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There Are Some ‘Problems’ With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack

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While horrible photos (link 18+) of people allegedly killed in the April 7 Douma attack rapidly became widely known after they had been released by the White Helments, there was something ignored by the media.

Besides the photos of the dead bodies, Douma “media activists” also released videos showing two compressed gas cylinders, which had allegedly been used by “the Assad regime” to conduct the chemical attack on Douma.

These videos raise some questions.

Lets look at the compressed gas cylinder #1 (revealed on April 8):

This was the first video showing the alleged compressed gas cylinder used in the attack. It appeared on April 8, a day after the first reports about the attack (April 7).

This cylinder was allegedly dropped from some helicopter of the Syrian Arab Air Force, made a hole in the roof and appeared in some appartment inside the building.

There Are Some 'Problems' With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack

Click to see the full-size image

The question is why is the cylinder is undamaged after falling from hundreds meters above and crashing into the roof? Another issue is that it looks like the cylinder was able to made a hole in the roof but failed to damage the bed.

There Are Some 'Problems' With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack

Click to see the full-size image

By the way this cylinder is closed.

There Are Some 'Problems' With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack

Click to see the full-size image

Another video from the same location:

Lets look at the compressed gas cylinder #2 (revealed on April 10):

This compressed gas cylinder was allegedly filmed on April 9 a roof of the building hit by the attack. However, the video was released by the White Helments on April 10, a day after Russian servicemembers visited the parts of Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, no traces of the chemical attack were found.

Let’s say this is an accident.

No doubts, the criticism faced by the “activists” after the first video was used to improve the second one. This time the cylinder appears to be a bit damaged.

So, the questions:

  1. Why the cylinder#1 is undamaged if it has been dropped by a helicopter? Why the cylinder#1 is closed?
  2. Why the bed under the cylinder#1 is undamaged?
  3. Why did the second video showing the cylinder#2 [which is damaged and even a bit burned] appear only on April 10, a day after the visit of the Russians to the area?

A person skeptical of “Assad chemical attack” reports by the White Helmets may say that the cylinder#1 videos were staged to confirm that the attack had beeen conducted by the Syrian Air Force. However, too much mistakes (like a lack of damage) were made. So, the organization had to make another “propper” video with the cylinder#2 to confirm its claims.

Everyone is free to decide for himself.

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come on lah … no need .. even kids know its bs


hahahaha that lah


You may have noticed that the clothing of the White Helmets in dust laden rooms and streets is always spotless. :)

northerntruthseeker .

They have to look good for the American bullshit Jew spew media…..

Concrete Mike

Yes and there all wearing 100$ pants…how do you get carharts in a goddamn war Zone?


Dumb question… Ten sets of Carharts come with each new Toyota pickup. That would supply thousands of them.


Whenever the West accuses Russia of obfuscating the truth they say that Russia releases so many possible theories and explanations, often contradictory, that no one can find the truth again. The truth of course is a 3 edged sword, your side, their side and the truth (virtual cookie for who still gets the reference).

My advise to the Russians and SF is to not fall into this narrative. Stick to one explanation, the one we know is true, it was the Jihadis and their White Hats allies, and don’t deviate from that!

Acko Manah

You’ve been watching Babylon-5 too many times: Kosh!


You win a cookie!!! :-)

Acko Manah



There is only one option for the Russians, bring in complete air defense, destroy any US ships that launch missiles, and back it up with total nuclear response. Primary nuclear targets have to be City of London, all of Israel(maybe first), and NYC. Make every Jewish infestation center primary, redundant targets. It would surprise you how that would chill out US aggression.


Are you insane? I do relish not dying in a nuclear exchange. Which will happen if you do that.

Give the Yanks a bloody nose by sinking one of their frigates, all hands if possible, and Kalibr spam the airbases in Jordan and Cyprus. Deny them the use of close by support. And after that try and see if this might bring back at least some sense of sanity.


Relax you won’t die in a nuclear exchange the Zios will crawl back under their rock. If Russia sinks a frigate they have to be ready to back it up completely. You aren’t dealing with a sane rational people, but they are not the least comfortable with dying for their cause. We(US) just follow what our handlers tell us. To make these handlers pay personally is something they really really understand.

jerry hamilton

nuclear response turns you into a monster.


