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The Western Balkans Back In The Spotlight As Kosovo-Serbia Tensions Escalate

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The Western Balkans Back In The Spotlight As Kosovo-Serbia Tensions Escalate
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You can read this article in German: LINK.

The Western Balkans are heating up, as tensions between Kosovo and Serbia are escalating rapidly in recent days.

It all began with Pristina forcing cars with Serbian registration plates to change them to temporary ones when entering Kosovo. It was allegedly a “reciprocal measure”, to what remains unclear.

The registration plate decision led to hundreds of ethnic Serbs staging daily protests against the authority of the Albanian-led Kosovo government. In the areas bordering Serbia, there have reportedly been attempts to entirely reject the government’s rule.

Policemen were dispatched to the area to establish security.

Regardless of all measures, hundreds of Serbs in Kosovo have been protesting and blocking traffic with trucks on the roads leading to two border crossings.

In response to Kosovo’s registration plate ruling and the police deployment, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered a heightened regime for Belgrade’s army and police units along the border.

Serbian fighter jets could be seen flying again over the border region after several sorties.

The situation is quite sensitive, as there are a plethora of interests that collide in both Serbia and Kosovo. It is yet another impromptu standoff between Russia and the collective West.

The European Union’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell urged Serbia and Kosovo to reduce tensions. That was all of it, since the bloc has other things to worry about as winter nears.

The first one to contact the Serbian President was NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who also spoke to the Kosovar Prime Minister.

Vucic has revealed himself as a rather pro-Western tool, and has even claimed that in the case of an escalation he would call for KFOR and NATO to protect the ethnic Serbs. These forces are primarily American, Canadian and Polish, the main parties responsible for most of the tragic issues in the region.

This claim is mixed with a significant anti-Russian hysteria campaign in the Serbian information sphere, which become even more intense after the Russian military attaché visited the border crossing. There are evident attempts at turning the issue from a standoff between Serbian and Kosovar authorities into an incident between “Russia against Kosovo and Serbia”.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the escalation takes place just days before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits Moscow to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Syria’s Idlib.

Ankara has a strong influence over the Albanian-led government, and the tensions may be a way for Erdogan to demonstrate that Moscow may have Turkish-orchestrated problems even away from the Middle East.

Still, this does provide Russia with an opportunity to swoop in and prove itself as a reliable ally of the Serbians, after the EU, NATO and others show that they are unwilling to provide tangible support. After all, it is hard to imagine that NATO member country Albania would move against the Albanian-led government in Kosovo and in Serbia’s favor.

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Another pathetic western effort to waste Russian/Chinese resources in Eastern Europe.

The same story is seen in the ukraine, georgia, Syria, Iraq, etc.


Speaking of, you don’t seem too worried about keeping Europe intact and do not seem to understand that Russia or China do not seem concerned about the darkening of Europe, or North America and Oceania.

Russia and China are members of the UN security council and the myth surrounding WWII is used to keep it intact. Both are false opponents aiming for similar goals, slightly disagreeing on how to reach their final judeo-globalist goal.

If the west really wanted to screw Russia and China over, all they would have done was never sellout to jews or China, never outsource jobs overseas to China or elsewhere, and make an agreement with the post-Warsaw Pact section of Europe to cease all trade with Russia. In the case of China, all they would have to do is get together with countries that dislike CCP-controlled China (India, former French Indo-China, ASEAN member states, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan) to organize a trade boycott.

CCP EXPERT: BIDEN IS THE CCP’S OWN: https://youtu.be/acZXridt7wM



Pedo Hunter: https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:6/Педофилските-животи-нямат-значение—-10—Изнасилен-без-лична-карта:9

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco
Chris Gr

What do you mean darkening? Do you know that Hitler when he invaded Yugoslavia he had Iraqis with him also?


,The globalists are mostly WASP, not Jewish. Anyway, Israel is currently being jabbed-out. That’s your globalist agenda.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave

rome perverts back all regional wars throughout the planet. Notice their targets? Orthodox Christians in Serbia, Alawite,Yazidi, Shia in Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen etc. Russian Orthodox people’s in georgia, Chechnya, the Ukraine, Taiwan & Hong Kong Han Chinese people etc.

Notice not one “catholic” country is invaded or bombed by satanic american and british/zionist degenerates?

Not difficult to understand what the Eastern nations have understood for many centuries.

Icarus Tanović

Agreed 100%. Muslims too.


Very true. The vatican imbeciles could care less for Sunni Muslims. They are simply considered cannon fodder. The leadership of many Middle Eastern nations are simply paid off trash.

Icarus Tanović

Any Muslim.

Chris Gr

Germany is Protestant and Catholic and was bombed massively. Italy is Catholic and had the Years of Lead. Spanish is Catholic and had their civil war. And now the AUKUS alliance is aimed against France, a Catholic country.

