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There Are 3 Main Problems in Middle East: Iran, Iran, Iran – Israeli Defense Minister

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There Are 3 Main Problems in Middle East: Iran, Iran, Iran – Israeli Defense Minister

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Photo: AFP)

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman believes that the main threat in the Middle East is Iran, which tramples upon the entire region with its nuclear ambitions, the TASS news agency reported.

“The three main problems, with which we have to deal, are Iran, Iran, Iran,” Lieberman said.

According to the Israeli Defense Minister, the first challenge is Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the program for development of ballistic missiles, as well as smuggling of modern weapons to any problematic area of the Middle East, no matter whether we are talking about Yemen, Lebanon or Syria. Lieberman added that the second challenge is Tehran’s efforts to undermine stability in every country in the Middle East, including Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and, the main goal of Iran today – Saudi Arabia.

The third challenge, according to him, is creation of allied groups by Iran.

“There is the Hezbollah Shiite movement in Lebanon, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Huthis groups in Yemen, Shiite militias in Iraq,” the minister said.

Talking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Lieberman said that the only way of its solution is creation of two states.

“I think the basic principle of a solution must include [the] exchange of land and population. It does not make sense to create one homogenic Palestinian state and a bi-national state of Israel,” he noted. “My vision, it’s the endgame no doubt, two-state solution,” the Defense Minister added.

However, at the same time, Lieberman noted that an important task is “to keep the Jewish state.”

“My biggest problem is that today on the table we have a proposal [which] will establish a very homogenic Palestinian state without even one Jew and we will become a binational state with more than 20 per cent of the population Palestinians,” he explained.

At the same time, the Israeli Defense Minister is “confident” that today, the problem of the Palestinians is not the main problem of the Middle East. He noted that in the past, it was very easy to explain all the problems of the Arab world with existence of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but, today, it is obvious that there is no connection between the rebellion in Tunisia, the civil wars in Syria and Lebanon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lieberman stressed that despite all the existing problems, they manage to keep the situation with the Palestinians under control, and it does not look similar to the situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

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John Mason

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman definitely got it wrong, he actually meant that they themselves have been the problem ever since Christ.

Daniel Castro


They are the problem since the ancient Egypt.


His name was Jesus and the zionist occupation has nothing to do with Jews. Trying to provoke antisemititc outbursts to discredit antizionists is poor stuff and you should know better. Oh and his name is Avigdor Lebensraum.

John Mason

so you defend the scourge of the earth? Jewish?? You need to brush up on the Bible, the Western Version otherwise you are subject to disinformation if you study the Jewish version. Antisemitism is another version of ‘political correctness’ used as an excuse to justify criminality and we all know that is nothing but BS.

Solomon Krupacek

My biggest problem is that today on the table we have a proposal [which]
will establish a very homogenic Palestinian state without even one Jew
and we will become a binational state with more than 20 per cent of the
population Palestinians,” he explained.

No problem. Go back behind 1948 borders anch you can exchange the population.


Thing is, Iran wants to become a regional hegemon and thus challenge America’s amd Israel’s shifty allies. On the other hand the groups that Iran sponsor do not conduce any attacks in the West, Iran does not sponsor extremist hate preachers that preach hate in mosques in the west, nor any religious ideology even remotely similar to what are supposed allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar are doing to us. Frankly I would rather have Iran dominate the middle east then our socalled allies because with friends like that who needs enemies.

Also, as usual Israel has no long term vision for its future security other then smash whatever it thinks is its current enemy. They cheerfully let Hamas rise to power as they saw it as a useful rival against the PLO. And now they’re cheerfully let ISIS rise because they see it as a useful rival against Iran. No long term vision whatsoever.

chris chuba

I don’t see evidence that Iran is trying to be a regional hegemon. I see the following goals,

1. Make an attack on Iran very expensive, their missile deployment in Lebanon is more of a MAD arrangement with Israel. They know that they cannot use it offensively.

2. They want to be a regional leader, which is different from hegemon. Hegemon implies domination. I think they seek stability to counter what they see has the instability being imposed by the U.S. I read Fars, I know that countries lie but their consistency in what they say and do convinces me of their intent. I am not endorsing all of Iran’s actions, I am just talking about their motives.


The main problem in the Middle East is Israeli fake Jews. Israelis are murderers killing Palestinians, Syrians, Jordinians, Lebnonis and Egyptians. They have all sort of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. They have short range tactical and ICBM missiles. Israelis are biggest threat to the stability of this world.

The main problem in the Middle East is Israeli fake Jews that kicked out from Eastern European countries due to their bad nature. Israelis harass, tortur and murder innocent people. As Israelis secretly and illegally entered in Palestine there they have started the same with Palestinian and occupied their entire land. Israelis are still 20% and Palestinians are 80%. Israeli terrorists and murderers will not leave Palestinian easily. For this Russia and United States of America will jointly push them out because Israelis are crushing and grinding Palestinians which are consists of native Arab Muslims, Christians and native true Palestinians Jews.


You are one hell of a dhimmi Stevie boy! Muslims are taking all the entire west and boo hoo, Israel are giving them a taste of their own medicine! The same people that gave every Middle Eastern nation their lands, their borders, gave the same to Israel, calling Jordan Palestine. So get over yourself, unless you’re going to complain about the borders of the Muslim nations, which you won’t, because you’re a dhimmi, but you should because unlike Israel, they’re not democratic, civilised, innovative etc.

Solomon Krupacek

Israel is the father of arab terrorism. Jews began in 30s against brits.


Now, that was funny! Stupidly incorrect, but funny.


Typical Muslim, denying basic facts. This thing called the United Nations, dividing up borders after WW2, must be made up!

Solomon Krupacek

ICBM sure not

Tiddly Winks

Maybe the problem in the Middle East is oil? If it wasn’t there, what’s there to fight for – more sand?


Yes Israel, another country that has not attacked any other country for a very long time must be the problem. That they wish to defend themselves against US, with many hawks clamouring for war against their country, must be infuriating. Why don’t they just cave in? An annoying problem to be sure. And, oh dear, Shia militias in Iraq fighting ISUS is an outrage, how dare they try to look like the good guys! And the Hansarullah Houthis in Yemen – why on Earth do they have to defend their own country, I mean, it is just stupid, isn’t it? Don’t they realise that the attacking forces have the best of that land in their minds. Since all these people are so f*#&ing stupid they clearly don’t deserve to have their own countries, so why don’t we just have Israel running a world government and ruling over everybody and bombing the stupidest of them every now and again. They deserve that, right?

William Gutgesell

It is sad that you believe in your own delusional propaganda,$5 million for Abu Muhammed al Shimali (Arab) ISL recruiter for Azaz and Jarabulus//Rewards for Justice//info@rewardsforjustice.net


Israel assumes the middle east is theirs – that’s premise that underlays this thinking – that the only threat that exists in ME is the one against them.
In contrast, the far greater threat in ME is GCC states, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE that are illegally waging war directly on Yemen, and indirectly on Syria, and effectively sponsoring Wahhabi terrorism globally from Indonesia to Bosnia.

Danny M Buhus

The best solution for peace is to convince somehow Iran to “privatize” the oil and other strategic resources to US UE corporation… :D … LMAO .

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Liar and hypocrite… Thy name is Jew.

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