I dont think they are often contradictory. You see when you try to point out everything that is wrong and ridiculous with a particular situation (CW attack on Douma or Skripal spoisoning), it can appear that they are multiple and contradictory explanations


anyone who knows white helmets’ reputation(!) would even not check these goofs. white helmets are a pitiful zio-cia project full of brainwashed dogs. anone who do not know them can check youtube. here is one of them :



Yes, White Helmets are US, UK and Al Qaeda working closely together to make warmongering propaganda. British company, Bell Pottinger, famously made Al Qaeda videos previously. Are all Al Qaeda and IS videos made with US and UK?


far as I heard us and uk funding them some 80-90 mio usd altogether. they doing the videos with isis. field help may come fm hollywood cia guys I dont know that much :) but even though they got caught many times As long as their actions are favoring the Elites / West, they will be allowed to keep doing it because MSM would erase memories. Very few people see them caught as CNN never shows them anyway. Furthermore people forget easily. Just yesterday I was chatting with a 60 year old educated British guy, who was saying Assad is a mad man gasing his own people ..bla bla… Ignorance every level.


Too many sycophants only listen to NATO propaganda and don’t have a clue what’s going on. They would follow Tony Blair to war again. Thankfully, the Russian people aren’t going to be fooled by NATO bullshit, and will support their government in all this.


It is remarkable what Putin has created a Nation again from the ruins of USSR.

As regards Syria, below from gearoid o’colmain (link below) QUOTE All of the “sources” which the mainstream Western media use to write their stories on Syria come from organisations such as the ubiquitously cited Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). SOHR is neither Syrian nor a human rights organisation. It is a one-man show run by Rami Abdel Rahman, an anti-government exile based in Coventry England. He hasn’t been in Syria for more than two decades. Almost all Western media sources come from this man!UNQUOTE

and US/EU : http://www.gearoidocolmain.org/us-eu-disintegrate-time-french-renaissance/


Thanks, I hadn’t heard of Gearoid O’Colmain before.


super guy. he became famous after this:



He is a super guy, I found him doing reading on Burma. http://www.gearoidocolmain.org/ Rohingya psyops US covert war Myanmar


exactly – that one on Myanmar is a masterpiece. he is right to the point with a flawless language. Highly educated person.

In case you missed him, I also recommend Joe Quin (also Irish). Altho less productive than Gearoid, he is a very good analyst too. Below is my favourite – bit old but not outdated. Very educative article :


Carol Cox

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Mr Twitch

Don’t forget White Helmet PR guys George Loony & John McInsane


My don’t they look snappy in their pretty, clean (and I mean spotless) UK designed uniforms? Since when do medicos wear black? I thought that color was reserved for the military, terrorists…and now US police.


The witches of US, UK and France have created these moronic group of White helmets, I think from hollywood. Now they are busy in fake rescue operation in Syria, on which later on then they have asked for apology. Draging an innocent nation into war is not so easy for this they need to do some hardwork but still this kind of propaganda would be smashed on their faces not only on their face but on those regimes who have hired them for this BS propaganda.

Jens Holm

Why dont You use facts. You are some deerhunter from Bollywood Yourself ?

Hind Abyad

Wake up are you Sleeping Beauty?

“James Le Mesurier, a British ex-mercenary, founded the White Helmets in 2013. The group has been lauded for its “humanitarian” efforts in Syria, but they have actually functioned more as a logistics and propaganda arm of Syria’s al-Qaeda branch, complete with training from Le Mesurier. by Whitney Webb” https://www.mintpressnews.com/james-le-mesurier-british-ex-military-mercenary-founded-white-helmets/230320/


https://cdni.rt.com/files/2016.11/article/5832c5f2c3618843258b45ee.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cxsy-0LXUAE9Ybs.jpg:large Click on above link, like Trump, May and Macron Tony Blair has also deluded the world like a witch by his lies and bullshit. Saddam and his nation were innocent just they invaded Iraq for Israeli migrants. https://nsarchive2.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB80/fallujah.jpg Here US shows the sights for WMDs in Iraq which till this time were not founded. Now US, UK witches should show to the world where are Iraqi weapons or WMDs. US, UK and France have invaded Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya etc. have created instabillity there and have occupied lands and now Russia are trying their best to stop massacre there and liberate lands from these witches.

https://s4.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/1-112.jpg?x22691 Trump, May and Macron like witches deluding the world by false chemical attacks in Syria to make it cause to invade Syria. We know that they do tricks to wash lands with blood in the nations but these tricks will be smashed on their faces.

