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New Mainstream: The U.S. And Co. Should Preemptively Sanction Russia In Case It Decides To “Meddle” In Belarus

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New Mainstream: The U.S. And Co. Should Preemptively Sanction Russia In Case It Decides To "Meddle" In Belarus

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On August 18th, Tom Rogan, a US political journalist, possibly made the first call to something that was quite expected: accuse Russia of potentially planning to send forces to Belarus.

In order to avoid such a negative scenario, US President Donald Trump and the US Congress need to vow that there would be even more sanctions against Russia if such a deployment would occur.

This is in relation to a claim by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised security assistance if it were needed.

The state news agency Belta cited remarks by Lukashenko that “at the first request, Russia will provide comprehensive assistance to ensure the security of Belarus in the event of external military threats”.

The Kremlin has made no confirmation of any such claims, but said that it was confident issues in Belarus would be resolved soon.

It is also interesting how after months of anti-Russian policy and the arrest of 33 Russians and their subsequent accusations of being mercenaries sent by the Kremlin to spread chaos throughout Belarus, Lukashenko expects for Vladimir Putin to help him consolidate his power.

Currently, the Trump administration condemned Lukashenko and said it doesn’t recognize the election results and his authority.

But Lukashenko hasn’t been sanctioned, neither has Putin been sanctioned preemptively.

Even the EU, which is usually “docile” introduced sanctions on Lukashenko and his aides.

But the US needs to be the leader, as usual. And, as expected, any Western meddling from Poland, the UK, the US and others is actually wanted and expected, it’s “the other kind” that’s bad.

U.S. leadership matters for two reasons, according to Rogan.

“First, in service of Belarusian human rights and America’s credibility as global leader of the post-war liberal international order.”

“Second, because Putin will use his support to Lukashenko as a pivot upon which to advance his ultimate interest in absorbing Belarus as part of Russia.”

Of course, this is now the newly-propagated threat, that’s an old one, but is getting an impetus, reinforced by all the hysteria regarding repression in Belarus – “The Russians are coming.”

“In turn, the U.S. must take a lead in deterring Putin from trammeling Belarusians in their aspiration for representative democracy. And to prevent the Kremlin from bolstering its threat to NATO.”

Meanwhile, in Belarus itself, prosecutors have accused the opposition of trying to seize power and opened a criminal case against them.

The announcement raises the possibility of trials and jail time for the leaders of a coordination council, set up this week, that includes opposition politicians, factory representatives and the Nobel prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich.

“The creation and the activities of the coordination council are aimed at seizing power and inflicting damage to national security,” said the prosecutor general, Alexander Konyuk, on August 20th. He said investigators had started an investigation into “calls for actions aimed at undermining national security”, which carries a jail term of up to five years. Lukashenko promised earlier in the week to take measures “to cool down a few hot heads” linked to the council.

In support of the opposition, Lithuanian prime minister Saulius Skvernelis met with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

“Our country has always supported the people of Belarus who are striving for freedom and democracy. We see the awakening of the nation, we all support them together. The road to a free society will not be easy and will require great endurance. I am sure they will be enough for Belarusians.

I assured Svetlana that the Government, together with partners in Poland, Latvia and Estonia, is doing and will do its utmost to achieve the goal of free and fair elections in Belarus and to allow its children to embrace their father in freedom as soon as possible,” the Prime Minister said in a statement.


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Lone Ranger

Nobody cares about U.S. sanctions.
Crumbling U.S. Empire is a joke loaded with delusional narcissistic hypocrites.

Jens Holm

You must be nobody in this. EU cares a lot and has chosen milder sanctions against Lukashenko.

Lone Ranger

EU doesnt care either.
Empty words only for the show.
Meanwhile there are ongoing revolts in the UK, Netherlands, France…

Jens Holm

You must be a skizzo.

There are no revelts in UK, Netherland and France at all. They and others has problems, but thats no revolt.

Why dont You read about it in Western Medias. They are many and tell You what its all about and who is who and the reasons for fx needed changes based on Our systems.

We seemes based on sytems and language for it, You not even have.

Here You again is trying to describe a car based on knowledge on horses.

Lone Ranger

The only schizofreniac here is you Jens…
And yes, there are ongoing revolts.
Time to skip Clown News Network and British BS Corp…

cechas vodobenikov

u need more meds—too stupid to comprehend the brutal suppression of the yellow vests in France…nothing like this in Russia or Belarus…u mechanical emotionless robots r too submissive to rebel

Icarus Tanović

Why do you waste your time and talk and arguing with brutally stupid ziowahhabi idiot? He’s here just for trolling on someones paycheck.

Jens Holm

The best they can do is to tell, what they think about it. They already has. There are no more points.

Number to is to contruíbute by work and productivity by a job, if there are any.

Concrete Mike

No revolts in france??

What are all the lads in yellow vests doing? Waiting for hugs and kisses from the police?


Jens Holm

Thats no revolt but a good sign. Mow people finally understand they cant just spend more then there are money for.

