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JUNE 2023

The US Designated The IRGC As A Terrorist Organization

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The US Designated The IRGC As A Terrorist Organization

In the past week the US President Donald Trump signed a Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.

The Act – H. R. 3364 requires the US President to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. The IRGS are answerable to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei and play a highly capable part in Iran’s military. The Revolutionary Guards state that their role in protecting the Islamic system is preventing foreign interference as well as coups by the military or “deviant movements”.

The new US sanctions include designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) itself, its Aerospace Forces, Navy and the Basij militia as terrorist organizations.

This is the first time when the U.S. has designated the officially military branch of a foreign country as a terrorist organization.

The terrorist designation will also be applied to Iran’s foreign agents and affiliates and will be implemented by October 30. The Executive Order (E.O.) 13224 will freeze all the assets of the targeted organization and its supporters and isolating them from the US financial system. So the US administration is continuing to head for a direct confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The law’s Sec. 105 (3) states “The IRGC, not just the IRGC-QF (the Qods Force, the Guard’s extraterritorial branch), is responsible for implementing Iran’s international program of destabilizing activities, support for acts of international terrorism, and ballistic missile program”.

The United States has already blacklisted dozens of entities and people for affiliations with the IRGC. In 2007, the U.S. Treasury designated the IRGC’s Quds Force, its elite unit in charge of its operations abroad, “for its support of terrorism,” and has said it is Iran’s “primary arm for executing its policy of supporting terrorist and insurgent groups.”

Last month the IRGC warned the United States that it would respond if it was designated as a terrorist organization. “Equating the IRGC with terrorist organizations and applying similar sanctions against it poses a serious threat to USA, its bases and forces deployed in the region”. said Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqeri. Baqeri also confirmed that Iran’s missile program is defensive and will never be subject of negotiations.

The United States claims that the Iranian missile program is contrary to the nuclear agreement. However the agreement did not include any condition related to the Iranian missile program. Moreover, The United States claims that the Iranian missile program is a direct threat to its allies in America and the Persian Gulf.

However, Iran claims that the real goal of the United States is to secure Israel only. Furthermore U.S. Gulf allies had long sought a tougher U.S. stance against Iran, whom they blame for regional interference.

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Keren Walters

The Zionists never give up. They’ll keep pushing Israel’s national and regional interests until their last breath. As their usual playbook strategy goes, why fight your own wars when you can manipulate and coerce a powerful goy superstate to fight, bleed and die for their own Zionist cause instead? It saves money, precious Zionist lives and their control of western media enables them to make the dumb goyim think that it is even their own idea and in their best interests to fight and die for their fake false flag agendas . .

Brad Isherwood



Hey moron, what is it about:

“Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act … On 15 June 2017, the Senate voted 98 to 2 for the bill … passed in the house 419 to 3 on 25 July.”

“Articles of Impeachment Against Donald J. Trump, 2017”

“The 2017 Special Counsel investigation is an investigation in the United States led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel, exploring any coordination between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government as part of the Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections”


that you don’t understand?

Do you really think that the pedophile Jew scum and their swamp slaves would be going to these extremes if Trump was groveling?

Brad Isherwood


Trump signed the Sanctions Act…..He’s their Bitch. He could have refused,….forcing Congress/Deepstate to force it thru. Trump’s refusal to sign would have created a political shit storm in the USA. Butt….He didn’t, …Cuz he’s their Bitch.

By the way….Robert Mueller,….911 happened on his watch…..he’s the Zionist/Deepstate Gatekeeper.

Trump and Russia elections is theatre to create the Sanctions on Russia… As Deepstate fears their Economic opportunities. …. along with how Eurasia/Silk Roads will erode US dollar Hegemony.


You’re ignoring reality doesn’t change it, this isn’t alternative media conspiracy theory, the Makow link obviously misrepresented Kevin Barrett’s position, as Barrett points out in his rebuttal.

The sanctions vote was 517 to 5, that’s over 99% of the people in the legislature that is tasked with administering Jew Sherman’s impeachment articles. And you want him to veto it? That’s why he’s president and you’re not. The Jew world order establishment has fought Trump every step of the way and is trying to get him out of office. Those are facts, not conspiracy theory.

The only reason that he’s president is because he beat Jew cabal establishment candidates in the primaries with record landslides and won the general election with 85% of the land and counties voting for him. If Hillary didn’t win Jew land NY & CA it would have been a complete blow out.

