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JUNE 2023

There Will Be No Mercy For Terrorists In Idlib: Russian Foreign Minister

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There Will Be No Mercy For Terrorists In Idlib: Russian Foreign Minister

IMAGE: Sergey Lavrov

There will be no mercy for terrorists in Syria’s Idlib, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on January 28 commenting on the ongoing clashes in the area.

“Militants from armed groups should stop contacting with terrorists in any way, and the terrorists should give up because there will be no mercy for them,” Lavrov said at a joint press conference with South Sudan’s Foreign Minister Avut Deng Achuil.

Lavrov recalled that the main goal of the ceasefire and opened humanitarian corridors was to allow civilians to leave the militant-held area. Nonetheless, terrorists continued attacking these humanitarian corridors, hindering the exit of civilians. Militants do not allow civilians to leave to use them as human shields.

Commenting on the escalation in Idlib, Larvov added that this was the result of actions by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies that repeatedly violated the ceasefire.


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Gary Sellars

Rats are abandoning Maarat al-Numan as it is about to be liberated from their fetid presence.

Kill them all, and let the Horned One sort out his own.


Yes, no mercy, and no more useless ceasefires.


When terrorist see that end of Idlib is near….

Something tells me that we will see again…. a women in hijab with hairy hands trying to pass SAA lines.

Pemba Sherpa

What do you expect from bunch of mercenaries hahaha


Hairy hands and English speaking mouths I would suspect :)

Pave Way IV

Easy to detect. The SAA will slowly walk a line of supposed refugee women in front of a dedicated detection goat. If the goat becomes terrified or faints as one passes, then that hairy-handed woman is singled out for ‘enhanced screening’. “Snackbar! Detection goat. We’ll never make it through now…”


Poor “PTSPD” goat to face the rapists… No easy life for Syrian goats.

Xoli Xoli

You now the story beter.Just because of you rapefugee child Syrian gaots have no easy life.

Pemba Sherpa

Burn the Americans and the Israeli rats with them..


I hope so, and not more cease fires to please Turkey (NATO member).

Willing Conscience (The Truths

lavrov doesn’t mince words does he, and he’s honest too, that’s why I keep saying Lavrov for president, I like the man, but there is one thing he should’ve said but didn’t, and it really surprised he didn’t add this, ‘and if any of the moderate opposition choose to interfere in the process in any way, they’ll be dealt with in exactly the same way the terrorists are, that’s what he should’ve added instead of just saying “Militants from armed groups should stop contacting with terrorists in any way”. And since the the so called moderate opposition are actually an even bigger threat to the peace process than the politically insignificant terrorists are, there should be some stipulations on them as well, I’m surprised we don’t have any included in these remarks from Lavrov, but they may be in the fine print too so we’ll see what happens the first time the rebels come to the terrorists aid or attack the SAA, no mercy hopefully.


Lavrov would indeed make a good president of Russia, but there is one thing preventing him to do so. He is even older than Putin and in 2024 when Putin will retire Lavrov will be 74.


Age is not the only factor, he could have a good 10 to 20 years ahead. A clear mind is the factor, and that he has.


Yes, that is true. He could have another 10 – 20 years to do well. Or not, dont forget he is a smoker. Lets see…..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I was going to say what Ronald said but after reading your comment I won’t anymore, damn cigarettes, they might nor affect his mental performance but they’ll definitely shorten his political career by 10 years.


Donnie is 74 and running for a second term.while the main contenders from the Democrats Biden and Saunders are 76 & 77. So, Lavrov would be OK on the age count and brillant on everything else


USA and the west is running out of good people/cadres. They are a victim of their own stupidization of population, because they thought that by now NWO would be established, so they were degenerating their education system and public knowledge long time ago. But something went wrong, Putin appeared, they have to face new chalenges and they dont have capable people to do so. So they have to use Trump even for the second term and actualy they are still using the 95+ Kissinger. Have you noticed Kissinger flying to Moscow before Trump is allowed to sign something with Putin? In his second term Trump will finnish up a similiar achievement that Gorbatchev has done for USSR – disolution or at least giving up on world hegemon position. If he is succesfullit will happen without major bloodspill.




Drop some on this rat Erdogan

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