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The U.S. Keeps Losing In Every Simulated War Game Against China

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The U.S. Keeps Losing In Every Simulated War Game Against China

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In the autumn of 2020, the US Air Force held a simulated war game against China, set approximately 10 years in the future.

It began with a biological weapon that quickly dealt with America’s military bases and warships in the Indo-Pacific region.

Then, China staged a massive military exercise to veil a gigantic deployment of an invasion force.

The simulation culminated with Chinese missile strikes raining down on U.S. bases and warships in the region, and a lightning air and amphibious assault on the island of Taiwan.

China won, within a very short timeframe.

This was reportedly part of the classified war game and details are being revealed now.

Around the same time, in real life, in September 2020, actual Chinese combat aircraft intentionally flew over the rarely crossed median line in the Taiwan Strait in the direction of Taipei an “unprecedented 40 times and conducted simulated attacks on the island” that Taiwan’s premier called “disturbing.”

China’s air force released a video showing a bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons carrying out a simulated attack on Andersen Air Force Base on the U.S. Pacific island of Guam.

The title of the Hollywood-like propaganda video was “The god of war H-6K [bomber] goes on the attack!”

The trend of China getting ahead and the US falling back was accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This month the Council on Foreign Relations released a special report, “The United States, China, and Taiwan: A Strategy to Prevent War.”

It concluded that Taiwan “is becoming the most dangerous flash point in the world for a possible war” between the United States and China.

In Senate testimony, the head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Adm. Phil Davidson, warned that he believes China might try and annex Taiwan “in this decade, in fact within the next six years.”

Separately, a Chinese think tank recently described tensions in U.S.-China relations as the worst since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, and it advised Communist Party leaders to prepare for war with the United States.

Apparently, many Americans don’t realize is that years of classified Pentagon war games strongly suggest that the U.S. military would lose that war.

“More than a decade ago, our war games indicated that the Chinese were doing a good job of investing in military capabilities that would make our preferred model of expeditionary warfare, where we push forces forward and operate out of relatively safe bases and sanctuaries, increasingly difficult,” Air Force Lt. Gen. S. Clinton Hinote, deputy chief of staff for strategy, integration and requirements, told Yahoo News in an exclusive interview.

“At that point the trend in our war games was not just that we were losing, but we were losing faster,” Hinote said. “After the 2018 war game I distinctly remember one of our gurus of war gaming standing in front of the Air Force secretary and chief of staff, and telling them that we should never play this war game scenario [of a Chinese attack on Taiwan] again, because we know what is going to happen. The definitive answer if the U.S. military doesn’t change course is that we’re going to lose fast. In that case, an American president would likely be presented with almost a fait accompli.”

The Biden administration recently announced a new Pentagon task force to review U.S. defense policy toward China, to be headed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The deteriorating security of Taiwan will be a major focus of the new task force.

“By the way, three of China’s standing war plans are built around a Taiwan scenario,” Hinote said. “They’re planning for this. Taiwan is what they think about all the time.”

No matter what, every war game scenario featuring Taiwan ends in the US losing.

“Whenever we war-gamed a Taiwan scenario over the years, our Blue Team routinely got its ass handed to it, because in that scenario time is a precious commodity and it plays to China’s strength in terms of proximity and capabilities,” said David Ochmanek, a senior RAND Corporation analyst and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for force development. “That kind of lopsided defeat is a visceral experience for U.S. officers on the Blue Team, and as such the war games have been a great consciousness-raising device. But the U.S. military is still not keeping pace with Chinese advances. For that reason, I don’t think we’re much better off than a decade ago when we started taking this challenge more seriously.”

Part of the problem is that China advanced its A2/AD strategy while the Pentagon was largely distracted fighting counterterrorism and counterinsurgency wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for two decades.

Beijing is also laser-focused on Taiwan and regional hegemony, while the U.S. military must project power and prepare for potential conflict scenarios all around the globe, giving the Pentagon what Ochmanek calls an “attention deficit disorder.”

