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The US Is Building “Super Bunker” Near the White House?


The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?


It appears that the US may be constructing a secret “super bunker” near the White House, the blog Vatfor reported citing collected reports and documents. The text below is based on the overview released by Vatfor:

The story of “Contract C-9568” begins back in 2002. In the federal district of Columbia, to implement a major federal contract, two construction companies – Clark Construction and Kiewit created two joint ventures, “Clark Kiewit III a Joint Venture” and “Clark/Kiewit C4ISR being a Joint Venture”, based in the Arlington area, right behind the Pentagon.

Clark is known for the construction of various military bases and federal buildings, although there are subways in its portfolio. And Kiewit just specializes in mines and metro. Although energy projects are also included in the portfolio.

The newly created Clark / Kiewit III has concluded with the US Navy contract number C-9568, which wasn’t added to any of the registries of the American military or federal contracts, until 2018.

Clark / Kiewit decided to vouch with the US Navy in court. The question was eventually settled with a settlement, but the case got to the court’s website.

There was, however, a subcontract – 02-C-9568 on the public procurement website. And it was concluded with the Private Security Company New Age Protection, which at least from 2005 to 2012 guarded certain objects under an agreement with this number. New Age Protection was created in 2003, general director is a former marine, the President is a former Pentagon official who has been involved in various special facilities and categorized rooms all his life.

Since 2002, secret construction has been on-going in Washington, undertaken by Clark and Kiewit, and it’s only reported in various complaints by residents to various news outlets.

This was taking place around the premises of the US Vice President at the time, and it is located on the Naval Observatory grounds. When journalists asked for a comment on the construction, the Navy admitted there was something happening, but no other information could be provided. It was claimed that a “utility assessment and upgrade” was taking place.

Google maps shows the following situation in 2002. It shows a hangar under which the mine is located, in which the above-mentioned underground construction is carried out:

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

In 2003, the underground construction finished, and the hanger moved to a new place, where it remained for 13 years. The Google maps image shows an island on the Potomac River, located directly opposite the Pentagon.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

Activists of the national movement Save the Mall, protecting the national parks from destruction, soon came across this construction site. By the way, this island is a national park called East Potomac Park and you cannot build anything in it without going through a lot of procedures, including public hearings. But no such thing appears to have taken place.

The directorate of the national park told activists that the land was seized from them implicitly and nothing was explained, and then they were sent to the US Navy to get further comments, and they were assured that everything was in order: there was only a “utility assessment and upgrade” in the park, same as above in 2002.

Park defenders took a couple of photos of the construction site from the ground.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

In all open sources, this site, by the way, was designated as the Clark / Kiewit utility project.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

The third hangar appeared in 2008 at the midway point between the two previous ones. The location fell into a clearing next to the left wing of the White House.  Former US President Barack Obama can be seen on the background of the hanger in 2008.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

At first, journalists did not pay attention to it, but as soon as excavation work began outside of it, reports began surfacing about the secret construction in the White House. Vatfor tried to look at who the contractor was for the construction work, trying to see the logos on the vehicles the workers used, they were all hidden.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

The White House did not deny the direction of construction, and even in the book “The White House under Obama” it was written that a “five-story bunker” was built underground.

Back in East Potomac Park, in 2015, the hangar was finally dismantled. A Google satellite image from the time showed how the hangar is being dismantled, and a freshly constructed building is already under it.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

Following the completion of construction, a small house remained in the Naval Observatory, which can also be seen on Google maps.

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

The location prior to construction. Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

The location in 2018, after construction concluded. Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

In general, the construction of the system lasted a long 14 years and was completed in 2016. Considering that the USA does not experience significant problems with financing defense projects, such a huge construction period can only speak of how massive the project really must be.

If it was placed on a map, it should look something like this:

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

There also appears to be another facility that has a massive water intake, for an unclear purpose. It is located on Pentagon ground. There is an image on Google maps, as well as a photograph of the entrance:

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image. Source: t.me/vatfor

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

The depth of the projects is unclear, but special objects were buried up to 150-200 meters back in the 1960s and that’s not impressive. There is also a sort of “magic number” when it comes to depth – 700 meters, which is the penetrating effect of nuclear munitions on special fortifications, according to various reports. And the depth is even less than the project of the so-called Deep Underground Command Center from the sixties, which was proposed to dig more than a kilometer.

There also appear to be attempts to remove all information regarding the project from the web, with only some pictures remaining accessible, such as a picture entitled “Underground Center.”

The US Is Building "Super Bunker" Near the White House?

Click to see full-size image

It is unclear if it has a nuclear power supply and anything else for the facility is unclear. Individuals who post on social media about the construction appear to have connections to the Navy such as Ronald Castro and Blake Swenson.

In conclusion, the object appears to have been built successfully and lark / Kiewit continue their work. For example, they won a tender for the construction of a civil subway in Washington and already plunged into a series of scandals related to the supply of low-quality materials, poor-quality work, failure to meet deadlines and so on.

Regardless, there is very little known about it, other than it likely being a massive underground construction and that it potentially has a nuclear power source.