Never forget Vietnam war either, US sunk their own ship, and started war against Vietnam blaming them for it, and bombed villages that had never seen a plane, they thought what big birds are dropping eggs there, before they exploded their homes, and killed their families.

john smith

House negro war criminal Collin Powell.

Ivan Shukshin

http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-38066791 don’t make them devils.

jerry hamilton

The BBC otherwise known as Little Israel have an enormous problem with telling the truth. They are Netanyahu’s back pocket boys. The BBC were good 50 or 60 years ago. Not now, not for a long time.


thats BBC man :) voice of MI6. hehe Pls consider that white helmets are funded by the UK among others. Instead of funding a rescue organization(!) have they considered not bombing Syria in the first place?

Ivan Shukshin

That’s southfront, man. Registered in Moscow. Voice of Kremlin. Hehe. I don’t care who funded helmets. I know that Kremlin loves lie. I see it every day in Russia.


:)) But I am not.

However it is clear that Russia is on the defense here. Just like Assad who wants his country back and Iran who doesnt want to become Iraq. Attackers use not only weapons but also such White Helmet bullcrap lies which are fed to people by BBC CNN Netflix etc etc. Guess any impartial observer now disagrees that Nobel peace prize was deserved by Obama just like an Oskar which gone to WH. Man how just the West is on fundings, prizes and charities….Its madness what is going on before our eyes.

Hind Abyad

Hehe..you loves lying “James Le Mesurier, a British ex-mercenary, founded the White Helmets in 2013. The group has been lauded for its “humanitarian” efforts in Syria, but they have actually functioned more as a logistics and propaganda arm of Syria’s al-Qaeda branch, complete with training from Le Mesurier. by Whitney Webb” https://www.mintpressnews.com/james-le-mesurier-british-ex-military-mercenary-founded-white-helmets/230320/


Lol you live in Lwow you lying pile of shite.

Ivan Shukshin

Hmm. It’s a mannequin challenge, it is not so appropriate, but it is OK. They stated, what it is. They apologized for its inappropriateness. Is there any other (smth real bad) reputation flawless?


it has been shown that white helmets guys also are isis (al qaeda) guys at at the same time. they were shown to act with the terrorists. mannequin was just one of them. and even if there were just one evidence (mannequin) , obviously that is one too much. many info on youtube, rt.com and elsewhere including wikipedia.

besides they are funded openly by the US and UK and some other Western countries, all of which want Assad dead, Syrians to rot somewhere else in the World and Syria to collapse to become like Iraq or Libya.

William Gruff

The problem was not with the video’s “inappropriateness”. Only idiots who are deliberately trying to delude themselves think that is what the problem is.

Rather, the problem is with the production values of the clip: acting, makeup, costumes, sound mixing, etc. Could you local volunteer firefighters and ambulance drivers shoot a video as realistic on their mobile phones? Of course not! They don’t have as much practice making completely fake staged videos!

Jens Holm

Why dont You read about in at Wikipedia.


Yes, but 90%+ of the sheeple think they are the ‘good guys’ and THAT is all that matters. Of course your enemy LIES- lies are the cheapest weapon of all in warfare. The question is why YOU allowed the lies of your enemy to be believed.

And the gas came from a time-release flask planted by an SAS agent, NOT a bomb from the sky. And samples from the gassed bodies are being used to ‘PROVE’ Russian culpability by the British government as I type.

What dribbling cretin thinks MI6 leaves anything to chance when it runs a false flag?


Yes; what sheeple thinks is what matters. UK and France ready to approve new bombings of Syria in their respective parliaments (habited by paid puppets). Where the World has come to. Tragic.


The UK pantomime season is not over it seems :)


A couple of times these white helmet gangsters the CIA, MI6 and Mossad art producers have been caught by international observers on fake staged footages for CIA, MI6 and Mossad and then the head of W.Helmets group have asked for pardons but still Trump, May and Macrons don’t want to stop them from fake stage footage production.


White Helmets have not produced a single reliable report, and have produced many fakes. We shouldn’t even be discussing them!

Jens Holm

More like You should be rapported as spam.

Helmets show their version of truth and manipulation. Its not worse and more inaccurate then most from other groups.


See I knew the Russians are stupid… They are trying to cover up this gas attack and they leave the gas cylinder behind… Of course I believe our media/njews and for sure I believe tRump.

