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The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen

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The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen

Authorted by David William Pear, submited via The Greanville Post

“Only God can save our children”, say Yemeni fathers and mothers as they can do nothing but watch their children die, try to comfort them in their final agonizing hours, and pray for God to spare them from death. The fathers and mothers watch and pray, as one by another their children die from cholera, dehydration and starvation.

Where is God? He cannot get through the total US blockade of Yemen to save the children. A cholera epidemic is a man-made disaster. Since 2015 the cholera epidemic has been spread by biological warfare against Yemen. US bombs dropped by Saudi pilots destroyed Yemen’s public water and sewage systems. The parts, chemicals and fuel to operate Yemen’s water purification and sewage plants are blockaded. Potable water, cholera vaccine, and even individual water purification tablets cannot get in. The resulting cholera epidemic was predictable.

The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen
Photo from Bln Ghaleb’s in Stop the War on Yemen Group

The sewage from non-working treatment plants overflows into streams that run onto agricultural land, thus contaminating vegetables before they go to market. Sewage flows into the cities, residential areas and the refugee camps. Flies swarm over the sewage and spread cholera everywhere. The International Committee of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and Doctors Without Borders; hospitals, clinics and disaster relief organizations, and human rights workers have been deliberately bombed.

The US dominated United Nations adds a fig leaf of legality to the blockade, and a one-sided weapons embargo against Yemen. To ask why there is no UN arms embargo against Saudi Arabia is, of course, a rhetorical question.

The UN wrings its hands about a humanitarian crisis, and the worst cholera epidemic in human history. The UN does nothing to stop the US-led Saudi genocide and destruction of Yemen, and it puts out knowingly phony underreported numbersof the civilian deaths.

The former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley threw a temper tantrum when the UN dared to even voice mild criticism against the US, when it moved its embassy to Jerusalem. She spoke of the UN “disrespecting” the US, and she threatened financial retaliation against the UN and countries that voted contrary to US wishes. The UN is not an honest broker, because it is dominated and fears the US displeasure.

President Donald Trump cut funding to humanitarian UN agencies, did not try to stop Israel from gunning down thousands of unarmed Palestinians, withdrew the US from the UN Human Rights Council, and thumbed his nose at the UN International Court of Justice. Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton said that the US plans on withdrawing from more treaties that are the foundation of international law.

In other words, Bolton is confirming that the US is a rouge state; it makes a mockery of the United Nations. From the beginning of the Bush-era War on Terror, the US showed contempt for the Geneva Conventions. Obama too violated customary international law with impunity. Obama assassinated US citizens, droned Afghan wedding parties and funerals, and destroyed Libya. He invaded Syria in an illegal war of aggression. Obama was really good at killing. He allegedly said so himself.

Purposely causing a cholera epidemic is biological warfare. Yemen is not an unprecedented case of US use of biological-chemical warfare. During the 1950’s Korean War the US was accused convincingly of biological warfare. In the Vietnam-American War the US sprayed millions of gallons of Agent Orange, which poisoned the soil, rivers and people. Agent Orange, 50 years later is still “causing miscarriages, skin diseases, cancers, birth defects, and congenital malformations”.

The US contaminated Bosnia, Afghanistan, and the Middle East with so-called depleted uranium. Depleted uranium can cause cancer, birth defects, and as yet other unknown health effects. The US knows it. It has put out a health warning to US Iraq war veterans.

In 1995, Madeleine Albright was interview by Lesley Stahl on the TV show “60 Minutes”. That interview should live in infamy in a hall of shame for eternity. Stahl asked Albright if the death of over 500,000 Iraqi children caused by US sanctions was “worth it”. Albright’s answer was, “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.” (Whoever the “we” is, Albright did not elaborate.) It is now known that “we” purposely used biological warfare to kill those 500,000 Iraqi children.

How many more children did Albright, the Bill Clinton administration and “we” continue to kill because “we” thought it was “worth it”? Hundreds of thousands, according to a study of the partially declassified Defense Intelligence Agency document “IRAQ WATER TREATMMENT VULNERABILITIES” [emphasis in original]. The partially declassified document was discovered in 1998 on an official website of the Military Health System. In 2001 the Association of Genocide Scholars released the study referred to above: The Role of “Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities” in Halting One Genocide and Preventing Others.

During the 1991 First Gulf War the US purposely targeted all of the water purification plants and sanitation works in Iraq, which is itself a war crime. The “Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities” document produced by the US Department of Defense and implemented in1991, was continued under President Bill Clinton. Even after Albright’s admission on “60 Minutes” that the US sanctions regime had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, “we” continued the draconian embargo of water purification equipment.