Americans voted for America First and against the Jew world order and their swamp slaves. And Trump is trying to implement it against massive Jew cabal opposition. If you don’t want to see that that’s your problem. Because it’s plainly obvious for anyone whose watching the Jew pedophile rape cult coup d’etea attempt as it’s happening.


Suuure Trump’s taking on the establishment and fighting for the little guy–by stuffing his administration full of neocons and Wall-Street shysters, while his children party with the Soros crowd in the Hamptons. He hasn’t taken on any well-credentialled establishment figure, he’s merely engaging in celebrity feuds with them: all bark and no bite. All the hard work debunking Russiagate and outlining the Deep-State regime-change op (i.e. sedition, possibly treason) is being done by powerless outsiders, while Trump prefers to play golf instead. A worthy successor to Obama.

Brad Isherwood


National Security as cover for the Oligarchy’s agenda of corporate welfare, perpetual debt slavery, mind control, social engineering  Lots on Elites/Masonic push MIC….Deepstate geopolitical shenanigans


You’re peddling lying Jew media disinfo. Their open borders project is in tatters. Illegal immigration is down 76%. That’s huge.

Search Trump accomplishments and read up on them. The list is long, even with Jew cabal and their swamp slave’s obstruction.


Reagan had school prayer; Karl Rove famously yelled “Just give me a fucking faith-based thing”; Trump is going after the illegals. It’s called throwing your supporters a bone. Not saying he’s wrong to do it, though most likely Americans will turn out to be too lazy for the hard, dirty jobs that illegals do now–even at better wages. And the difference with deporter-in-chief Obama is mostly one of gradation and rhetoric, though supporters on both sides will never catch on to that.


You can erroneously misrepresent all that’s been accomplished in the face of unprecedented opposition. That’s what untruthful disinfo trolls like you do. Any rational person can and does look at all of the achievements for what they are. Clinton would have been a disaster for Syria, gun rights , and whole host of issues where Trump is doing much better. And she wouldn’t have run into all of the trouble with the lying Jew media and Jew cabal that Trump is. Because she was obviously their candidate of choice.

Brad Isherwood

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/tkelly6785757/episodes/2017-08-12T03_16_09-07_00 The above interview is quality information and perspective towards understanding what the hell is going on.


Trump was bailed out of his Bankruptcies by Jewish money. Putin was set upon the Throne by Jewish Elites/Oligarchs/Chabad Lubavitch.

Readership follow this thread can weigh the import of the information. Mainstream cover up and Gatekeep. Alternative media is also Compromised.

That’s why I have more information than say just Makow articles. The Globalist play all sides and everyone off one another. Divide and Conquer,…..Controlled Opposition.

Solomon Krupacek

jews held at power also kim jong un?

Brad Isherwood

Jews have banking power in China,…..Jews all over the place there in Business. It’s not the Jews**….it’s the Globalist agenda which exists from the former Masonic MIC since the 1700s. The Zionist Jews and their banking leverage is emerge since WW 1. The Vatican holds More power than the Zionists, … The Old Elite money runs the various Nations MIC.

If Kim was really a threat….the Elites would take him out. They wouldn’t give a shit about South Korea getting hurt in a quick war. The Game wants/needs war……..but not nuclear war.

Kim probably has maybe 5 nukes and non deliverable by a missile that could reach the US. His warheads burn up…so…nuke won’t survive re entry. If He’s seriously a threat….they will take him down soon,…before he really does get The re entry problem solved.

Jens Holm



You’re putting to much emphasis on conspiracy theory and not enough on what is actually happening on the ground, like illegal immigration being down 76%. Go to some of the Trump accomplishment sites and read reality based material if you want truth.

Jens Holm

hahahaha. And jews made the holy choran to keep muslims down too? Economy as well?


Are you a Jew pedophile rape cult member?

Jens Holm

They probatly made Your splendid economic system as well. Its far out.


Is there a reason that you evaded the question, do you have something to hide, are you a pedophile rape supporter?

Jens Holm

Yours are total shit.


No, I’m a truther, you’re a truth hater.


You do realise there’s a little goatherder in Namibia who’s a Jew and has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this?

