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The USA Is the Main Sponsor of International Terrorism?

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The USA Is the Main Sponsor of International Terrorism?

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated (in abridged form) by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

After they “wrongly” hit the Syrian government army, which is fighting the Islamic state, the US is now trying to accuse Russia of violating the agreement and even tried to impart guilt to it for the bombing of a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian Red Crescent Societies. The arrogance of the United States again reached unprecedented heights. You can always “invent” an incident such as a “chemical attack by Assad” (which the Brits quickly proved that was not his, but remained silent). First create an incident, then the United States enters as a defender of democracy, and then the role of aggressor is imposed on Russia. Cheap tricks that the world has wised up about. But hardly any country can raise its head, given the military tutelage of the United States in almost every part of the planet. “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which informed about the incident with the humanitarian convoy, is nothing more than a propaganda element of the terrorist groups operating in Syria. Breaking the ceasefire is only a result of the bombing on the Syrian army, which is done to help the terrorists of the Islamic State” wrote readers on a forum of the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” in response to the notice of termination of the truce by the US, supposedly because Russia “did not respect the arrangements.” For everyone it has long been clear that under the guise of humanitarian convoys, are transported weapons and supplies for terrorists. If you reach the place of destination – good, if it gets bombed – also good, because you can show to the global media how the villains bombed a humanitarian convoy…

US Air Force’s strikes on Syrian troops near Deir ez-Zor were surprisingly effective. Especially considering the modest successes of the Americans in the fight against Islamic terrorists. According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the attack killed 62 soldiers, more than 100 others were injured and about 20 units of military equipment destroyed. According to the TV channels CNN, the air strikes were suspended only after the intervention of the Russian military. They contacted their American “colleagues” and told them that they are not firing at the terrorists, but the Syrian army. After receiving this information, the Americans immediately ceased the operation. A representative of the administration of President Barack Obama, expressed regret for “inadvertently” hitting government troops, according to the Associated Press. These excuses did not made ​​an impression on the Russian diplomats. At the Emergency meeting of the Security Council of the UN, the permanent representative of Russia – Vitaly Churkin, bluntly accused the US of supporting the Islamic State. CNN’s military analyst Colonel Rick Francona said that these accusations are absurd, and cynically added: “Our strikes are always effective. But this time we were wrong in choosing the target. Nevertheless, our strike was accurate. In the future, the US needed more reliable guarantees from Russia in order to avoid casualties of civilians.”

The statement of the USA’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power was in similar vein, as she was indignant that a special meeting was called by saying: “And all because of a single strike from the air, which even though it hit government troops, was due to an error.”

In his speech, Churkin said:

“The performance of airstrikes, which were quite effective, killed over over 60 people and makes us think: It is unrealistic to assume that it was just an accident.” The newspaper Bayerischer Rundfunk, presents its readers with a detailed version of what happened and wrote: ” The American attack began late in the evening near the airport of Deir ez-Zor. The military base of government forces there, was surrounded by militants of the Islamic state. Immediately after the air strikes, the jihadists launched an attack on land … “

The timing of the attacks and other aspects of the situation indicate that it was a deliberate provocation.

On Sunday, there was information of a Syrian air craft downed in unexplained circumstances, and also that a patrol aircraft of the United States, P-8A Poseidon, has committed the fourth in a row flight near the Russian airbase Hmeymim in Syria, close to the the logistics of the Russian Navy in the port of Tartus. The plane flew low over the marine area of ​​the Mediterranean, where there are warships from the permanent operational staff of the Russian Navy.

The probability that the bombing of the Syrian army is a coincidence is almost negligible. Overall, the situation only reinforces the doubts of many experts and politicians that this is not a random incident.

The US uses Islamic terrorism for its goals for a long time now. If we talk generally about the Anglo-Saxon community, it used Arab terrorism in the First World War, supporting the revolt against the Turks in the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Then it used the Basmachis against Soviet Russia. Then America supported the mujahideen in Afghanistan. Now their goal is for much of the Middle East to be transformed into a zone of instability and eventually for the “Islamic International” to be transferred to the post-Soviet space. Not surprisingly, Samantha Power was so outraged by Vitaly Churkin’s statement, that the US supported the Islamic state. He hit a nerve. Following the agreement, nobody thought that the US would decide on such a brutal and inhuman provocation. However, the truce was doomed because there was no clarity on who supervised its observance. The location of Syrian government forces was not secret a secret to the Americans. The US military carried out the bombing deliberately.

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The Bandalar

The trump quote is a complete fabrication. This quote does not conform to his speaking style, it involves a topic he knows almost nothing about, and includes opinions that are clearly the exact opposite of what he believes. I double-checked to ensure the quote was a fabrication. Whoever wrote that has obviously never heard Trump talk (about any subject) before.

For this reason I was really relieved to find out that this article was not written by SouthFront. Still I wish you did not republish articles from vastly inferior sources. I visit Southfront regularly because it’s more objective than the US media regarding Syria and Russia, not to read made-up quotes.


Thank you for the feedback. We abridged the translation because we have not been also able to find such a quote on this issue.


Let it be crystal clear Yankee boy, Trump is as far I can judge an Israeli Bitch. Im NOT implying anything else, nor racist and/or whatever, but HE, is an Israeli BITCH, boy.

ALL Senatwhores and every one else in the so called establishments are Israeli Bitches. NO expetions, exept some few with still have balls to do so, like an ex-pink floyd.

And so far, again BOY I asume, since its NOT been debated and the “deplorables” are basic judeo-christians and they are all Israeli Bitches and have swallowed the bullshit Jewish History with sink, line and the hook. Do you think He talks about Israel there, no, of course not, thats political harakiri. Dont insult our intellegence with nonsense, yankee, until He is crystal clear, I am and will stay, where I consider Him to be and sume He is 100% an Israeli Bitch, spank me baby.

My line of Truth is as before Palestina is reveals everything, that is The red one, where the coward creeps halts, and few are those that crosses it, most are been crushed after, politicaly, personaly and economicly, and tel me then, where is this Trump in this, boy. As far I know He have nada problems with nuking Iran, yea, why not, right. And thats because Israel tells their bitch to do so. Period.


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