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The US Is Vandal in Foreign Policy

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Desislava Pateva interviews with Tenko Slavov, musician, producer and investor, who has lived in the US for 22 years, an artistic and creative person with an interest in politics, psychology and international relations.

The US Is Vandal in Foreign Policy

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Mr. Slavov you have lived in America for a long time and you have seen the attitude of the average American toward US involvement in different parts of the world. How do you see the foreign policy of America?

US foreign policy is different from that of all other countries. It is forged at least 30-40 years in advance. What is happening now has been discussed and planned many years ago. Their foreign policy is based on the way they are built as human beings, and they are sworn egoists and conformists. For them the world is a means to an end and they take it, conquer it and force it to obey. Any one who does not obey will be penalized. If he is stronger, they sanction. If he is not, they kill him. We saw what happened in Afghanistan and Libya. These are countries that refused to comply with American wishes.

The USA literally rip off Hitler’s doctrine, implementing it in a very veiled way. They seem to be a democracy, but are actually a dictatorship. I have a term for their political system – corporate fascism. Money rules over there, as they say in English, money talks. Nothing else. The Federal Reserve and Wall Street are the ones who pull the strings. Everyone else is at their service. And presidents are placed to be representatives of this kind of American doctrine, which is politico-economic. Based on the motto: “We excel in everything. Well, maybe our culture is a little cowboy, but that helps to beat others when negotiations are not going so expeditiously as we would like.” And they do.

They try to treat Russia in the same way but were highly surprised by the amazing progress of the Russians, even in the economy. Russia advanced so quickly, especially since Putin took over the country and raised the national spirit. As a professional intelligence officer, he very well knows the Western system and NATO. Russia quickly realized that America is simply there to liquidate the Russian state. Because of resources, because Russia is a competitor. You asked what the US foreign policy is, here it is – America must destroy everything, that competes with it. If there are any resources, as the Russian example, they must be under American, western, Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction. If not entirely, at least partially, but enough for the Americans to exist easily and to provide funds with which to maintain their ultra expensive war machine. They found long ago that only those countries which are based on military power are successful. There’s no dispute.

Why do you think Russia is a threat to American establishment figures? We often hear this in the speeches of American politicians.

Russia is an obstruction, and lately I have the suspicion that Russia is threatening them, but we do not know with what. We do not know how they talk, it is not known to anyone. I’m pretty sure that there are very serious ultimatums. Many of us thought that America is the greatest military power. They actually have the largest amount of bases, but at the moment Russia has the most effective army. In the war with Syria, they demonstrated great professionalism, and modern and precise weapons. Not to mention their electronic defence that is unique and no one else has one.

You basically can not down a Russian aircraft, especially the modern, all of which are fourth generation and upwards. Now there’s a new aircraft T-50 (Sukhoi PAK FA). It is ready, tested for many years. But they never put anything until it is completely perfect according to their standard. This is a multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation. Their tanks also proved to be the best. Even the T-90, not to mention new one – the T-14. It can be managed remotely by computer. So the Russians have great weapons. They made some military exercises months ago and displayed that they are very fast and mobile. All of their army is based on mobility – there are no stationary ballistic missiles. Their radar system is perfect. I’ve watched a documentary about fighter planes – American, English and all. The Russians did not participate, but one journalist asked the pilots who are the best pilots in the world. All agreed that it was the Russian pilots. Then they asked which is more important – the pilot or a modern plane. They again agreed that an excellent pilot is a much greater threat and is much more efficient than a super plane with a mediocre pilot.

And the Russians besides having the best aircraft have the best pilots. They can do things that nobody else can do. You can not shoot at the latest Russian planes because it has a very powerful radio-electronic protection and the rocket simply deflects. As for NATO, it is outdated political and military alliance, inefficient, very cumbersome and bureaucratic. I do not know how they organized themselves. The Russians are capable of deploying all of their army in 24 hours.

Recently in an interview, Obama stated that Putin sees NATO, the EU and the transatlantic unity as a threat to Russian authorities. Undoubtedly, NATO is a threat to Russia, it is a military alliance.

Putin is afraid? Russia could liquidate the Western military machine in no time. The consequences, however, will be monstrous for all of mankind. There would be such cataclysms as humanity could not imagine. America would not exist. There are technologies of various kinds, even those where a submarines cause explosions on the ocean floor and create a tsunami. And this is not fiction. Did you know that 90% of the population and economic potential, is located at about 500 kilometers from the eastern and western coastline of the United States. America can be eradicated even with just water, think seriously about it. But the Russians do not consider the American people an enemy. The problem with America is with that wild plutocracy. There are many thoughtful and clever people in America,, who disapprove of the foreign policy of the State Department, which is oppressive, hostile and criminal. Even Henry Mencken, a prominent American publicists and critic wrote about 100 years ago wrote that US foreign policy is based entirely on lying, even to their friends.

