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The US Is Pushing To ‘Non-Peaceful’ Solution Of The Syrian Conflict

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Last week, the US Navy launched Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Ash Sha’irat military airfield operated by the Syrian Air Force near the city of Homs. The launch followed a large-scale media campaign aimed at blaming the Assad government for an alleged chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. The move was described by the mainstream media as a justified response to criminal actions of the Assad regime. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that “steps are underway” on an international coalition to pressure the Syrian president from power. It is worth noting that no investigation was made by the US-led block to confirm these accusations. Despite this, a number of countries, including the UK, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia expressed their full support to the US military actions.

Following the incident, Moscow suspended the memorandum of understanding on flight safety in Syria with the United States, suspended work of a hotline with the Pentagon and announced that it will take additional measures to strengthen the Syrian air defense capabilities in case of possible attacks against the country.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin described the US attack as an act of “aggression against a sovereign nation,” which was carried out based on a “made-up pretext.”

The meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the issue showed further deep divisions among sides involved in the conflict. The US-led block continued blaming Damascus, Moscow and Tehran for the ongoing escalation and opposed the Russian suggestion to investigate jointly the Khan Sheikhoun incident.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, threatened more military strikes on Syria and blamed Russia and Iran for casualties among civilians. Later, Haley clarified the Trump administration’s attitude towards Syria in an interview to CNN. According to the US official, the regime change in Syria is now one of the top priorities of the US foreign policy and a political solution of the crisis is not going to happen “with Assad at the head of the regime.” Haley declared that decreasing the Iranian influence in Syria and combating the ISIS terrorist group are important goals of the current US administration and added that President Donald Trump is already considering the issue of imposing new sanctions on Russia and Iran.

Separately, the Pentagon continued with accusations that Moscow was also responsible to the Khan Sheikhoun incident and it was finding out whether Moscow took part in the alleged chemical attack. Tillerson also pushed the idea that Russia had failed to prevent Syria from carrying out a chemical attack on a rebel-held town.

The large-scale US-led media and diplomatic campaign against the Iranian-Russian-Syrian alliance was strongly supported by the UK. British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson canceled a planned trip to Moscow and announced that London will call for new “very punitive sanctions” on Russia if Moscow does not cut ties with the Syrian government. Johnson also threatened Syria with new military strikes from the US.

In turn, Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov said that the US aggression against Syria works towards the strengthening of terrorism and its aftermaths would affect negatively the regional security. Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova emphasized that the US actions are not related to attempts to learn about chemical weapons in Syria.

“Only recently the Americans and their western allies demanded inspectors sent, some investigation begun into the aircraft which delivered strikes on the militants’ depots and production facilities,” she said. “They demanded a probe into those aircraft and the equipment used in the strikes, and then they deliver strikes right on that equipment.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that a US missile strike against a Syrian airbase last week was “basically wrong” and “benefited terrorism.” He emphasized that “A repeat of such an action could be very dangerous for the region.”

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying declared that China opposes “the use of force” against Syria and it is important “to prevent further deterioration of the situation and uphold the hard-won process of political settlement of the Syrian issue.”

The US missile strike against the Syrian military airfield became another rung on the escalation ladder in the ongoing Syrian war and complicated dramatically any efforts aimed at searching a political solution of the conflict. If the Trump administration continues such actions, the progress in reconciliation of interests of various powers in the conflict will be reversed and the region will be pushed back to the brink of a regional war. The situation will become especially dangerous in case of any incidents between the US and Russian militaries operating in the war-torn country.

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If the United States is so concerned about the proliferation of weapons perhaps we should stop selling them. Your Tomahawk missiles are obsolete. What else you got?

Jonathan Cohen

Especially to theocrats like Saudi Arabia!

Jonathan Cohen

I’m so glad China weighed in against the airstrikes as I accept them as a neutral arbiter who should know whether Assad used chemicals or not. I don’t know, but if Chinese intelligence says the chemicals were AQ then I will believe them. Thank you China! Trump seems to have forgotten that Hayat Tarir Al-Sham is Al Qaeda. So if I was Assad, then in response to this, I would transfer forces from Daesh fronts to concentrate on squeezing out HTS pockets and making sure the terrorists in them can never fight again. Let the US/YPG fight Daesh and Turkey too while you concentrate on HTS/AQ. That is after allowing abortions of course.


An unintended consequence of the defeat of Western backed terrorists and the re-election of President Assad will be a Syria protected with up to date missiles and aircraft together with a battle hardened military that will make the Zionists all over the globe choke on their Bagels :)

This is what the US is desperate to frustrate in my opinion.

Martin Smith

Yes it’s frustratingly apparent that the POSSIBILITY of Israel having to defend itself with it’s huge and well equipped army is worth the lives of thousands of western servicemen in a preemptive war.

Jonathan Cohen

They wouldn’t need or have modern missiles if they didn’t get repeatedly attacked by the US and Israel, and the battle hardened military would be likewise smaller from attrition, exhausted, and short on ammo; that is unless Russia restocks them in response to direct western attacks like with the Tomahawks. Frankly that’s okay with me as I want the abortion rights forces of Turkey, YPG, Russia, EU, Bahrain and USA to take the whole middle east from the antiabortion forces of Assad, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, UAE, PLO/PA and recently Israel. Those are the real sides on the only important issue.

Daniel Castro

Stop this abortion rights nonsense, this has ZERO importance!

Justin Ryan

I think a lot of BUK-M3’s, Pantsir S-2’s and S-300’s / 350’s are on their way to Syria. The Russian’s brought in the S-400 system after turkey shot down a Russian SU-24, they’ll bring in a lot more for the US.