Icarus Tanović

I know for sure that one so called moderate journalist was so excited about killing on some very gruesome way a Palestinian boy. Same guy was proclaimed freedom fighter in Aleppo by Westerners. So does White helmets.


the ‘evidence’ is for an audience that is so dam that they would believe that cats can fly if they see them on video…..so no big importance is given…..a hole in the roof, something like a cylinder and you have the evidence you need……a recent research showed that about 1/3 of Americans doubt or even believe that the earth is flat….. i rest my case your honour

Pat Guilfoyle

The hole in the roof looks wrong, even landing longways the hole looks wrong, end on the hole would be smaller. If chlorine then room would have inhibited spread, Chlorine is heavier than air it would have filled house lower floor in preference to escaping upwards. Also Chlorine is reactive, no staining on anything in the room for what would have been very high concentrations. If nerve agent, again room would have concentrated and held agent long afterwards so no going in to film without full hazmat and airsupply, gas mask would not do the job. This rubbish insults me but accurately defines western governments.

Douglas Houck

The whole concept of dropping a small cylinder of chlorine gas from a helicopter that you first have to open the release valve is nonsense. The guy in the helicopter has no desire to open that valve while its next to him. Additionaly such a small release valve wouldn’t kill many people as the rate of gas released is too limited and most people could simple run away from it. Even if that cylinder was all that Syria had you would want it to break apart and release all of the gas at once. Even then such a small amount wouldn’t kill that many people. To have injured 500 people there should have been 20 pound cylinders all over the place. That cylinder is not much more than a prop.

If you look into the Arms Control Assoc. FAQ you see that gas munitons generally use an explosion and specially designed shell. You have to disperse the poisonous gas rapidly and in large amounts. The first time the Germans used Cl2 gas in WWI they used 150 tons. The chlorine gas wasn’t that effective (caughing reduced the amount of air intake allowing soilders to get away) so they mixed it with phosgene called “white star”.

Those images are obviously “fake news”. What a joke.


its probably a fire extinguisher with the handset removed….lol

That Guy

Also, in the first video, the filter of the mask used is no longer in production (GP-5), and all of the filters available for this mask are expired (don’t filter any CW anymore). So if there was really a CW attack that has happened, this guy wouldn’t be even moving a finger, he would be dead.


Here is a video of the White Helmets caught making a fake rescue video. Notice … they forgot to edit out the part before the director says “ACTION”.

Notice how everything is very quiet until the actors are given their que, “ACTION”, and the noise and sirens start. Just think, WW3 is now going to start because of their videos from last Saturday.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgl271A6LgQ …

Ivan Shukshin

Have you read the title? It’s a mannequin challenge video. It was stated by them that it is acting, not real.


You are kidding…. right? The mannequin title was added by someone else as a sarcastic joke. You understand sarcasm ,… right ???????? The White Helmets later apologized to their true believers for being stupid enough to not edit out the first part, before the director called “ACTION”.

Ivan Shukshin

Have you seen the video? Its contents shows mannequin challenge too. The helmets are frozen like in the known meme and then they suddenly start to move and sound appears. No, I’m not kidding. If I see smth that look completely like a dog and it barks, like a dog, I conclude, that it is definitely a dog.


You obviously don’t know anything about film making. The actors take their positions. They wait until everything is ready, sound, sirens & etc. Then they perform when the director tells them to. Why would the White Helmets risk damage to their reputation by making a mannequin video? On a very serious matter like this? Would George Soros and their CIA backers approve of a mannequin video?


Here is another fake White Hemets video …. just the raw footage, before editing and before they send it to Western media. These videos were captured after rebels left for Idlib.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYVzKBiNs68 …

Ivan Shukshin

You obviously don’t know anything about mannequin challenge and Occam’s razor. What we see is mannequin challenge video. Definitely, no doubt. You are wrong if you think that MC can harm reputation greater than fake filming. Yes, we see film making here. The mannequin challenge film. Don’t invent new assumptions without a need. Remember Occam’s razor. Don’t daemonize people without proofs.


The Gas Mask with the side filter the White Helmet terrorist is wearing , is a British model circa 1980.

I still have mine :)

Acko Manah

I used to have a grassmask. A sort of cross between a gassmask and bong

neil barron

Oh! you had one of those too? It could come close to killing you if you didn’t get the mask off before hand. Whew!!!