The Department of Defense and Madeleine Albright’s “we” knew that without potable water that the rate of waterborne diseases, such as cholera, would sicken and kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Depriving an entire population of the essentials of life is genocide, and it is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Degrading of the water supply to knowingly cause epidemics, such as cholera, is biological warfare.

Economic sanctions and trade embargos are barbaric siege warfare against civilian populations. There is no way to pretty them up as surgically targeting a regime or being humanitarian. Now think about the millions of people of Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Burma and, Côte d’Ivoire that are suffering under a US embargo today.

The “Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities” document reveals the diabolical intention of a sanctions regime, even when authorized by the UN. It is for these and other reasons that The International Committee of the Red Cross has often raised concerns , including concerns about UN authorized sanctions regimes. Not even the UN has the authority to violate the Geneva Conventions, and the UN oversteps its authority when it does so.

The US has also overstepped the UN’s authorization by imposing a total blockade of Yemen. Just as predictably as in Iraq, children are dying in Yemen from cholera. Tens of thousands of civilians have died from starvation, disease and the lack of medicine. Twenty million human beings are starving to death in a famine caused by the US, and its proxy, the so-called Saudi coalition.

For three years, starting with the Obama administration the US has been passing Saudi Arabia the bombs, ammunition, fuel, and most importantly it is the US military at the command and control center of the war on Yemen. Other war-profiteering countries, such as the UK, EU countries, and Canada have their hands dripping with the blood and cholera infected feces of Yemeni children, too.

The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen

Photo: Nora Al-Alwaki, an American citizen killed by Navy SEALs when they raided her Yemeni village on January 29, 2017

US Special Forces, Seal Team 6, and the CIA carry out night raidsand assignations, such as the one that killed 8 year old Nora, pictured above. She was an American citizen who lived with her grandparents in a Yemeni village.

Nora was the daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki, who was the first known American citizen to be executed by the US without due process. A week later his 16 year old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was assassinated by a US drone. Barack Obama carried out those killings in 2011.

It was also Obama that planned the raid in which Nora was killed on Trump’s orders, January 29, 2017. When Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibb was asked why 16 year old Abdurahman was killed, his answer was that his crime was that he “should have had a more responsible father”. Was that Nora’s “crime” too?

The war against Yemen is another dirty war just like Iraq, Libya and Syria. It is an ‘all but in name’ a US genocide-scale slaughter of civilians and the destruction of a country. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its so-called coalition are the US proxy that pays for the bombs and drops them. It is the US that picks out the targets, back at the command and control center.

Most of the ground fighting inside Yemen is caused by an invasion of US, Saudi and UAE sponsored Salafists terrorists, mujahideen, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Blackwater (rebranded Academi) USSomalia and South American mercenaries. Saudi-backed terrorists are attacking in the north, while UAE-backed terrorist attack in the south. Saudi-backed terrorists are fighting UAE terrorists. Saudi Arabia has put a blockade on Qatar, in a squabble over Yemen.

The de facto government of Yemen is the leadership of the Houthi Movement, named after its charismatic founder Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi. The Houthi Movement is backed by Yemen’s military units, security forces and a broad base of the Yemeni people, including many Sunnis. That is not to say that Yemenis do not have many differences. They do, but when their common self-interests are at stake, they do come together, despite their differences.

There are some internal groups opposed to the Houthi Movement and they are collaborating with the Saudi and UAE terrorist groups, but this is not a Sunni vs. Shia war. Nor is the war a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as the corporate mainstream media monopoly would have the US public believe.

The Zaydi Shia that makes up about 42% of Yemen’s population is closer to Sunni Islam than they are to the Shia branch of Islam in Iran. The Zaidi-led Houthi Movement “have not called for restoring the imamate in Yemen, and religious grievances have not been a major factor in the war”, according to Al Jazeera. Rather, the Houthi Movement has been primarily economic, political and regional in nature.

There is a separatist movement in what was once South Yemen, which until 1990 was a separate communist country: The Democratic Republic of Yemen. Before unification North Yemen was the Yemen Arab Republic. In the power struggle that followed unification the south lost power and patronage. The UAE is backing a southern separatist group, the Southern Transitional Council, which also opposes Hadi and Saudi Arabia. As mentioned, Saudi backed terrorists are fighting UAE-backed terrorists.

