking to cause reactions and attract attention.

        • Merijn

          Most of the time I use Hasbaras & other Trolls to post a couple of links… this time ISIS & Oil business with Turkey….because he mentioned it…a lot happened overnight my Brother… let’s hope it turns out for the better….Syria deserves it….

          • Neurasth

            Agreed… Allot of frustration and disappointment over here i’ll be honest. I can tell thats the case for you too. Yeah lets hope it turns out to for the better, I’m certian there are details that arent public yet

          • Vitex

            I think we can count on the hasbara trolls using turkish nicks for a while.

          • Merijn

            I never had any trouble with the Turks…
            Except their support for Headchoppers that is… but Holland supports Headchoppers too….

        • Val Shadowhawk

          Agreed. I blocked the fuckwit.

    • Gary Sellars

      Be silent, filthy Turk orc.

  • potcracker777

    all pure bs…unfuckingbelievable…..so these motherfucking jihai pricks…the worst of the worst..may i remind everyone….these are the jihadi groups including HTS(alqaida,which makes up the vast majority of fighters) that tortured and murdered and stole and kidnapped thousands of civilians,thousands of SAA men in the past 6 years…those are the ones that beheaded 10 year olds…those are the ones that cut out the hearts of SAA men and ate it infront of cameras…..and those fucked up elements of nature now get their own peace of land, in short jihadi paradise…..this is getting seriously comical…..and just like the russian always backing down to the fucking jews as they bomb syria , got blown in their faces yyesterday by the shootdown of the russian plane….this agreement will also blow in the face of the russians….russia just made all russian service members, that patrol this demilitarized zone a target…and man will that be easy for these jihadi pricks…just check the map…insane…russia puts 100% of the saftey of its service members in turkish hands.LOL.insane absolutley insane.insane totally…weird…anybody believe here seriously that turkish forces will either want,or be able to hold back these motherfuckers,that turkey backedc from day1, attacking russian troops??insane totally insane.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Russians are pussies. PERIOD!

    • Jens Holm

      Very biased version.

    • Icarus Tanović

      This is fucking ridiculous, this is end of our hopes to free the earth from that vermin, known as wahabi maggots, pure evil they are, pure, incarnated evil.
      We outha do something.

      • Neurasth

        Rage and revolting feelings. It is normal. We are with you, brother.

        I’m pretty much just as shocked as when I read the news of general Issam’s death in Deir Ezzor.

        A devastating setback, but lets be patient. Things may change. there may be strategies under the table that arent obvious to the public yet.

    • Spit

      “”the worst of the worst””
      The worst of the worst…
      The Jew paid jihadists got Newtralized aha..haha…
      The 95 IQ Semites Just shot down a Russian airplain, The Russians have the right to put 2000 S-400 missiles into Palestine
      30,000 Jihadists now under Putin and Erdegons command…. 95…….
      The Whites Who You 95 IQ semites tried to exterminate wont fight for You? aww…. loser 95 iq subhuman…. my nwain gorriolion… Mah Anglish will fight for me….

      OH LOOK EVERY ONE IM A JEEEWW… I SPENT 2 trillion PAPERS building this Medical Hospital… Its OK. 7000 niggers are being reabilitated while Vets are begging for money.

      Fuck off kike, go and do this shit with other subhuman niggers who do not create, who do not build and all of You are EINSTEINS… The Frenchman created the theory of everything and You 95 IQ niggers coppied it and name branded it “Einstein” just do

      • putinbeater

        The 95 IQ Semites … those are arabs

        The 105 IQ Semites … those are jews

    • You can call me Al

      There may be some method in the madness as they are letting the different vermin groups say in one place, where as in the past they will turn on each other. Well, that’s the best I have got today.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        all the groups who went there, are in their majority what turks have organized and support from day one. The rest will be killed by the turks or find a way out. Now idlip and afrin with the blessing of russia is effectively turkish area. and the currency also there is promote to be turkish lira.

        I am very fast losing a lot of respect for russians and the way they been doing things in middle east.

    • Neurasth

      I share your disappointment and revolting feelings over these news brother. To me, this is pretty much the end of the war, and we have lost. Balkanisation of Syria is now guaranteed. Congrats to the foreign Turkish murderers, they now have their new shiny lands to populate with their obesogenic offspring.