Finally, there is the complacency of the perennial winner that makes it hard for senior U.S. military officers to believe that another nation would dare to take them on.

“My response is that China’s growing military confidence is manifesting itself in an increasingly belligerent approach to its neighbors, the growing frequency of the PLA’s violation of the airspace of Taiwan and Japan, and the bullying of other neighbors in the South China Sea,” said Ochmanek. “Under Xi Jinping there has been a dramatic increase in such provocations compared to a decade ago, and I think it’s grounded in his belief that militarily, China is strong enough now to credibly challenge us.”

In the most recent war game, the Pentagon tested the impact of potential capabilities and military concepts that are still on the drawing board in many cases.

The Blue Team, which represented U.S. forces, adopted a more defensive and dispersed posture less reliant on large, vulnerable bases, ports and aircraft carriers in a conflict with the Red Team, which represented China.

The strategy strongly favored large numbers of long-range, mobile strike systems, to include anti-ship cruise missile batteries, mobile rocket artillery systems, unmanned mini-submarines, mines and robust surface-to-air missile batteries for air defense. A premium was put on surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities for both early warning and accurate intelligence to enable quicker decisions by U.S. policymakers, and a more capable command-and-control system to coordinate the actions of more dispersed forces.

“We created a force that had resiliency at its core, and the Red Team looked at that force and knew that it would take a tremendous amount of firepower to knock it out,” said Hinote. The biggest insight of the war game, he said, was revealed when he talked afterward with the Red Team leader, who played the role of the PLA’s top general.

“The Red Team leader is the most experienced and aggressive officer in these war games across the Defense Department, and when he initially looked at the resiliency of our defensive posture both in Taiwan and the region, he said, ‘No, I’m not going to attack,’” recalled Hinote. “If we can design a force that creates that level of uncertainty and causes Chinese leaders to question whether they can accomplish their goals militarily, I think that’s what deterrence looks like in the future.”

On a sober note, Hinote pointed out that the Blue Team force posture tested in the recent war game is still not the one reflected in current Defense Department spending plans.

“We’re beginning to understand what kind of U.S. military force it’s going to take to achieve the National Defense Strategy’s goals,” he said. “But that’s not the force we’re planning and building today.”

Maybe one day the US will win in a simulation against China.


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To be completely Frank, the US is a thug and a bully loser. It benefited the most from the Soviet defeat of Nazism and post war collapse of Europe. The US and its posterior licking NATO vassals like perfect cowards, since1945 has been attacking small defenseless countries from tiny Grenada to Iraq with usual thugs mistake of once in a while attacking someone who can hit back like Vietnam or Iran. But now the US is in perennial decline and China is the only real superpower left with the world’s largest manufacturing economy, trillions in cash reserves, unlimited talented hard working disciplined Han homogeneous culture and a first rate modern military. The PLA can literally wipe the floor off the fat stupid American bankrupt cowardly retards.


China does not even need to fight US militarily. As US embargos and counter messures by China has shown, if China would implement a full embargo of goods towards US, the economy of US would collaps in a year. Just release all US bonds owned by China would collaps the dollar value, shifting all payments of Chinese goods from US Dollar to for e.g. Euro as trading currency would kill US directly.
US is standing with the back to the wall, and they know it.


They also hold $ 3 trillion in Treasury deadbeat bonds as US economy is shrinking and collapsing. The Chinese already manufacture 60% of goods globally. The US besides third rate expensive weapons and crappy cars produces fuckall.

Hasbara Hunter

Ofcourse the U.S. keeps Losing Simulated War Games…You don’t have to be an Enlightened Crackerjack to understand that the U.S. doesn’t stand a chance against China in a REAL WAR!…The U.S. Army is only created to Bomb, Invade & Loot SMALL & WEAK Countries TOGETHER with THEIR PARTNERS in CRIME: the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization…

PS a Friend of mine (Dutch Special Forces) has Trained with Americans, Russians, Europeans…the Only ones ever able to defeat him in Martial Arts & Hand-to-Hand Combat happened to be Chinese….


