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The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia’s Military Achieve In 2020?

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The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia's Military Achieve In 2020?

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Russia’s Ministry of Defense held its end-of-the-year Board Session, and released a lengthy report on what was presented, including a plethora of videos and photographs.

Straight from the get-go, the report began by outlying the fact that NATO activity along Russia’s borders has increased.

Notably, US deployments were moved closer to Russia, from Germany to Poland and the Baltic states.

“In 2020, the geography of challenges for our country expanded, the role of military force in solving international problems increased. NATO sees Russia as main threat and is building up its military potential at our borders.

The United States began relocating combat units from Germany to Poland and the Baltic States.

By 15%, compared to the last year, the intensity of reconnaissance and demonstrative actions of American aircraft and ships near the Russian borders increased. The advanced presence of American ships in the Arctic region is being increased.”

To this end, Russia has to be vigilant, protect its borders and improve the level of modernization and equipment of all of its branches of military.

The nuclear triad is maintained at a level that warrants strategic deterrence. 95% of the Strategic Missile Forces launchers are in constant readiness.

Long-range aviation successfully solved the tasks of air patrol. This year, 50 flights of strategic missile carriers have been carried out along the established routes.

The high combat readiness of the strategic nuclear forces is ensured by the unprecedented level of modernity, brought to 86%.

Three missile regiments of Strategic Missile Forces have been re-equipped with modern Yars missile systems.

The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia's Military Achieve In 2020?

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Rearmament of the 1st missile regiment with Avangard complex with hypersonic gliding systems continues.

The lead nuclear-powered submarine of the Borei-A project, Knyaz Vladimir, armed with Bulava ballistic missiles with a modern complex of means of overcoming antimissile defence, entered the Russian Navy.

The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia's Military Achieve In 2020?

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Five modernized Tu-95MS missile carriers have entered strategic aviation nuclear forces.

The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia's Military Achieve In 2020?

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A modern infrastructure has been created for the Yars and Avangard missile systems. This year, more than 950 buildings and structures were built in the interests of the Strategic Missile Forces.

In terms of land forces:

they received more than three and a half thousand new and modernized weapons, including 220 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, over one and a half thousand units of wheeled vehicles. A new motorized rifle division, missile and artillery brigades have been formed.

In total, 220 tanks and armored vehicles were delivered, more than 1,500 units of wheeled vehicles.

In terms of aerospace forces:

13 military units were formed, including a military transport aviation regiment and an anti-aircraft missile regiment.

147 aircraft were supplied, more than 150 samples of air defense equipment, including 4 S-400 anti-aircraft missile complexes and 24 Pantsir-S combat vehicles.

In order to develop the airfield network of the Armed Forces, runways at 14 airfields were reconstructed, more than 270 buildings and structures were built.

The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia's Military Achieve In 2020?

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The Aerospace Forces began to receive the first modern complexes with reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicles of medium-range “Inokhodec” and “Forpost”.

In terms of Russia’s Navy:

Two new modern submarines were delivered.

7 Surface ships, 10 combat boats, 10 support vessels and boats.

In terms of Naval defense, new Bal and Bastion coastal missile complexes were delivered and activated.

According to the number of coastal missile systems Bal and Bastion this year reached the figure of 74% of the need.

The Navy has created a motorized rifle division and a coastal missile brigade.

The entirety of the Russian Armed Forces increased its level of modernized equipment in comparison to previous years.

Thus, the task of rearmament, set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief in the May 2012 Decree, has been completed. 70.1% share of modernity in the Armed Forces.

In order to further increase it, the Ministry of Defence is working to improve the methods of pricing.

This made it possible to exclude an unreasonable increase in the cost of government contracts in 2018-2020, to keep 551 billion rubles and to use these funds to re-equip troops.

In terms of future supply of the Aerospace forces:

For aviation equipment, early deliveries of 94 aircraft and helicopters by the end of 2024 are envisaged. Among them there are 22 Su-57 aircraft, the number of which will be increased to 76 by 2028.

In terms of future supply of the Navy:

The long-term problem of building surface ships of the far sea zone is being solved.

The use of advanced financing allows to solve the problem of a shortage of funds for the construction of ships in the far sea zone and to reduce the delivery time of modern aircraft.

