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The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Peaceful Citizens Are Being Set Against One Another

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The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated: Peaceful Citizens Are Being Set Against One Another

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The Situation Is Serious – Because We Let It Happen
Global Research

On the fringes of a demonstration against the introduction of the green passport in Italy, a demonstrator described what we citizens can expect in the near future – if we let it happen:

“We will soon see how the vaccinated will attack us. People are being played off against each other.
Last year it was those who had jobs and those who lost them. This year, society will be divided between those who are vaccinated and those who are not.” (1)

Peaceful citizens are thus pitted against each other to advance the eugenics agenda of the ruling “elite”. Those responsible for this diabolical plan will wash their hands of the matter and blame the expected coven – as in every war – on the supposedly innate aggression instinct of man. But this is a myth that has always served tyrants of all stripes as a welcome legitimisation for fratricide or genocide. In truth, man is inherently good and not evil.

“The myth of the aggression instinct”

The doctrine of the inherited aggression drive or aggression instinct is one of the most controversial formulas with the help of which psychoanalysts and animal behaviourists seek to explain problems of the political and social situation, indeed of the history of human coexistence per se. But the self-evidence with which, following Konrad Lorenz (1903-1983), an innate aggression instinct is spoken of is by no means justified. This is shown by representatives of various sciences in the anthology “Der Mythos vom Aggressionstrieb” (2). Lorenz was an Austrian representative of “animal psychology”. According to the findings of the human sciences anthropology, sociology and psychology, man is by nature good and not evil.Man has an inhibition to kill, an original aversion to killing. However, in order for him to attack his fellow human being anyway, this inhibition must be eliminated through appropriate explanations. The German philosopher Arno Plack calls it in the above-mentioned anthology from the 1970s:

“Militant leaders always had and have to reckon with the fact that a vital conscience resists carrying out orders to kill. And they took this into account by declaring, as they have done over the centuries, that the people or group they were fighting against were not really human beings at all, but ‘higher animals’ (as Pope Paul III said of the Indians) or ‘beasts’, ‘heathens’, ‘witches’, ‘subhumans’, ‘vermin’ even, which had to be exterminated. Thus manipulation of consciousness on the part of murderous rulers intervenes to bring people who still feel differently up to speed.” (3)

This view of Plack’s is confirmed by more recent specialist literature. For the renowned American social psychologist and violence researcher Philip Zimbardo, it is the power of circumstances that makes people violent criminals and murderers. In his book “The Lucifer Effect” he writes:

“It is not disposition that makes good people do evil, but the situation they find themselves in or are put in.”(4)

The prerequisite for the acts, he says, is that the victims are declared a threat and dehumanised at the same time. In Rwanda, the Hutu government proclaimed that Tutsis were nothing more than “hangovers” and therefore deserved to die. German Nazis portrayed Jews as dangerous “vermin”.

Today, the large group of unvaccinated fellow citizens is declared by the adlates of the ruling “elite” to be a life-threatening danger to the health of the population group of the already vaccinated, which should be urgently fought against or even excluded from the human community. Independent thinkers have long been discriminated against as confused “lateral thinkers”, as incorrigible “conspiracy theorists” and thus as a threat to those in power – and cleared for shooting down by the mass media. Where will this lead, if more and more authority-affiliated, government-loyal fellow citizens join this misanthropic and dangerous view – and the victims of this state discrimination campaign will not put up with it? The worldwide demonstrations and the apparent use of disproportionate force by mandated police forces does not bode well.

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav: “History repeats itself”

The past histories of past civil, regional and world wars provide enough illustrative material to make one prick up one’s ears and yet still be perceptive. This includes the denigration of the Russian president and Russian citizens that has been going on for years as a method of psychological warfare.

In an article in the Austrian “Wochenblick” of 3 July, the Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Vera Sharav, is quoted as saying: “History repeats itself” (5). It is worth quoting longer passages from this article verbatim:“Vera Sharav survived the Holocaust as a child. She describes: ‘When I came to New York, I asked myself: where was everyone?  Where was everyone when I was in hell?’ Justice and not looking away when injustice happens is therefore a major concern for Sharav. Sucharit Bhakdi was recently accused of being anti-Semitic for calling Israel ‘hell on earth’. But Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav agrees with him: ‘I wish it were not so.’ History is repeating itself. They call for Nuremberg trials for those responsible for the Covid ‘crime against humanity’.

Sharav explains, 

“The Nazi crimes happened without contradiction to International Law. But the Nuremberg Trials emerged, which provided justice and introduced the concept of crimes against humanity. So that something like what happened in Nazi Germany could never happen again. The Nuremberg Code was introduced in the wake of the Doctors’ Trials (1946) after World War II and was intended to ensure the ethical treatment of people by the media. But nevertheless, history is now repeating itself. (…)

        It is terrible for Sharav to witness the decline of democracy now. The constitutionally guaranteed rights of

freedom have been suspended, as in Nazi Germany, analyses the Holocaust survivor. This is a great

betrayal of trust that the governments are committing against their people. Sharav strongly criticises the Israeli

government. She is shocked at how non-vaccinated people are demonised. ‘Under the Nazis, Jews were

stigmatised as spreaders of disease and locked up in camps.‘ Now a two-class society would be created

again. Society would be divided into the privileged and the underprivileged.” (6)

Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.
(1) https://de.rt.com/kurzclips/121646-tausende-gegen-gruenen-pass-rom/
(2) Plack, Arno (ed.). (1973). The myth of the aggression instinct. Munich
(3) op. cit., p. 33
(4) Zimbardo, Philip (2008). The Lucifer Effect. Heidelberg
(5) https://www.wochenblick.at/holocaust-ueberlebende-springt-bhakdi-bei-die-geschichte-wiederholt-sich/
(6) op. cit.