The US, KSA and the UN try to pass off the “internationally recognized legitimate government of Yemen” as if it were Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. Hadi was the president of an interim government of Yemen from 2012 to 2014. Hadi fraudulently overstayed his term when it expired in 2014.

Hadi was forcefully removed from office by the Houthi Movement, and a broad base uprising of the Yemeni people. Hadi resigned his office and fled to Saudi Arabia. The US, KSA and the UN use Hadi as a figurehead to add a fig leaf of legality to the illegal US-led war of aggression against Yemen.

The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen
Photo: Press TV, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley briefs the media in front of remains of what is said to be a Yemeni missile’

There is little if any evidence that Iran is providing the Houthi Movement with weapons, materials or fighters. Look at the map. How would Iran be able to get massive supplies of weapons past the total US blockade, even if it wanted to. Iran has its hands full with its (legal) support of its ally Syria. Iran is struggling with its own economic crisis caused by the illegal US economic sanctions regime, re-imposed by the Trump administration.

When the US was pressed for hard evidence to back up its allegations that Iran was involved in Yemen, the best that the former UN ambassador Nikki Haley could do was come up with a few missile parts. The UN dismissed Haley’s show as having “no evidence as to the identity of the broker or supplier.” Iran has denied involvement in Yemen, and rejected the US’s claims as unfounded, and Iran further added:

“These accusations seek also to cover up for the Saudi war crimes in Yemen, with the US complicity, and divert attention from the stalemate war of aggression against the Yemenis.”

Yemenis, regardless of religion, region or tribe are fiercely nationalistic, and they are nobody’s puppet. They resent attempts by foreign invaders to dominate them. Yemen, like Afghanistan, is a graveyard where empires come to die. The British and the Egyptians learned it in the 1960’s and now the Saudis and the UAE are leaning it the hard way.

The US is like a zombie empire that never dies in an empire graveyard. Instead when faced with humiliation and defeat, the US totally destroys its antagonist from the air, as it did Iraq, Libya and Syria. The US shows no mercy for the civilian population. The US destroys civilian infrastructure, blockades food, water and medicine. It targets the people with cluster bombs and white phosphorus; and the US poisons their water, soil and air with biological, chemical and radioactive weapons.

The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen
Photo: Minn Post, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Libyan soldiers upon her departure from Tripoli in Libya on October 18, 2011

As with Iraq, Libya, and Syria and with so many other small countries that the US declared to be its enemy, Yemen poses no threat to the US national security. So why does the US destroy small countries, and why is the US destroying Yemen?

In the 1990’s with the collapse of the USSR, the US set out to build an empire to dominate the world, and it made no secret of it. The US plan for world domination has gone by different names, such as the Wolfowitz Doctrine, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), Full Spectrum Dominance, the Indispensable NationAmerican ExceptionalismNew World Order, and more subtly the role of US World Leadership.

Whatever name US world domination goes by, it is all the same. The US considers itself above international law, customary moral behavior and believes it alone has the right to pursue whatever it thinks is in its self-interest politically, militarily and financially. If the US were a person, it would be diagnosed as a psychopath, with no conscience, no empathy, and no remorse; aggressive, narcissistic and a serial mass murderer.

Yemen is often scripted by the corporate-government mainstream media as “the poorest country in the Middle East”, as if it has no wealth that anybody could possibly want. The people of Yemen are poor, but Yemen has oil, pipeline routes, gold, minerals, agriculture, fishing, state owned enterprises, desirable real estate, finance, and its geography gives Yemen great potential for tourism.

Yemen’s 30 million people are both a potential source of cheap labor and a potential market for the products of US global corporations. Yemen is strategically located at the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, through which 1.4 billion barrels of oil pass every day. For millennium Yemen was a center for trade.

The US covets Yemen’s wealth and its strategic location as part of the neoliberal New World Order. The US vision of the New World Order is a world dominated by US global corporations, US financial institutions and wealthy US family dynasties.

US foreign policy is shaped by special interests, monopolies and their political action committees (PACS), such as those of weapons manufacturers, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and agri-business. Foreign countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia also have powerful lobbies that can manipulate US foreign policy to their advantage. US foreign policy has little to do with the interests of the average US citizen.

The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen

Yemen is the southern neighbor to the KSA, and the Saudis want a corrupt, compliant and passive government in Yemen. The KSA has expanded its border to encroach on Yemen’s northern borderlands, which is the birthplace of the Houthi Movement. The Saudi dynasty also fears an independent Yemeni people that might influence the oppressed people of the Saudi Dynasty. The KSA is a powder keg for an uprising of the people, they are ready to explode.

