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There Is Conspiracy Against Armenia And Pashinyan Government Is In Center Of It

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The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan supported by Turkey continue their large-scale offensive to capture the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region from Armenian forces. Following the gains of the previous days, when Azerbaijani forces captured the towns of Talish, Jabrayil and Mataghis, they developed momentum in the Jabrayil district capturing the villages of Shikhali Agali, Sari jali, and Mezre, and several other hill tops, according to the country’s president Ilham Aliyev.

Currently, Azerbaijani forces are working to consolidate their gains and conduct artillery and air strikes on positions of the Armenians preparing for a further offensive. So, the Azerbaijani advance slowed down due to weather conditions. The bad weather in the area complicates the usage of combat drones and aviation.

Meanwhile, forces of the Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh Republic announced that they had carried out ‘powerful’ retaliation strikes on territory of Azerbaijan. Armenian sources insist that after the strikes, several hundred thousand residents of different cities of Azerbaijan have been fleeing in panic to Baku. The Armenian military claimed that Azerbaijan paid a heavy price for the recent gains. According to it, Armenian forces inflicted to the ‘enemy’ 3154 casualties and destroyed 368 armoured vehicles, 4 rocket launchers, 124 UAVs, 17 military planes and 14 helicopters. The Armenian side emphasizes that Azerbaijani forces have been extensively bombing civilian targets, including the largest Karabakh city, Stepanakert. Azerbaijan denounces these claims as blatant propaganda.

The ongoing Azerbaijani advance is not only supported by Turkey and involves Turkish military specialists, special forces and military equipment, but also became another case of the employment of Turkish-backed Syrian militants.

On October 5, Russia’s state-run news agency RIA reported citing its own sources that at least 93 Turkish-backed militants had been killed since the start of the war on September 27. The report added that at least 450 more militants were deployed to the combat zone last weekend. This was reportedly the third batch of Syrian militants deployed to the area.

The Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc has been taking an upper hand in the battle against Armenian forces. The decisive role belongs to the air dominance and the numerical superiority of the Azerbaijani side. The only current advantage of Armenian forces is the low quality of Azerbaijani infantry and Turkish-backed Syrian militants involved in the ground advance as well as the low planning and management skills of the ground phase of the Azerbaijani operation.

Azerbaijani infantry and motorized units marching towards fortified positions of Armenians become an easy target for counter-attacks, artillery and missile strikes. This reminds one of the approaches employed by Turkey in Syria and Libya, when Ankara was sending waves of cannon fodder (consisting of members of various militant groups) to capture positions of the ‘enemy’, while Turkish special forces, artillery and air power were doing the main job.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Armenia are not employing all the variety of means and measures that they have to fight back the advancing Azerbaijani military. Despite the loud propaganda about the Armenian key role in resisting to the ‘terror alliance’ of Turkey and Azerbaijan, the Pashinyan government has no political will to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and go for a full-scale war to defend Armenian population there.

Thus, the participation of the official Armenian military in supporting forces of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (as it remains a de-facto independent state with its own military forces) are limited as of now. This raises reasonable questions regarding the real goals of the Pashinyan government. Experts say that in fact what it aims is to achieve are the goals of his government’s foreign patrons in the Washington establishment thus losing Karabakh and using this as a pretext to break its remaining ties with Russia and push the country towards its integration with NATO.

On October 5, Pashinyan publicly admitted that the situation on the frontline is “complicated” and called on servicemen demobilized a year ago to rejoin the Armed Forces. The prime minister said that he was calling them not to a simple service, but to the battle “between life and death”. Pashinyan also declared that he is confident in Armenian victory.

Nonetheless, the mobilization of reservists showcases that the real situation is much more complicated than everyone wants to admit. Moreover, just fresh troops, without modern weapons, experienced commanders and instructors, will not be able to turn the tide of the conflict. In the worst case scenario, this may just increase casualties on the Armenian side.

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He might as well get a Noble peace price for resolving this conflict


breaking lol, azeris have captured a new cuckshed https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1f290a917e5fa3b9e039b77188179465fe88e0ef4e98f9d825f0d4abf712f596.jpg il it s true , it s an epic fail for armenians


Congrats on the border village, this is a war not a battle.


sarcasm, bro


Both countries look the same

Simplekindof Man

It’s like he’s gathering more Armenians to be sent to their deaths. Like most governments he’s the biggest enemy of his people. should be hanged.


Yes what soldier wants to go to fight if you know you are not getting full air, missile and artillery cover. You are just WW1 cannon fodder.