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  • Hasbara Hunter


    • Justin

      Jesus dude calm down and think logically for just one minute!
      China openly copies tech! Russian jets for example!
      They purchased 2 dozen SU-35s but initially only wanted the engines! Russia wouldnt sell just the engines! China could NOT produce super cruise!
      We all know China copies, steals, hacks and buys!
      We all know Clinton was selling tech to special Access programs to China!
      They even sold Uranium to Russia!

      Now ask yourself this question!
      Who usually leads the tech?
      What is the cost to be 1 or 2 steps ahead for such Research and development?
      The B2 Stealth bomber was operational in the 1970’s
      So too the Stealth F117
      The tomohawk cruise missile was being used in the 1990 Gulf war! It was operational in 1980!
      19 MOTHER FUCKING 80!

      So when u think of China and hyper sonic weapons (and even announcing they have them) please understand that this is called “posturing”! Russia has done this too by revealing their new weapons!

      Understand that Russia had breadlines in 1999!
      China was a peasant farm!

      U need think white and get serious! OKAY?
      The USA does not disclose its technology until its used on a battle field!
      Even then, its at least 10 years old but futuristic to its adversaries!

      If u think China has a hypersonic weapons and the USA doesnt, thats just your brain and pro Russia and pro china sites telling u bullshit!

      If these weapons gave them the edge, why is China behaving so submissive?
      Dont give me excuses!
      China is getting ass fucked with the whole world threatening to kick them from the WTO for IP theft!

      Listen carefully and think with a white mans brain for one moment! The USA (that very rich nation who develops everything FIRST) are many decades ahead of China! Hypersonic is not new! Russia’s iskander is hypersonic! Ballistic missiles are hypersonic! The nation who was furthest ahead in SCRAM jet tech in the 1980’s was the USA! They developed it all first dude! Also defensively lasers kill these things cheaply!

      u are using CAPS letters because u are emotional!

      Also Trump is killing the elites! Your cave man brain doesnt know this because u are not smart (obviously) and have your head so far up your own ass that u dont even know about the intelligence war going on inside the USA! U have absolutely no idea and u probably dont care!

      Why do u think suddenly israel closed all its embassies?
      The vatican bank was raided
      Bin talal alweed was held hostage
      Crown prince of saudi changed leadership
      US pulls out of Syira
      MSM hates Trump
      Bagdaddi was killed only 2 weeks before israel announced all ebassies to close!
      Do u have any fuckin idea at all? or do u just ignore this shit?
      Does ur brain think u should look deeper into this or do u just beat ur chest like a cave man?

      if u are a white man! u should be ashamed of yourself for being so dumb!
      if u are not white, then your behaviour is normal!

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Everything you tell me I already know…and yes Trump can be either a Clown or the Greatest actor of all times and should get an Oscar for it…Elites will Die or at least 90% of Humanity will…I am not even interested in War-Technology…useless equipment in any Nuclear War…We will see where it all ends Yangeese in the mean time I can tell you that we have lost 70% of Bio-Diversity & that our Oceans have Dead-Zones…waterways polluted…Dream on Gringo…Everything is going downhill pretty rapidly….I see extinction of Men glooming at the Horizon…so Fuck any War…Men Failed…

        • Hide Behind

          I too see a world that is already in throes of dying on a massive scale and increasingly becoming less habitable to not just humans but all life forms.
          I oft wonder if there be peoples of power who do not see same scenario and at present are trying to gain for their own futures the remaining wealth and resources to increase own survivability during a chaotic future.
          If not some leaders of power are inviting those of more wealth and power ,such as New Zeland and Various weak nations of Africa and South America so they too may survive.
          Tens of Millions of acres have been bought and put aside by wealthiest, being done almost exclusively of European white Elies, of earths last pristine lands; all of which is not available from within their own National boundaries.
          Foreign lands as retreats for when SHTF is their only option as most of their world has become borderline uninhabitable or unsustainable by their own actions.
          Their are many semi wealthy and not realy affiliated with powers that be who use their capital gains to also buy up tracts of lands. even whole Islands or parts of Islands that are becoming havens for other minor millionaires, a club for the clubby Types.
          In a few lands US, Canada and Australia, with large mostly unpopulated land masses there are indeed large retreats owned by elites but even there, US is one of most polluted nations on earth, such retreats may prove unsustainable without outright military dictatorships.
          It seems as if wealthy within US are planning just such a scenario when the coming catastrophes destroy most of their populace.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Eradicate the Criminal Elite Tumor…Redivide their Wealth & Assets…they became rich by Destroying Nations & Stealing Resources…Killing Billions of people in the past 500 Years…Chop the Head off the Snake…Then perhaps Humanity will be able to shake hands and start trying to truly save what is slowly dying at the moment…If they don’t Cliffs will be waitin’ for them at the end of the road….Balance in Nature will be restored…Either way will be fine by me…the choice is up to them Sheeples….