Abe Manhattan

Iran hasn’t waged war in centuries??? What about the little thing called the Iran / Iraq war 1980 – 1988. 200k-600k Iranian soldiers killed. Try wikipedia before making things up.

Brad Isherwood

Iraq launched a full-scale invasion of Iran on 22 September 1980. The Iraqi Air Forcelaunched surprise air strikes on ten Iranian airfields with the objective of destroying the Iranian Air Force.[45] [Wiki]

Rumsfeld and Saddam 1983 https://images.rapgenius.com/bae575d04a181442b0b0e4ece1759231.460x288x1.jpg https://genius.com/Us-department-of-state-rumsfeld-mission-december-20-meeting-with-iraqi-president-saddam-hussein-excerpt-annotated


Much of that is over, many Americans have figured out that they’ve been lied to and exploited by the Jews. And they don’t want anymore of it. That’s part of what 2334 was about and Trump will probably add to that if he stays in office. It’s very unfortunate that the US has been used by the Jews to do so much harm to so many innocent people. The Jews and their collaborators are scum.

Keren Walters

Well said buddy . .


Iran is an extremist Muslim state which was actively cooperating with their arch enemy, the US, in the fight against orthodox Serbs. For them Americans were not aggressors as long as they helped Bosnian Sunnis. I was wondering what was Iranian position during Chechnya wars.


Iran is the largest of the Shia nations , Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the leaders of the Sunni nations . Please explain why Iran would gain any benefit by backing Bosnian Sunnis , were as Saudi Arabia would .


There were some mercanaries frim Iran but Iran doesnt recognise Kosovo while Saudi Arabia does

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US is a extremist redneck state which is actively cooperating with terrorists around the world for the overthrow of other govt’s, why do they actively commit these trajedies in life for their own gain.

They are a nation built on greed and corruption they have no moral saving points they kill for their benefit and steal for their benefit.

Expo Marker

Iran did not simply ally with the US just to stab Orthodox Serbia in the back.

Besides, what has Iran ever done to Serbia or vice-versa?

Expo Marker

Almost no country recognized the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, and when war broke out in 2000, Iran considered this a Russian internal issue, and didn’t bother any further. However, a few Iranian individuals voiced concern that Chechens were being wrongfully punished by Russia.

Russia became good friends with Iran in this time, and worked together to help the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and agree to defend each other against the expanding NATO, despite Slavic skepticism of Islam.

Expo Marker

It is true that Iran assisted Bosnia in the Bosnian war, but did so to defend the Muslims in the area, not to spite Serbia.

Keren Walters


Bobby Twoshoes

What did they think would happen when they gave up their nuclear deterrent? How does anyone fall for this bullshit anymore? Gaddafi’s murder showed us quite clearly what happens if you try to kiss and make up with the west.


They didn’t give up anything: they *never had* a nuclear deterrent, and haven’t had a research program into one since at least 2003, according to both US and Israeli intel. It’s all made up. Iran doesn’t even have a functioning Air Force.

Another question is if these should be so. This designation is minor compared to Tillerson announcing that regime change (remember how Trump wasn’t going to do those any more?) in Teheran is now official US policy. If Russia and China were serious about standing by their ally, they could each give 20 nukes to Iran and all this bullying is over pronto. They won’t of course, which on the one hand is cautious, but on the other hand shows how they still consider themselves subordinate to the US.


Treaty of nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and its legal observance by Russia and China, that is the reason they will not give Iran nuclear weapons. It has nothing to do with being subordinate to US. US can bully all it wants, it is a verbal bullying without much bite.


Of course the nonproliferation treaty is relevant here but I think it’s both. In practice, the US has happily proliferated to both Israel and Pakistan. RF+CN defer to these actions, de facto accepting them as “quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi”.

And American *financial* bullying still has a lot of bite; even RF+CN have to tread carefully not to fall afoul of the Treasury’s enforcers (too much).


The nuclear proliferation from French to the Jews occurred in the late 50’s early 60’s as the French helped Israel build a nuclear reactor in the Negev desert, Americans inspected it in 1962 and were whitewashed. China provided nuclear technical know how to Pakistan, as a counter to Indian nuclear aspirations. US had nothing to do with Israel or Pakistan in enhancing their nuclear know how and capabilities.

US treasury is empty, the 7000 tons of gold reserves has not been certified in many decades, the only thing keeping the Treasury solvent is the reserve currency status of the dollar and very low interest rates.