    • AccountCreator82822

      They didn’t establish the DMZ to give them land, but to negotiate peace.

    • Daniel Castro

      I firmly believe the true war is economical, russia wants the end of petrodollar and they won’t be taunted into another war which would benefit USA economy.

      Russian strategic goal in Syria were achieved a long time ago. unfortunately Idlib is just a detail.

      • putinbeater

        russia would be glad, if petrodollar finished, but has no chance to affect its position. economically is on level of italy, fibancially much, mush less. rubel will be never important currency.

        • Daniel Castro

          Russia is not alone, China is the big fish on the economy, and many others may find a way to profit out of dollar downfall.

          A competitive finantial system is already in the making. The entire western economy is just a giant bubble that keeps growing non’top because they can’t let it shrink one inch or else it bursts.

          When the alternative system become mature and countries be able to drop out of petrodollar unilateral sanction tyranny fear-driven system, the petrodollar will fall like a rock, it will be a trully economic catastrophe of never seen proportions.

          Of course, it won’t be Russia alone that’s going to do this, but mostly China.

          • putinbeater

            china is on brink of financial collapse. lot of internal and external debts.

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      You all actually read through this?

      That is a wall of text designed to bust your brain.

    • spanky

      Well said

  • World_Eye

    Oh come on Erdogan saw how good is to have proxies fighting your dirty war, and now wants more and WHAT he will protect al-qaeda he is a Dictator, just go level al-qaeda in Idlib, de-escalization zone, DMZ
    ZONE come on

  • Ivan Freely

    I’m not so such about no military ops after the downing of the IL-20.

    • Yes. I wonder how the Israel treachery may change the equation too.


    Maybe this is proof that the majority of the rebels in Idlib are figured to be the “moderate opposition” whose existence everyone here denies. Not the head-chopping Isis rats that are being hunted down in their last remaining holes.

    There isn’t a rash of news from Idlib with mass murders, sex slave brides, head-chopping, people-burning etc. the bloodlust on this forum stems from the belief that EVERY SINGLE form of opposition to Assad’s rule must be smashed and destroyed and killed, but the decision to hold off (for now) this military operation seems to be consistent with Assad’s policy that he really doesn’t want to kill Syrians and Russia’s pattern of using restraint, when appropriate, and seeing the big picture.

    Putin and Assad are smarter than all you whack jobs combined and they know what’s best for Syria. For weeks now I’ve seen so many stupid juvenile posts and memes on here regarding this Idlib operation…I thought I was watching high school kids being all giddy, rooting for team Russia to go slaughter all the rebels then turn their barrels and slaughter the Kurds. Now you’re all bummed out and calling Putin a pussy. Really? Well, i think we’re seeing restraint because there truly is a strong element of moderate opposition and a slaughter at this point in the game is not the right move. Assad does not want to kill Syrians because when Syria is whole again and history is written it will have been the right move at the time. My theory. Let’s wait and see.

  • Joe Doe

    There is not doubt Pu.tin sold Syria. Syria will be partition between USA and its allies, Turkey and Israel. At the end Putin and Russia will do more damage to Syria than benefits. This is also warning for other nations, the risk outweigh the benefits to be alliance with Russia. You nation will be bomb to the ground and divided and Russia will only limit itself to cheap talk

    • EnabledVet

      Great propaganda. Reminds me of when the U.S. allowed the European war in the ’40s to go another four years longer than necessary. The U.S. understood it would be the only game in town once they flattened Europe, then they would get the contracts to rebuild. As mush as the west destroys Syria, Russia will build it economy rebuilding, and have the Lion’s share of the natural resources. Brilliant.

  • Blizzard01

    Let me remind readers and commentators that Syria is a UN recognised sovereign country with a democratically elected government and whose main obligation and right expressed by the UN Charter is to defend own people, state integrity and sovereignty.

    Knowing that we have to emphasise that at the current time in Syria are three different types of military forces
    1. National Government forces
    2. Foreign state forces
    3. International and national terrorist forces.

    Foreign forces are divided into two types:
    1. Invited by the Syrian Government and therefore their presence is legally justifiable.
    2. Invading foreign state forces led by the USA + Turkey

    Saying that it becomes very clear that Turkey is illegal invading force supporting terrorism. These are facts on the ground.

