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The Ukrainian Election: Poroshenko Loses, the Regime Survives

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Written by Dmitry Babich; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Anyone covering the Ukrainian presidential election for the Western media during the last few days has had to perform a complicated balancing act. How else could you explain President Poroshenko’s underwhelming finish to a trusting reader of the New York Times or the Washington Post, despite the fact that the president was proclaimed a hero in both the US and the EU for his role in the Maidan “revolution” of 2014? Poroshenko got a mere 15.96% of the ballots cast, and many voters openly expressed doubts over his ability to make it into to the second round. How could television comedian Vladimir Zelensky overtake Poroshenko by almost 15 percentage points (30.4%) after Poroshenko’s supposedly “heroic” war against “Russian aggression”? And how could Yulia Tymoshenko, who was “imprisoned by that pro-Russian crook of a president” Viktor Yanukovych from 2012 to 2014, finish a distant third with just 13.4%, after two years in jail and an active fight against what she calls “Russian aggression” in eastern Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Election: Poroshenko Loses, the Regime Survives

The verdict of the voters

The truth is that while the final outcome of the Ukrainian election has not yet been made public, the moral, political, and economic bankruptcy of the crudely nationalist regime that established itself in Ukraine after the Maidan coup of 2014, is plain for everyone to see. This article will demonstrate that even the Western media indirectly acknowledges this fact. Only Western and Ukrainian sources will be used to prove two devastating truths about the violent “revolution of dignity” on Maidan Square in Kiev, which the US and the EU openly supported in 2014.

Here are the facts that  the Western press also acknowledges. First of all, over the course of the last five years of IMF-led reforms, Ukraine has become the poorest nation in Europe (as Der Spiegel reports); second, Maidan gave rise to “the dirtiest and most shameful” presidential race in the history of Ukraine as an independent nation (as Bloomberg was forced to admit, after many years of praise for the “revolution of dignity”). In fact, the West itself has already handed down a “guilty” verdict in regard to the regime of President Petro Poroshenko. The US and the EU are just unwilling to admit their share of the responsibility for the ongoing disaster, preferring to talk about Russian “aggression” in the Donbass (the Russian-speaking population of which were lovingly described as “subhumans” by the first post-Maidan Ukrainian prime minister, Arseny Yatsenyuk). The second favorite topic of the Western media is the “occupation” of Crimea (whose autonomous status inside Ukraine was slated for elimination by the far-right members of the post-Maidan Ukrainian government  immediately after taking power in 2014).

The poorest nation in Europe

The economic collapse of Ukraine is plain for everyone to see. It is so indisputable that incumbent President Petro Poroshenko did not even dare bring up the economy during his campaign, preferring to focus on his confrontation with Russia. “The real choice [that voters have to make] is between me and Putin,” Poroshenko said at the peak of his campaign, offering the rather puzzling choice of: “Either Poroshenko or Putin”  — a slogan that was reprinted in millions of campaign posters, numerous ads on TV, and in newspapers. Poroshenko’s alternative was so absurd that even Euronews decided to publish a remark by Yelena Bondarenko, an anti-Maidan journalist and former deputy of the Ukrainian parliament (during the administration of the much-maligned Viktor Yanukovych, the president ousted after Maidan), quoting Bondarenko’s Facebook comment: “Does Putin know that he is running for office in March?” But of course Euronews refrained from interviewing Bondarenko, whose views run counter to the mainstream Western narrative about Ukraine. During her brief visit to Moscow, Bondarenko shared with this correspondent her views on the reasons for Ukraine’s economic impoverishment.

“The Ukrainian economy is being destroyed not only by corruption, as the Western media report, but also by Kiev’s self-imposed isolation from the traditional Russian market. This misfortune is self-inflicted, since it was Kiev that declared Russia a hostile country and imposed sanctions first, long before Russia fought back,” Bondarenko said. “Contrary to Poroshenko’s promises, the association agreement with the EU did not make up for the Russian market that was lost to Ukraine. In fact, Ukrainian exports to the EU diminished by 36% in the first year after Yanukovych was ousted.” Bondarenko’s bitter assessment of the state of the Ukrainian economy is corroborated not only by data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development, but also by none other than the Washington Post. That newspaper, once so enthusiastic about Maidan, reported the collapse of the Ukrainian currency (the hryvna) from 8.2 hryvnas to the dollar (under the much-maligned Yanukovych) to 25.3 hryvnas over the course of just one year of Ukraine’s exposure to Poroshenko’s “young reformers.” This downturn for the hryvna reflected the downturn of Ukraine’s economy after it forcefully “separated” itself from Russia’s, causing the Ukrainian GDP to plummet by 6.8% in 2014 and by 9.8% in 2015, as reported by Reuters.