More than one thing can be true at the same time. American Jews have definitely stolen nuke tech from the US, receiving softball treatment if they got caught.

At a minimum, the US was aware of Pakistan’s nuke program and chose not to stop it. I know for a fact that they got enrichment technology from URENCO in The Netherlands. The Dutch were aware, or at a minimum suspected, that funny business was going on, but when they wanted to stop it Washington held their hand. This story is well known in Holland.

Expo Marker

Iran wouldn’t build a nuclear weapon, as the Supreme leader Ayotallah Ali Khameini issued a fatwa/ruling banning nuclear weapons, due to their destructive power and ability to hurt not just enemies, but innocent people as well.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Iranians haven’t violated any treaty but the US has been violating the IMF for decades which just goes to show you who is the real threat in the nuclear world of weapons. The US will never concede the point they are the worlds worst in violating treaties and maintaining adherence to them.


Hold on there burnt ground… During the last Nuclear disarmament program the Russians got the Iranians to hide some of their war heads for them. So the U.S. would cut up a bunch of theirs. While leading the U.N. inspectors around making fools out of them. The Russians also gave the Iranians Nuclear tunnel boring machines to make the task quick and easy. They also found their way to the wonderful people of Hamas who used them to bore through mountainous terrain so they could attack Israel. Look up mysterious perfectly cut holes in the ground that have glazed walls to prevent collapse. They are literally water tight terra cotta like burnt tunnels through the ground.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are no nuclear warheads but conventional warheads since they ban the use of nuclear weapons on civilians areas unlike the US which has been known to use dirty missiles while many other countries switch to conventional warheads. The Tunnels actually use older mining equipment that can clear a tunnel very quickly ,nothing new there.

Russians don’t need to hide them in other countries, that is a US trick and they continue this practice more than any.You read too much conspiracy into this at times.

Know how bad the US misleads the Inspectors since all they get is the worst runaround and taken to already inspected sites. Nuclear Power plants are the best place to find US stored and hidden nuclear warheads.

Israel built tunnels for decades connected to the Sinai desert since these were used to carry out operations in Egypt and currently the smuggling in of ISIS mercenaries.


The old machines don’t burn and glaze as they move. They grind through using cutting gears.

Expo Marker

It seems Trump doesn’t understand that without Iran, there will be no solution to problems in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. Back when the US toppled the Taliban gov. in Kabul in 2002, Iran helped out a lot, and Iran-US relations got much better, until Bush called Iran a threat to the civilized world. After that, Iran no longer shared intel with the US, and now a bloody game has played out across the middle east.

Wahid Algiers

G. W. Bush, the incest face, Dick “fat” Cheney, professional lyer Rumsfeld and other neocons were the only threat to the civilized world and the Middle East.


have you been paying attention ? Hello ! The last thing they want is is peace and stability in the middle east.

jade villaceran

This will make the usa forces to invade or to wage war legally to iran

Keren Walters

Exactly . .

Aras Abbasi

Fun Fact: On the picture chosen by southfront.org the soldier of the IRGC holds a flag saying:”death to america”.


Yeah so? Did you forget how US bombed a domestic Iranian plane and killed over 200 Iranian civilians (including women and children)? The person who bombed the plane also got a medal btw. US also removed Iran’s democratic ruler and installed a puppet ruler. Therefore, explain to me why Iran shouldn’t be hostile to US?

Aras Abbasi

I just translated what is written on the flag. I am not here to discuss.

Aras Abbasi

I am iranian. and this was just a fun fact and not a problem for me.


Personally I’m surprised this hasn’t happened decades ago.


Who is the US not sanctioning and calling names these days? …. Nepal?

It’s completely irrelevant if the US decides someone who just won’t obey them is a terrorist. If they want relevance then – put it thru the UN – or better yet – phück off home!

John Mason

That usually equates to shoot on site so the Iranians can now defend themselves anywhere the US military is by shooting them first, it is called self defence. Yanks getting more desperate and idiotic every day.

Michal Zbrojnik

US Guard National and Polish Territorial Defense Forces is biggest terrorist organisations !


Only degenerates wants to live in this shitty country called USA. The US army and the CIA are the most powerful terrorist organization in the world. And it’s proven.


