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The West Opposes Russia’s UN SC Statement in Support of Minsk Agreements

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Ukraine, the United States, France and the UK rejected the proposed document

The West Opposes Russia's UN SC Statement in Support of Minsk Agreements

The UN Security Council has failed to agree on a draft statement proposed by Russia in support of the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. The statement has also urged to conduct an investigation into the tragic events in Odessa of May 2, 2014.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin read out two key points of the statement calling for:

  1. “full implementation” of the Package of Measures for the fulfilment of the Minsk agreements as soon as possible;
  2. the need “to speed up the investigation” into the developments in Odessa with a view to bringing the perpetrators to justice.

However, the delegations of Ukraine, the United States, France and the UK rejected the text of the document. US Deputy Representative to the UN Michele Sison said that the US was ready to consider only the text of the statement, which would respond to the situation in Ukraine as a whole, which, she said, was created by actions of the Russian Federation.

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the u.n. has become a farce.


Though I can sympathize with your feeling of frustration, I do not think you have really thought this trough. Yes the UN isn’t very effective on action, but was it really supposed to be? At least it serves as a permanent platform for negotiation. You really want a kind of world goverment able to impose its solutions?

Living in the EU I despise the World Player aspirations of the EU, which association agreement with the Ukraine was designed to pull Ukraine into the EU sphere of influence using the irresponsible stupidity of the US installed puppet regime. And make no mistake this is part of the European Neighborhood Policy which in itself is an extension of the US/EU military economic alliance to be based on a revived NATO and TTIP.

Counter to its member interest the EU forced its member to comply to sanctioning Russia. The EU suppressed any objections. The EU skewed the narrative. The EU servility to US interests is despicable.

It looks that the elite’s distance to people and its people’s interests increases progressively with the size of political alliances. To maintain proper checks and balances by now I prefer smaller nations above any major sized alliance simply to keep the political elite accountable to the society this elite are supposed to serve. As soon as the scale of any alliance surpasses the scale common voters can conceptually absorb, the political elite uses the resulting leeway for their own egotistical projects.


negotiations really are a waste of time if certain countries do whatever they want anyway. how many times have america and israel violated un rules? hundreds at least, and they continue to do so. they violate international law daily and will continue to do so whether the un exists or not. there is just no point.

Doom Sternz

The UN operates completely outside its charter, it now protects murderers, rapists theives and conmen. It protects Nazi’s and terrorists and acts against good people, it has become the problem not the solution.

It is time to disband it along with the troika they have become corrupt to the core.

Boris Kazlov

The whole empire will collapse, not only the UN, just like all the preceding empires.

Boris Kazlov

The UN is there to sanctify these crimes with its inaction.

chris chuba

Justice is not being served but the veto power is a double edge sword.
In this case, the U.S. and it’s lackeys the U.K. (and sometimes France) vetoed the resolution.
However on other occasions, Russia and China can return the favor.

Boris Kazlov

It is just a tool to provide some sort of legal coverage to the ANglo /Zionist empire


That is OK. Ukraine is digging itself a big fat hole for themselves and the EU and US is just aiding along with that by supplying the shovels. They will continue to stir trouble in the eastern part of the country while slowly the country falls apart around them, and growing discontent grows stronger. Only thing that will keep people in line will be the nationalists and Neo Nazi’s who will threaten everyone else and constant show of force with their pathetic rally’s they hold. But eventually that wont last either.

Boris Kazlov

THe US does not admit that they created the mess by supporting a coup to overthrow a legitimate president

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