Frankly, US has lost every war from Korea to Afghanistan as well, against much weaker mostly unarmed opponents. Only Vietnam had nominal Soviet and PRC support and beat the crap out of the US cowards despite being subjected to the worst bombardment in human history with banned weapons and Agent Orange. Vietnamese human losses of 6-8 million dead for a population of 43 million back in 1970 would be equal to 120 million Soviet lives in 1945. Even then the American murdering cowards lost. They would be wiped out by China in a matter of hours. BTW, Chinese beat the living crap out of the Indians in hand to hand combat in Ladakh recently.

Hasbara Hunter

The MIC considered the Vietnam war a Great Victory and a Template for the Future success to their Objectives. Since the Vietnam War, the MIC has urged the Murican Government to enter into as many Ambiguous and Unwinnable wars as possible, since Unwinnable Wars are also Never-Ending. Never-Ending Wars equate to Never-Ending Revenue Streams for the Yangeese War-based Economy & the MIC…


Absolutely right, the Bilderberg Jews thrive on destruction.

comment image

Hasbara Hunter

comment image


comment image

Proud Hindu

Stfu Hussain I @$$ licker

Proud Hindu

Rawafid shut your mouth and worry about Iran.We fked Chinese in Ladakh and stop your mutah propaganda @$$hole Shia b@$tardo

Hasbara Hunter

Go get your $hekels kiddo…Sugar Daddy Satanyahu is waitin’ for ya….


The US military lost the wars, bur the US military industrial complex always profits from the wars.

Like everything in the US/UK, ‘the tail is always wagging the dog’.


“This month the Council on Foreign Relations released a special report, “The United States, China, and Taiwan: A Strategy to Prevent War.”

The best strategy for the US to prevent wars, is to stop meddling in other countries affairs and to rein in their wanker bankers,their military industrial complex and the bought and paid for warmongers at the pentagon :) + the Zionist thieves as well.

Hasbara Hunter

If Murica wants War…Murica will get War…it will be Their own choice….The Entire World starts to get pretty Fed up with this Satanic Entity…a serious Threat to All Life on this Planet…Yangeese better Grab their Gear & Piss off back to Murica & stay there….Dump the Dollar, Sanction & Boycot the Divided States of Murica into Oblivion…

Louis IX

It’s probably true. But sometimes i can not stop thinking : when you say “in case of war we are going to lose” you get more funds for your army, it justifies more spendings. When you say “in case of war we win easy”, then you can not claim more money.

Assad must stay

Yea but who knows how the money is spent

Oliver Eitel

on the new F45 XD

Assad must stay



How can US invade country with 5 times bigger population and powerful army and not “lose”?
They didn’t win against anybody except Granada


In the long run strategic mass always wins. Even Egypt wore out the Zionists in 1973, despite backstabbing Syria. Sadat had to be paid off to stop. Modern wars are a meat grinder as Syria has shown.

Proud Hindu

Shia don’t have money worry about that

Louis IX

They can not invade China, obviously.
What i’m saying is that type of annoucement might be used to justify increased budget of pentagon. In face of a problem, US solution is always “more money”.


They have already bankrupted their economy with lost endless wars, 800 military bases overseas and can not even provide basic health care or services to their wretched brainwashed population, how can they outspend China is military spending. US defence procurement is a corrupt Ponzi scam where everyone is looting, a wrench costs $1400.


yes we all know that Pentagon tactics
the problem is that the “game” shows reality on the ground.
so this is not about extracting money by artificially created defeat but REALITY!
on top Chines spending is 7% (this year) up on already huge amount of money!
China will outspend U.S. (in PPP terms)!