    Now the 100 million question: Who on Earth gave rights to imbecile Putin to negotiate any kind of deal which is directly opposite to Assad and Syrian government goals to liberate Syria of any uninvited foreign presence?

    We will remember that soon after Russia entered in Syrian theatre of operation Putin started to invite the USA and their coalition of terrorists to join them in joint anti-terrorist operations even though Assad objected to that. Putin as a stubborn imbecile did not listen to anyone not even when Assad warned him that commercialisation and prolongation of the war might have dire consequences for Syria and their allays.

    Putin did not bother as he wanted to force west to recognise and accept him as a force to reckon with. He is extremely pro-western neoliberal and he is emphasising that whenever he can. That his stance to protect the USA and their allays led to delay in operations against ISIL as Putin several times drastically reduced presence in Syria either to extort and force Assad to accept his propositions or to give respite to ISIL just to prolonge war which served to the Putin as the best commercial catalogue for export of Russian military technology.

    Now he effectively bans Assad from his legal duty of liberating country. Putin signs the treacherous deal with Erdogan who is diametrally opposite to what Putin should do.

    Putin needs to be removed and prosecuted for all committed crimes as do not forget that Putin holds more constitutional power than Stalin ever had. Let us see how he will handle this situation now after Il-20 has been shot down.

    110 million question is, will he finally allow delivery of 6 battalions of S-300, 60 Pantsir S1, a large contingent of Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles or he will even after all keep doors to Syria opened ajar as he did so far by protecting Israel and USA led coalition of terrorist supporters?

  • Mohammad

    I hope the Russian response harshly to these attacks.. when Russians stop being pussy?! How many Russian lives and their allies have to die?!

    • EnabledVet

      And who’s military do you stand in? It’s easy to call someone a pussy when you have n skin in the game.

      • Mohammad

        I stand in Syrian-Iraqi military!

  • François

    Man…Bad news for Syria and good news for perfidious Turkish.
    But what could we expect from Turkish Crypto Jew elite? Simply serve Zionist interests in dismanteling Syria, along with their Zionist made Kurdish cousins.

  • Xanatos

    It was American Military threats that created this stalemate.

  • greatndit


  • FssRepository

    1) Idlib is overcrowded as everybody has been exported there from different part of Syria.
    2) If the numbers are correct, tens of thousands fighters live there. (about 70.000)
    3) Opposition needs to live somewhere.
    4) Other parts of rebels territory was not defend-able.
    5) Turkey built observatory points long before, so it was really expected. (Afrin case also)

    At the moment 5 million Syrians are outside of the country – 3 million just lives in Turkey.
    Syria had 20 million inhabitants at least 8 million simply disagree with Assad.

    I’m not sure, how many people left the country against Assad, but i do think, even if Assad wins all the territory back, it’s a failed state at this moment, as almost half of the population is outside Syria, or Assad rule after 7 years. (other parts was forced to reconcile even if they disagree with Assad)

    Nobody sold anything to anyone, just everybody getting bored in the last 7 years. (Syrian is fighting from different budget that’s all – it’s a poor country, the oil might not worth the war money further down)

    If Turkey don’t want another territories, it means that Turkey needs time for neutralization, as 70.000 fighters against Assad forces would take for a long time to overcome. (the reason is not to save civilians for sure)

    UN did not solve shit in Bosnia. To force Syria to be united at the moment will be an other 7 years war (or major presence of Turkey and Russia forever).

    The long term solution would be if Turkey would neutralize terrorist element in the area, and simply swallow that opposition land as a whole. (I think that’s what happening – i’m not sure about east of Eufrates, but i do think Afrin was handed over deliberately by US because of reasons – Syria simply cannot afford that mixture – and i personally think they are simply replacing the population and split up Syria) Anyway 6 million people in the Turkey held area is very-very crowded. (The answer is simple in the last 20 years it was just wars in that area, and nobody wants to come back for this tiny land – no Russia / no Turkey and no US – if these are not going back, than conflicts will be erupted again)

    You can be fond of regaining unity of Syria, like Serbs to Kosovo, but to be honest, but alawite minorities ruled the whole country. (even in Europe happens that there is an elite who steals every rights and money even if the area are homogeneous, and not like Syria – so it’s happening unavoidably)