The KSA uses extremist Wahhabi Islam as a political subterfuge to recruit jihadist, terrorists, and to spread Saudi influence throughout West Asia, Africa and beyond. International terrorism has been a joint venture of the US, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states. All the GCC states: KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait are theocratic monarchies. That says volumes about US values for democracy and human rights.

The US has a long history of coveting the wealth of Yemen. In the mid-1980s the Bush family and their Texas oil buddies at Hunt Oil invested in Yemen’s oil-rich Marib Shabwa basin. Bush obtained for Hunt Oil the rights for future exploration. Deviously, the former director of the CIA and then Vice President Bush arranged for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to finance the Bush-Hunt investments in Yemen. A few years later Bush “repaid” Saddam’s loan with Shock and Awe.

The US-Led Genocide and Destruction of Yemen
Photo One World: George H. W. Bush and Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh

The war that started in 2015 is to protect US investments of global corporations, neoliberalism and the vision of a New World Order. The people of Yemen have been starch opponents of neoliberalism, and like their old world order. They rebelled against the 33 year rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh for selling out Yemen to neoliberalism, and then the people rebelled against the interim government of Hadi for his fire-sale privatization scheming with neoliberal empire.

The US beneficiaries of neoliberalism were not happy when their benefactor Hadi was deposed by the Houthi Movement. Nor was Saudi Arabia, which has been trying to exploit Yemen for decades. The vultures of the other GCC countries are circling Yemen in the hope of picking at its corpse too.

The US is providing the GCC with the Shock and Awe to kill the prey, and the US does not care if it kills 22 million people in the process of looting Yemen. It is the US that is providing the bombs. The Saudi-led coalition of GCC countries are just the delivery boys.

To summarize, there is no civil war in Yemen. Iran is made the scapegoat for a US-led illegal war of aggression. Saudi Arabia and its coalition of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The GCC states are made up of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. They are all monarchies. The US hopes to walk off with Yemen’s main prizes, and the KSA, UAE and Qatar are fighting each other over the crumbs. The lives of 22 million Yemeni people are hanging by a thread, because of a US blockade of food, water and medicine. The US is the cause of the worst cholera epidemic in history. It is biological warfare and genocide.

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Lol!!! Is there ANYTHING SouthFront doesn’t blame the US/Jews for!!!! Coming next week – A new SouthFront article on how the US was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, the bubonic plague and the sinking of the Titanic!!


It is fairly evident that many of SouthFronts articles take a stance that is contrary to Washingtons poorly done PR. But the US in regards to Yemen is absolutely part of the problem. US has enabled the Saudis and their so called “coalition” to commit countless atrocities in Yemen over and over.

Billion of dollars in weapons, sending information for “targets” in Yemen, giving Saudi Arabia complete diplomatic cover to continue committing war crimes in Yemen. Truth be told it’s clearly evident that many American have simply given up on changing the US governments foreign policy since it is now completely our of their hands. With special interest groups and foreign actors exerting damn near complete control over US foreign policy especially in the ME it’s hard to see any of this changing.

…..You know, I pray we Americans don’t have something like this happen to us someday. Having the people from a a nation across the world vilify us and demonize us, sanction us into oblivion so that even the bare necessities like bread and water are in short supply, then proceed to fund and arm a neighboring nation that then bombs our schools, hospitals, power plants, children in broad daylight….


US has enabled the Saudis and their so called “coalition” to commit countless atrocities in Yemen over and over.

And of course China, Russia, France and UK, who could have blocked UN resolutions, did not. So they are also enablers of the genocide, no? In fact I don’t hear either country raising a peep about it. They obviously are happy how their UNSC votes have been carried out.


On a technical basis, Yes you can make the argument that those who didn’t physically stop the Saudis are also enablers in the atrocities that are happening in Yemen but the reality is more complicated than that.

France, UK, Russia and China all have strong business ties to Saudi Arabia. So, if any of these nations were to take to take kinetic or financial action against the Saudis, the risk of losing money and contracts comes into play. Unfortunately many nations and peoples put money over human lives full stop.

It would be nice to see Saudi Arabia neutered financially and isolated diplomatically for it’s Nazi level crimes against Yemenis but for that to happen, willing state actors would need to rise up against established institution in their home countries. This is just outright difficult to do.


Agreed, I’m just commenting that China and Russia don’t get any of the blame, not only here (where, really, they never get any blame for anything, they are the “heroes”), but even in the main stream press, where Saudis get the most blame and US secondarily.