            Ps It is very easy to starve 80% of the world population to death these days…in the blink of an Eye…Elites will make parents eat their children

        • Justin

          what u dont know:

          ZioNazis propped up China!
          ZioNazis transferred tech to China!
          US revolution happening! (Proof: Vatican bank raided, Israel Embassies close, US pullout of Syria, Epstein jailed, info taken, epstein dead, royals fucked, Shake hands with KJU over the DMZ border, recorded phone call with Ukrainian intel agents who helped hillary)
          Much much more than this!
          You dont know whats going on! just admit it!
          If u back China, then u definitely dont know whats going on!

          it doesnt take a smart person to know Putin And Trump are allies! its obvious if u look at relevant information!

          As for the world going to shit, u can blame than on the elites!

          As for saving the world, u can thank Trump. Putin!

          As for hearing this info for the first time, u can thank me!
          Remember my name!
          December 11 is a very big date!
          Just remember my name and tell your friends about me!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I think you need to relax a bit…again if Trump & Putin are working together against the Satanic Khazarian AshkeZioNazi Cabal then that is very very good…But as I said I know that the Divided States of Murica is a Greedy..Treacherous… Lying…Treaty Breaking…Genocidal Entity since 1776… why would I believe everything they say right now…I see what is happening & you can be right…but you can also be terribly wrong…I learned a lot from American Truthseekers…a small group of Americans is doing an excellent job…but it still is a small group…the Majority of Americans are Arrogant..Brainless Sheeples that think the World belongs to them…too Stupid to realize how they have been fucked by the AngloZioNazis…If they understood only Half of it…Washington would already have been turned into a Smoking Crater..Heads on Pikes!

          • Justin

            What u dont know!
            Why is BBC attacking Royals? I thought Royals controlled state media?
            What does the cops do when they capture a mafia guy that they can lock up for life?
            They make him wear a wire!
            Reality: You dont fight the Elites and the royals, you get the elites and the royals to fight each other! And destroy each other!

            Rothschilds (mossad and israel) vs Royals and Lords!
            Who was captured at epsetin island and manision?
            Prince Andrew?
            Mossad Boss and Former Israeli PM?
            Robert Maxwell was Mossad’s best Spy (also worked for KGB and MI6) Daughter Ghislane maxwell was Epsetin handler?
            Racheal Chandler (Chandler – Child Handler)

            They werent just fucking kids, they were trafficking them, sacrificing them (Cult) and trafficking drugs! Foreign aid was just boomerang! send aid to nations and those nations employ your kids as directors!

            East India company now at war with United Kingdom! SURVIVAL!

            I told u there is much more to this than u know!
            intelligence war just created Elite Mafia war!
            Im on your side, but your not!
            GOD WINS!

            VIDEO BELOW! Think opposite! Make them fight each other!
            Russia and USA are now unofficial allies!
            it has been REVERSED! Hunter becomes the hunted!


          • Hasbara Hunter

            You say I’m not on your side…but I’m with Good common Folks…and against Evil m*therfuckers…I suppose you are too…so actually we are on the same side…In case of any war I will be Hunting for Elites…in the meantime I keep informing peoples in my simple & humble way….Peoples are more powerful than all the Elitists & their Praetorian Guards together…gotta win the hearts & Minds of them Peoples before the shit hits the Fan…Again if Putin & Trump are Working together that would be a very good thing…

      • Damien C

        It is rare in life to find an author so intellectually
        challenged yet so enthusiastic about displaying their restrictions as a badge
        of honour.
        You’re all singing all dancing technologically superior military
        that you hold up so proudly as a beacon for mankind and the gold standard for
        military prowess does have a few historical flaws that you failed to mention.

        1) The USA had a vastly superior military equipped with all the modern weapons and chemical
        weapons against an enemy before and got humiliated.
        The USA had a massive Navy and air force delivering chemical weapons and unbelievable
        fire-power to the battle front yet got their arse kicked by kids in pyjamas
        armed only with AK47s and RPG’s

        2) Trump is not eliminating the elites; there is absolutely
        no base to that ridiculous utterance! A person would need to be languishing
        around the single digit IQ to even comprehend such fanciful notion. Trump has
        proven to be lining his own pockets and that of the elite you refer to with
        gargantuan tax breaks that the ordinary clown in the street such as yourself
        will have to pay for.

        3) The MI Abrahms was super spec’ed yet it was stopped by
        RPG’s your main battle tank was stopped by RPG 7s not even a TOW or Kornet in site.

        4) The USA
        put the worlds most sophisticated boat in the waters of the Black
        sea it was brand new top of the shelf all singing all dancing, the
        Russians left it dead in the water.

        5) The billions upon billions the USA spent on the F35 F22 stealth projects
        yet most radar can follow them in real time. What a waste the F35 spends 95% of
        its time in maintenance hangars.

        6) The Bradley IFV is the biggest heap of scrap on the battlefield
        yet it’s your gold standard

        7) Your Patriot missile system is just comedy gold pure and
        simple absolute nonsense!

        I could go on and on but hell unlike yourself I have a life
        that is full of realit

        • Justin

          “1) The USA had a vastly superior military equipped with all the modern weapons and chemical
          weapons against an enemy before and got humiliated.”

