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JUNE 2021

The US-NATO Military Buildup on Russia’s Doorstep is Part of a Global Warfare Strategy

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Interview with Michel Chossudovsky; Prepared by PressTV

NATO has launched massive war-games in Poland, weeks ahead of a security summit in Warsaw.

The Anaconda-16 is the biggest-ever military exercise by the Western military alliance in Poland since the end of the Polish People’s Republic in 1989. More than 31000 soldiers from 19 states as well as five NATO partner countries including Macedonia, Georgia and Ukraine will participate in the drills.

It will also involve over 100 aircraft, 12 naval vessels and some three-thousand armored vehicles.

The war-games will last 10 days at major bases across Poland. Drills also are being staged by NATO forces in the Baltic States.

The military alliance has recently unveiled plans to significantly increase its forces in Eastern Europe. Moscow says any presence of NATO troops close to its borders is a threat to its security.

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06.05.2016 Syria, ISIS, and the US-UK Propaganda War

With the war in Syria raging in its fifth year, and the Islamic State wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East and North Africa, it’s clear that the entire region has been made into one large theater of conflict. But the battlefield must not be understood solely as a physical place located on a map; it is equally a social and cultural space where the forces of the US-UK-NATO Empire employ a variety of tactics to influence the course of events and create an outcome amenable to their agenda. And none to greater effect than propaganda.


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