  • EnabledVet

    Brilliant. By allowing the terrorist to survive in the Russian/Syrian?Turkish sphere, Putin gains several major objectives. 1) He keeps Assad in power and Syria Syrian! The West has no pretext if Putin does not cross their Red Line. In order to accomplish their goals, the West will have to engage in another war of aggression and further isolate itself. 2) Russia and Turkey can now influence the isolated terrorist group, as those groups will now rely on Russia and Turkey for support (and survival). Putin has succeeded in not only neutralizing the proxy army, but future operations may be directed by the Kremlin, and not D.C. 3) Putin saves face in the International community by playing the diplomat and avoiding conflict. Again, if the West wants regime change and natural resources, they must expose themselves as neo colonial powers and, once again, further isolate themselves. Putin is playing chess while the Western powers are playing rugby.

    • What stops FUKUS (France UK US) from staging yet another False Flag gas attack?

      • EnabledVet

        Nothing. But the more times the West plays that stale card, the less support they will have internationally and within their own borders. Democracies always have a rough time prosecuting wars, and the U.S. has been at war for 17 years. People are starting to wake to the lies and deception, the cost and benefits (to the military industrial complex and the long term effects on the economy. If they pull the trigger on another fake chemical attack, it may lead to the collapse of their own governments and they see that specter out of the corner of their eyes….

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        good question

      • Gary Sellars

        Without any actual combat in Idlib, any false-flag CW attack by terror gangs is much less believable, even to the war-mongering nutbag crown within the beltway.

        • Problem is that Beltway nutbags don’t care what the Proles in Flyover Country believe.

    • Val Shadowhawk

      I hope you are correct in your analysis. It will be good in the long run, actually. At the same time, a bit frustrating to see how ‘israel’ keeps sticking its mose in where it does not belong. It costs everyone else. In this case 15 Russian Servicemen, their lives.

  • χρηστος

    unbelievable…..Russia did what Turkey commanded……totally unbelievable….a terrorist cell inside Syria….no chance for peace in this century.

    • FssRepository

      I think we will see, the purpose for that zone is not saving civilians life, just make the fighting groups weaker inside Idlib. (everybody has been exported there from different part of Syria, and don’t forget that even if Assad rules the majority of the country at the moment it’s ruling half of the population of the old Syria maximum – so it’s a failed state at the moment)

      Afrin was deliberately handed over, because in Turkey 3 million Syrian live, so they might create some sort of enclave along the border, and it will be a long term solution. Even Assad has done the same, population replacement to Idlib. Nobody wants to come back i think, but the political solution is coming slowly, although what we see has been planned for years.

      I don’t think that if Assad remains in power, than Syrian’s war didn’t continue.

      You need to kill another 70.000 fighters, which is a lot, and it seems Assad in the 7 years war didn’t killed that many.

      The political process is the neutralization, which might take longer. (several month or a year)

      • χρηστος

        totally agree with you. only some questions. how does creating a buffer zone makes terrorists weaker?they get to keep all their equipment inside idlib.what stops them from travelling to the rest of Syria as normal citizens after the war and spread terror amond Syria?bombing etc?we are talking about ISIS here mainly…hts that is…..and a few other moderate groups.the later arent a problem. they dont like assad so its ok. maybe a religious difference as well. but the hardcore terroists are my main concern. As fo the Syrians in Turkey and even the rest of Europe that they have fled. Those in Europe will never return. they will leave there since they can start a new life. Those remaining in Turkey will return. thats why they are living in horrible conditions ,still there. They need a place to sty as you said. some will go to Syria some in idlib or ‘assad free’ zones. The Kurdish occupation of Arab land rich in resources is another issue.both in politics and economy. Arabs cannot tolerate the communist state the Kurds have established and SYria needs valuable resources for reconstruction.