          JAPAN? That one doesnt count? Space race? Doesnt count? Ability to launch over 90 aircraft with much much heavier loads than any other carrier based aircraft? Subs dont count either? No? What about THAAD? No? 1970’s stealth doesnt count? no? Cruise missiles invented in the 80’s. 20 years with super cruise engines? No? not good enough? THINK WHITE AND GET SERIOUS!

          “2) Trump is not eliminating the elites; there is absolutely
          no base to that ridiculous utterance!”

          BADADDI DIES, Israel closes embassies, Vatican bank raided, Crosses NK DMZ to shake hands with KJU, Epstein raided, Prince andrew on TV, THINK WHITE AND GET SERIOUS

          listen carefully!
          Calm before the storm

          “virgin islands = Epstein island”
          “Dead Centre = DC”
          “bigger than andrew”
          intelligence war!



          3) The MI Abrahms was super spec’ed yet it was stopped by

          Did u see what Chinese Tank China just came out with? Think white and get serious!

          “4) The USA
          put the worlds most sophisticated boat in the waters of the Black

          i agree with this! i love Russia and i love Putin! AEGIS seems to be compromised! Keep in mind Russia did this, not China!

          “5) The billions upon billions the USA spent on the F35”
          i 100% agree the budget was over blown! The Osprey helicopter was 9 times its budget! in the end they got a haveny lift helicopter that travels much much further, much much faster, whilst carrying much much more cargo than any helicopter in the world! 200km faster than the faster helicopter, flies 5000 feet higher, carries as much weight as a chinook, can land on ships, has 7 times range (7 fucking times range)! Was it worth it? YES! As for f-35 is it worth it? Well the answer is, does it work? There is more proof it worked than it doesnt work! just look at whats happening on the border of Iraq and Syria! We will see! staying 1 step ahead is very expensive! YOU FUCKING KNOW THAT!

          “6) The Bradley IFV is the biggest heap of scrap”

          Your opinion! Not an important piece of equipment! u are talking about advanced tech! Remember, “quantity is a quality all on its own”! Russian quote!

          “7) Your Patriot missile system is just comedy

          99% success rate!
          Did Russian pantsrs hit all? NO! How was Israel able to still hit any target it wished to destroy? Huh? If u are going to be critical, then be fair and critisize russian failures too!

          “I could go on and on but hell unlike yourself I have a life
          that is full of realit”

          Shall we talk about the things that are really good? Shall we?
          You sound like a bitter, biased person who is having a good old bitch and moan!
          Why does the US have the best air kill ratio?
          Why did Russia back down when Mattis said he gave the order to kill 200 russian Mercs?
          you are so obviously leaving a lot out! you dont know what the US has!You just dont! u just read you sites and then u walk away like a good little sheep thinking u know! YOU DONT!

        • Justin


          u are like an ant walking up to a cell phone tower and not knowing JACK SHIT about what is in front of u nor understanding what it does!
          Thats what u are to me! A FUCKING ANT WHO KNOWS FUCK ALL!

        • Justin

          u have a lot to learn!
          Putin and Trump are allies!

          only u are too dumb to know this!
          Elites are being deleted!

          if u swallow your pride and admit to me u know NOTHING but u wish to learn what i know, then kneel before me and i shall teach u!

          otherwise get the fuck out of my way because big brains are running the show!


      • Harry Smith

        Justin, have only one question: why USA didn’t used those super-duper technologies to protect Saudi oil industry from cheap Chinese drones sold en masse at AliExpress?

        • Justin

          Easy to answer with a question!

          Harry, Why did Russia allow so many US cruise missiles to hit Syrian Targets?
          Did they hit the airbase?

          What else did they hit?
          What CLASSIFIED targets within Syria did Russia ALLOW the USA to hit?

          When did we hear first about Syria having a nuclear power station? Does it still exist? When did we hear about Iran producing Medium Range Ballistic Missiles in Syria? Do they still exist? If Russia can protect Hemimium airbase 100% why cant Russia protect Damascus and other areas 100%??
          Was Iran escaping Obama’s nuclear treaty by producing nukes in Syria? Was their nuclear enrichment plant in Syria? Does it still exist?

          1. A SECRET nuclear power station existed in Syria (FACT)
          2. Iranian MRBM factories existed in Syria (FACT)
          3. Iranian Nuclear enrichment plant existed in Syria (CLASSIFIED / UNKNOWN)
          4. Russia can protect Hemimim 100% but not other airbases? WHY??

          What did the US cruise missiles Hit? We know missile factories were blown up! We know Syrian nuke plant was destroyed, what else? Why would Russia allow?

          Russia and the USA know something we dont! Working together between Trump and Putin? WHY?

          Saudi Arabia!
          Why did the Saudi Crown Prince Change after Trump was elected?
          Why was Bin tala Alaweed jailed and held captive for a month or 2? WHY?
          Why is this relevant?
          Are the Saudi really friends with the USA? REALLY?
          US oil unlocked? Biggest producer? EXPORT?
          after the attack Who benefitted?
          Qui Bono
          5% oil market share opens up
          oil price rises by 21%
          Who benefits?
          Did saudi lose oil or did they only use capacity to ship oil?