Ricky Miller

They wouldn’t intend an invasion. The plan would be and no doubt is to cause massive sustained damage to PRC government facilities and buildings by stand off bombardment. Targeting the PLA the same way to degrade it of personnel and equipment, and making losses so unbearable that China comes to terms on harsh conditions, like 1841. The military issue between these two wargamed sides is about missile salvo’s and volumes of aircraft sorties, and who degrades what faster.


Thanks Ricky
That is even more delusional as “game” model. I suppose they were expecting to cripple Chinese thanks to their “stealth superiority” …While China was suppose to, helplessly sit and wait, till they finish their job?!?
Most of the Chinese industry is on the coastline region…So I suppose that they have very decent air defenses and relatively easy job to protect such limited area with their air force.
US B-2 bombers would have to be more then “invisible” to pass through Chinese defenses!


And the ‘invasion’ of Grenada was a close run battle for the US :)

Assad must stay

reminds me of the simulated war game they had against iran, same situation iran won like all the time lol


But they did win against Bhutan :)

Captain Freedom

They payed a price when they somehow lost 9 helicopters………….LOL. On a tiny island with no military, just cuban construction workers…


If invading China, they would maybe reach Chinese main land.
But that would be the end of them, cause Chinese would eat them live and kill them all to the last one.
Then Chinese would start to hunt Americans everywhere on the pacific till all Americans are exterminated.
No need for “simulation of the war game ” to see that.

Proud Hindu

Lol.Stfu Ru$$ian @$$hole and worry ukraine

Just Me

US is a born loser and China #1 san.

Proud Hindu

Lol sure in your mutah wet dreams

Oliver Eitel

why does DISCQUS information show you have an IP from Israel???? hm explains your problem with Iran….and Shia the only ones you can bribe …………..


Lotsa false flaggers here…..lol

Ivan Freely

I’m surprised the Blue team didn’t repeat what they did with the simulated war games against Iran to win. Maybe they should have had the Red team fight only with wooden sticks. LOL

Bobby Twoshoes

I seriously doubt any Chinese thinktank used the words “Tiananmen Square massacre”, Tiananmen Square protests more likely. I find it amusing that the only evidence the Empire has for tanks crushing thousands of people is a super-short video of a column of tanks being stopped in their tracks by a single man.

Ivan Freely

Correct. In China, they refer to it as the June Fourth Incident.

Arch Bungle

Nobody ever talks about the PLA cadets that were burned alive in their tanks by ‘protesters’ during that episode.

The army wasn’t called in to face peaceful protesters, they were brought in when PLA members started getting butchered in the streets.

Arch Bungle

Nobody ever thinks about the fact that the tank driver had the human compassion not to run over that civilian.

Captain Freedom

True. Many westeners say they “remember” seeing him being crushed on TV, but the video clearly shows that the tank even tried to evade him. They even talked to him when he climbed it. I wonder how those morons are being so easily deceived?? Apperantly they are so brainwashed the BBC can implant false memories…

Blue In Green

Not surprising at all, Chinese industrial out-put would be enough to counter-act any losses that America tries to dish out anyways: If the PLA’s multi-tiered AD network is up to snuff, then their losses will be minimized. China already has the largest Naval fleet and is adding CSGs (carrier strike groups) in record setting pace. USN’s 11-12 CSGs aren’t going to be enough in 10-20 years, if not sooner (not that long btw). Factor in one of the largest tactical/strategic Ballistic Missile fleets in the world (along side Russia and Iran) and you’ll have a recipe for total U.S. military destruction in the East Asia/South Asia region.

If the United States really gave a damn about countering China, they would have disengaged from the Middle-East and axed the fraudulent, debt-ridden, cost-overrun F-35 (lemon) program in favor of upgrading their existing air-superiority fleet as well as doubling-down on new ship building, but the MIC took the money and gave out a sub-standard product which wont fair well against other stronger nations well-poised to go against USAF with their own top-of the line fighters, in fair numbers might I add.