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Those who accept the mark of the beast will persecute those who don’t. They always have.


“In truth, man is inherently good and not evil.”

That is a false statement.

Gen_6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Most people do what they think is good to themselves but they don’t know good from evil because they don’t know GOD.

Pro_14:12 There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

The rejection of GOD is why the world is going the way it is going.


“It is terrible for Sharav to witness the decline of democracy now.”

What the hell does democracy have to do with it. Democracy does not guarantee freedom. In fact it guarantees the erosion of freedom by stupid people with a self righteous dogooder mentality.


It doesn’t matter what country you live in. Those who control mass media are the ones in control of our policies.

The only protection is GOD’s Law but every country rejects GOD. The U.S. specifically rejects GOD in it’s Constitution.

The mark of the beast is the number of man. Those who put their faith in men are the ones who accept the mark of the beast. And everywhere fear is used to persuade people to put their faith in men.

Rev_9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their pharmacia, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

This verse is not talking about the wicked in the world but those who call themselves Christian yet they justify murder, pharmacia, fornication and thefts through Godless democratic government and their own false goodness.

Jim Allen

US Constitution does not in any way reject God.
It clearly accepts God, and guarantee’s the people’s God given Right’s.
What US Constitution specifically rejects is the Church, not God from interfering in the matter’s of State.
Who’s fucking crack pipe are you smokin’ ?
Or, are you perchance suffering from such severe stupidity, you’re unable to contemplate your own stupidity, or both ? As well as other undiagnosed overlying causes that contribute to your affliction, and disability.


Read the First amendment again and get back to me. It guarantees a godless government. And under a godless government there is no religious freedom for individuals.

Like most stupid Americans you believe the mantra instead of the truth.


Resistance is Victory.


A friend of mine got vaccineted – he sounds like a computer now. They implantated him a chip, just like sf readers said ^^


Your idiotic comments contribute nothing to Southfront. Go back to cnn or the swine at bbc.


Learn proper english first fool.

“Lol why you mad”?

You sound like a an idiotic clown. Many sites have proper information you ridiculous shill.


Last edited 1 month ago by block
Raptar Driver

Are you mad bro?


It is impressive to look at everything done since the beginning of the scamdemic. People who could see and understand simple logic are now turned into tools for the crooks who are behind this huge scam.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Today, it is a law of propaganda attributed to governments, mass media, and social media. They used all the tactics to beat citizens from a fake pandemic, forced stay-at-home rules, quarantines, prevent people from gathering together, wear masks, keep 6 feet distance between people, etc. There’s not one single scientific base to support what they have done and still do today…nothing! Yet, people are slowly turning into sheep by accepting their narrative.

Now, they brought up so-called vaccines which, in 2005, were seen as biological weapons and people are saying thank you. Never approved but thank you for injecting us and using us as lab rats since those products are experimental. After two doses, many of those people are getting sick and dying but guess what? It’s the fault of the non-vaccinated. Sure enough, those IMBECILES actually buy it. The non-vaxxed are responsible for the vaxxed catching covid and being hospitalized. Those people clearly cannot think anymore. They somehow bought something that is 100% illogic as a reason for many of them being sick.

I must say that I am impressed to see how normal people are turning into mindless zombies. For all others, stay strong as we will win.


Good comments. Before the summer started I thought to myself how will they keep the scam running with record temperatures around the world? delta soy to the rescue? How idiotic. The vaccinated are ticking time bombs.


Last edited 1 month ago by block




They are about to have it all explode in their faces with the Patrick King court case in Alberta. He was smart enough to challenge the ministry of health to prove that a pandemic actually exists by having provided proof that the virus exists. Guest what? They could not.

It’s still on Youtube but I’m sure, not for long.


Jim Allen

Couldn’t possibly have any connection to the intense brainwashing program being implimented for the last 3 generations on the world population by the Globalist one world Government, and world de-population agenda’s, could it ? Your bullshit danced all around everything, except the actual cause of sheoples in the first place. Exacerbated by the US military’s most powerful weapon, its propaganda machine. I suggest you’re just as brainwashed as most of the rest of the world population.


Well little Jimmy, I see that my post was a bit too much for you. Next time, I will attempt to shorten it up a bit. Perhaps that will help…or not.


Nine new billionaires and counting according to the MSM. The .0001℅ can well afford to front degenerates like gates, biden, macron, branson, musk, merkel etc.

The imbeciles who took western injections should have researched what is in these synthetic concoctions.

"Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony

The real virus is Israel/Zionism.

L du Plessis

A civil war in each country is the NWO agenda.


Fact: There are government funded labs which create viruses.
Fact: There are government funded organisations which create vaccines.
Fact: There are government funded asshats who own the television stations which are all screaming that you have to get a vaccine whether you want to or not.
Fact: This is a crime against Humanity.


Mass media is mass propaganda. Mass media is the greatest tool they have. Nothing has done more to degenerate society or create fear or ensure dependence on government by the sheeple than Hollywood and network news.


“It will be of Strategic Importance for the plandemic creators to eliminate the control(compare) group of the unvaccinated as Quickly as Possible before it becomes apparent that only the vaccinated are being killed”—Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude, French Geneticist

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