Pave Way IV

Still don’t see what Armenia has to lose by blowing up the Southern Caucasus Pipelines. Who would you piss off that hasn’t already stabbed you in the back, ignores you outright or actively supports your enemies? How many Armenian deaths is it worth before you decide to punch the bully in the face? It will cost Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey millions a day. Nobody is going to freeze to death – there’s plenty of oil and gas out there. The Dam is a different matter – slaughtering civilians won’t make you any friends in the world.

There’s no way Azeris can secure the entire pipeline from future attacks. A war of attrition against Turkey, Israel and the US is futile. You’re not fighting Azerbaijan – they’re just the excuse for foreign powers that need their cooperation. If you’re going to lose all of N-K and get ethnically cleansed out of there, at least make the fucking Turks bleed a little. All the heroics in the world are not going to prevent the Turks from rolling the Azeris back in, and then you have forever for guerilla ops against them.


https://caucasus.liveuamap.com/ The map from Southfront is a little aggressive. This map shows a little clearer. The Azeris have barely been dealing with the first line of defense which is lightly defended, and relatively flat ground. The second line of defense is much more mountainous and heavier defended. Just view it for yourself on Google Earth and see the areas that correspond to the areas of activity. Over the past week $100 million USD has been donated to Artsakh from Armenians around the world, and 80,000 Armenian volunteers signed up from other countries. This is just the beginning.


There is also a company of Greek volunteers sent last week (I was reading the Greek news…using Ancient Greek from school days!).


That is right, first batch was 30 Greeks and 20 Armenians from Greece, then the second batch was a Greek commander and 500 to 800 Greeks. While Armenia is saying officially it is not involved, they are 100% supplying anything Artsakh needs.

catalin zt

God give them strength to win the satanics! Amen







Fernando Martinez

I pray that the brother Christians from Artsakh can prevail in this fight.


We will, thank you brother

catalin zt

I really hope that the brave and good armenians will win this war initiated by dirty muslims, paedophile anglo-saxons and perverse Khazarian jews! Amen


We will win!





Codenamed 'Gordon'

Southfront is supporting the Turkey-Azerbaijan aggressive war. For some strange reason that I don’t understand…


They will not win. We are Armenians, we rather die than give our land

The Objective

Then it seems you will die. You are already dying plenty on the battlefield.


So far the death tolls are 10 to 1, so if you consider that plenty, you haven’t even seen the main offense lol

John Brown

Still don’t see what Armenia has to lose by blowing up the Southern Caucasus Pipelines.

Israel and its racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship will order its USSA and EU slaves to bomb Armenia to bits as this pipeline is where Israel gets most of its oil.

israel would probably strike Armenia as well and finish the genocide the Rothchilds ordered their slave Aataturk to commit. They will send in one of their Yagoda’s to get it done.




Mr. Saddam

What to lose? Turkey might build up Operation Caucasian Storm in Naxcivan territory. West of that territory, the Turks might just agree to a Kurdish Independent State.

Pave Way IV

What’s stopping them from doing that anyway? Once the Turks showed up, the war wasn’t going to be about which side won the most battles/controls the most towns. Turks have no reason to negotiate anything with Armenia or stop until all of N-K (maybe more) is in Azeri hands. ZATO has given Turkey the go-ahead and won’t intervene.

Icarus Tanović

Pashinyan is a traitor, he will be thrown down by his own people. And Russia can start that. Anyways, American msm would quickly acuse Russia of malign interference, but that won’t help revolution to develop.

Pave Way IV

Looks like they built that pipeline right through the Armenian Empire, those f’kign LAND THIEVES.. Did they ask your permission for such a huge project? NO? Crater it.

I see a lot of shrieking on Twitter – apparently a cluster bomb rocket did land somewhere near the SCP. All the ZATO harpies showed up crying about the threat to Europe’s Energy Security. I’m not sure when some fat-ass oil oligarch’s Oil Profit Security mutated to something that benefits or provides ‘security’ to the little people. You would think the west would encourage alternatives like Russian and Iranian gas if they were really concerned with Europe’s energy security. What’s the alternative now – U.S. LNG? Heh… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b52d77572d03d8bb3178da66dcc005836c9069cb3b3fede74d68d759cb6f6102.png

Pave Way IV

False alarm. All the pics posted on social media show Israeli M95 submunitions, so it looks like Azerbaijan was cluster bombing their own pipeline. Clever! Never saw that one coming…



“……what Armenia has to lose by blowing up the Southern Caucasus Pipelines……..” -> full scale war with Turkey and its State flattened, maybe even occupied by Turkish forces like Northern Syria?

