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The Very Tangible Religious Discrimination In Ukraine

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The Very Tangible Religious Discrimination In Ukraine


In Ukraine, despite it being written in the Constitution, each citizen doesn’t appear to have the freedom to choose their own religion.

This is heavily reinforced by two recent examples of state authorities and security services actually doing the exact opposite and not only permit, but openly support sectarian strife.

On July 16, 2020, the Pridneprovskiy District Court of Cherkassy sentenced a children’s writer Oleg Slepynin to two months of house arrest.

What did he do? He criticized the recently created ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine and its Tomos from the Patriarchate of Constantinople. According to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), he disseminated information aimed at “inciting religious and ethnic hatred and supporting separatism.”

No examples of this information were released. Searches for this “incitement information” on the Internet were also unsuccessful. With a high degree of probability, it can be argued that they are absent in nature.

He was investigated back in March 2019. Back then, seven employees of the SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor’s office came to the children’s writer’s apartment.

As a result of the search, which lasted four hours, his computer, laptop, telephone and several flash drives were seized from him, which have not been given back until now. It is not clear how a writer who composes children’s fairy tales could threaten anyone.

However, the SBU officially reported:

“The special service operatives established that a resident of Cherkassy, ​​a native of the Russian Federation, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia, produced materials by order of Russian curators, in which he condemned and negatively assessed the creation of the Local Church of Ukraine and the receipt of a decision on granting the Tomos. He distributed these materials on Russian Internet resources. “

Even from the official press release of the SBU it follows that Slepynin did not incite religious hatred, but criticized the creation of this ‘independent’ cuhrch and the issuance of the Tomos, which is his constitutional right.

However, there are citizens of Ukraine that in fact present all of the characteristics Slepynin is being accused. However, they do this with a full support from the current Kiev regime. One of these people is Ayder Muzhdabaev, a journalist, blogger, member of the Union of Crimean Tatars in Moscow and deputy head of the ATR TV channel.

He regularly makes insulting statements against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy). Immediately after Easter 2020, he posted a video on social networks in which he accused the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy) of being a distributor of coronavirus in Ukraine.

Here are quotes from this video:

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (which he says are agents of the Russian security service FSB) is one of the main breeding grounds for coronavirus in Ukraine. Those. this is a nest of such a coronavirus just where the coronavirus just made its altar and watered everything with itself. All the First Hierarchs fell ill, while they hide that they are ill, although this is not a secret to anyone. But they lie simply, like gray geldings, which also shows the attitude of this Church-evil, the Church-lies”.

“I believe that they have shown to all people who have two convolutions in their heads what kind of Church it is, that it is really an evil Church, a murderous Church, which does not value Ukraine as a state or Ukrainians as a people. nor the life of each individual person. ”

“Whatever flock there is, not all FSB officers are there. But they are skillfully managed. These are rams just like that, in the biblical, probably, sense of the word, but not only ”.

“I urge all thinking Orthodox people from this Church to blame in the literal sense of the word, because such an outrage against common sense, over the country, over yourself, over your friends, neighbors, children, parents simply does not exist. This is such a pretentious abomination, exquisite bestiality. I think that this Church will do much more harm. “

However, despite such a clear insult to the religious feelings of millions of Ukrainian citizens, openly inciting religious hatred, and an obvious violation of the law, the Ukrainian police did not find any incitement in Muzhdabaev’s statements. This happened due to an obviuos reason: The Kive regime intentionally fuels and allows fueling of religious and ethnic hatred towards large groups of Ukrainian population that are not happy with the current state of events in the country: the Washington-controlled puppet government, the economic and social collaps, censorship, political terror, increasingly often security incidents, including hostage incidents, and street violence. Instead of dealing with the real problems, Kiev is searching enemies and sabotaging the political settlement of the conflict in the region of Donbass.


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Why would anyone care of Ukraine when China persecutes millions of Muslims and Christians


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Yeh but… Ukraine

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