          99% success rate! Why fail in Saudi? WHY?

          Do u truly know whats happening? World events!

          Think White!

          • Harry Smith

            Don’t want to upset you but USA fracking passed the peak point this year. or you really think that USA is worried about simple Venezuelans or protects oil from ISIS which was defeated by USA, as Trump said last year?

          • Justin

            im not American im Australian!
            USA has 2nd largest reserves of oil and gas! PERIOD!
            Venezuela is about China! THINK!
            u need to think MORE!
            i feel like u are a fish swimming in your fish bowl knowing only what u know inside your little world!
            Dont talk to me dude! i catch fish and eat them whilst talking on my mobile phone! Leagues ahead of you!

            See u when u catch up in 4 billion years of evolution!

          • Harry Smith

            Oh the most superior life on the Earth! The stupid fish beginning you to answer a dumb and stupid question because other questions fish does not have. Please the wisest of the wisest, could you explain me what role the Basel III plays in the current big geopolitical game.

          • Justin

            “Justin, have only one question: why USA didn’t used those super-duper technologies to protect Saudi oil industry from cheap Chinese drones sold en masse at AliExpress?”

            Iranian Drones!

            Failure on purpose!
            Follow the money!
            Intelligence war! (the one u know nothing about)
            What happened to oil prices?
            What happened to oil market share?
            Who was punished?
            or Both?

            The answer you are looking for is highlighted above!
            You didnt understand my first reply which is why i called u a “fish”!
            The reason why this will be hard for u to believe is because u dont know where to find this information!

            Think USS Liberty
            Think Gulf of Tonkin
            Think 9/11
            Think murder of JFK

            What do all of these events have in common?

            Follow the money!
            Think white and get serious!
            Saudi is not a true ally of the USA!
            Why was Bin Talal Alaweed abducted not long after Trump became President?
            Did catching Epstein HELP the royal family or damage it?
            Why catch Epstein in the first place if it hurts important Western people so much?
            If Epstein worked for Israeli Mossad (Handler is Ghislan Maxwell, Robert Maxwell’s daughter top mossad spy) then why would US intelligence services capture him?
            Why the need to kill him? Who was linked to him?

            Do u even understand what is going on?
            Allies are enemies!
            Enemies are allies!
            Intelligence war!
            Youre a fish in a fish bowl!
            Thats why u cant believe it! u already have your programmed narrative disabling your ability to THINK! When something doesnt add up do u just walk away or do u investigate and work out the problem!
            Youre too small for this!
            if u want answers and where to find them, drop me a line and crawl out of that fish bowl you swim in!

          • Justin

            *U want to know why the US would deliberately disable its air defences?

            *Tell me why the US would Capture Epstein only to damage Israel and the UK so badly!

            LISTEN CAREFULLY! (INTELLIGENCE WAR) (Virgin islands = Epstein island, Dead Centre = Washington DC, Bigger than Andrew = MOSSAD / Israeli PM and more)


            If the USA (Since Trump) are allied with UK and Israel, why the fuck would the FBI capther and CHARGE and JAIL Epstein who is linked to Israeli Mossad Boss and former Prime minister AND Prince Andrew?
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4803e035f17c9b787b85a1ccdf125b15b48b3771dba4360cb8898b0f750acdec.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aec213c4cfeb4f13e9b7d62b7063394b2eb55f2179d3e3892465f424465ee17b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c81fadbf0f41aa99464f634a33789d86406f6961e8cf5205626be09b13b39eb8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44fabd0ea08e00a0bac671bfb72933c3ef5144f008e7447391f0daee7c22cd1b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d627952a7d4a8f17085e2e7f52f9a4c58695de61596eb64874f6d51691cc429.jpg

            Who is Ghislane Maxwell and who is her Father Robert Maxwell?
            Who do they work for?

            What was Epstein island for?
            Drug trafficking, human trafficking (between south and north america) and honey trap to control US foreign policy!

            Was Saudi also Controlling US foreign Policy?
            Who is Huma Abedin? Family are Muslim Brother hood? (Saudi Sunni?)
            Who is Valerie Jarrett? (Iranian Shiite?)
            Who is George Soros? (Globalist Zionist?)
            Who is Bin Tala Alaweed? (Saudi PRINCE sunni wahabbi?)

            Why are they all working together?
            Why did Israel close its embassies?
            Why was the vatican bank raided?
            Why is North Korea shaking hands with Trump?
            Why is Prince Andrew in trouble?
            Why did they kill Epstein?

            Are u thinking? ARE YOU? or are u swimming around ur fish bowl wondering What the fuck is going on?

            Why do i know the answers to these questions but u dont!
            Intelligence war happening right under your nose and you are STILL asking questions like a fucking cave man! EVOLVE, become smart and then i will point you to a place where u can find out everything is going on!

          • Justin
          • Harry Smith

            I am on your side, but youre not!