Ivan Shukshin

So, the answers and my questions. 1. The damage depends on the chopper flight altitude, on the roof toughness, on the bomb position at the moment of contact with the roof. If the altitude was not so high, bomb could have fallen not in vertical position. We can see, that the hole is not round, it is elongated, like if the bomb falls horizontally. -How does the bomb detonates? Simple damage of a cylinder’s head? Can it survive in particular falling positions? Can tail stabilisers help in surviving of a bomb’s body? 2. Well, the bed is soft and can be a good break, especially if the bomb’s velocity is not so high and decreased with a roof. It is a soft place that can stop the bomb without its detonation. In addition, we can’t see the bed’s condition. Its legs could be broken. Bed-head is not damaged due to absense of physical contact with it. -Why do you expect the bed-head and night table nearby must be damaged when bomb falls? 3. Don’t know. -Maybe they just found it on April 10?

I’m not sure WTF is there, but definitely smth is broken in that country. Failed state.

P.S. Southfront domain is registered in Russia, Moscow. Why?

neil barron

Because it’s Russian based. I don’t see anything wrong with that but I do see nothing right about MSM in the U.S. that I haven’t watch it for over 2 years. I have found more truth from the Media over in the mid east and Russia than ever did in U.S. they just don’t show it cucking leftist Marxist Commies with some Islamo -Nazis thrown in for good measure.

Ivan Shukshin

I live in Russia. Our authorities love to lie. Even elections are a big fraud. Can you imagine, that 18.03.2018 1600 people vote and 2500 votes are in the results? And noone is behind the bars. We have no human rights here. Have you seen Russian TV? Their lie is so stupid. We have even a farm of kremlin-bots. They are people, that spread propaganda across the internet. They seed lie under every opposition video post tweet. So, yes, I don’t trust Russian based sites. I saw to much lie.

neil barron

My point Ivan is in what I wrote. The bastion here of the free press would be on the order of 1 get 1. I will say to you I like the reminder I did not go in blind I read Fars news A7, Issis propaganda Pro militant stuff everything. When I’m listening to Ruptly and they are telling facts that I know and nothing is being said by our media. You soon learn the truth and the facts. Don’t think your’e the only one. Here is a tidbit for you In the presidential voting here in Michigan a voting district in the Detroit area they had 50 registered voters turned in 350 ballots they where soon pitched.I could into more details. But I do HEAR you. Thanks.

Doomsday Diva

The hole in the roof is not above the bed. It is above the dresser. If the cylinder was dropped directly onto the building from a helicopter, why is it not lying on or near the dresser? Did the cylinder bounce onto the bed? Did it walk there?

Ivan Shukshin

The flying chopper definitely had vertical component of speed which was passed to the bomb. It means bomb falls not strictly along the vertical line. It’s so hard to make a full correct mathematical description and a physical model of a bomb that falls through a roof, why do you think it must obey simple limitations like vertical falling?

Casual Observer

It is very dangerous to fly low over enemy positions in a helicopter, even at maximum speed, so it is most likely that a helicopter would have been flying at sufficient height for the horizontal velocity of the cylinder to be negligible by the time it struck the building. Keep in mind as well that horizontal motion presents maximum surface to air resistance if the cylinder is fitted with fins.

neil barron

I’ve been watching this war for over two years and having to correct people over here that they don’t live in mud huts. They live in as modern housing that one could get over there poured reinforced building with masonry walls. So no one notice that the ceiling – roof is not poured reinforced concrete. I’ve yet to see a ceiling – roof look like that thin piece of junk. Those cylinders would not have penetrated that roof period when mortars and some rockets only scratched and dented the roofs plenty of pictures over the years.

Casual Observer

I am wondering why the second cylinder would appear burned at the valve end, since release of pressurized gas causes cooling, not heating. If it was charged extremely fast it might get very hot but the heat would be evenly distributed. That would be a very dangerous thing to do anyway.


Pure typical White Asses bullshit.. I am not even bother to watch their shit. All fakery.

Casual Observer

Where did the image of the valve come from? I couldn’t find it in the videos.


Magic Bullet in Dallas, Magic Gas Cylinders in Syria.


White Helmets? As in cowboys in white hats?