The garbage that live in the USA (called americans) are the most fanatic and brainwashed people on earth. They must be isolated from the rest of the world. They are destroying the world because their system can’t survive.

The american dream is over because there is no more lands to take from Indians. Now, they wants other lands.

Fanatic, psychos, genociders, violent, liars, … That’s the definition of Americans.

Keren Walters

There are other countries that are more brainwashed and intellectual;ly subjugated. Australia and Canada are two notable examples. At least in the US you have the 1st and 2nd Amendments, which you don’t have in most other nations of this world.


The 1st and 2nd amendments will be removed soon. I even don’t know if one can say that the 1st amendment is respected.


So, Iran is a terrorist state because Iran is building a ballistic missile program ?? XD.

Americans like to destroy defendless country. Then, they look at the TV show and they enjoy. It’s like that the US regime keeps the power.

What a shitty country. I don’t understand why people want to live in that shitty country. This country attracts only degenerates. Americans never made a civilization.

Jan Tjarks

Does anyone understand that it is another defeat for the USA?

Those forces, which are there to prevent the toppling of the government, are too effective. Well, no colored revolution in Iran, didn’t even work in the slightest.

Thus, blaming them to be terrorists, is nothing else than the aim to reduce the importance of this forces by political means, until the force itself is weakened enough to induce a colored revolution again.

That this attempt is a hopeless one, well try to teach a hairy gold fish in Washington … oh wait. He might even understand exactly that, by overly doing what the bidding of the neocons contains, it will make sure that it fails.

Not that we wouldn’t be able to understand, that this meme in other scenarios is being used as well.

Remember what Carl von Clausewitz said long ago: War is the continuation of politics by other means.

Let’s turn around that sentence: Politics is the continuation of war by other means.


“Are too effective” , you got it , like Hezbollah , they actually DO protect their nation . Not like the Saudi jihadists , they can not be bought . After the US took out the elected government and installed the Shah in 53 , is there any wonder why the Iranians are vigilant .

Jan Tjarks

Well, the whole middle east game started with the removal of Mossadegh in the first place (at least the modern part of it).

Jens Holm

Well, peace is continuing of war with other means too.

Jan Tjarks

Peace and war (better said violence) are contradictory. As such it can’t be continued, but is a change of principle instead.

Russell A Wilson

The US is past the point of no return. The education system they have is the worst in the developed world and is showing with the quality of statesmen, diplomats and government officials that are in place around the world. At home their news networks do not inform the puplic of real news only statements from government officials without hint of real analyis. The police are more dangerous than thugs as they can legally steal all your assets without charges and you are more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist. Their military maybe the largest in the world but is not the most efficient or best trained Their answer to any domestic or military defiencies is throw more money at it without giving any thought on how to cure the problem which results in untold sums of tax payer money disappearing through fraud and corrupt officials. Infracstructure is crumbling, they have the highest infant mortality, highest obesity and shortest average lifespan, highest incarceration rate and a large drug problem that is supported by the US military in Afghanistan. There is no support to releive any of these problems because the military sucks up all avalable funds. There is a real monetary problem in the US that is being kept out of the news and they are hoping to hide it by increasing military tensions all around the world until one of them flares up into a hot war. Peace does not have a chance with the US around.

Keren Walters

Well said buddy . . .


US designated IRGC as a terrorist organization because IRGC is a great wall against CIA conspiracy against Arab countries.

The nations of the world knows that US army CIA Israel ISIS and many other are main terrorist organizations and world should have to be united to impose sanctions against them.

Jens Holm

If Jews can run so much being that few, the conclsion should be You are acting like shit Yourself.

You blame jews going to school, being educated, growing talents, rewarding hard work and paying pr hour after production rate.

Zainab Ali

after reading all your interesting and brilliant comments, i just want to sum out a fact that I BELIEVE is the main reason for the ‘shia threat’ … in short, after reckoning that iran is a power to be reckon with in the world (and the next world) … these zio satanic terrorists are trying to weaken iran so that she will not be able to fully aid ‘imam mahdi’ the awaited saviour (who is even recognised by these terrorists to be true) for a full annihilation of the world’s oppressors (real fear factor of the satan worshippers) which is already carved in stone by God … that is how totally dumb, arrogant and stupid these zio satanic terrorists are http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/08/11/why-is-israel-looking-for-imam-mahdi/

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