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The United States Ad Hoc Withdrew From 1945 Yalta Conference Agreement

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The United States Ad Hoc Withdrew From 1945 Yalta Conference Agreement

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On February 7, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel delivered the following speech, which revealed the U.S. readiness to undermine global security:

“On February 7th, as Japan observes Northern Territories day, I want to be crystal clear. The United States supports Japan on the issue of the northern territories and recognizes over the four disputed islands since the 1950s. Our concerns over Russian actions are not new. Unfortunately, Russia’s disregard of the sovereignty of others is also not new, nor is limited to the northern territories.”

Thus, through its ambassador to Japan, Washington declared that de facto it does not consider the decisions taken within the Yalta Conference of 1945 necessary for implementation.

Until now, the United States has never denied the decisions taken within the Agreement regarding Japan, which was signed in 1945.


The leaders of the three great powers – the Soviet Union, the United States of America and Great Britain – have agreed that in two or three months after Germany has surrendered and the war in Europe is terminated, the Soviet Union shall enter into war against Japan on the side of the Allies on condition that:

1. The status quo in Outer Mongolia (the Mongolian People’s Republic) shall be preserved.
2. The former rights of Russia violated by the treacherous attack of Japan in 1904 shall be restored, viz.:
(a) The southern part of Sakhalin as well as the islands adjacent to it shall be returned to the Soviet Union;
(b) The commercial port of Dairen shall be internationalized, the pre-eminent interests of the Soviet Union in this port being safeguarded, and the lease of Port Arthur as a naval base of the U.S.S.R. restored;
(c) The Chinese-Eastern Railroad and the South Manchurian Railroad, which provide an outlet to Dairen, shall be jointly operated by the establishment of a joint Soviet-Chinese company, it being understood that the pre-eminent interests of the Soviet Union shall be safeguarded and that China shall retain sovereignty in Manchuria;
3. The Kurile Islands shall be handed over to the Soviet Union.

It is understood that the agreement concerning Outer Mongolia and the ports and railroads referred to above will require concurrence of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. The President will take measures in order to maintain this concurrence on advice from Marshal Stalin.

The heads of the three great powers have agreed that these claims of the Soviet Union shall be unquestionably fulfilled after Japan has been defeated.

For its part, the Soviet Union expresses it readiness to conclude with the National Government of China a pact of friendship and alliance between the U.S.S.R. and China in order to render assistance to China with its armed forces for the purpose of liberating China from the Japanese yoke.

Joseph Stalin
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Winston S. Churchill

February 11, 1945.

The Kuril Islands is a geographical name, the term itself is from the Ainu language, not the Japanese. Throughout history, the name ‘Kuril Islands’ has referred to the entire string of islands, sometimes including Hokkaido, which until the 19th century was inhabited exclusively by the Ainu, later annihilated by the Japanese, who called the Ainu barbarians.

According to international law, the historically recognized name of groups of geographical objects applies to each object from this group. Thus, before 1945, there could be no other interpretation of geographical affiliation.

The statement made by the official representative of Washington can be considered as a signal of the final revision of the post-war Yalta-Potsdam-Washington system of international relations.


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So a Jew, former controller of Obama from the Chicago circle of friends, with disputed loyalty to his new homeland, is now representing USA as ambassador. I foresee conclusion of a new peace treaty on the ashes of Aelia Capitolina or Tiberias in present day Israel, by the victors of Great War 2022, Russia, China and Iran.


That’s only because you aren’t shown the full picture and do not see reality in front of you: The pre-planned transition of power from west to east in preparation for a Communist New World Order under greater jewish control.



Last edited 7 months ago by OnTheFritzzz

I am perfectly aware of suggested interpretations of the power transition from the West to the East posted above. While there may be a grain of truth in it, such as a gradual diminution of the U.S.A. and suspicious steps by Russian political leadership in line with that hypothesis, I do not take the real Chinese love for Israel and everything Jewish for granted. For one thing. The Chinese simply do not trust Judah tribe and they know why. After diaspora, the latter always behaved like a parasitic, ethno-religious centric people, who have regularly left the host nation after having drained its resources.