Young reformers and old foreign policy

Immediately prior to the election, some in the Western media made a desperate attempt to rehabilitate the “young reformers” from Arseny Yatsenyuk’s government (most of whom were not Ukrainian citizens and were fired by Poroshenko after fights over systematic corruption in 2015-2017). Bloomberg trumpeted the inclusion of Yatsenyuk’s former economics minister, the Lithuanian banker Aivaras Abromavicius, as part of the team of candidate Vladimir Zelensky seeing in this a sign that Zelensky would fight the supposedly villainous “old system.” Zelensky, a Russian-speaking Ukrainian comedian, surged ahead of Poroshenko in the polls and started getting good press in the US and the EU after vowing total loyalty to Washington and Brussels several weeks before the election. Now Zelensky is viewed by Politico (for example) as a potentially good alternative to Poroshenko, simply because Zelensky (unlike Poroshenko) is not ashamed to speak in public in Russian, the native language of 36-40% of Ukraine’s population.

The fact that Zelensky is not even promising to change the disastrous anti-Russian foreign-policy stance of the post-Maidan regime is generally overlooked by newspapers both in the US and in the EU. However, without shifting from Poroshenko’s posture on joining NATO and other anti-Russian alliances, it simply won’t be possible to end what Kiev calls its “war with Russia” —Ukraine’s five-year-long military operation against the rebellious regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, generally known as “the Russian-speaking regions of the Donbass.” (Russia does not consider this military action to be a war with Ukraine, calling it instead a Ukrainian civil war and blaming the Maidan coup for escalating the political divisions between eastern and western Ukraine, which had previously been resolved during elections, into a bloodbath between people had gone to  school together and were citizens of the same country.) So, Zelensky is not really suggesting a solution to the “war problem.” Meanwhile, ending the hostilities in the Donbass is seen as the highest priority by the majority of the Ukrainian electorate, as Reuters confirms in its report from the war-torn areas of Ukraine. So, Ukrainians’ hopes for peace will most likely also be dashed by the candidate Zelensky.

War enshrined in laws

Even if Poroshenko leaves office, his legacy will prevent Ukraine from ending the war anytime soon. The warfare in eastern Ukraine is the fruit of  NATO’s eastward expansion that was launched by Washington and Brussels in the mid-1990s without buy-in from Moscow, as Counterpunch rightly admits. And during Poroshenko’s tenure, Ukraine’s path toward EU and NATO membership has become enshrined in its constitution, despite Russia having made no secret of its position that Ukraine joining NATO would be a “red line” for Moscow. So, even if we adopt the Western view that the war is actually between Ukraine and Russia, Poroshenko has done everything to make that war last longer. Back in 2018, the Ukrainian parliament, led by Poroshenko’s faction, adopted what is known as the law on the de-occupation of the Donbass, which brands Russia as “an aggressor” and makes it impossible for Ukraine to comply with the peace agreements that were signed by Poroshenko and the representatives of the Donbass rebels and were made public in Minsk in February 2015 (what are called the “Minsk Agreements”). So why, after adopting that law, is Ukraine unable to honor its commitments under the Minsk agreements? Because Ukraine’s new law on de-occupation makes amnesty for the rebels and a special status for the Donbass impossible, despite the fact that amnesty and that special status formed the core of the Minsk Agreements in 2015. The Economist magazine noted that the law on de-occupation “infuriated” Russia. Obviously, if something “infuriates” one party to a conflict and you are an intermediary or a benevolent observer of this conflict, you should reject that “something.” Not so for the Economist: it actually praised the law, saying that it “called a bully by its own name.”