Pave Way IV

That’s happening in slow motion now to N-K and it will be ethnically cleansed when the Azeris have it (with Turkish troop support). Azeris clumsy fighting ability isn’t an issue – Erdogan will make sure they have enough modern weapons and contractors to win. He’s not going to loose face here. I admire the Armenians making a stand, but it’s not 2016 anymore and they still have a lot to lose. Any Armenian ‘victory’ will be temporary and they’ll still be in the same place diplomatically (maybe worse) with the rest of the world. There’s a certain time when blustering about “We’ll just kick the Azeri’s ass if they attack N-K!” becomes dangerous and stupid when the Azeris have been rearming for years and are now backed by Turkey, the US and Israel. Turkey knows not to attack Armenia directly and drag Russia into the fight. Erdogan says they’re there to help the Azeris get N-K back, that’s it. I don’t trust Erdogan much, but I trust he will not allow this to spill over into Armenia proper.


Agreed for N-K, and your analysis. But as long it is N-K conflict only, Turkey will not engage fully, just support Azerbaijan. But of Armenia attack Azerbaijan fully and directly, Armenia risk full attack from Turkey and may not be able to invoke defense treaty with Russia as it attacked first. Armenia supports N-K but does not itself want to be wiped out and become a homeless nation like the Kurds.

Pave Way IV

Erdogan is a psychopath and has already been given the green light from the U.S. and ZATO to control or destroy Armenia – they’re just doing it through Azerbaijan. The U.S. is probably looking for a land corridor for shipping terrorists/weapons to the east to mess with Iran.

I agree with your comment about Armenia attacking Azerbaijan, but what does each side consider ‘fully and directly’? Technicalities and international law are meaningless since Azerbaijan already has ZATO and Turkish backing. If Turkey claims a rocket fired from N-K into Azerbaijan is a ‘full and direct attack’ and responds by invading N-K with Turkish troops, then who would be willing/able to do anything about it? Anyone aligned with ZATO might publicly object, but privately they’re not going to do a damn thing and sure as hell won’t send any troops to oppose a Turkish invasion of N-K.

Armenia risk full attack from Turkey and may not be able to invoke defense treaty with Russia as it attacked first.

Turkey doesn’t have to wait for a direct attack on Azerbaijan. If Turkey wants to invade Armenia proper, they’ll just manufacture an Armenian attack on Turkish troops in N-K or Armenia, then ‘retaliate’. Western MSM will obediently report the Armenian aggression and ‘justified’ Turkish response and ignore Armenian claims to the contrary. The truth is meaningless to the MSM – they’re paid to echo the ZATO narratives and nothing else.

I’m kind of surprised how quickly everyone was tricked by the Armenian ‘pipeline rocket attack’ without being told details of the poorly-staged scene complete with Israeli submunitions – from an Azeri rocket. The pipeline is underground as well – you would need a direct hit from a Tochka to dent the thing. Nonetheless, in two weeks the west will only remember something about ‘Armenia attacking the pipeline’.

With an audience that dumb and/or uninterested, Turkey and ZATO will have no trouble manufacturing casus belli for any aggression they desire against Armenia. Surely Armenia can see how Turkey and the U.S. pulled this off repeatedly in Syria. It’s standard operating procedure. Nobody will listen to the truth no matter how much proof Armenia subsequently offers. Armenians are not fighting against normal people here – they are fighting against ‘full-spectrum dominance’ psychopaths. I have no idea if Turkey wants to invade Armenia proper, but trust me – the rules don’t apply to Turkey or ZATO as far as their leaders are concerned.


Good points re made up attack and MSM echoing this.

But Russia would know if a real attack, or a false flag made up attack on Azerbaijan. Armenia has to keep ‘onside’ of its defence treaty with Russia, so cannot attack Azerbaijan first but only support to Artzakh and the Contact Line. Early on this war there was news how Armenia is not using its best military assets as it had not secured Russia backing in case of escalation.

So Armenia has to manoeuvre or escalate very cautiously. As many other posts have said the Armenia Govt have turned from Russia to the West in 2018, so it does not have any allies left in this scenario of a NATO (West) supported attack.