        • FssRepository

          I think i can answer partially – you raised some concerns, but i do think that Turkey border is now under the control with battle tanks. (so especially the buffer zone is from the Turkey’s side also – there is no oil there, at least from ISIS i hardly believe that it can be exported)

          Turkey wants to rule the area, and if he has got motivation like now, than it can happen sooner than later. To separate a country or part of the country it cause major issues. (Russia is big, but you can see some results, Idlib does not survive without Turkey, so they have two options.) – I personally think that Syria needs to be split up, and i think the borders are created already. If Idlib has taken by Assad, Assad simply won’t win the war, just the territory. Turkey has enough population growth, does not need more. The war is too long, and if the people does not see safety guaranteed, that after 7 years it’s pretty difficult to send back a guy or a girl to a country, who does not feel that it’s his/ her country. Syrian population is very young, and millions of refugees was under 10. My country has several smaller problems, but leaving my country at 30, and come back at 35 and see the same problems why i left, very likely ends with leaving the country again. If i was only 20 when i left, than very likely i never come back. It was just too late. (I’m not sure, what happens in Syria, but the young population can have a psychology effect, and might not return back Syria as it should be as a citizen) – it’s a guess, but i do think that it’s a totally alienated society, and in a modern global world some million people does not count much regarding to how many people leave countries by only economical reasons.

          • χρηστος

            1)Turkey is a major problem in te area….even RUssia cant control them. Turkey wants to expand its territory to Syria. It has great ties with all terrorist groups and i dont mean those against assad. i mean hardline terrorits like ISIS. The Sultain wants them as his private army as he fears for his life. he sees enemies everywhere so he doesnt trust even his true friends. thats why he supports a seperate state in idlib full oof fighters willing to fight a war wherever he tells them to. anoher goal is not to let the Kurds have their own state. that would be a disaster for Turkey. So the private state of idlib is usefull in this way as well. if the Kurds start talking about Kurdistan they will run for their lifes s they did in Afrin. 2)Kurds as i mentioned are heroes on the battlefields and totally loosers on politics. in iraq they confronted openly the government….luckily for them they realised that their leader was a traitor and it didnt escalate to a full war……both Kurds and Turkey are a major factor of instability in after war Syria

  • List of Ottoman Backed Groups should include HTS and ISIS.

  • Imagine if UN decided to make a buffer zone out of the area seized by US in the Mexican War? Think Washington will accept it? :D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican–American_War#/media/File:Wpdms_mexican_cess

  • Antikapitalista

    Come on, this might not be as bad as it seems.

    Ignore the trolls.

    This is on the condition that Turkey stops the shipment of weapons to the terrorists.

    And what next? This is to protect lives. Thus, the terrorists will need to be dealt with. They will need to be removed from the area. Actually, there is a legally binding United Nations Security Council resolution that deals with this matter, and this overrides any makeshift ceasefire agreements.

    Furthermore, we all know that there are terrorists. Why are they there? Do you remember, how did they get there and elsewhere in Syria?
    I am sure that they will not be able to stick to the ceasefire. They will be doing what they have been doing all along. They are not even united, after all. There may even be some infighting between them. Thus, sooner or later there will be breaches of the ceasefire which will need to be dealt with…

    Then, of course, the blame for their actions will be laid on Turkey. And Turkey will be under pressure to deal with them… and they will either be expelled at Turkey’s expense, or the ceasefire will be considered dead.
    But, anyway, Turkey will be exhorted to deal with them.

    This agreement is merely temporary. And it will be a lever against Turkey. which can be a positive thing.

    There may be pressures to deal with this in a diplomatic way, but the main forces in Idlib will be either unsuitable of sensible negotiations, or incapable of sensible negotiations.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      no this allowed turkey to protect her terrorists, as well to put army on the ground of idlip on permanent base.

  • Hide Behind

    What I want to know is what form and who will actually govern this land mass with its many small settlements, for it most assuredly will not be Assad government in Damascus.
    Appears Russia and Turkey will be emulating US usurpation and military basing upon what was once Syrian lands.
    And where does that leave Hez and Iranian troops that were invited into Syria?
    Why just huddling in bunkers being bombed and missle attacked by Israel, and praying to Allah while wondering WTF are they doing in Syria.
    The Geopolitical situation in all of middle east is undergoing vast changes and none bode well for Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Iran.
    China has recieved the contract from Israels Port management and new construction.
    Russian and Israeli envoys are flying back and forth from Tel Aviv and Moscow on an almost weekly basis. All of the UAE including Quatar are once again butt and crotch buddies, leaving out Irans outreach to Iraq and Quatar.
    The final stages of conquest of Yemen are now underway.
    The Iranian, China, Turkey and Russian currencies are headed towards bottom as they all appease the European and US in order to end trade wars, and Putin along with Irans leaders are facing domestic unrest because of tarrifs that harm the poor but not elites.
    The winners are the Israel/ US and Eurocentric allies financial and political leaderships, or as more popularly known “Neo/ con/ Libeal New World Order”.