Foreign national interest is defined as a threat to US national interests. Does this mean that America has become an empire which uses 80% of countries as hidden protectorates of its interest?

They are no longer hidden. Before there wasn’t the information we have today thanks to the Internet. Facebook was created to make money, but actually gave a means by which people can communicate and sneak information that otherwise we would not have access to. It is a platform where you can discuss the information, you can befriend people, gather in groups – people little by little are starting to come to an understanding. Those who are not interested, suddenly begin to see. You can not hide the truth, it can not happen. As the saying goes – when cornered, even the gods are silent. And the truth is this – America is a hegemony. Americans are unethical, they are simply vandals in their foreign policy. From young, they teach them to think only for themselves. They confuse morality with self-interest. They are easily manipulated because they are not interested in anything but family and career. These are people who are afraid to reflect on ideas that are not mainstream because it’s dangerous. There, if you have your own opinion, you will be called a know-it all. Such a man they called “opinionated”, and that in America is a dirty word. There is self-censorship, which works very well to manipulate society. Americans are afraid to complain. This can only happen with someone who has shown to be very close. For one or two years a person may harbor hatred and anger, and finally he drops the curtain and may even resort to violence.

The US Is Vandal in Foreign Policy

Tenko Slavov

Is there a real chance that the tycoon Donald Trump will win the presidential election? US Secretary of State John Kerry defines him as “a threat to national security.”

The exotic personalities of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders do not fit in American politics. First, to the world it must be clear that in the US there is only one party – the party of money. Some are Democrats others are Republicans, but the differences are cosmetic. It’s the same thing. Trump is a very successful businessman, he has gone through a lot of things, through many crises. Everything is clear to him. His first book is The art of the deal. In it, a journalist asks him why he is so successful. He says: “It’s very easy. I find the best person for a post anywhere in the world, and more than double the pay he might get elsewhere.” So Trump always works with the best. This man understood one simple thing – if you want to do anything with people, you must find the best and pay them very well. This is the opposite of most employers do. They still find good professionals, but they pay less and in time those people leave. Furthermore, Donald Trump knows what people will like, and how to present it. In the TV show the “The Apprentice.” Trump tested 10-15 people through various tasks to find the best one, and appointed him to direct his next project. This shows the nature of Trump and the way in which he acts in business. He made a whole show to show the world that this is the way – to find not only someone who is motivated and smart, but also someone who knows how to implement things. In his book he says: “Look, I was mediocre. There was a lot better than me, but I had great energy.” There are many areas in which he was successful. Trump is one of the best builders in the world. Not only his hotels, but also all his office buildings are unique. He works out things. He knows how to create things that have value. He says that all the apartments that are built are sold when they are still in blueprint.

Only Trump is not at all liked by the established plutocracy that pulls the strings. He belongs to the Republican Party because he is very conservative. And he’s much closer to a real Republican than those politicians who pretend to be Republicans, but are conformists who play along with big capital. They accuse him of xenophobia … it’s not xenophobia. Donald Trump works with a lot of Mexicans. If you follow the statistics of those who support him, you will see that he is supported by the majority of Mexicans who are now naturalized in America. Because the illegal Mexicans who come and work in the grey market take their work for very little money. The so called grey economy is about 10-15%. But if they get caught, there are very serious sanctions.

What is the possibility that Bernie Sanders will replace Hillary Clinton as the favorite for the Democratic nomination?

My preference emotionally is Bernie Sanders. He speaks truths. He finally has the chance to present ideas on a platform from which the whole world can hear. With his the social element is very important. America is very different now. Although everything is modernized, people do not live better. Especially after the last crisis, which happened 8 years ago. And Sanders is very sincere, very accurate. What the average American sees, Sanders defines very well with incredible candor and sincerity. But he also offers solutions. He is the dream of young people. Young people in America and intellectuals greatly support him.

Then what is the reason he can not get ahead of Hillary Clinton?