Pave Way IV

I really have a hard time seeing Russia getting directly involved no matter how serious the Turkish aggression. Putin will make Turkey pay, but isn’t going to get sucked into WWIII by anyone. For its part, just like before in northern Syria and Idlib, Turkey will avoid using its own solders on the N-K front lines. Its hiring the most bloodthirsty head-choppers it can find to slaughter Armenians (military and civilian) while cowardly Turkish troops sit kilometers behind the lines providing artillery and air support. Any atrocities committed on Armenian civilians will simply be denied by the Azeris and Turks. Worst case is that they’ll claim ISIS/Al Qaeda just showed up on their own to kill Armenians. ZATO MSM will re-spew whatever BS stories are offered. They’re already trying to ignore or discount the presence of Turkey-supplied ISIS/Al Qaeda head-choppers. Any Armenian genocide will be ignored by western MSM and ZATO leaders until well after the fact. Look at how ZATO sat on their ass while ISIS ‘eliminated’ the Yazidis for them. It would be no different in Armenia.

Russia may have to covertly send in PMC to help Armenians liquidate the terrorists, but I don’t see Russian troops there. It’s way too easy for things to get out of control with so many foreign powers – overtly or not – backing Azerbaijan. ZATO powers are undoubtedly exploiting Russia’s assumed hesitation.

Long term, Turkey can continue to bring in a constant stream of head-choppers to bleed Armenia forever. ZATO won’t object in the least because the head-choppers are (mysteriously) only a threat to Armenia and Russia, not ZATO. Armenia is screwed. Maybe some unknown ‘terrorists’ will blow the pipelines. Armenia can say it wasn’t them and they don’t support such actions. Or Armenia can just try to kill the river of fresh head-choppers flown in every day by Silk Airlines.


What I’ve read (might’ve been on Bhadrakumar’s blog), is that the Azeris told Pashinyan “You mess with our pipes, we’ll bomb your nuke reactor.” Not to be underestimated those ballsy Azeris if this is true.

johnny rotten

Leaving aside the bullshit that the two contenders pour daily into the media, the facts say that there is no large-scale offensive, if there was the NK it would have been won or almost, the lack of great achievements says that this continues to be a media war more than a real war, in a real war no one willing to win would send to fight the troglodytes, remnants of the miserably failed terrorism in Syria.


You need to stop pedaling azerbaijani propaganda. azerbaijan didn’t register any gains and they do not dominate the air. Armenian side is making gains, not azerbaijani side. Armenian armed forced didn’t launch a counter-offensive yet, they are still defending. The counteroffensive will come within coming days and weeks.

Aaron Aarons

While I have no interest in taking sides in an inter-ethnic conflict, If IsraHell and the United Snakes are on one side, I’ll support the other side.


That’s an excruciating blow to USA and Israel.

Toni Liu

The problems is, armenia president is pro usa and azerbaijan are supplied with israeli weapons, so better not choose the side because both side got supported by country you hate

Pave Way IV

The Armenian president wanted better relations with (more aid from) the U.S., but he was trying to play the Russia Vs. ZATO game, enticing each side to give more to buy influence. Armenia doesn’t have anything that either Russia or ZATO want or need today. Russia is sympathetic to Armenia, but isn’t going to throw any money at them to keep them out of the sphere of ZATO influence. The U.S. government has all but ignored Armenia – useless now that Azerbaijan and ‘the rest of’ Georgia are U.S. vassal states. Armenia just doesn’t matter from a strategic standpoint to the big outside sponsors today. Probably one of the reasons Turkey pushed Azerbaijan to attack again.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

You have no choice: never be with the Al Qaeda & ISIS terrorists led by Erdogan

Jihadi Colin

Assuming that this is true, ie that Pashinyan has chosen to deliberately sacrifice Nagorno Karabakh in order to get to enter NATO (I believe that it is possible, but my beliefs aren’t evidence), then Putin was even more criminally negligent by not preventing an Armenian military defeat by scotching the attack before it ever started by a few phone calls and a public statement that Russia will not orbit a change of the facts on the ground by use of military force. Not only this, the fall of Nagorno Karabakh immediately poses a great danger to Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, and the two Donbass republics. If Putin isn’t going to lift a finger in a matter of Russian national interest – and a NATO Armenia is very much not in Russia’s national interest any more than an Ottoman protected jihadi headchopper ministate in Nagorno Karabakh is – then how can they depend on Russia protecting them from Georgia, Moldavia, and the Ukranazi coup regime of course?

Pave Way IV

Armenia would be more of a drain on NATO that an asset. It’s not a rich country, and it doesn’t border Russia. And this isn’t as simple as ‘Putin lifting a finger’. Russia has no obligation nor desire to waste troops to fight for N-K. Turkey will be careful not to attack Armenia proper, so Russia won’t need to send troops there. Honestly, I don’t think Putin cares if Armenia joins NATO or not. Every time the US collects another broken nation to join a schizophrenic and disjointed NATO, it becomes weaker and more complex.

