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JUNE 2023

The Wrath Of The Houthis

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You can read this article in German. LINK

The sick man of Arabian Peninsula, the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, continues to suffer from its shortfall policies and the lack of any significant support from its Israeli and US friends in the war in Yemen.

On February 11, the Houthis announced that they had launched a ballistic missile at King Khalid Air Base in the southern part of the Kingdom. Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari said that the ballistic missile landed inside the air base, which is located near the city of Khamis Mushait in southern ‘Asir. According to the spokesman of the Houthi-led forces, they employed a “new ballistic missile,” which was not deployed before.

The strike was described as a retaliatory move to the aggression and siege imposed on Yemen.

From its side, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that its air-defense forces had intercepted the Houthis’ ballistic missile. According to the coalition, the Houthis launched the ballistic missile from the northern Yemeni province of Saada to target “civilians and civilian objects” in Khamis Mushait.

A day earlier, the Houthis launched four suicide drones at Abha International Airport in ‘Asir. The coalition air-defense forces intercepted two of them, while two others hit the airport.

The Houthis said that they used two Samad-3 and two Qasef-2K suicide drones, which were aimed at ‘military aircraft’ deployed at the airport. In own turn, the Saudi-led coalition called this attack an act of terror and said that a civilian airliner was damaged.

Saudi media accounts shared photos showing a damaged Airbus A320-214 plane of Flyadeal, a local Saudi carrier, at Abha International Airport after the attack.

The ongoing exchange of strikes between the Kingdom and the Houthis, Saudi sources prefer to ignore the fact of daily air strikes on civilian targets in Yemen, highlight the lack of any progress in peace talks to settle the conflict. Furthermore, with every month, the chances of Saudi Arabia to take an upper hand in the conflict decrease as its proxies lose more and more ground on the ground.

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Dirty primitive Saudi mother-fuckers…. the world will celibrate when they are purged and put to the sword.


How about those dirty genocidal Israeli Jews? Regarding their file, the world will celebrate t

John Brown

Saudi leaders are crypto Jews. House of Saud never existed before the 1800s.


Yes indeed. From the Arab Jewish Beni Khaybar tribe exactly. Among others. They are from Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis stinks.

Johnny B. Allan

These Houthis are crying on all international forums we have been genocided Yaaa-Yaaa crying everywhere they are a terrorist organistation that will face justice and continuously fought

Potato Man

Here is your 2 cents buddy…take history class or stfu about things you don’t know. It seem you fuking retard didn’t go to school even and want to talk shit out of your ass.

Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) & People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen). North Yemen are “Houthis” and South Yemen are Sunni/Wahhabi terrorists backed by KSA. Let me tell you one thing bitch about ME, if a group call themselves “democratic” you fuking better know that West hands are all over them like Kurds terrorists in Syria stealing oil for Syrian people and give it to Americans pigs -> which they give the money to their Satanic gods Zion – Kurds are toys of West and nothing more same can be said about South Yemen.

There aren’t terrorists groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda in Houthis areas (North Yemen), but ISIS have been in South Yemen for years…you are the most stupid kid to say shit. Motherfuer what the fuk were you even thinking? SO fuking cheap comment.

The North Yemen is a country – they are not “crying” unlike Wahhabi terrorists – they are taking right actions in world stage. Terrorists supporter like you wouldn’t understand, go fuk your goat that Zion give you. Poor fuking Retarded moron.

Icarus Tanović

Don’t loose your nerves with payed troll. Anyways, Sunnis doesn’t have anything to do with Wahhabis, becauae Wahhabis-satanists doesn’t have any links with Islam whatsoever. They’re not Muslims, and it is wide known fact. So it’s not fair to blame so called Sunnis for that carnage and putting them in correlation with Wahhabism, Wahhabis. Also so called Jihadis doesn’t have anything to do with Jihad, it’s a narative pushed from msm to put that word into a negative context. As I said don’t loose your nerves with this punk, but you did. He’s extremely good at being stupid.

Jens Holm

You dont have a patent for whats Islam or not.

Its written., but You probatly never has been reading it. You are told and obey.


Objective truth exists you illiterate atheist. Wahhabism is at best a Sunni heresy. Its like saying Arianism is Orthodox Christianity.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

An atheist cannot be illiterate when becoming an atheist by using his own mind. Religious people have inherited a faith from uneducated ancestors and are therefore religious illiterates who live their lives according to an inherited mythological history. Completely without objections.

Icarus Tanović

What do you trying to say, you illiterate scandinavian waste? To troll around? Be my guest.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Allah and other fantasy gods do not exist. Only in an illiterate underdeveloped mind.

Icarus Tanović

That one retarded brain is yours, and only yours. Why you from Scandinavia people are that uneducated and utterly stupid, I do not understand that. And I don’t care.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

So you mean or believe that those who do not believe in supernatural gods and other invisible, illogical beings are illiterate. That you do not care says it all about you. Let your imagination Allah continue to rule you and your like-minded people. Unrest and poverty are the result. Great Mosques but bad with schools and hospitals etc.

Icarus Tanović

“Supernatural gods”? Bwahahahaha. Is that all that you can say?I would say that you’re simple minded superstitious illiterate prick.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

My prick is natural but not yours. You have faith and I have knowledge. Your brain is totally destroyed by excessive religious activity. Not without reason that all the world’s Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives to come to and live in atheistic Scandinavia.

Icarus Tanović

He’s just stupid moron.

Bill Rood

You are correct. Wahhabis excommunicated themselves by adopting takfirism, because when one Muslim says a fellow Muslim is not Muslim, then one of them is not Muslim. So, because Wahhabi clerics regularly fund takfiri terrorists worldwide who slaughter other Muslims, the Wahhabis can not be Muslim.

This fact was recognized by a conference of Sunni clerics in Grozny in August, 2016. Sunni clerics from all over except KSA attended. While they did not state that Wahhabis are not Muslim (thus not excommunicating themselves), they did say that Wahhabism is not Sunni.

Sharmine Narwani wrote an excellent report about the Grozny Conference: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/359409-religion-politics-saudi-isolation/

Icarus Tanović

Yes, but it wasn’t just Sunni clerics, but Ullemas from all over the World. They’re known as Satanic faith in Islamic World. So, Satanic faith.


Another fuckwit drinking from the great cup of stupid….


Who gives a rats ass what goes on there, it is none of any one business but theirs.

Great CoB

Yemeni food is amazing. Also, aggression is a crime against humanity.

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