It is said that America is the most democratic country in the world, but it is actually the most undemocratic. The elections themselves are totally manipulated. First, there is an electoral commission. All who are candidates for president – no matter whether they belong to a party, or who run independently – must pass and be approved by this committee. It’s like going to a job interview. If the interviewer does not approve, you are not allowed to see the boss. And most important is the issue of foreign policy. The most important thing is that you must take into consideration those who are forging this policy. These are institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Then there are organizations that are more bizarre, more exotic – Skull and bones, Illuminati, and all such. And most of those who were presidents are members of these organizations. Nobody knows what’s going on. They just come up with a solution on how to conduct foreign policy and it is implemented through various committees through various structures about which we know nothing.

The Russians have long know and do everything possible to prevent a collision, to be able to improve their economy, to upgrade and modernize their army. Its modernized about 40%, and after two years it will be nearly 80%, which will already be enough to ensure the nobody can beat them. Even now there is none to beat them, but to win a war they will be forced to use nuclear weapons. The question is not have to use the extreme weapons, because then it will be scary.

What will be the consequences if Hillary Clinton becomes president of the USA? Some analysts believe that if she becomes president, it would be even more dangerous than if Trump is in office.

This is the worst option in terms of people who are outside of America. She is literally a servant of American hegemonic policy. Hillary does not have her own decisions. She will just be a performer, a spokesman for the foreign policy, while others will make the decisions. As it was under George Bush, who was just a dummy and just stood at the ranch in Texas, while Dick Cheney was the one who made all decisions. But I’m pretty sure she will be the Democratic candidate, although Bernie Sanders has advanced ahead. If things were not so confused with those super delegates, who determine everything, its clear that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have more votes. But through those super delegates, they manipulate things. Maybe a few million more to wish for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic candidate but instead, Hillary Clinton will be a nominee because she has more super delegates. This is pure manipulation. The establishment has prevented the possibility of a random person slipping in. It just can not happen. The American system is the most manipulated political system in the world. Nothing to do with democracy, it is false.

Sanders himself said that if poor Americans vote en masse, the US will be radically transformed …

Of course it will. They will go to the polls if he is representative of the Democratic Party. But he will not be selected for the simple reason that the Democratic candidate will be chosen differently. One thing is certain – he and Donald Trump opened the eyes of many Americans. They voice problems that people share in private.

How is the media in America presenting the presidential candidates? Is there censorship and difference between what we see in Europe and what is presented there?

There is a very big difference between Western Europe and America. The media is also manipulated by the secret services. There, when you need to speak on political issues, you are instructed in case there is a suspicion that you might blurt out something that is uncomfortable. Naturally, the producer of the show can also start the advertising early. Major media are owned by three owners, associated with large corporations. So how can the media say things that are not pleasing to power.

In Bulgaria its the same. All our politicians are bought. These are national traitors, they ruined Bulgaria and we had a very good economy. They drove young people away and we are now 2 million less. And they created this antagonism, to be divided into pro-Russian, pro-NATO and pro-American. Maybe I should be pro-American because I am an American citizen, but I see that we do not know anything. As Americans like to say, show me the money. If you’re so big and important, let’s see what you’ve contributed.

Americans buy everyone. They have a budget for that, I am convinced that they have paid our politicians for everything, from which they benefit in Bulgaria. This is the way in which they operate. A poor person suddenly becomes a prime minister. For him 1 million is a lot. They give him several hundred thousand Levs and promise him even more money, and then he will be involved in any schemes. You buy him, let him make mistakes and commit an offense to their homeland, and thus they keep him on a leash. Every Bulgarian prime minister has two masters – one standing in Washington and the other – in Berlin. And he has to balance between the two. On economic issues and those that are cosmetic – Merkel is the chief. On foreign policy and strategic issues – the foreign ministry of America. This is madness.

Speaking of money, especially “earned” from political corruption, what you think about the offshores?

The belief that offshores are necessarily criminal is incorrect. It’s just a way to reduce taxes and protect your capital. Americans are such hypocrites. Everything of which they accuse the world, they do themselves. Condemn Russia, saying that its an empire. But in fact the US are the empire. Russia has only one base in Syria, which is there from time immemorial, no harm. America has a military presence in 3/4 of countries around the world. This is unheard of. The military budget of America is larger than the military budget of all other countries in the world combined. What are they fighting for? Where are their enemies? Has someone attacked America, besides various criminal attacks which are staged beyond, but not on American soil?