Jihadi Colin

All that will happen if Armenia joins NATO is able staging ground for missiles in Russia’s backyard.


Sounds like the agenda of both Western-backed governments to: 1) Undermine Nationalists within the country by sending them to their death against each other, 2) Fill the region with terrorist elements on Russia’s most southern border, 3) Try and rope Russia into taking part in the battle to bog it down, while the West focuses on antagonizing the rest of Russia’s borders.

Overall, this is just part of a LOT of build-up and incidents close to Russia’s border. And with the Russian ships forming defensive positions off the coast of Kaliningrad, the transfer of tu-160’s with 23 tons of nuclear weapons to Belarus…….I would say the West is looking to strike Russia very soon, and Russia knows it.

Icarus Tanović

Pashinyan still believes that Nato, EU, or America will help him, which won’t happen. He sacrificed Nagorno Kharabakh just to stay in power.

Jihadi Colin

Of course it won’t happen. Right now Sultan Erdogan is far more valuable to NATO than Nikol Pashinyan.

Albert Pike

NiKol Pashinyan is there to fuckup another Goy-country, his own country, Armenia. That’s why George Soros gave him all his millions, to get elected, talk big, cause shit and then lose his war. Soros aim is alway Russia, thats why he did what he did in Georgia, Albania, the Ukraine, in Belarus, and in Armenia. And he is active in Kyrgyzstan too…

Icarus Tanović

Better yet, billions of soon to be worthles dollars, when people rise and put him in the kazamat of a sort.

Albert Pike

That would be nice if somebody did that – but even when using snipers he gets away with it – nobody snipes back…

Icarus Tanović

Yes, of course because Anadoli degenerate is Zionistic mad dog that does dirty works. HE cheated with the help of CIA on elections, so he was elected instead of, say Gülen. Look how many intelectuals he in jailed, many run away to Balkans fucked up to the bone countries, such are Bosnia, Serbia, whatever shithole is now there in stead of any normal, functional country. I think and sincerely hope that people will rise, refuse and resist and kill the fucking pig, shoot the hasbara troll.

Albert Pike

He is George Soros = CIA puppet, what do you expect?

Icarus Tanović

I expect ‘They live’ film scenario. That is what I expected to happen in many places all over the World.

James Adams

Armenia should go into all out war !!!

Bomb the oil pipelines Liberate Nakhichevan Hold along the eastern front

If Pashinyan cant get the job done, he must be overthrown !!!

Mr. Saddam

Nakhichevan has the Treaty of Kars with Turkey. Not a good idea.


erdogan is trying to get lost of his humiliated defeat in Syria and Libya that man is a traitorous coward backstabbing thug, and he is now trying to revive the Turcik identity and ottoman illusion in the CIS regions but this man is going to make Putin losing his patience with him he is becoming a real megalomaniac idiot and best you can do with an old false dog is put him asleep

Dod Grile

“NATO sock puppet PASHA POODLE has not been the same since he stopped doing goats.”


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad’s been forced into a ceasefire because of Putin’s capitulations to Erdogan in Syria, and the LNA has the same dilemma with the GNA in Libya thanks to more of Putin’s capitulations to Erdogan, and yet you somehow see them as failures on Erdogan’s part and wins for Putin, talk about putting a silver lining on every dark cloud, you’re definitely a glass half full sort of guy aren’t you, but I’d go even further and say completely delusional if you really believe what you just said. Erdogan’s actually been emboldened by his victories over Putin in both Syria and Libya, that’s why he’s expanding his objectives, he’s on a winning streak against Putin and wants to do it again. The only thing you said and I agree with is this,

” that man is a traitorous coward backstabbing thug, and he is now trying to revive the Turcik identity and ottoman illusion in the CIS regions”,

But Putin’s not trying to stop him, if anything Putin’s reluctantly helping him.


One could be confused who is right or who is wrong in this conflict. But the whole aggressive policy of Turkey in Syria, Libya, Greece, Cyprus, and now in Armenia, shows clearly who is in the right side of the history.

El Mashi

Armenia is taking the Gaddafi road, switching sides. We know were it leads. As usual, Russia adheres to international law.

El Mashi

Erdogan wants to be the neo Ottoman in the Middle East without fighting the neo Templars. There is only one country fighting the neo Templars, and it is not Turkey.

cechas vodobenikov

2 million Azeris in Russia/2 million Armenians in Russia….for a good reason SF publishes reports from each side—both exaggerated


Pashinian is a scum and traitor

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