            Dude look – all this wars conventional, trade etc are just decoration. Here is a very simplified description. According to the Basel II, every sovereign state member of the IMF could emit national currency equal to the national bank reserves in gold and international reserve currencies. The US dollar and USA govt treasuries were the 1st class reserves and you could emit your national currency in amount of 1:1 to these reserves, while gold was 3d class reserve and you could emit only 50% of the cost of the gold in your reserves.
            But Basel III signed in 2010-2011 declares gold as 1st class reserve. That means you don’t have to buy US dollars and treasuries to emit your national money. Gold is enough for it.
            So at the moment Basel III was signed, USA became dead men walking. This agreement starts it’s function in 2022. And as USA dollar will lose it’s last protection, USA has to face very difficult times, while the World financial centre start it’s migration to another country.
            All these trade wars, sanctions and conventional wars are nothing but a try to make another world economy system which will be some how independent of USA dollar and impact of USA fall would be not so devastating.
            Just an opinion of a smart whale heard by the stupid fish in the bowl.

          • Justin

            Google Kyle Bass! Try to understand the info he is giving!


            The US debt is now a forgone conclusion! All nations in the world are doing currency manipulation and Austerity!
            The race is now not about who is in more debt (by the way China has over 50 trillion in debt FACT), the race is to KICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD A LITTLE LONGER to be the last man standing!

            So yes the US Fed is printing a lot but China much more so!
            The US economy is picking up whilst China’s is going down!

            China has a 11 Trillion economy but 50+Trillion in debt
            The USA has a 30 Trillion economy (they added 11 trillion) but are 24 trillion in debt!

            Both countries will eventually succumb to the debt! But who can keep their economy going longer? Who will collapse first?

            Once a winner is established, who can push their military spending to the max to come out as a dominate nation even when the worlds economy has collapsed?

            What is the new monetary system?
            Originally SDR’s were to be made up of Strong currencies like pieces of a pie!
            China was to get 40% and USA 43% of this pie!

            BUT NOW?
            China will get much less, maybe 15% and the USA about 70%
            So when this new IMF SDR kicks in, who will have the major power in their currency for world trade?

            China doesnt have any Gold! its all a lie!
            USA does have the Gold!
            Does China have oil? NO!
            Does China have Gas? NO!
            China has rare earths (but so does the USA)
            Can china be kicked from the WTO for IP theft and slave trade? YES!

            America will come out on top! Thats why Trump was brought in!
            USA does have reserves! USA can kick the debt down the road for another 10 years! China cant! China is fucked within 2 years!

            You dont know the importance of Hong Kong to China! It was the only way China could turn its fake money into real money! From RMB to Hong Kong Dollars which can then be transferred to US dollars!
            Thats why China invented the YUAN!
            But guess what? The YUAN is fake too! its backed by Gold but they dont have any gold! its all a lie! The YUAN would just say “backed by gold” but its really just a certificate!
            Why do u think China doesnt allow outside nations see their markets?
            China is fucked!
            tech theft, ip theft! They even steal for example German tech which was manufactured in china! Then they make a chinese company in germany and undercut the German company who patented the tech! then that same German cant is banned from competing in China!

            Do u understand? China is being kicked from the WTO!

            i dont think u understand what is happening!
            Also dont invest in Crypto, because once someone announces that they have a quantum computer, crypto is no longer safe because the encryption for all coins can be broken fast!

      • Nosferatu

        So basicaly what you are saying is “we do have better weapons than Russians and Chinnese, because we are obviously better than them so we obviously have better weapons then them”. But no proof whatsoever to support your claim. Do you know where your point fails? Deterrence weaopns such as strategic or tactical nuke carriers do not fullfill their deterrence purpose when the enemy does not know you have it.

        • Justin

          How do u KNOW what Russia and China has?
          They either have to showcase it in a parade OR make a media release for special circumstances!
          When has the USA EVER showcased their top tech in a parade or on a special event?
          Name one time!
          The reason why Russia and China do it is for a defensive posture!
          Think logically! Why showcase new weapons! Shouldnt they remain classified?
          Would u show the faces of your tier one special forces?
          Would u showcase stealth 12 years before u even used it?
          Cruise missiles 10 years before u used it?
          Would it not be better for the enemy to find out on the battle field rather than giving them 10 years to manufacture / design a counter defensive or copied weapon?
          Why is this so hard to understand?
          it not hard to understand at all!
          The reason why u argue is because of your personal bias and your failure to use logic!
          What happened to Russia in 1990? BREAD LINES!
          They only got rich between 2007 and 2012 due to high oil prices! i was in Russia in 2007! there were so many beggers on the street!

          Where was China in 1990? it was a peasant farm!

          Why are we even having this conversation?

          Why do u let personal bias or pride get in the way of logic?
          i have no doubt if u had to bet all u own (house or car) on the notion that China or Russia had better tech than the USA, u would not take that bet! because deep down u know the odds of winning that bet are very low! ur mind and your gut would be telling u to abort from that bet!

          So why are u here pretending u know?
          u dont know!
          lets just leave it at that shall we?