Currently, 16 surface ships of the far sea zone are under construction and 19 are under madernization for another 6 state contracts will be signed next year.

In total, taking into account the current state contracts, the total number of built and modernized warships of the far sea zone will be 41 units.

At the beginning of next year, Russia will conclude long-term contracts for the additional purchase of high-precision long-range missiles, thereby doubling their number.

“Finishing the topic of rearmament, i would like to emphasize that our Armed Forces are among the most advanced and most technologically advanced armies in the world. In terms of modernity, we are higher than similar indicators of the armed forces of many states. At the same time, in terms of defence spending this year, Russia has moved from eighth to ninth place. The rearmament of the Army and Navy was carried out under conditions of restrictive measures. At the same time, there was a threat of non-fulfillment of the state defence order by defence industry enterprises. During the pandemic, 2 million 300 thousand specialists were in self-isolation.”

Despite COVID-19 and the fight against its spreading, Russia’s Armed Forces were subject to many surprise inspections, and took part in a large number of military drills.

The map below shows the locations of training grounds:

The Year In Retrospect: What Did Russia's Military Achieve In 2020?

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In total, over 18,500 exercises and trainings of various levels were held in the Armed Forces during the year. The intensity of joint exercises has increased by 5% and two-way exercises by 6%.

The main event of the combat trainings throughout the year was the Kavkaz 2020 maneuver.

It showed a high level of training of military command and control bodies at the strategic and operational levels, the ability of groups of troops to reliably ensure the military security of Russia on the south-western borders

Approximately 80,000 troops took part, more than 650 units of aircraft, more than 14,000 units of ground equipment and more than 65 warships and support vessels.

In terms of the potential hotspot of the near future: the Arctic, the Russian Ministry of Defense continues the systematic development of military and social infrastructure in the Arctic zone.

Over the past two years, more than 360 buildings and structures with a total area of more than 413 thousand square meters have been put into operation.

On the island of Alexandra Land, the construction of a military base was completely completed. This is the only object in the world at 80 degrees north latitude. It has a total of 334 buildings and structures.

The runway at the Nagurskaya airfield has been increased to three and a half kilometers. Facilities of the second stage of the military camp in Tiksi for 300 servicemen were put into operation.

Measures to eliminate environmental damage to the Arctic have been continued. During the year, 2,830 tons of scrap metal were collected.

Completed works on cleaning the territory of Cape Marre-Sale, Kildin Island and the Shantar Islands park. In total, since the beginning of these works, 26 thousand tons of scrap metal have been collected, more than 20 thousand tons have been exported.

In terms of Russian activities beyond the borders, it was a busy year.

Since November 10, in accordance with the trilateral agreements, the Russian military contingent has successfully conducted a peacekeeping operation in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. In the shortest possible time, the group of Russian troops deployed in the designated areas and began to perform tasks at 23 observation posts.

The Russian force grouping continues to act as a guarantor of maintaining peace in Syria. Together with the Turkish military, patrols are carried out along road routes in the north-east of Syria, as well as close cooperation in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

With the assistance of the Russian military contingent, the movement of civilian vehicles along the M-4 highway in northern Syria was organized. Since May 25, the Russian military police have escorted about 35 thousand cars and more than 66 thousand people.

Military personnel of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides held more than two and a half thousand humanitarian actions.

Military medics provided assistance to over one hundred and thirty thousand civilians.

The Hmeimim Airbase, and the Tartus Naval CSS point were modernized and effectively defended throughout the year.

A video of Hmeimim:

And a video of Tartus:

In conclusion for 2020:

“The rearmament of the army and navy, as well as the planned repair of military equipment, made it possible to increase the level of serviceability in the Armed Forces to 95%. 3,200 buildings and structures were put into operation. At the same time, the military construction complex implemented large-scale infrastructure projects for four to seven months.

In 2020, the total amount of capital investments transferred to users amounted to more than 275 billion rubles, which is almost twice as much as last year – thereby significantly reducing the volume of construction in progress. The identified issues and solutions are taken into account in the Ministry of Defense plan for 2019-2025.”

For 2021, the rough roadmap for the Russian Armed Forces is the following:


Put on combat duty in the Strategic Missile Forces 13 launchers with intercontinental ballistic missiles Yars and Avangard. At the expense of additional funding allocated for the production of these complexes, to reach the level of modernity of the strategic nuclear forces of 88.3%.