  • svenne svensk

    So they got there califat annyway. This Will be a training ground and Free heaven for terrorists and it will bite back to all europe and us when they send out their suiside attackers.

    Unbeliveable. They must kill them all to get peace

  • putinbeater

    There Will Be No Military Operation In Idlib: Russian Defense Minister
    putin to assad: :P

    solomon krupacek was right :(

  • Feudalism Victory

    Lets not forget russia spent blood and treasure to save syria in 2015. Everyone cursing the russians for not risking world war 3 to fight for a syrian province ought to remember that.

    And what of iran? They seem quiet despite constant israeli claims of attacking them in syria.

    They acquiesed because they need to sell turkey oil more than it needs to buy from them.

    Israel doest get to burn damascus

    Qatar and saudi arabia split apart weakening syrias enemies.

    Turkey didn’t get aleppo although they did loot it.

    Israel doesnt get to annex syrian territory after destroying the state itself.

    Russian influence has grown significantly to counter us unilateralism.

    Turkey doesnt get to resell stolen oil via isis anymore

    The violence in syria is reaching record lows i think. The people deserve a chance to live in peace for a while even if syrian arab republic isnt as big anymore. It has the most important parts.

  • John

    Think Judo.

  • Brad Isherwood

    So….the Muslim Brotherhood which is the many Lunatic Takfiri are rescued.
    From Libya to Syria this Kook Wahhabist trash murder their own nation.
    Turks support the Muslim Brotherhood. …Erdogan certainly does.
    Turks will arm this trash and loose them at a later date.
    If the US does not withdraw from stolen East Euphrates, ….it’s over for the Syria we knew before.
    Israel wanted Syria toppled…
    They got partition ,oil,stolen Golan. ..and Possibly Water and Nat gas pipeline from US East Euphrates.
    US can place Missile shield in Stolen East Euphrates. …
    Putin will do nothing.

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    Be at ease, fellas.

    The world’s as it always was.


  • john

    Have you noticed how Russia has recovered most of Syria? Their patience is almost as good as the Iranians. There is a lot going on behind closed doors. The leaders of these countries are not loud mouths like Trump and his tin of maggots. I said before, all of Syria will be back in the hands of the rightful owners. Israel is just a tinder box waiting for a spark, and it is coming. Idlib is a bit of a teaser. Maybe everyone needs a rest for a few days but eventually the Turks and the Militants will get the boot. Hezbullah, very quiet lately, is fully prepared to lay waste to the land of Palestine that is labeled Israel. And i think there is a good chance they will nab Netanyahu and hang the vile bastard. Be not disappointed by events lately by the cowardly Israelis. They are just like that-no manhood. Putin is a smart man. He plays a perfect game of political chess and he is beating all those western bastard puppets hands down. My friends, don’t be disappointed. The shooting of the Russian aircraft will be avenged as will the rape of Syria. It is coming soon. Please fasten the seat belts.

    • putinbeater

      russia recovered that parts, which were allowed. check americas plan B from 2015/16. there are the same borders as now. game is over. putin told, too.

  • Rex drabble

    Well,I see many suitably unhappy.Truly grieving from their arm chairs!
    Russia is smarter than you all put together.
    Your deep horror that Russia isnt going to let the US and
    its cronies go in there to bomb any one at all and then say,Well if Russia
    hadnt of attacked,we wouldnt need to killl 300000 civilians.It is ALL the
    FAULT of those terrible mass murdering RUSSIA
    I can only imagine how many would die if you self righteous fools
    were let loose.

  • Sinbad2

    The Americans are spending a fortune to have a war, and Russia keeps taking that joy away from them, Russia is bleeding America financially.