Sankt Afrem

Syria did not belong to arabs. Neither did iraq . This is the land of rhe ASSYRIANS. THE ASSYRIAN EMPIRE. Christian heritage was developed in the Mesopotamia, long before Muhammad came riding on a fucking camel.

Icarus Tanović

Well, this is serious bs, and bs. Erdogan is giving loads of money to “hated” Serbia, and not even a penny to Albania or Kosovo. I’d believe him. BUT he is Zionistic covert player, member of Islamic brotherhood. Attacking Syria, Iraq, hiding behind NATO’S back. Do you, you dirty dog really think that we are all idiots and fools, over here? Do you really think that packt with low life Ukraine-like country will help you do this or that in ANY Muslim country? Do you really think that if your ess gets gres Italian, Spain, France, Belgium, Austrians, English, Danish or any other punk ezz countries will share their blood for you and for your psycho imperialistic psychopathic plans? And all those provocations including destruction of R.Turkey as we knows it, and smearing Muslims doing that thing with Hagia Sophia. Shame on you and 90%of turks. Biggie Smalls once said:Dead wrong. Go back to your eastern Asian tundras. I pitty anyone who neighbouring you. You are one of the stupidest and worst biological waste in the World today, because you are uneducated wasted punks that spreads like wild weeds all over the World, doing heinous crimes. Your country stinks! It makes people sick! Don’t you understand that? ‘Warning’ is another Biggie Smalls song. So, consider this to be the one.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović

Please ignore my comments.


This seems to be more political posturing.


Wow, what a retarded video full of lies and anti-Serbian propaganda. Even the map is all wrong. What a bunch of clowns running SF…


Southfront is run by shallow clowns. When they said ‘anti-Russian hysteria in the Serbian media’, they showed that they do not even know that the Serbian media is divided among the pro-Russian media that make up the majority on the media scene, and pro-Western media that make up the minority on the media scene.


Just pieces moved on the global chess board, been that way all through human history.


Jebem jas niv siptarsko pleme. Kosovo je Srbija, ako NATO su vi dali Kosovo na vas Siptarima, togash Rusija ce da ga vrati nazad na Srbija, ali problem je sta Vucic ne zna sto hoce, hoce Evropskoj unijoj i nato, ali i hoce da bude prijatel sa Rusijom. E to nemoze Vucic ne moze, odberi jedan, ili zaboravi Kosovo da bilo ikad Srbsko i udzi vo Nato i Evropskog unijoj i prekini, ili brani ga Kosovo, i bori se da bude vashe nazad, i budi jak prijatel Rusija.


Kososo as EU protectorate is unsustainable, it is a EU welfare state, with a minuscule economy, and its upper leadership echelons have been deeply involved in long term criminal syndicates. It is a borderline narco-state. Meanwhile, in Serbia Vucic appears to think he can garner better influence with west through compliance, rather than objection, its a different strategy, but whether it will amount to any concessions from west is very much open for debate. Kosovo will remain as is for as long as US commits to having a thorn in side of Russia’s Balkan flank. In Balkans we see something similar to in middle east, that, US geo strategy is committed to aligning with pretensions of greater Albania as a means to project US influence against traditionally Slav and Orthodox territories, just as in ME US is committed to aligning with pretensions of greater Israel to project US influence against traditionally Arab and Muslim territories. When US wants to insert influence in a strategic region that it has NO historical context to, the US always looks for a spoiler option, to sponsor it at the cost of all those around it, as it’s easier to aggressively insert its influence where there is major (manufactured) division and conflict.

Last edited 1 year ago by GoldStandard

“The global West”. I almost pee’d my pants hearing that. LMAO. Ppl really think using abstruse word-monsters that mean nothing at all is a replacement for actual knowledge and understanding. Oh, the global ignorance!

We might call it the Russian Orthodoxy’s new imaginary fiend. Satan 2.0.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave

Serbia should do what’s in interest of Serbia. They were allways “brave” and “honourable” and in the meantime in 2 World Wars they have lost arround half of male population. There should of been at least 20 mln. of Serbs today without all those wars waged mostly for ideals. Going against big players allways ends up bad. Honor or pragmathism? I choose later. Recognise Kosovo as a independent state, join NATO, join EU and than have best possible relations with Russians and Chinese Inside those boudaries. They should only look arround the neighbourhood and realise what’s better, what’s easier. How many of Hungarians or Bulgarians died in the meantime. Incoparable less. Who owns the best possible piece of land (allmost the whole Adriatic sea coast) on the Balkans and yet has never been independent until 90′ ) ? Croatia. Who is in better political/economical situation? Screw heroism.

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