Somebody’s been watching too many Westerns…


Another issue is that it looks like the cylinder was able to made a hole in the roof but failed to damage the bed

thats easily possible.. one of the only people hit by a meteorite got only a small bruise after it went through her roof

note that your assuming it fell through, not that it hit, bounced, the roof wend down and then it followed which is what can happen too… simple physics… nothing more (on this one point)

Casual Observer

It can bounce or it can penetrate. It can’t do both.


it CAN do both and i have a physics degree from bronx science and work in medical research and can show you the numbers… in fact it could have bounced and the return broke through… its not uncommon. it has to do with the springyness of the surface and its complexity (houses are made to be flexible to take weather even huts), it can bounce off, the shock wave can travel through the roof to the wall and then bounce back to the same location it was at (like ripples hitting the sides of the pond and bouncing back), just as the container lands to put enough weight on it to cause it to collapse.

collapse and failure is actually a very complicated process and not always what you expect. one of the most bizarre photos you may ever see was the movie theater of dead people from a bomb that fell during the blitz that hit behind the screen they were watching. the bomb didnt go off, the waves past through the screen and stopped all their hearts and such frozen in place heads over… freaky image…

there are lots of oddities like this that throw people off who want to make a conclusion.. like 22 bullets tending to enter one place and tumble and come out in a completely different place way out of line of the actual entry

Stray bullet bounces off Bend woman’s head – Statesman Journal Stray bullet bounces off Oregon woman’s head | Fox News Michigan Shooting: Robert Poore was shot in the face and survived [had titanium plate] Pocket watch that stopped WWI bullet found in dusty attic A pocket watch belonging to a First World War soldier has been unearthed by his family who revealed the story about how it stopped a German bullet and saved his life https://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-one/10777905/Pocket-watch-that-stopped-WWI-bullet-found-in-dusty-attic.html [there are actually MANY of these!!! so its not so rare as one would think depending on where one wore ones watch… int he breast pocket, or lower down]

how did the bullets bounce?

look up freak accidents and see how strange reality can be comepared to imagination

Casual Observer

Words. The cylinder was equipped with fins. It would have impacted an area no larger than its diameter. If it bounced it is highly unlikely that it would have impacted exactly the same spot and oriented exactly the same way. Only in that circumstance might it possibly have broken through, but it would have left a very small hole. Also, the second impact would have had only a fraction of the energy of the initial impact, certainly not enough to break through rebar and concrete over such a large area.


Would fllmsy fins like that have any aerodynamic effect on a heavy canister ? I doubt it – they are ridiculous stage props to try and convince people this cylinder has come from the air . And of course the second cylinder ( in the hole in the second room) hasn’t got any which is a bit odd as these things are supposed to be coming from a Syrian arms factory . Of course what it does have is a conveniently placed metal bar of some kind propped under it to stop it falling down the hole. Ridiculous ! I think this time cos they were so rushed setting these up they’ve made lots of dumb errors – but of course our MSM seem happy enough to swallow this nonsense


But how did those ridiculously flimsy stage prop fins survive any of that?


Observations about the gas cylinder. 1. Gas cylinders are color coded according to contents. Presumably this is an international standard. Yellow indicates corrosive or toxic gas. It could have held chlorine. There is heavy corrosion around the valve and the stand which holds the cylinder. The stand looks like it was originally part of an industrial application-see the legs- and is held in place by a flimsy clamp. An area of the stand which is bent shows rust, i.e., old damage. 2. These tanks are extremely durable and are designed to survive a serious impact, but that stand would be seriously damaged, even ripped off if it fell through the ceiling tearing through what looks like 1/2″ rebar. And look at the size of that hole! No way it could make a hole that big. These brackets are designed only to hold cylinders securely upright. Somehow, the cylinder landed on the bed, which is not under the hole in the ceiling. 3. Without more information, it is not clear whether the valve is open or closed. It appears that there was originally a tube exiting the valve which has been broken off, but there seems to be no mechanism to release gas on impact. Clearly, this is all fake, and not a very good fake either.

Casual Observer

Maybe it is just a stand! After all, the built in stand is obviously damaged where it is partially concealed by the blanket, so a special stand had to be built to keep it upright. The reinforced plate at the bottom of each arm now makes sense.

نبيل صخيري

why is this guy talking about people suffocating and wears a gas mask while the roster feels just fine?

listen, you can hear at least three cock a doodle doos.

is it supposed to be a poison which targets only apes but keeps other animals safe?

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