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JUNE 2023

The UN Has Not Proved Russia’s Guilt in the Theft of Ukrainian Grain

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The UN Has Not Proved Russia's Guilt in the Theft of Ukrainian Grain

Stephane Dujarric

The representative of UN Secretary-General Stephan Dujarric gave a speech, where he said that it is necessary to advocate free trade of food through the Black Sea to secure people all over the world and provide for their needs. He also commented on the accusations against Moscow of stealing Ukrainian greenery.

According to Ukrainian authorities, Russia may have embezzled up to 500,000 tons of grain worth up to $100 million. Most of it was reportedly taken from Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions. Part of this volume was shipped to Crimea by trucks, and they were loaded on ships. The information was reported to representatives of the World Food Program.

The UN could not confirm that Russia was stealing grain from Ukrainian ports and then selling it. Stefan Dujarric confirmed on June 7 that Russia did not steal Ukrainian grain.

Dujarric commented on the situation: «We have seen these reports in the media, we have spoken to our colleagues from the World Food Program. They have no way of confirming these accusations. We are all in favor of free trade in food across the Black Sea to meet the needs of people around the world».

A few days earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin had noted that there were no problems with the export of Ukrainian grain; Russia provides a safe corridor for the export of grain in ports under Russian control. Putin also noted that it is possible to increase the number of corridors for grain exports to 5.

Ukrainian grain is exported in several ways at once: through the border zones (Poland, Romania), as well as through the Azov and Black Seas.

The grain export was also discussed at the talks between the defense ministers of Russia and Turkey – Sergei Shoigu and Hulusi Akara. Both sides expressed incomprehension and groundlessness of accusations from Ukraine. On June 8, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is scheduled to visit Turkey, where attention will be devoted to the crisis in grain supplies and possible options for the establishment of logistic chains.

Moreover, amid the Kiev’s accusations against Russia, the Kiev’s forces burned grain when withdrawing from Mariupol. The AFU needed to destroy as much food as possible. In terms of strategy, this is a profitable move; in terms of food supplies, it is not.

The situation is a classic political tool, with one country accusing the guilty party of acts it did not commit. The positive side of this situation is that the UN is still trying to assess the international situation soberly and not to stigmatize countries that have not committed the acts attributed to them.

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Muhammad your Prophet

They identified the Russian merchant ship Matros Pozynich trying to sell stolen grain at the ports of Egypt and Lebanon. It was followed through satellite images all the way to Latakia. And its presence was confirmed by both Egypt and Lebanon. The entire world has already seen through satellite images how a deranged terrorist like Vladimir Putin tried to sell the stolen grain to other countries.

Last edited 11 months ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Shouqi al Mukthar

You Jews stole a whole country of PALESTINE and the American criminals are stealing Libyan, Syrian and Iraqi oil for decades, so what are you Zionist trolls babbling about?

Muhammad your Prophet

So that’s your deranged excuse to justify stealing the grain from another country and trying to sell it at other ports? Monkey see monkey do? Like a fucking brainless monkey?

kogda mi byli na voinye

you must read the ar rum sourate before you burn in hell


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Last edited 11 months ago by Diane Ferguson
Shouqi al Mukthar

It is shocking hypocrisy that you Zionists fly Ukrainian Flags on stolen Palestinian land and have the gall to criticize Russia, which is defending its land and people from NATO genocidal maniacs. US kills millions are around the world and is stealing resources from any weak nation. You Zionists are liars and hypocrites. Why don’t you question US and your own crimes against humanity. European racist imperialists even from third rate city states like Belgium, Holland and UK killed millions of Asians and Africans from Indonesia to Kenya and you bastards criticize Russia, which is victim of Anglo-Zionist NATO aggression. Disgusting double standards.

Muhammad your Prophet

Monkey see monkey do. That’s your deranged moronic logic to steal the wheat from Ukraine and go around trying to sell it to other countries.

Be the good.

You’re the real monkey who criticize the good ppl doing good things.

Shouqi al Mukthar

UN is a joke, the Zionists are killing journalists and Americans killed millions of Arabs and are stealing our oil and these hypocrites are talking about Russian grain. Ukraine is Russian land, get over it.


Its just the latest lie in a long line of lies from those bastards,they are serial liars.

Shouqi al Mukthar

As the Chinese foreign office accurately documented, the US and UK have killed millions of people around the world, the Khazars who have no connection with Arab Orthodox and Muslim Palestine stole a whole country and are killing Arabs every day and stealing oil and then have the temerity to criticize Russia, which has been a victim of western plots since its inception as Kievan-Rus in 863AD. People are around the world, especially in the Arab world are not stupid and they know that the west is the real criminal imperialist that invaded 84 countries, stole their resources and killed millions of women and children. In Congo, the racist Belgian Leopold made mountains of African skulls and joked about, the British fat racist pig Churchill, cause the famine in India killed 10 million by diverting Indian WHEAT and RICE to Britain to feed the imperialist racist pigs, while Indians starved. We know the miserable double standards and murderous history of the west. Russians are angels compared to the Anglo-Zionist racist trash. Tahya Rusia (Allah bless Russia) تحيا روسيا


Whatever the ukrainian government says is false, this is pure evidence. Why UN don’t talk about Syrian Oil robbed by United States?

Penny Wong

Chinese Foreign Office listed the 84 countries that the US and NATO have invaded and destroyed since 1945. Just since 1991, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan have been destroyed and looted. The US is a global pirate, it hijacks Iranian oil and sells it to fund terrorism and wars and then these shameless hypocrites criticize Russia and China.


Are proofs against Russia and Russians necessary ? If we read the occidental media, everything is already judged by the USA, the UK and the EU, and even without any court.

hunter bidé lab pork !

UN its a Digital zionist terrorist gay lgbt fake merdia Hey UN what you do in Lybia !!!?? Criminal Faggots !!!!! F up Guterras with a digital monkey in his anus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Jennings

These freaks at the UN operate like middle age priests. They twist and turn and follow the money. Not one of them can be trusted.


Just like it NEVER proved it’s guilt over MH-17… The Skripal(s)… And Navalny…

While the MI6/Mossad/CIA Team ran the coup that murdered countless thousands in the Eastern Donbas over the past 8 years… And even after 2014… Putin had the audacity to perpetuate the LIE (https://theduran.com/putin-911-not-inside-job/) that got U$ to this place!

Last edited 11 months ago by Matt

Recently, Ukraine’s grain was being shipped out through Romania by the US. They take the grain and ship it out then forget they did it and claim Russia stole it. And why would Russia steal Ukraine’s grain when they have PLENTY of their own anyway? Perhaps the LPR DPR grain is counted as stolen? It was Ukraine who bombed up tons of the grain in the Mariupol grain stores.


the biggest hoax is that ALL the world relies on ukraine for grain, Which is an absolute fallacy. out of the top ten grain producers in the world supply chain, Ukraine is number 9. producing 2 million more tonnes per year than Germany. list goes 1)China 2) India 3) Russia so perhaps the american complaint is that their enemies that they have made are in more control than they are. when you cut your own supply lines and refuse to deal with the shop owner, the shop owner is not responsible when you starve, stupidity is. Yet again , an amazing media fail by the fake news networks Reuters & AP

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