Nonsense. Try The Jerusalem Post: “Genocide Olympics: Winter Games in China is a stain on humanity ”


Last edited 7 months ago by MrX

Israelis lamenting about “genocide” against muslims in China…

Bigg Chungus

What you say is true. But here it is anathema. South Front readers unfortunately have quite the monochrome perspective. Russia, China, and Iran are not nearly as integrated or allied as NATO and their satellites. There are very real conflicts of interests between them, and they do not share capital markets and military resources like their Western counterparts. Take for example the Russians trading Iranian lives to Israel in Syria, or the bountiful arms contracts of both Russia and China in the Persian Gulf. China has furnished ballistic missiles to the Saudis, and Russia is building a nuclear reactor for the Emiratis, with several others possibly on order in SA. Neither wants Iran to have nuclear weapons or any more military power than it does. Both prize good relationships with Israel. And beyond just the Israeli issue, the China rabbit hole goes down deeper than I can explain in a single comment. I agree with you on this: China plays a key role in the very same New World Order that all of us here recognize and bemoan. Just because one can see the evil in Washington, Brussels, and London does not at all mean that China somehow represents the opposite.


Tell Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia Montenegro, even Poland, etc. about their integration or alliance with NATO. Political elites are somehow, not all of them, “integrated”, definitely not people. You live in a bubble. In fact, NATO and particularly USA are being hated, whatever your domestic media say. Yes, China, Russia and Iran are doing business with regimes and states on the opposite side of the fence. US is still buying rocket engines from Russia and importing gas from it. Look for a more convincing argument.

Bigg Chungus

Those are all NATO satellites, and of the ones you listed Poland is the only one with even an ounce of importance. But the English-speaking countries move in lock step (UK/USA/Canada/Australia). France and Germany have important differences with the Anglosphere, but there is no comparison of French-American or German-American ties to Russian-Iranian-Chinese ties. The most Russia would do upon an American invasion of Iran would be to send small deployments to Anzali and Astara to keep the Yankees out of the Caspian and off the Azeri rail system. Russian military equipment is sold to Iran and licensed to China, but the Chinese military does not share operating standards with the Russians, and Iran’s military is a combination of old American equipment/standards, Russian purchases (which are also tendered to Iran’s enemies) and new asymmetric tactics. In addition to NATO defense guarantees, no core NATO country would sell to another’s enemies. Just look at the de facto embargo of Argentina’s air force, per UK request. And for the most part, Iranian, Chinese, and Russian people cannot even communicate with each other without using English! I’m not trying to make a value judgment. More work needs to be done in the de-Anglification of many scientific and commercial fields, and in integrating Eurasian societies outside of the context of relations with the West.


Good rational thinking there, an honest effort at least. I appreciate that. Yet I found some parts of it contradictory. 1. I doubt that the U.S. + the rest would have the guts to invade Iran. They do not like hand-to-hand combat and grand tactical operations on the ground. Russian outreach is very significant player here even without crossing borders with Iran. 2. I do not know how Russia and China would combine their joint operations against the Anglosaxons, be it English or not. 3. Is a forced and planned de-Anglification possible at all ? It can be limited, I guess, and this depends upon its role in modern world. Once the Western Roman Empire declined, Latin was limited to church and scholars who suddenly became isolated one from another. The same goes for the English language and its variations.

USA Evil Empire

Yanks talk about ‘disregarding sovereignty of others’ while keeping half of the world enslaved and trying to enslave the rest.

the end

Manny the Joker is about to announce, that two atomic bombs dropped on Nogosoki and Horoshoma were dropped by Ruskies… I guess the time is ripe for Russia to back up Mexico on demanding the return of Texas.

mike l hutchings

Russia would be stupid to return these islands that the US would fortify

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Nobody cares what this ziomafia conman says. Its not Russia that is occupying Japan but the U.S. Its not Russia destroying one country after the other but the crumbling americant empire.

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