          • Nosferatu

            Russia was poor in 1990s because they accepted the western society model – capitalism, that turned out to be US colonialism towards Russia. But they still managed to maintain their strategic nuclear forces in good shape and this deterrence factor prevented US strike on a much weakened Russia. Now US is in decline. Its debt is enourmous and its vassal are strting to rebel. macron even proclaimed NATO braindead. So US would surely show some new weapons in order to show that they are still on top fo their game and in order for those weapons to fullfill their deterrence purpose, if they had such weaopns. Even numerous US army and pentagon officials admited US is lacking behing in hypersonic weapons. What about lasers? Russia has them operational, US still testing…..

          • Justin

            oh so we basically change everything done in US history (top secret means top fucking secret” because u ASSUME they should show their weapons due to debt?
            Do u also realise their economy is flying at the moment too?
            Do u know how fucked China’s economy is?
            Have u ever heard of SDR’s? (the new monetary system)

            So youre saying to me that the tests the USA were doing in the early 1980’s on hypersonic engines (SCRAM JETS) have gone no where? REALLY?
            But Russia and China got them to completion whilst going through extreme financial hardships?


            A hypersonic Glide vehicle IS NOT HIGH TECH! its a fucking glider that takes a ride on a normal ballistic missile, then detaches and glides! The only tech it needs is material to withstand heat!

            SCRAM jets are what make true hypersonic missiles! Gliders dont mean jack shit! And im sure the USA has millions of them!

            China’s gliders mean fuck all!
            Russia’s iskander is the best of the known hypersonic weapons because it can act as a cruise missile too!

            Do u realise Russia still hasnt produce a hypersonic drive SCRAM jet yet?
            Do u realise China hasnt got a SCRAM jet either?
            Do u realise China cant even produce Supercruise engines for their 5th Gen fighter?
            America has had supercruise since 2000!
            ALL of their planes (even the old ones) are being fitted with supercruise engines and China has to be whole SU-35’s aircraft from russia because they cant reverse engineer Russian jet engines!

            Yet u think they have made SCRAM jets?
            They are fucking Hypersonic GLIDERS sitting on the top of a fucking normal ballistic missile ya dumb ass!

            China’s economy is fucked!
            Its also a fake economy!
            u truly have no idea whats going on! i could literally send u 50 links to explain how wrong u are!

    • FlorianGeyer

      In effect, the corrupt clowns who control the USA will have ‘Family Tickets’ to the bunkers.

      The cost of these bunkers would have solved the US homeless problems and much more.

      Instead the clowns hope to survive a nuclear exchange. IF they do , they will emerge to a ravaged nation where their wealth will be meaningless and they will be killed anyway.

      Zio-Oligarch insanity like this is terminal, there is no cure except death.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Well that is why I think the best solution is to cut out the Terminal-Tumor Drastically & Radically…but other folks are trying to do it in a more peaceful way….If that doesn’t work ultimately War will be the outcome…I will be Hunting Free-roaming Banksters, Kings..Queens…Puppeticians…CEO’s & Other Elitist Filth….With my DIY wooden wheelbarrow I will dump concrete on their Bunkers to seal off their Tombs…..

        • FlorianGeyer

          We could diamond cut holes into their bunkers and pump sewage in :)

          • Hasbara Hunter

            😂😂😂…and these Elitist Feckers still think they are safe & invincible…they should not snort so much cocaine…Rule the World?…me ass…99% should grab back what is rightfully theirs…what are they going to do about it? Exactly: NUTHIN’

  • Hide Behind

    There are numerous military and government command and survival reinforced underground sttuctures throughout North America.
    All are connected in one way or another from communications to underground rail and wheeled corridors, with juncture centers capable of denying access to all but permitted to enter and are self contained well enough to last for years.
    The numbers of huge boring machines now in US are almost all under Military and Homeland Security contracts, and even smallest ones capable of drilling and constructing tunnels over 40′ in diameter.
    Almost all such contracts are outright or semi hidden as to not who but the why’s and types of construction.
    The new Homeland Security building under construction is said to have sub levels over 600 feet in depth and the topmost portion will be larger than Pentagon.
    Still billions being spent on small arms and ammunition for billions of bullets and tens of thousand rifles for each Federal Departments branches.
    The very large US mtaxpayer funded Joint Israel/US underground facilities within Israel are nuke proof have years self suffecient capability for people besides stockpiles of arms including nuke misdles, armor, plus planes ability of their militaries to remain functional for offensive operations after a nuke war.
    These.hardened site within US have the capability and are already staffed to resume full government and military infrastructure in case of all out nuke wars.
    Yes little ones there realy is a shadow government, and they will not, nor care not, about yours and my butt but having themselves.
    Are their quite large under ground facilities in ME , what was put in place in old Babylon right after.Iraq fell to US, andbwhat is one of largest most protectedm military sites in world doing in Afghanistan interior.
    The Empire will always be able to strike first and last and with the hardest and harshest responce.

    • Harry Smith

      Are all those facilities Poseidon proof?

      • You can call me Al
        • Harry Smith
          • You can call me Al

            Just off California and New York. Right, I am going to ask Father Christmas for that. Cheers.

          • You can call me Al

            PS I watched it again, very, very impressive and scary. But the time to use them is coming closer and closer now.

