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The US And Russia Harmonized Different Points Of View On Syria?

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On Thursday, US President Donald Trump came with a fresh statement on the US-Russian relations.

Just on Wednesday, Trump made a contrary statement on the same issue:

“We’re not getting along with Russia at all,” the US president said, adding “we may be at an all-time low.”

Trump’s statement followed US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s meetings with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov and then with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the rhetorics of Lavrov and Tillerson at a press conference after the Wednesday talks showed that the sides had made some efforts to harmonize their points of view on the Syrian crisis despite the remained contradictions.

It’s unclear either Moscow provided some evidence of the innocence of the Assad government in the Idlib chemical weapons attack or facts depicting the destructive role of the so-called UK diplomacy (which now represents the global elites) in destabilizing the situation in the Middle East and around the world in general. However, most likely some kind of this was done by the Russian side.

It’s also important to note that Lavrov emphasized that some players are very interesting in damading the US-Russia relations.

Question: Did you discuss the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential elections? How do Russia’s actions in cyberspace differ from those of the United States? We know from US media reports that the Iranian nuclear programme was derailed with the help of US-created Stuxnet virus. Right now, the United States is using the same methods and its cyberweapons in order to stop the North Korean missile programme.

Sergey Lavrov (speaking after Rex Tillerson): We have a stake in close cooperation in fighting cybercrime. You may have heard us speaking about that on numerous occasions. In October 2015, one and a half year ago, given the Obama administration’s concern over the actions of so-called Russian hackers, whom they began to chase all over the world and illegally, without activating the legal procedures existing between Moscow and Washington, brought them to the United States, where they faced court prosecution, we proposed that [the Russian Government] and the Obama administration start cooperation, encourage competent authorities to hold special contacts, and create a bilateral mechanism that would exchange online information on who, how and when is trying to breach the existing international and national laws applicable in Russia or the United States. We said as early as then that we were not interested in our citizens committing cybercrimes. The Obama administration turned down our proposal by giving no response at all. But last November, before the very end of their cadence, they said a meeting could be held after all. As is natural, our colleagues in the relevant sphere agreed right away but at the eleventh hour the Obama administration changed its mind. In all evidence, they were busy doing as much damage to Russian-US relations as possible before the new administration took office.

Today we said that, in fact, our interest is not only alive but actually is as urgent as ever. We offered to resume contacts between special representatives of the Russian President and the US administration and between the relevant agencies. We could only welcome these contacts. We felt that this time these efforts would result in the creation of a certain channel.

The whole transcript of the press conference is here

An even more definite statement was made by the Russian deputy envoy to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov during the UN Security Council meeting on April 12. He directly accused the British side of deliberately undermining Russian-American relations.

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United Snakes of America, United Killers and Israhell should not be trusted. If trusted then that gonna be big mistake in Russian history.

gfsdyughjgd .

Russia is under USA/NATO sanctions yet Putin give in to their demands.USA/Nato strategy is lets attack and go to Russia or send a low profile guy to make fake peace.Then we plan another attack.Both Trump and Erdogan have seen the Russian leadership weakness its just a matter of time before their surprise Russia with a war.If a war breaks out against North Korea USA/Nato missile will fall on China and Russian crucial strategic areas.The blame will be shift to North Korea.Just like Malaysian jet.UN and atomic watch dog will side with USA/Nato case closed.

Solomon Krupacek

better turn back ti masturn´bation. thi is beeter fantasy world for you.


It’s all sorted, just Russia and Assad started to believe they can have more than what was agreed on. North Syria is going to be a puppet state under USA control in theory Arab democratic state(not-Kurdish) in order to calm Ankara’s shaky hands, Al-Bab is ether going to be part of Turkey or under their direct control more likely, Syrian government will keep control of everything south of Euphrates to Der-Ezzor, the coastline and it’s going to be Alleviate dominated political entity. Idlib will be again under Turkish influence and defacto control, and I’m not sure about Daraa and Israel appetite in that aspect. So when they say military solution is impossible, that means reshaping this map with military means by any side is not going to happen. USA wants some sort of flashy agreement like Dayton Agreement or Camp David kind of event, and this War to be bin and dusted. In the face of World they will like to convince us, that they are the main factor for solving the Syrian War, that same war they started to begin with. The political reality is their New Order, you either have multicultural mix nation or small quasi states that are ethnically singular. Ultimately I believe they are trying and intending to fry Bigger Fish in the next 8 Years.

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