What about the Twin Towers, which literally disappeared after being hit? Their whole structure is made of steel, based on a Japanese technology. It can not fall like a brick. I’ve watched videos with architects who demonstrate controlled explosions of buildings. To blow them up they put explosives in many places. In one such building should be placed bursts of 200-300 sets. But this can only happen if it is built in a traditional way – with bricks and concrete panels. The towers collapsed in seconds, as if there is nothing inside. How did this happen? The truth about this attack can cause such turmoil that it would lead to civil war.

Are you interested in American politics in general or absorb the clichés of the total old foe Moscow without thought … What is the profile of the American voter? Does he began finally to doubt the system and turn against it?

The American is an absolutely clogged person. He thinks of voting at the very last moment. Yet Americans accept that they have a duty. They are methodical. Come election time, they get in a family circle and decide. And when they chose a position they stick to it, like horses with blinders. But the thing about Americans that we don’t have, is that if you prove to an American the opposite of what he thought to date, he will accept it and even be transformed.

Should everyone have a guaranteed basic income, what do you think? A monthly income to ensure the physical survival of every adult citizen while he decided what he should be involved in or to develop their talents. This is a topic that is discussed throughout Europe.

I think every citizen should have a basic income. This solves a bunch of problems. First, the purely economically, the social system will fall of, and then there is no need for it and its administration. You’ll have a much better quality of society – it will decrease crime and the harm and costs to generate the police and judiciary. Finally, it may be that this is the smart way to regulate a society. And this idea is supported the most by a German billionaire. What happens then? You are calm, you do not panic when you have no job and wait to choose the best place for your training or for your profession. You can develop much more creatively.

If we look at the Renaissance, during the intellectual and creative boom , the aristocrats were patrons – they supported scientists and artists. Take Florence fro example, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci are sponsored by the Medici. If it were not for the Medici but a society that is based on modern principles, we would never have the Renaissance. We’d just be some wild people.

If modern society accept this basic income, each person will be able to unfold in a much more secure society. Not absolutely protected, but individuals will develop better. Everyone will find their talent, whether it be a scientist or art. He would be encouraged by their parents, but now there is fear: “What will happen to our child?” First they push it to play an instrument or deal with ballet, but then it must choose an education that will contribute to earning good money. And what comes from this? Everyone focuses that their children earn more money. But to make in the IT field you should be a good mathematician. If you can not put 2 and 2, how will you do the math? It may be that a great soccer player is sent instead to study IT.

I’m definitely for basic income. Many intellectuals and thinkers began to support this idea and realize that this is a necessity if we want society in general to survive. We belong to the most progressive political system – that of the European Union, I think this can be accepted. This is the richest Economic Community. We have big problems, but I think they are caused mostly by American hegemony and that confuses us. America wants to subjugate Europe, even more than it wants to subjugate Russia. If Europe is subjugated the doors of Russia fall too. But Russia saw this and is now moving towards Eurasia. Last year they had 1.7 percent growth, which no Western European countries have. Look at what happened with Turkey – they ruined their economy with this stupidity that ​​Erdogan made with the downing of the Russian plane. I do not see nothing good for the Turks, if that person is not removed. Him and Davutoglu are radicals that harm the hardworking Turkish people.

Is there a chance that Erdogan will be removed from office? He seems to control everything in the country, including the media.

If it comes to a very serious crisis with Russia, there is a chance that the military will remove him because they know very well what the consequences will be. They will be catastrophic for Turkey. Moreover, many young people are against what Erdogan does. They have nothing against Russia. I definitely think that the Turkish economy had such progress thanks to Russia. Over the past 15 years the largest market of Turkey is Russia. Now suddenly they decided to please the Americans. I have no reason to praise Russia because I suffered much from communism, because I was brave and express opinions that power is not fond of. But I think that the Soviet Union had nothing to do with Russia, these are two different systems. This whole Communist dictatorship system was very sick. Both here and there people were suffering. But when I see how are things now, I find that currently Russia is developing very well.

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A lot of what he said, in essence, I cannot disagree with.

One obstacle for people who are new to the country, is that time is not their friend. He has lived in the US for 22 years, which is quite a while. But, how does that compare, to having personally known people, been raised by people, who were born in the US in the 1880´s, as I have. So, I can speak to things for which Mr. Slavov has only read about. I have lived with it.

I agree with him, in regards to Russia. Months before Syria, I began to tell friends, family, that Russia had made it very clear to NATO et al, how it was going to be if they keep up too much nonsense. They did´t use words to tell it. They used deployment of their military assets to do the talking. Currently the US military and European powers are scared silly over the turning of the tables on them. It would take decades of effort to recover from what has happened. Everybody knows it now.

Thank you Southfront for the interview and his perspective.

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