Complete the construction of infrastructure for the Yars and Avangard complexes in Kozelsk, Yasny, Uzhur, Novosibirsk and Yoshkar-Ola.

Build a test site near Severo-Yenisei for flight tests of the Sarmat missile system.

Start state tests of the upgraded Tu-160 aircraft.

To accept to the fleet two nuclear-powered submarines of the Borey-A project Knyaz Oleg and Generalissimus Suvorov, equipped with ballistic missiles Bulava.

General Purpose Forces:

Deliver more than five hundred modern armoured combat vehicles to the Land Forces, Airborne Troops and Coastal Forces of the Navy. Form an anti-aircraft missile brigade in the Southern Military District.

Deliver more than a hundred new and modernized aircraft to the Aerospace Forces and naval aviation.

Complete the construction of a high-readiness radar station in Vorkuta and put it on experimental combat duty.

Start work on the construction of the Yakhroma radar station in Sevastopol and separate nodes for over-the-horizon detection of air targets in Kaliningrad and Zee.

Take into the Navy four submarines, six surface ships, 22 boats and support vessels.

The year promises to be busy, with NATO, and not only, coming in from every direction.


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The VIP of 2020 is the SU-57 airplane delivered few days ago. 1300 F-35 are trembling.


Just the 8 that are combat ready are trembling. The other 1292 are kept in warm hangers being repainted, repaired, upgraded or just kept warm while they try to figure out WTF is wrong with them.


If there are 1300 Russians there are 1300 different opinions about F-35. All bad, but different.


One numbers are genuine and the others crockosht,of the peoples vs corporations.

Harry Smith

595 F-35 were produced since 2006 until now.


Thanks. My bad:) 595 F-35 are trembling.

Rhodium 10

Only 200 of 495 produced are in operative service ….so 200 are trembling knowing that S-400/500 are waiting them…

Lone Ranger

Minus 4 or 5 Floppys that crashed…


Make it S-600/700.

Rhodium 10

it doesnt matter S-300 can do it


So far only S-200 showed some capability in Syria. One Israeli and one Russian airplane, but Russian had the casualties. There are ways to make S-300 to kill even more Russians. Poor ass Roskei officers are sold outs.

Rhodium 10

I have seen many cases of friendly fire among US coalition forces!..I remember one Tornado plane shot down an 2 Brit pilots killed by US Patriot missile beside another F-18..also many Brits soldiers killed by US A-10 in Iraq….and US soldiers killed by a Hellfire missile launched by Apache heli….


Well, at least they work. S-300 was nevee turned on because Israel said it will destroy them if they dare to. And that’s after big mouth midget from Kremlin moved them there ‘as a response’ for Israeli pilot humiliating both Russians and Syrians, like a Brazilian football star making adversary to score own goal.

Rhodium 10

Syrian air defense shot down a F-16 and they couldnt destroy the S-200 system


The S-200 worked that time too. So it’s 1-1 for S-200 and 0-0 for S-300.

Kenny Jones ™

The Su-57 is overkill, the Su-35 is already so capable against Nato defenses.. hopefully Russia will not sell them to T*rkey


Since there are nukes, Mig-21 is already so capable and so and so…


I think it’s future-proofing using stealth.

cechas vodobenikov

rotten bacon not taught mathematics in Romanian village


Take it easy with the vodka, Ivan. The gypsies are stealing your text file with quotes.

cechas vodobenikov

your LSD delusions and projections amuse homer –glad they have internet in your village


There is no common ground with the Muscovites. – Stepan Bandera. Where is your God now? – Stepan Bandera. Hang ‘Em High – Stepan Bandera Are you out of your silly quotes? – Stepan Bandera No mercy for the low iq muziks. – Stepan Bandera.

Harry Smith

Happy New Year from Shoigu. https://youtu.be/Ip-aYbzMwE4


I would actually prefer to live in Russia, but alas I am too old to be of use, I think.

Britain becomes more like the US everyday and its a sad sight to behold.

” The Jewish Plan for Genocide of USA Whites ISRAEL COHEN (1912) top of page “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

“Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957 top of page ”

The communist khazar jew project in the US was in action in 1912, well before WW1. The same project for the UK seemed to be initiated after WW2 after the immigration flood from the commonwealth in the 1960’s. Today the UK is in rather a political and ideological mess, and that’s putting in mildly :)

This information is from the new servers of the :- ‘Jew watch’ site that Google deleted from its servers.