I can’t imagine the U.S. will have a fun time going up against J-21s, FC-31s and a whole slew of other modern Chinese air-craft……..

The Chinese are also very patient and don’t want to get into a hot-war with America given that the United States is already imploding from the inside-out. Why waste precious resources when your enemy is destroying itself for you?

As the famous saying goes: Do not interrupt your enemy, when they are making a mistake.

jade villaceran

actually, you dont need another csg to counter the enemies csg, missiles would be enough on this era of war, csg before is for attack purposes, but the csg today is for defensive purposes because of missiles, they cannot go near to their attack positions, csg of chinese is for front line of defense unlike the usa csg is for attacking small and weak countries

Arch Bungle

The day they happen to win a simulation is the day they get the illusion they can win in reality.

Proud Hindu

Just like Muhammad had illusions?

Arch Bungle

What’s Muhammad got to do with this?

Proud Hindu

China is a paper tiger and only Persian b@$yards and Russia @$$holes believe in a paper tiger as both of them are paper tigers like China.US can easily destroy all the three countries lol.

Arch Bungle

The US got defeated by China in Korea and again on Hainan island.

That makes the US a “Toilet Paper Tiger”.


Still licking the wounds from 1962 war?

Cheryl Brandon

THE CHINESE PLA is a liberation arm/is a pro soveriegn army. us army is a anti democracy, pro empire and pro monopolies and, are paid to kill irrationally for MONEY

Cheryl Brandon



That is amazing,not even win once just for luck?

chris chuba

If the USAF gets tired of losing to the Chinese they could wargame fighting the Iranians in the Persian Gulf and then the Russians in Crimea.

And why is this surprising? Taiwan, 50miles away from mainland China, 6,000miles+ away from west coast of U.S. I guess the Pentagon got its next round of budget increases.

Robert Ferrin

More transgenders is what they need, diversity is the name of the game jumpsuits for pregnant women, red pumps and ponytails will do along with a good supply of nail polish and some tattoo artist to look attractive. Now what’s so hard about that while the Chinese troops are bent over laughing we can slide in and take them over. What they need are better planners maybe I’ll see if I can get a job with them I would fit right in for I have a few more good ideas.!!

Frank G

most of these war game scenarios are for getting increased funding for the military and certain projects, just like all the scenarios against the ussr and now russia, however in reality it is true that the usa losses. usa has largest military but spread all over the world, in a war they need to bring forces in theater which would take lots of casualties and forward deployed forces are easier targets, then you have anti-sat missiles making things worse. these losers need to realize that a war in Russ’s/china’s backyard is not winnable, even if usa has a stalemate, their losses can never be recovered and sustained, their economy would collapse along with their poodles and would be affected more than the others. once china/russia create a defense pack and include SCO members/obsevers and their allies in a sort of anti-nato coalition, it is definitely game-over for the anglo-saxon-zio empire

1 KoolKat

Frank, you were reading my book.

1 KoolKat

There has never in history been a direct war between 2 nuclear powers (great powers).
And there has not been a great powers war since the end of WW2. (75 yrs).
So, what has changed? Nothing yet, but say some radical unforeseen event were to occur then (???).


Why would the CCP go to war with us? They already took over the US and never had to fire a shot.


The ‘simulated’ losses are most likely an invitation to the CCP to go kinetic somewhere so the US military can get a real world test of their new ‘toys’.

L Garou

Uhhhh, pretty sure that’s the plan. Ohhhhhhhh we’re gonna lose if you don’t give us trillions, redux.


Nobody talks about what the people of Taiwan want. Doubtless the people of Taiwan do not want to live under communist dictatorship. If I was a citizen of Taiwan I wouldn’t either. China’s government sucks. It needs to be stood up against.


You Can’t Win World War Three w/ a Homosexual Army

Voose Lagina

Are these the same simulations thay said 20 million people are going to die from covid?
Simulations are for gamers.

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