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The US Ambassador ‘Will Not Allow to Portray Ukraine as the Aggressor’

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The US Ambassador 'Will Not Allow to Portray Ukraine as the Aggressor'

This article originally appeared at Topwar, translated from Russian by Olga Seletskaia exclusively for SouthFront

The American ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt posted in his Twitter account that “he strongly objects Russia’s attempts to portray Ukraine as the aggressor.” That’s what the notes posted under the photo of Payette dressed in Ukrainian embroidered folk shirt, read:

“We firmly object Russia’s attempts to portray Ukraine as the aggressor in the war in the Donbas . ( … ) And then about the conflict in the east of Ukraine: Ukraine’s military actions in the war continue to be defensive in nature”.

Apparently, it is the “defensive” nature of Ukrainian army’s morning shelling of Gorlovka, which resulted in 12 civilians wounded, two schools and the Orthodox Center seriously damaged. From whom, then, were Ukrainian military defending themselves – from Gorlovka students and teachers, or from Orthodox priests? .. Moreover, Payette called the verdict of Russian court on the case of Ukrainian film producer Sentsov “farce”. But what would you call the verdict to a Russian citizen Bout issued by the American court? .. Earlier the US ambassador to Ukraine announced that he supports the of process “de-communization and de-Sovietization” in the country. Meanwhile, there are reports about how this ” de-communization” is being implemented by Ukrainian authorities. For instance, after several days of “public hearings”, authorities of Artyomovsk decided to rename the city in Bakhmut (the city’s historic name until 1924 ). It is reported by UNIAN. In addition, it was decided to rename all geographical names in Artemovsk, somehow connected with the Soviet past. They mean the streets and neighborhoods .

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Pyatt exponentially expands the definition of Liar and Hypocrite.
While he and the odious NULAND were spending their 5 billion USAID dollars on the coup, and looking the other way as right sector/Gladio snipers went in to ‘galvanise the troops’ during a lull in the Maidan,
these cuckoos’ were telling the Russian Fed. “Not to interfere in the sovereign politics of Ukraine !”

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