This particular event exposes the problem: The Economist and the vast majority of other Western media outlets are not benevolent observers. They were on Kiev’s side from the very beginning of the post-Maidan regime. And they did so not so much out of love for Ukraine, but rather out of hatred for some evil entity that they call “Putin’s Russia,” but which is actually just Russia, pure and simple.

Western coverage: the facts belie the narrative

Now, as the Ukrainian election showcases the full extent of Ukraine’s impoverishment and the degradation of its political institutions, inconsistencies are beginning to emerge in the Western press’s narrative on Ukraine. In fact, attentive readers of Western reports on Ukraine might be feeling the same shock as that experienced by “Russiagate” believers after reading the conclusions of the Mueller Report. It was all a lie, as the American Conservative rightly put it. The facts (Ukraine’s impoverishment and corruption, the dirty and undemocratic presidential election, Kiev’s unwillingness to make peace in Donbass, and its provocative stand against Russia) — these facts are just incompatible with the prevailing narrative of the Western media about the nice young reformers fighting against the “old system,” which is somehow constantly being reinvigorated by Russia.

After the first round of elections in Ukraine, the holes in that Western narrative are now simply impossible to hide. It was Poroshenko’s fear of the West’s “treason” against him that revealed, for example, the unseemly links between the post-Maidan Ukrainian elite and the American embassy, which is still headed by Obama’s appointee Marie Yovanovitch, and the ensuing scandal. In an interview with the Hill, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Yuri Lutsenko, revealed that during a personal meeting Yovanovitch gave him a list of the individuals in the Ukrainian establishment who were seen by the US as allies and who should not be prosecuted under any circumstances. Here is a quote from the Hill:

“Unfortunately, from the first meeting with the US ambassador in Kiev, [Yovanovitch] gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute. My response of that is: it is inadmissible. Nobody in this country, neither our president nor our parliament nor our ambassador, will stop me from prosecuting whether there is a crime,” Lutsenko said in his interview with the Hill.

The US State Department called Lutsenko’s claim that he had received this list of untouchables “an outright fabrication,” but the cat was out of the bag. The direct influence that the United States exerts on the post-Maidan regime has long been suspected, and for most Ukrainians Lutsenko’s statement was a “revelation” of a generally known “secret.”

So, as the Polish think tank Nowa Europa Wschodnia (“New Eastern Europe”) asks in a recent publication, what was the purpose of Maidan, if Ukraine is poorer and more corrupt than under Yanukovych? The answer is simple: its goal was to make Ukraine a country that is hostile to Russia, in a state of constant confrontation with its neighbor, and embroiled in a simmering conflict with a big segment of its own population. This goal was achieved through the joint efforts of the United States, the European Union, and Ukrainian ultra-nationalists. And this election offers no hope of changing this state of affairs anytime soon. The election simply exposed this terrible state of affairs — even to the Western media.

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Harry Smith

Zelensky is puppet of another ukrainian jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoysky. Zelensky works on the Kolomoysky’s TV channel 1+1. So it will be another face, but same policy, except Kolomoysky will probably revenge over Poroshenko and his team because Poroshenko grabbed a lot of Kolomoysky’ property.

AM Hants

Good article, with regards their connection, over on Stalker Zone.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Clown Country! Jewish Comedian Leads Presidential Race in Ukraine
Clown world has a lot of clown countries, but only one of them has gone as far as Ukraine in selecting a clown candidate.
The Independent:
Comedian and showman Volodymyr Zelensky has dominated voting in the first round of Ukraine’s presidential elections.

The first official exit polls released at the end of voting projected Mr Zelensky to finish on 30.4 per cent, a full 12 percentage points ahead of incumbent Petro Poroshenko (17.8 per cent) and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko (14.2 per cent).

But the real drama of Sunday’s election was the closer than expected margin between second and third places, which apparently eliminates Ms Tymoshenko from the second round on 21 April.

The difference of less than 4 per cent raised the prospect of prolonged protests and legal disputes.

At an event at her campaign headquarters after the exit polls were announced, Ms Tymoshenko refused to admit defeat. Instead, she claimed her own figures showed she had finished in second place with 20.9 per cent of the vote, and urged Ukrainians to wait for full and final results.