Cheryl Brandon

Well done Syria; They will need real hardware to stop the Israhellis from robbing them of land and air raids!


Russia’s aim, though, is to support Iran in this region. I think that is their goal. So, even though Russia accuses the US off supporting terrorists, they are supporting Iran and Iranian backed proxies in the region. Am I correct?


The Russian aim is to halt the rise of US Coalition sponsored terrorism via proxy jihadists that have been the tools of the US subversion and plunder of the Middle East and beyond for decades. Iran has been on the US hit list since the last Shah and Western puppet ( warlord) was removed by the will of the Iranian populace.

Russia has also endured this style proxy terror in Chechnya that was also intended to emasculate Russia so that the US could continue the rape and plunder of the Russian Federation.

Those of us alive today are now witnessing the demise of an empire, in this case the US Empire. We live in dangerous times as the US deep state thrashes around in their death throws.

Solomon Krupacek

iraqi shiita leader told, assad should go


Solomon Krupacek “…iraqi shiita leader told,…”

Who told him ?

Solomon Krupacek

dont ask me. i repeated only words of powerful leader in iraq

Martin Smith

i think the US administration has already decided upon war, they are now simply maneuvering to place the blame on the Russians. From the sabre-rattling in North Korea, it even seems they are willing to fight in multiple theaters as part of a grand strategy to further their geo-political aims. It might be a case of strategic over-reach, with their allies no doubt obligated to weigh in to make up numbers if necessary.

Jonathan Cohen

Anything that big would go nuclear. I sure hope they know it.


It would be much more serious than the abortion issue !

Jonathan Cohen

No it wouldn’t, because none of the nuke builders or terrorists were aborted. All territorial and resource wars are caused by abortion rights violations.

John Mason

US is bluffing but the problem is, will Russia take them up on it.

Martin Smith

Yes I think a nuclear exchange is entirely possible in the present mood of escalation. This is Hitler style gambling on the part of Trump. He seems to want geo-political coups without war, like Hitler did with the Rhineland, Austria and Czechoslovakia. At the same time, the neocon camp in the US would probably like to use a shooting war with Russia to eject them from the Middle East.

Brad Isherwood

Fight Terrorism with a credit card :) US Empire and its Slaves http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-11/beware-dogs-war-american-empire-verge-collapse

888mladen .


John Marks

Today’s Belfast Telegraph quotes Eren Erdem, Turkish MP, “Turkey supplied poison gas to the jihadis.” In addition, questions are being asked about Osmon Ozon, Turkish intelligence officer. No need to ask about Amir Abou al-Baraa al-Sheshani of al-Nusra: he is already notorious.

John Mason

It is always the same crowd, US, UK, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the perpetrators, instigators and sponsors of the conflict. Putin is aware of that and he is slowly drawing them out and confronting them according to International Law and the UN Charter which specifically condemns any nation that violates, constructs and instigates war without UN approval. Syrian war is not a civil war since 80 odd foreign forces are fighting the Syrian Government.


The Iranians in Iraq are making them nervous , after Mosul is liberated , ISIS will be basically done in Iraq . Hezbolla and the Iranian militias are very likely to follow ISIS into Syria and help the SAA . Turkey will of course weigh in with the US , in hopes of driving a wedge between them and the Kurds . Good to see China voice a reasonable response .


OK, if there is not way to get a peace because USA_OTAN_israel do not want to, let us find the way to get a military victory over the terrorists created by USA-OTAN-Israel, will it be necessary to defeat also these countries ?

gfsdyughjgd .

USA is rule by stupid racist old fat fuck and Pentagon is rule by a old iluminati old fat fuck pathing Obamas return.Thanks to both fat fucks.

Mr. Jackson

Lyndsay McCain must be disappointed …LOL :)

Mr. Jackson


888mladen .

Trump according to his own words enjoyed a chocolate cake in company of Chinese president while the cruise missiles were launched at Syrian airbase. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/04/trump-ate-beautiful-chocolate-cake-while-bombing-syria.html

Now consider this.

“If you were Vlad the Impaler (more commonly known as Dracula) of 15th century Romania, you simply impaled your victims by forcing them to sit on a sharp and thick pole. The pole was then raised upright and the victim was left to slide further down the pole by his or her own weight.

Often, the pole would emerge through the sternum so that its tip could be placed under the chin to prevent further sliding. It could take the victim three days to die. Vlad did this to between 20,000 and 300,000. It is said he enjoyed having a meal while watching impalements.” http://www.oddee.com/item_96596.aspx

What a striking similarity in mental disorder. Trump seems to be a modern version of him.

Cheryl Brandon

The only grown up foreign policies are coming from Russia/China and Iran. This is in response to the irratic/unprofessional/undiplomatic and undemocratic behaviour of the Military Junta USA Ltd, which gave Russia 48 hours to get out off town???. Sounds really familiar? Check out the old famous american western movies???. This is because, Israel pressured them’ Washingtstein into action because, they failed to threaten Russia and Russian re Iran and Syria? Also, the hate Russia for outing them about their arming/training and exporting of terrorism! Shame pushes rage and vicious/childish/ reaction to their CRIMES in the ME. Shame on you USA Military Junta Ltd! Shame on you for using Al Tanf as a CIA weapons running operation, which SAA was a coming too close to in April 17? They want the OIL come what may and Israhell must have more land!


I would like to know who are these rebels US is supporting besides the Kurds?

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