All Russia and China really had to do is veto the Yemen resolutions, which enabled this genocidal blockade, but they did not. And you are right, it proves they also only care about money and power. This is the point I make a lot, though here, it is “dangerous” to say so :). The big difference between US and Russia or China is power. If either country were as powerful as US, they would do the same (Russia) or much worse (China).


Fair and I agree. Human beings are far more alike to one another than different. When you have nearly limitless amounts of power like those at the top of political and financial institutions, the “human” factor gets thrown out the window.

Russia has a bloody and tyrannical past, China doubly so, same goes for the US. Pick your poison lol.

Promitheas Apollonious

Then you not reading much, what posters say here, do you?


Is there any where, that are not having their hands in it? Or you insinuating that are accused wrongly?


genocide….my word for jemen since day 1….

as far as my satanic jew buddy ed concearns…… “where r u writing from? tel a viv?virginia,langley?……….remember my words good u fucking satanic jew…there will come the day, may it be far or close from now, when the sun rises, and all non jews will join to eradicate u satanists from OUR planet….no jewish man, woman or child will survive this storm” and only then can our planet including its inhabitants start with the healing process that will take long anyway, after what u jews have done for the last 2000 years.


Good God. Get some serious help man. You are clearly one hell of a deranged individual. Mommy and Daddy issues? Or you’re just a complete arsehole?


Ed this ain’t the place. You will only get cursed down upon because many here have seen the hypocrisy and double standards the West exemplifies when in the geopolitical arena. Best stop now.

Long story short. Yemen is a fucking mess and Saudi Arabia and other actors all have a hand in it, the US is definitely part of the problem as well.


I guess you’re right. I just made that comment as it seems every day on here there is some article that is blatantly blaming the USA/Jews for something (i’m neither by the way)! Thanks for your serious, sensible and level-headed reply! Good to know there are some people on here who are more ‘clued-up’ than others!

S Melanson

I see you are fairly new here and so welcome to Southfront, a forum to express views generally suppressed in the mainstream media.

I think you would benefit by reading what posters have been saying. For example, all my posts are available to read on discus as are many others. I also encourage you to post and debate but try to focus on issues where you disagree or agree with the poster while avoiding getting personal.



good advice.


Agreed about not getting personal, but if you stray from the very narrow set of permitted discussion here, there are a bunch of bullies who will immediately savagely attack you to try to get you to leave “their playground”.

Fortunately I have blocked all of these junk yard dogs so their attacks on me are like ghosts in the wind. You only need to block about 6 people, do it often and quickly and you’ll enjoy your stay here much more.


and then instead of talk saying nothing since as you claim, between the lines you writing trying to elevate yourself into a thinking person why dont you counter act what they say with your truth?

I read what you posted few times and what you saying others do also do. One sighted missing the tree for the forest is one. The other is historical fact as far who committed since birth 99.9% of destruction in this world and genocides.

By the way feel free also to block me.


Hi and thanks, but I’ve been coming in and out of here for a while now as I like to get an idea of what is going on in the World. I meant no offence but I do question a lot of times the anti-US and Jewish stance that SouthFront and it’s commentators seem to take as it does appear that many articles published on here daily are aimed at just blaming the US and Jews for everything bad that is currently happening (or has ever happened) in the world. My initial comment was just a ‘humorous’ observation of that!


My Dutch Goverment is in it Too…and I say Fuck My Government! And they gotta be very very careful…….Folks are getting really really Angry….and it ain’t their Operation Gladio Trained & Financed Headchopping Terrorists who pose a Threat to this Establishment in the Future….

Promitheas Apollonious

with what you saying you seem to be in agreement with their practices. You question what exactly? Is there something is been said that is lie and they actually dont do what is been said?


It’s interesting that the main killers here are the Saudis, but yet the Jews somehow get blamed. Hmmmmm.

The thing to watch out for on Southfront, where a lot (OK, about 6 or so, but they post a lot) of low-IQ people post regularly and are vociferous in their idiocy, is if you critique Russia or China. Even the smallest criticism is interpreted as feeling about Russians (or Chinese) as our potcracker2588 does about Jews.


I think that there is a lot of pure emotion without any true insight and discussion of any sort. I know since I also sometimes do this myself so I won’t act as if I don’t also throw around vitriol. South Front has become, more or less, the hub for view points that run contrary to what the West spews out ( I tend to agree with what South Front puts out most of the time). So when some people like Smaug, Ed, Mountains and the others come here and comment people will get a little too emotional in their responses to them.