Brother Ma

It always angers me when google disappears info that doesn’t suit some people. If it is in the congressional record it should be a publicly known and available .

Harry Smith

Russia is not a promised land. We have a lot of issues. But if you are a pensioner, maybe you can try to settle somewhere in Russia and live quite a cozy life. Of course such cities as Moscow are very expensive but in St. Petersburg suburbs it could be quite realistic. And the biggest issue is language. On other hand I now several Brits who live here and work as English teachers. Anyway. It’s up to you. And here is the desert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mMSb8uoMaA


I have some ties here, mainly my horse :) He is getting old as well. Russia interests me for its rich history, a history that is respected as part of life, even the bad times. If history is erased , as is the West is attempting to do now, we are left with nothing except the propaganda of the dominant cult that seeks to control its subjects in all they they do.

Russia’s strength , in my opinion, is partly derived from recent historical hardships that are within the living memories of many citizens. They realise that ‘utopia’ is a mirage that is sometimes a cruel deception.

The so called, ‘Democratic Values’ of the West have been responsible for millions of violent and cruel deaths in the last three decades alone, yet the mass of the populace are enthralled by ‘Bread and Circus’s ‘ that dull the brain.

I have been to St Petersberg and its a vibrant city with much to delight in. I was in a group hosted by Оле́г Вале́рьевич Соколо́в in 2012. All of us being interested in the Napoleonic War period and we all travelled to Borodino by road for a re-enactment. The journey was a long one, yet an experience that I will never forget. He was always a little self interested, but a generous man at heart. What he did was inexcusable, and in my opinion this was partly due to his mixing of fantasy and reality in a drunken rage.

Harry Smith

Horses are very intelligent creatures. Much more intelligent than dogs. They can be true friends for humans. There is a horse farm near the village I live. Sometimes horses runaway and come to my land. I thought I have hallucinations first time I have spotted them near my house! ROFL.


I have had 2 dogs in my life and both were bitches, very possessive and loyal. :) Both were given to me as puppies. The first was named ‘Sputnik’ by the Irishman who gave her to me, and the second was named Susie by me. I was given her by a female Sergeant who had an ankle injury at the top of a mountain. I carried her down on my back :)

Harry Smith

Oh. An injured women on top of you… A story of pain and pleasure a la marquise de Sad. Just kidding. I liked dogs when I were child. Even had a german shepherd dog and some bichons. To be honest, bichons were stupid. But now I am neutral for dogs.

Kenny Jones ™




Potato Man



That sick moves!


Good assessment and a balanced procurement program for the year….a lot of people measure military capability by a defense budget which is a misnomer when a country like Russia buys military equipment in rubbles from their own defense industry. I’d like to see more Yassen class subs being to be delivered and purchase of more Zircon and Kalibr missiles and cruise missiles, and super Gorshkov frigate/destroyer.

Brother Ma

Why? What is your logic for that?


Because the rearmament program continues towards one specific goal, unlike making the defense budget a cash cow for the defense establishment….ending up in producing irrelevant weapons.


The Soviet Union in the later stages gave everything to the military. There was too little left for the rest of the economy; it contributed a lot to the implosion of the Soviet Union and near-disintegration of Russia. It was a forced error–they were in the cold war against economies much bigger than theirs.

The ironic thing is that the Americans, rather than learn from that, have continued and increased their cold war military spending, always looking for new enemies to justify it. Even now it’s not as big a percentage of the economy as it got to in the Soviet Union, but it’s certainly a big drain on and distortion of the US economy. In their case it’s an unforced error; the profits in the corrupt military sector are far higher than in the real economy, so top elites prefer it even if it’s undermining the empire they’re parasitizing. Under Putin, the military doesn’t get everything but there seems to be an insistence on spending money fairly efficiently for effective things. Keep the corruption under control and a firm emphasis on the core mission of defending the country, and it’s not surprising that the Russians seem to get serious multiples of bang for the buck compared to the incestuous US military/industrial complex. And without bankrupting the country.

Lone Ranger

Won the second arms race. 1:1

cechas vodobenikov


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