      • Hide Behind

        The tunnel systems except for entry and exit are way nelownthe 700′ levels, those earth burrowing machines do not let any rock formations stop them and on a good day can bore and construct up too 2 miles in 18 hours.
        Not all Military storage areas are that deep, such as the massive caves in Kentucky, Carolinas, Georgia but some salt caverns are.
        The largest are deepest, transfer and reroutes survival and Governments Shadow org facility locations are and use mountains and granite formations hundreds of feet thick above them as additional protection.
        It is known tunnel Systems from DC to Camp David and to inland have been in existence for some time, but most are not deep at all.
        The newer ones are deeper by far.
        Take a Gander at the size of those monsters and not almost all have Air Force or Navy emblazoned on them.
        Private builders and contractors own nut lease to gov.
        On internet and personally seen smaller one in Seattle Washington, the one that got stuck after shallow dig when it ran into old large filled steel columns.
        That was a baby size and yet far larger than any mining shovels or trucks, around twice maybe 3x as large.
        Check on Findlands and Scandinavian Swiss underground cities for reference.

        • Harry Smith

          Poseidon is nuclear torpedo, that generates about 500 meters tsunami wave. Blown near the Washington it can wash a part of East coast conglomerate down to the ocean several kilometers. And, as you know, if couple of meters of water covers a underground bunker, there is a great possibility, that all people in the bunker will sink. Or die because of deficit of oxygen.

          • FlorianGeyer

            That would be Karma indeed :)

    • Karen Bartlett

      Well they won’t be able to protect themselves from God.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Or from the survivors on top of the bunkers air inlets etc.

      • Hide Behind

        Ahh yes Ms. Bartlett but lest you forget, Those who now are planning places to hide have one self destructive characteristic, and that is;
        “They all believe they are self made men and women who
        worship their creators.”

        • Karen Bartlett

          Heh, heh,

    • R PLobo

      All of this bunker nonsense is the usual zionazis money scams. No amount of bunkers will save the occultists. Moving to New Zealand will not save the occultists. The Russians have already made it quite clear that the zionist elites and their whores will be directly targeted if there is any first strike against Russia. As for the useless iof – the cowards are completely contained after the collapse of the Syrian merc project. Any use of nukes on their part would be futile. Containment is the key word – the oligarchy will not lift a finger against Russia knowing that they will be the first to die.

      • psil o cybin

        They can fuck off from NZ we dont want the jew gypsy’s

        • Hasbara Hunter

          The Elitists have bought a lot of land in NZ…perhaps that is why they want to ban weapons after the Christchurch-Mossad-Operation…Elites want to live their lives in peace & happiness…They do not like the Scum owning Guns….

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    A Russian Army nuclear powered attack subterrene (Battle Mole) would soon wipe the smiles off the faces of the Deep states genocidal core survivors, after their condemning of mankind to near extinction.

    • You can call me Al

      We used those ‘ish to build underground in London for the new tube lines.

      Yours look faster, we just used usually tunnel techniques. Very impressed.

      • FlorianGeyer

        ISIS and other US terror groups tunnels were built with US boring machines as well. With US/NATO contractors I would think.

        The Turks said a few weeks ago that a very long tunnel on the borderlands had been discovered.

        In Douma last year a tunnel was discovered that was circa 26 km long. A reporter drove the whole length of it in a Toyota ir similar pick-up.

        • You can call me Al

          Ok thanks. Pretty good engineering works if they did it themselves !!! – whahahaha of course not.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    During 2018 and 2019 the infrastructure affecting military aviation in Denmark have also been upgraded.
    Since day one, there is kerosene/aviation fuel lines alongside every motorway and “secret” taps for aviation fuel at every fuelstation alongside those motorways.
    During 2018 and 2019 some airports and airbases have had there storage and POL supply´s expanded and/or upgraded.

    In 2020 some army regiments is on 24 hour standby, with the current NRF QRF is 7-10 days.
    The army has the last several years, been lowering their standards to recieve more conscripts.

    Either its just normal modernisation, since alot of the military gear and infrastructure is from the early/mid Cold War era, or something is up.

    • You can call me Al

      We used those ‘ish to build underground in London for the new tube lines.

  • Ceasar Polar

    In a case of nuclear war against Russia/China the whole world will be destroyed. No bunker will save Washington, if they dare to attack Russia/China, they are taking Humanity with them.
    Hope the zionazi-psychopaths be contained by some true patriots in the US. If any patriot remains.

    • You can call me Al

      Just to set this in context; Russia builds nuclear bunkers for all the people. In Moscow that is already completed.

      • Ceasar Polar

        Indeed, they have made a giant drill last year involving the protection shelters for millions of Russians. Not just the Elite like the US.

  • psil o cybin

    Is that to keep out mexicans

  • Raptar Driver

    This is because they are planning a nuke first strike.

    • chris chuba

      It does beg the question, how quickly can the President the Senate and the rest could be evacuated in the case of a nuclear first strike. I doubt it is less than 15 min, so yeah, a first strike is most plausible because covertly sneaking them into the bunker undetected is more likely.