But blaming Jews for everything is just wrong since that can’t be the reality of the situation. Maybe Jews or some people who happen to be Jews are part of the problems that are discussed here on South Front but again they could not be. We don’t really know (if anyone wants to blame Jews outright for everything then go right ahead, nothing I will say will change their minds).

I know for sure Israel is a trouble maker since their history proves them to be so, whether this Israel being a troubler is enough to vindicate all Jews as a problem is just going a little too far in my opinion.


Yeah, the articles tend to be pretty good, the comment section, as long as you block the nasty trolls, can also be good – but you have to block the trolls.

There’s lots of sites contrary to the mainstream. I also like Zerohedge for that. The comments there tend to be less vitriolic, but I’ve blocked my share of trolls there as well.

The two powerful groups in the world are the Blue Bloods (the royal families of Europe, which are really one big extended clan, all closely related, all Franks/Germanic) and the Rabbis (the rulers of the Jews, who are also all fairly closely related). The big difference is that the Blue Bloods work through secret societies (Freemasonry, etc.) so the connections are less obvious, plus Freemasons, etc. are a small percentage of Whites. The Rabbis, on the other hand, use Jews, and they tend to be extremely overrepresented in the world of the great evildoers. And Jews in general are extremely ethnocentric and tribalistic to a great extent it’s fair to blame almost all Jews for their evil-doing (since end of the day almost all Jews are vociferous supporters of these evil Jews).


Israel is a bunch of convenient fools used to control politics and oil flow in ME since its creation, by the ones who own it. As for the ones who think israel controls US and the rest of the world is because they take the bone thrown to them and have not neither the education (historical fact) or the thinking span that most of them never pass the limit of 2 sec to process the info.

Also most confuse the globalist and zionist with jews as this is what they been learning on the net. You know who said, that is a sad day since people take authority as the truth rather than the truth as the authority? and why.

Concrete Mike

I said the same thing above. Nice to se im not the only one that thinks that way.

Cheers brother.


The main killers………… May I suggest you stop self flattering your self and exposing your single digit IQ? Maybe you do well to read the post below of S Melanson.

S Melanson

I think every forum has their share of posters that are ignorant, lazy, indoctrinated, stubborn etc…

But the ignorant can learn, the lazy get off their hands, the indoctrinated wake up to the real world, the stubborn learn they are not always right.

With respect to low IQ and your assertion regarding criticism of Russia and China, I must disagree. The comments are in my opinion are, informative and insightful and this is independent of whether I agree or not with the arguments in the comment. In fact, I find the quality and sophistication of comments here to be increasing and this I applaud.

Also, I have criticized Russia many times and replies have been mostly positive, thoughtful and constructive. There are exceptions but that is to be expected.

So how about debating the issues rather than labeling posters here that take the time to contribute their perspective which most of us appreciate.


So how about debating the issues rather than labeling posters here that take the time to contribute their perspective which most of us appreciate.

Well that’s what I usually do. But I think it’s useful for new people to the board to know that if they are trolled they need only block a few people who consistently only make personal attacks against those who wander off their very narrow view of permitted discussion. It’s actually helpful if you tell people that so they won’t leave feeling like this place is full of obnoxious trolls. Block the ones that troll you early and often and after a few visits you won’t hear from them anymore :).

Concrete Mike

Let the people judge who are trolls…not you.


Did you see me give names? Plus I can make any comment I want. I’m starting to think you are a troll. Next time I block you too.

Concrete Mike

Block me if you desire. You sure can say what you want. So can I. I choose not to block because i want the whole picture. By picking and choosing your short changing yourself.

Labelling anyone that disagrees with you a troll is not good. Try and debate instead of.proclamarions.

Good day to you sir.


By picking and choosing your short changing yourself.

Yeah, I suppose like I am short-changing myself by not sticking my finger in an electrical outlet.

Labelling anyone that disagrees with you a troll is not good.

Frankly you are being a jerk by implying that I label anyone that disagrees with me as a troll. Trolls are people who add do not provide substantive discussion but insult or consistently twist what others wrote to attack a strawman (like you just did by accusing me of labeling anyone that disagrees with me as a troll, which is troll behavior, as I did nothing of the sort).

Try and debate instead of.proclamarions.

It’s pointless to debate with people who deliberately twist your words or just insult. How do you debate “You are an idiot” in response to a reasoned analysis?

Concrete Mike

Hehe thanks for recognizing my jerkness…

I totally agree with you last point. I try not to insult but sometimes cant keep the jerk in.