First things first.

Yes, literally all three of the candidates are Jewish.

Here’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the topic.

Yes, Zhirinovsky is also part Jewish. But he routinely says more based things than Alex Jones, so I unironically enjoy his hot takes and so do most Russians, it seems.

This time was no exception. He believes that Zelensky doesn’t have a chance because Poroshenko, as the incumbent, has the whole corrupt security services on his side and the other candidates will just give their votes to him in exchange for money. And then he says that Russia should have invaded a long time ago and does his whole “heads, pikes, ramparts” spiel.

By the way, the most popular political talk show on Russian channel 1 is Evening hosted by a Jew named Vladimir Soloviev. The whole show is just him and his clever Jewish friends all chit-chatting. Some nights, there isn’t a single goy guest on. They even joke about this and don’t hide it. It is, admittedly, very funny.

Everywhere you look, mang. Just Jews everywhere.

Now, some people say that Poroshenko was, in fact, not a Jew.

But Forbes named him as a Jewish billionaire, and there are persistent rumors that his father took on the name of his wife to hide his Jewish last name – “Groysman” – and Ukrainian nationalists have a habit of calling him a dirty Jew. The Jews themselves are not sure whether he is one of them or not.

But he was also the first Ukrainian president to address the Knesset… and he looks like a big, fat disgusting ((())), so we’re going to treat him as such.

Timoshenko is also Jewish. She got her start in the east of Ukraine, as part of the “Donbass Mafia,” a group that made money collecting rents on Russian gas routed through Ukraine as well as sitting pretty on the industrial assets that the east had to offer. She’s been around forever in Ukrainian politics and was part of Maidan 1 in 2004 and a late-comer to Maidan 2 ten years later.

Zelensky (always be wary of people with the suffix “sky”) is the star of a show that’s pretty reminiscent of Yes, Minister and that by all accounts isn’t that bad of a show. Bafflingly, he depicts the wise and more rational members of government as Russian-speakers and the bumbling idiots who muck everything up as Ukrainian-speaking peasants, and yet the show is quite popular. He’s way ahead of all the other candidates and he is backed up by the very powerful and very fat Jewish oligarch who is now mad at Poroshenko – Igor Kholomoisky.

Bafflingly, you will find some of the highest concentrations of Jew-woke peasants in Eastern Europe.

But these same people will turn right around, thump their chests and proudly talk about /ourjews/ being the good ones.

/Ourjews/ are looking out for us.

/Ourjews/ are so clever and better than /theirjews/.

As far as the elections go, this whole damn thing is a farce.

And even as an April Fool’s joke, having the top three candidates in a crowded field all be Jews isn’t really that funny.

https://dailystormer.name/clown-country-jew-comedian-leads-presidential-race-in-ukraine/comment image


Well, Ukraine does sit on the former territory of Khazaria.


And Russia was founded by Mongol puppets.
At least Ukraine is trying to progress.

AM Hants

Lol, Ukraine trying to progress. The Soviet Union fell in 1991. What progress has the failed state of Ukraine made? Russia, Yeltsin sold the nation out to the Rothschild oligarchs, bankrupting the country. President Putin, paid off the £45 billion Soviet Union debt, with no help from the other 14 member stats and Russia is now back to super power status. Must be the Mongol DNA, that shows survivor skills?

Real Anti-Racist Action

The indigenous Russian people were victims of the Brown-supremacist-bigots who ethnically cleansed and genocided 120,000,000 indigenous people.
All European wars combined has never killed the amount that Mongol’s and East Asians have killed.
Even the Holodomor is small compared to their crimes against ethnic-Europeans committed by the Mongols.

Tudor Miron

Yeah and proto Ukrainians digged the Back sea.


The Kievian Rus were Vikings, but Russia has the capacity for a variety of ethnicities.


Moscow rose as a collection point for tribute for the Mongol overlords.
They have been playing the same game ever since.
They only understand one relationship; Master to Slave. You are one or the other. The Master does what he will and the save figures out how to live with it.