Parts of the yellow west should go hoe to their own country. Other should be compensated, because they already are too low in income.

None others then Macron had the courage to confront the population with any reforms and he was elected to that job.

I think there are hopes for Macron solves at least some of the probems france has and dont rxpect miracles.

cechas vodobenikov

farcical—US sanctions Russia and they buy more oil from Russia except Canada—at market rates

Jens Holm

Fine with me. I am not in that sanction game like that but only comment, what low prices and sanctions do as well as the limitations for sanctions.

I am for danes and others build more windpower farms as well as implementing solar electricity. Denmark several days a year produce more electricity then we use and export it. By that we can buy back, when there is no wind.

Denmark still build out windpower because we expect cars more and more will use electricity by batteries.

So Im for whats cheeper and better, where winds blows for it. It makes the countries less dependent. I like that part.

Jens Holm

Syria, Iran and Russia are for sanctions. Normal communication making sense dont work.

Darwin is wrong. People from there are not born with no ears.


No need to be complimentary about the OUTLAW, psychopath-run, blackmailing, sanctioning, belligerent, rogue AngloZionist, kakistocratic Mafia-state-of-insanity-in-decline.

Lone Ranger

Hopefully Russia and China and Iran will support the democratic freedomfighters in the U.S.
They need free and fair elections after hundred+ years of two party dictatorship.

Jens Holm

So far It seemes better then most 1 party systems.

Lone Ranger

Not really.
They managed to destroy the wealthiest nation on the planet in 70years.

Jens Holm

Its no destroyed at all. But they certainly need some repairs here and there and vital reforms.

As written many times before. They need a sanders but gets a Biden. I espect Biden only can calm down and repair.

Lone Ranger

Tge U.S. is broke, busted and disgusted.
It has been destroyed.
The society, infrastructure, morals, reozration, everything went down the drain.

Aaron Aarons

I never trust anybody who talks about “morals” without saying what their moral code is. They usually turn out to be patriarchal and in defense of the existing social order.



Jens Holm

He dont understand vitals here in west. They not even exist in his language.

Jens Holm

He dont support human rights, which is my moral apart from a few small corners.

He is forbidden.

Jens Holm

I and many others has told You why You are wrong. How many times has You to be wrong until You relate to facs.

The rest of the Western Economics and China included not even will allow it. Countries like USA and mine can go up or decline but not collapse.

Even Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iran supports the dollar:)

Lone Ranger

Take your meds Jens…

Lone Ranger

Biden is a senile pedo rapist.
He couldnt fix a morning coffee.

Jens Holm

He was a very good number two. We will se if he is a nuumber one.

I have great hopes comparing to Trump.

It happens low profile Leaders even maybee seniles are good to find good employes and give them more responsability.

Its also important to understand and work well with the rest of the USA Leadership.

They need another kind of election system for candidates as well as all elections for the local states should be at the same day, so there was election campaigns only every 4th year and at the same day.

Well maybee 2 days. with a split in the middle from Springfield to New Orleans.

Lone Ranger

You aint a very good advertisement for Denmark Jens…

Jens Holm

I dont represent Denmark. If and when I do. I write it. I write my oppinion.

And I didnt invent, what I wrote. The problems for elections are wellknown and well decriebed by experts as well.

Here I am a friendly critisist. Thye as well as UK and FRance has very old systems, which once upon a time ago did relative well. No´w they dont.

And its very strange USA is theland of computers in this and it suddenly is about mailboxes – too.

Its strange the one with most votes are not the President.

Its also strange that all over 18 has the right to vote and even so has to registrate or even be tested (some states in USA has liitations fx for criminals). .

cechas vodobenikov

u pitiful idiot—even US assoc of engineers ranks US infrastructure D+—-if u wish to find decent automobiles, public transportation, airports, roads and bridges you must go to Russia…u pay ridiculous amounts for mediocre transport in DK, far worse in USA—far superior in Russia at a tiny fraction of the cost….apparently u have never been to USA or Russia

Aaron Aarons

Doesn’t China have the best infrastructure nowadays?

Jens Holm

Most of that dont relate to any figures and numbers as well as I can see my home as well as outside my dountry to compare.

And USA as well as Russia are well covered here by TV, Radio and Internet and very much by independent danish journalists.

I also can see Putin Potemkin TV. and for that matter FOX and other higly infected from USA.

I can see and compare from most parts of the world and compare there even I has to rely in the english versions and translations.

Thats goes for Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Israel.


Gabbard ok,then again you’re not aware sanders is mearly the tool of hellarys!

Jens Holm

Hillary is a right wing democrat right for Bill. Sanders is very much left and very much his own and more like a Scandinavian Social Democrat.

Sanders never has been any tool for democrats as well as anyone else – aprt from the ones being poor having very much need for help by reforms for it.

I think gabbard is too random. None should elect a vicepresident like that. President and Vicepresidnet should be a team rom the start in an election campaign.

If the old man dies, she even will be President. She seemes bright but I would prefare they had something better.


It IS one party,two cheeks of the same arse,just that you don’t see it,or WANTto see it.