Maybe when you are a bit older you will understand how all viewpoints matter…even if you or i dont agree with said hypothetical viewpoint.

Its kinda sad how our societies have been polarized on everything, almost as if its by design.


A good day and until next time we lock horns buck.;)

Promitheas Apollonious

I think you should look his posts first, rather than give him credit. He is what he describes others are.

Promitheas Apollonious

and you doing what with your posts? You do sound like the ones you describing. Are you sure you not describing what is looking back at you in your mirror?


Such a tragic situation down in Yemen , I´m horrified but not shocked by consequences of US army and allies – pure evil





S Melanson

The article has some very good points and in parts reads well and informative – particularly the sections in the middle dealing with the politics and the Yemeni peoples. I like very much the discussion of Iran’s (lack of) involvement, the fact that the conflict is not religious sectarian in nature and is not a civil war – the conflict is an insurgency opposing foreign intervention in a sovereign nation.

However, the beginning seems like a draft needing editing as does the end – the result,is a laundry list like read of US transgressions which can turn off a reader that is not acquainted with the true nature of US power projection in the world – and that is the reader you want to reach out to most, to educate by giving a different perspective.

Also, the US is not blockading Yemen, it is Coalition warships that are doing so. The US is backing the Coalition but I think the article overstates the US role and understates the role of Gulf states in the Yemen conflict – all have joint responsibility. I notice that Oman is lumped in but Oman refused to join the Coalition and is neutral which has drawn the ire of the other Gulf states. Note also that 1.4 billion barrels per day passing through the strait cannot be correct as this figure is more than 10 times the daily oil production of the entire world.

That said, I would like to see the author follow up with more in depth analysis of the UAE and KSA objectives in Yemen which are conflicted despite their alliance.

Promitheas Apollonious

What surprises me is that none is helping the Yemen people and to me that is the real crime. Any one with basic historical fact knowledge knows who the predators are as well who started this whole global mess and what they did and basically why they doing it. Beside the fact that the masks come off lately and none of them hide it so trying to hammer it in by force into people is what prevents intelligent debates to be initiated.

I think SF it do much better than promoting what they do and form time to time to also put articles that directly contradict what they claim to stand for. A journalist duty is the truth and present facts black and white and let the readers and in this case also the posters, to make up their own mind. back in the day we had a forum, that has is own research libraries and all documented we lost it when the .com wars started and many took our archives and records and then presented them as their own work and also alter them to mean what they wanted to mean.

I often think to reactivate the archives so people when they looking for what we believe is the truth to be able search our records and work as well and make up their mind. I offered not once my archives to web sites so the posters in their sites, to have in the house the research we done and doing and be able access them, but due to the size of our data banks none took the offer, since our demand was not to get paid but to have them readily available to their public for free and intact, with no alterations. I guess truth is a word that is not in any ones vocabulary any more. People often replace the truth, with matter of opinion and assumption, I come to understand.

S Melanson

I am interested in knowing more about the archives you have. Perhaps something can be done.

S Melanson

I wanted to think over your comment about the lack of help for Yemen. I believe there is genuine sympathy for the plight of Yemen but how can you help given the blockade that strangles Yemen? Another consideration is that the Houthis are winning without external assistance and those nations that might provide aid to the Houthis are already under threat and embroiled in other conflicts. So it may not be a lack of caring but more a question of lack of feasibility and other priorities closer to home.

Promitheas Apollonious

well if you look at the map then you see that Yemen controls anything coming or going via Suez to the Arabian sea and vise versa. meaning they have a very important strategic real estate on the globe. It is within russias and chinas interest, the houthis remain in power there as well irans and not only.

That is what I been thinking when I say that. the houthis may be winning for the moment but is so much someone can do and the genocide is inflicted on the civilians there and the children make one wonder if there any humanity left in this world.


It’s the GREAT WESTERN EMPIRE….they Love to Starve Kids to Death, Shell them to Pieces & Cut off their Heads for Their Snuff-Movies…

David William Pear

Thank you for the constructive critic of my article.