Sounds like the Khazars, the eternal enemy of the Christian Rus.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is very true. However a ver small percentage of Ukrainian openly claim to be Ashkenazi-Jewish. So it is still an open minority controlling the majority.
Also, all Ashkenazi’s should be deported back to their ancestral home lands of Northern-Turkey.

Gregory Casey

Yeah …….. where they can cause trouble and impose themselves on Armenian Christians. Again.


“Zelensky was born 25 January 1978 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine) to Jewish parents. …

Zelensky supported the 2013-2014 Euromaidan movement. During the War in Donbass, he actively supported the Ukrainian army. …

During his presidential campaign, Zelensky said that he would like Ukraine to become a member of the European Union and NATO …

Regarding the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea, Zelensky said that, speaking realistically, it will be possible to return Crimea under Ukrainian control only after a regime change in Russia.”

– Volodymyr Zelensky –



So much for the “Nazi regime” BS that the Russian trolls love to spew.
Now I guess the anti Semitism is going to start cranking up.

AM Hants

BS. Ukraine celebrate the Nazis and since when has it been anti-semeticato comment on khazarians and ashkenazis? Remember, they were Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who adopted Christianity, Judaeism and Islam, whilst learning to speak Hebrew? Even the biblical jews now realise the Zionists were behind the events in WWII. Wasn’t Adolf a descendent of the Zionist Rothschild?


Ukrainians celibate the freedom fighters who mistakenly thought Hitler could not be worse than Stalin.
And paid for that with their lives..
Musch like the Russians who thought the Communists couldn’t be worse than the old regime.
Hitler and Stalin were behind the events of WWII.


It was pretty much Hitler. Stalin was desperate to avoid war with Hitler and tried desperately to make an alliance with France and the UK. Who hung him out to dry with the Munich agreement carving up Czechoslovakia. Concluding he was on his own he then decided that it was better to make a deal with the devil then to be devoured by him. Only to be betrayed by him a few years later. War was coming to Europe regardless of what Stalin would do. It’s in Hitler’s book. He clearly states he wants Russia, but only the land and its resources, not the people living in it.

That’s not to say Stalin wasn’t an evil fuck, which he clearly was. One of the worst ever. But he’s not an architect of WW2. That honor solely belongs to Hitler.


You are right to an extent. Whether willing or reluctant the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact brought on the war. Stalin was at best an accomplice. That is something Russians need to come to terms with.


Of course if the UK and France had entered into a coalition with Stalin in 1938 or 1939 Stalin would never have signed that pact in the first place. And the 2 countries basically gave up Czechoslovakia to Hitler on a silver platter at Munich, showing Stalin that he couldn’t expect much of the Western Allies if at all. When you only get the cold shoulder from the West, nor much signs that they are willing to confront Hitler at all can you blame Stalin for concluding that his best chance of survival is to make a deal with the devil instead?

Or how about the security guarantees the Western Allies gave to Poland in 1939? Would the Poles have refused Hitler’s demands to give up Danzig and the Polish corridor if they had known that neither France nor the UK would do much to help them other then stare angrily across the Maginot line? They did expect a French offensive into the Rhineland to come to their aid when it still mattered. Like when the Polish army still was a fighting force in the field.

AM Hants

Who created Hitler and the Georgian, known as Stalin? Remember, the same crowd were behind the Bolsheviks, overthrowing the Russian Empire, back in 1917. Just, the Russians never complain, just move forward.

Tudor Miron

There’s no point talking to this ukro nazi. He’s either trolling or simply dumb as rock.

AM Hants

Or both? Used him, to post content, for others who might have read answer, but, unaware of events in Ukraine.

AM Hants

In 1997, Ukraine could not join NATO, owing to her borders, with Russia, never being ratified in accordance with International Law, since the fall of the Soviet Union. Nothing has changed. In fact, when Porkie shredded the 1997 Russia-Ukraine Friendship Treaty, he had no idea he had torn up the agreement, which allows the borders, of Russia and Ukraine, to be recognised, whilst they are both members of the CIS. Now, they are back to the days prior to the Bolshevik invading and overthrowing the Russian Empire. Meaning Novorussia or Eastern Ukraine, should be back in Russia. Together with crimea, with or without the referendum.


Is this the land of the antisemitism ???

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x