  • This makes sense and could have been expected because Turkey seems to be behind ISIS with the USA, and then switched from USA to Russia after Turkey felt betrayed by USA in this ISIS strategy, according to one report. However parts of the Turkish Empire where profiting from the ISIS oil link (acc. some sources). So now there was a problem: Russia and Turkey became allied, but they still had antagonistic interests in Syria. Russia wants their naval base protected and some oil pipeline (right?), and Turkey wants their profit from ISIS oil and is hoping for territorial expansion into Syria. It would be strange to fight Turkish proxies (terrorists in Idlib) by Russia, now that they are allied on other aspects. Then there is the threat that USA will use an Idlib offensive to start a bigger war “to defend freedom, human rights and democracy.” There is some potential for propaganda drama. If the western audiences swallow that drama, it could easily lead to the morale being high enough to go as far as bomb Damascus into dust, or blow the war wider open to include Israel and/or Iran and just engulf the region into war. Russia already has its naval base secured from a USA proxy defeat with ISIS, the Turks have their piece of the Syrian pie in Idlib (always pretending they don’t own it), and the Kurds have their part. Hence not to liberate Idlib seems it could be a good move to try to de-escalate the situation. Even the radical terrorists (USA mercenaries) have their part of the pie in Idlib. The situation still seems unclear to what extend Turkey or USA controls those Idlib forces, or both depending by percentage of mercenary payments ?

    Will it work to settle the peace ? It seems doubtful it will, USA being an Empire in decline facing a great economic crisis, might want a world war to keep populations busy while they are being economically subjugated, and related reasons. USA is powerful enough to get war on any scale they want, whether or not it seems to make any sense. They could perhaps try to force an attack on Idlib anyway, by making those terrorists strong enough to become a big problem ? If USA can maintain a control there, they can still use it to make the war bigger and bomb Syria generally. Western audiences do not care either way, USA can start bombing Syria without any reason, nobody inside the USA will stop them, nobody cares. USA merely loves war for the sake of war. Another trigger for a bigger war is of course Israel, which are also USA proxy forces. If Russia attacks Israel, USA also has their casus belli for a bigger war. This could be something USA wants, because it moralizes their troops / population “USA comes to the rescue”.

    So all in all I think it is a sensible and stability / peace oriented move by Russia to not attack Idlib, Idlib is then still up for eventual capture without firing a shot, because it is surrounded by Turkey / Syria. Normally it would have to fizzle out and make a settlement sooner or later, right ? Perhaps the Kurds can be given their Sovereignty in those areas they are majorities ? (P.S. I’m not following things very closely so, you will have to take all this with a grain of salt of course. Just already was wondering how this would work out with Russia / Turkey being on opposing ends in Idlib, and if Russia would then sacrifice Idlib to the Turkish Empire as a reward. Russia then took most of Syria as a Vassal, and Turkey took Idlib. Maybe Russia will then help Russia clear Kurd militants from eastern Turkey to make the deal a bit more fair ;-) .)

    Funny isn’t it how the Idlib provocation is a bit tattered by being exposed, and right away USA Israeli proxies start attacking and causing new provocations. They seem to just want a bigger war before it all fizzles out. Just like in Donbass where the USA is always keen on keeping the bloodshed going. It seems to me that USA is hoping on a Euroasian conflict, so that we all destroy each other and they can be the last vultures to rule the world. If they get bitten too in the end, if USA is nuked out of history: no problem, the top gangsters have long since jumped ship with the gold “thanks for burning down the ship with angry victims behind us, haha.” Life on Earth as usual … (see the USA Nazi proxies doing the same in WW2.) Sorry to go on about it.

    I think the main story is the central banks printing money to pay unpayeble debts, which has to eventually cause a great crisis. It causes countries to try to avoid the dollar for oil and international payements more then before, and all that then drives the wars of the USA ? If that is true, then the rot is in the heart of the western Empire. It could be fixed fast it the rich accept a reduction in their loot, but they will not. Then the other option seems to be to burn the world down, which apparently is what they are doing. Rather a world war then a cut in their loot. If that is the choice, I think it will have to end in world war. They sure are strongly moving in that way every way they can, and now with the China tariffs as well, so I think it is proven. USA wants a world war as cover and opportunity for their Imperial decline. The war in Syria is then nothing more but the opening stages. Weapons being what they are it will become a nuclear war, and after that the world will never be the same again.