CORRECTION: Yes, 1.4 BILLION barrels of oil passing through the Bab al-Mandeb pass per day is a mistake. It should be MILLION. Here is a July 2018 article from Reuter’s that puts the number for 2016 at about 2 million barrels per day. My face is also red that I referred to the US as a “rouge” state, when what I meant was “rogue” state. Instead of just referring to “Bosnia” as having been contaminated with depleted uranium, I should have included Serbia and Kosovo, or better I think just “the former Yugoslavia”. While Oman is a GCC country, it is not officially part of the Saudi coalition. Oman is another complicated factor. Oman has been rumored to be a source of smuggled Iranian weapons to the Houthis, it has tried to be a peacemaker, is caught in the middle of the Saudi-Qatar squabble, and the US is putting pressure on it to pick sides, ours. The US does have the Thumrait Air Base in Oman, which raises the question is the US flying missions out of Oman for the war against Yemen? None GCC countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Sudan, perhaps Pakistan. What about unnamed NATO countries?

Yes I did try to cram a lot of information into the article, possibly got too sidetracked, but I am frustrated with the lack of reporting by the corporate media and even much of the alternative media for ignoring Yemen. That is starting to change.

I found the “Iraqi Water Treatment Vulnerabilities” document and study done by the Genocide Scholars to be shocking. A scoop even, though it is not a secret, just another of those dirty secrets that the corporate media will not mention. To me that is prima facie evidence that the “worst cholera epidemic in history” in Yemen is not collateral damage of war, but a predictable and planned use of biological warfare. To me this is shocking but not surprising. I hope I made the connection about the Iraqi Water Treatment Vulnerabilities document and the connection to Yemen clear.

US biological warfare is a subject that I became highly interested in while researching the Korean War (1950 to 1953). I am a contributing member of the Bio-Weapons Truth Commission organized about a year ago by Jeff Brown of the website China Rising. You can contact him at https://chinarising.puntopress.com/ and the bioweapons library is at http://www.bioweapontruth.com . While some may take exception that depriving a population of potable water is the same as biological warfare, I think the Geneva Conventions and the International Committee of the Red Cross consider depriving a population of the basics to sustain life a war crime. To knowingly cause the spread of an epidemic is germ warfare. I question that Saudi Arabia and its coalition could effectively blockade Yemen without being led by the US Navy. The blockade is a ruse of the UN arms embargo. The “Saudi” are also bombing the ports with precision guided bombs provided and targeted by the US. Yes, I do hope to follow this article up with a future one. There is just so much that the difficulty is putting it into an article of a few thousand words. Thank you, David William Pear

S Melanson

Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I am currently writing an article for publication and it is difficult to be concise and still say what I want to convey. I do think that the issues you raise can be broken into a series of papers that Southfront may be willing to publish and readers here would be interested in – for example warfare against the civilian population by destroying critical infrastructure such at potable water – the norm seems to be this but it clearly fails to subdue the population or if so, only for a while till tensions build up as the case with Palestinians. Having that document should allow for some good insights on this terrible practice.

Note that Oman is very unlikely supplying Iranian arms to the Houthis although black market smuggling of arms is certainly happening but involves all factions. Also, the Houthis apparently can buy weapons from coalition commanders that have little respect for senior Coalition leaders. The Houthis also get weapons left behind by fleeing coalition troops as evidenced by many Houthi videos.

I have written quite a few posts on the Yemen conflict and have been fairly accurate in my assessments and predictions of how the conflict will evolve. My prediction of how the conflict will come to an end remains to be seen but is looking increasingly likely. My comments on discus are public for anyone interested.

Again, thanks and hope you write more, Stewart


The three good things that have come out of the Kashoggi ‘murder’ by Saudi government employees are the death of Kashoggi who was a thoroughly undesirable anyway and the implication that the MBS and Saudi regime ordered the assassination.

Plus the best of the three reasons by a long mile is that the Corporate Media is being obliged by the ‘Elephant in the Room ‘ to at last report to America and NATO nations particularly, that circa 18 million Yemeni citizens are NOW being deliberately and slowly and painfully annihilated by deliberate starvation and intentional causation of deadly infections such as cholera by Saudi Arabia and her allies, who are being directly armed and supported by the US and UK troops .

It is way past the time to garner public opinion to demand this totally unnecessary butchery by the US Coalition of Terror is stopped. Even at this late stage in can be done .


God has sent his her it all generals to ascertain the situation out there and in Gaza,their is a reason u poor tribes r winning against the worlds richest most’powerful’ countries BECAUSE God sent people like me to help u..but more help is coming i assure u poor brown and black tribes more soon..oh and if u insult the most high again i shall join your enemies and end this war once and for all!!


the fact also remains that these global powers don’t want yemen per say they want whats under the gulf of aden hence all the warships from around the world who went there yrs ago RIGHT before the war..and u dark ones ain’t getting that stargate!!!


the world leaders r lieing to the world on this

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