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The USA Sends More Military Hardware Eastwards

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The USA has sent military equipment eastwards to Estonia and are now located just 100km from the Russian border. At the same time, Moscow and Washington are discussing how to deal with the Syrian conflict.

The USA Sends More Military Hardware Eastwards

Originally appeared at Deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten, translated by Reduit exclusively for SouthFront

The US has stationed several military vehicles as well as other military hardware in the town of Tapa for an upcoming exercise. The town of Tapa is located in Estonia and is approximately 100km away from the Russian border, among some vehicles that were sent there this week were 4 M1A2 Abrams tanks and 10 M2A4 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. It is believed that the US will also be sending several armoured vehicles to Lithuania for the similar purpose of conducting exercises.

Russian Ambassador Sergei Lavrov has once again contacted US Ambassador John Kerry via telephone. This is the third time that the two ambassadors have contacted each other to discuss the situation in Syria. The latest conversations between the two ambassadors involved discussions about how to involve other local regimes in the political solutions for the Syrian conflict. Russian President, Vladimir Putin has also been in contact with Saudi-Arabian leader King Salam this week, the topic also being finding a solution to the Syrian conflict.

Temporary Russian Ambassador Mikhail Bogdanov stated on Monday that representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have already visited Moscow numerous times. “yes they were here, even as recently as last week”.
Russian ambassador Lavrov has offered the FSA assistance in fighting IS via air support should the FSA be willing to share information. So far the rebel group is open to the idea of co-operation with Russia.

Political discussions have proven positive since President Assads visit to Moscow last week. Last Friday, Ambassadors Kerry and Lavrov met together with political colleagues from Turkey and Saudi-Arabia in Wein to discuss the situation in Syria. On Sunday Lavrov advised Syria to prepare for parliamentary and presidential elections which could potentially occur in several months time.

The Ambassador of Oman on Monday held a discussion with Assad in Damascus about the potential options for ending the fighting in Syria, one suggestion being that Diplomats from Oman could take on the role of messenger between the leaders of Syria and Syrian opposition, including the USA and other Gulf states.

[Reduit’s comment] What are the vehicles sent to Estonia:

The USA Sends More Military Hardware Eastwards

M1A2 Abrams in Estonia

M1A2 Abrams

  • USA’s main battle tank, armed with a 120mm Smoothbore Rheinmetall cannon
  • The M1A2 offers the tank commander an independent thermal sight and ability to, in rapid sequence, shoot at two targets without the need to acquire each one sequentially
  • M1A2 has been in service with the US armed forces since 1992
  • Armor consists of Depleted Uranium, making it one of the best armors available in the world
The USA Sends More Military Hardware Eastwards

M2A3 Bradley in Estonia

M2A3 Bradley

  • Infantry fighting Vehicle, designed to support troops, can also carry a squad into the battlefield
  • Main armament consists of one 25 mm M242 Chain Gun and two TOW Missiles (Anti-tank rockets)

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Rocky Racoon

In the God Father wasn’t the one who offered to be the intermediary the traitor?


Yeah, and the Godfather had warned his sons about that. Abe Vigoda played the traitor, if I remember right.


Seriously…this small group wouldn’t even put a dent into Russian military- lol
They forget the Russians have 20,000 + old and new Tanks….not to mention all the BMPs and other fighting vehicles.

American was conquered internally by the Zionist-Jewish-Rothschild’s in 1914 when they deceived Americans with the Federal Reserve act. Since them America has become evil.
Over 60% of Americans today want the USSA-Empire to fall apart.
We want to be a Republic again, and not an Empire who emulates the satanic-UK-Empire.

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