Does it? In what way has it benefited the populace, i.e excl. the (ultra) rich elite?

Jens Holm

You always forget the american system is based on having a very big well educated middle class and they do the advanced jobs making money. Those are 50%.

The USA sytems is based on hard capitalisme, where there pr definition are many loosers. But its very much about culture for goindg to school, educate, working hard by found skills and being pair pr ourt for that.

So excuse me. If people hardly try none are symphatheitic to help that part of them.

My system here in Denmark is not like that. We compensate hard by investing, so less becomes poor and do have succes for it.

So if I was in USA I would be a hard header Sanders supporter, which as an important part of the programme has to tax the rich harder. In Denmarkk we have a much better socalled income tax systems, which dies it much better.

So I do see those things and do support rich should be taxed much harder. BUT in the other hand I will never reward lazybum people for doing nothing and even insist in traditions like that.

People here get much more wellfare then in USA – BUT – they also gets motivated to free education as well as take jobs.

The differense is that about 80% of the danes actaully works and its much lower in USA. We also hardly dont have the jobs so low paid, so You have to have 2 or 3 of the to have a tent and a dayi meal.

And we do help the rest and parts of the have not advanced jobs or fx not fulltime, but they do work as well as they can. We can only do that because we trust the state,, whoch partly trust us.


…… its very much about culture for goindg to school, educate, working hard by found skills and being pair pr ourt for that.

That only applies to those with money. For the 40 million Americans living in poverty that is not reachable.

The various European social democratic systems are far superior to the American system. The U.S. society is a sick, corrupt, bankrupt society, which is why is going down the drain.

Lone Ranger

Free World is gaining, U.S. Empire is draining :)

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls will cry and rage…

Tommy Jensen

What we should do is, we should impose new heavy sanctions on Putin and Russia pre-emptively, because Putin has been thinking of an invasion and in manipulating the Belarussian election of a free democracy.
When these sanctions have been issued, Putin will think twice before he is fiddling around with our democractic voices.

Jens Holm

We already has some sanctions. You might forget, we also are dependent.

cechas vodobenikov

your sanctions r impotent and irrelevant–u pitiful idiots have sanctioned Cuba for 60 years with no effect…..your pathetic empire cannot compete—u have a kleptocracy and no freedom…except to do meth in your trailer park


The Zionist US Pied Piper is leading all the worlds Pro Zionist rats to be drowned ( in debt) by usurious jews, Tommy. :)

comment image


You don’t have a democracy you dimwitted turd…stupid people vote in an oligarch., Really stupid people think american mass murder, imperialism, and gross inequality is called a democracy.


The West with their Color revolution bollocks and tactics that accompany them
is always the same.
Those people always use the same tactics and the same play book executed everything the same to the smallest detail.
Lukhasenko should do exactly the same what China did in Hong Kong impose the new more harsh law against demonstrators and enforce it.
And if he can not do that than he should better leave now making transition to some Russia friendly candidate.

Jens Holm

I am not “those people”. I do produce 55.000 dollar a year and wish others the same possibilities accordin their education, skills and hard work.

Now Belarus is 6.600 and Russia is 11.200 and Poland 14.900.

More income tax also provide better health and You live longer. You deny people that toocomment image

Some nasty persons might say low living age also save pension and healthcare.

cechas vodobenikov

money worshipping liar–your stupidity increases by the day—while u pay equivalent of 5-6 USD for a tuborg, I pay less that 1 USD for a far superior beer in Russia…while u have growing extreme poverty and homelessnes—Belarus/Russia none, except for nomadic Romani…your fake wikipedia lies only impress idiot dane potato farmers


In a pub or shop? In Denmark a Tuborg is ~1 Eur at shop.


Europe is not Australia nor is the usa,where as russia has a more ethical dealing nowadays,and the numbers yet again fake,phoney and false based on eu-epp lies!
The more significant relevance is the cost of living in ones factual debt free real estate!

The cakcukator never lies see,in the end I’d prefer utilising it than the others strapons!

Jens Holm

We do registrate very well.


lol…i wouldn’t trust any Western data research agency, they are all skewed to make Western nations look desirable and great. There was a recent article indicating that many like polling and data research companies are the control of the like of CIA and Euro Intel community.

As an aside, I know for a fact that the average life expectancy in Russia is improving all the while under Putin’s reign. Russia females are up to 78/79 yrs in 2020 with the average for the whole population approaching 75 yrs

The situation back in 2000 was especially extremely dire for men, who then had an average life expectancy of only 59 years. That means a 16% improvement by now. In the same period, women have seen their odds go up by 8%, so the gap is indeed closing.

In 2000, the difference in life expectancy between the two countries was 11.1 years or 14.5% in favour of the US. But by 2019, the difference had shrunk to only 4.8 years or 6.1%. In the national strategic development programs Putin ordered to be implemented in connection with resuming presidency in 2018, there is a goal to push life expectancy up to 78 years by 2024 and further to 80 by 2030.


Looking at the tremendous trend, that seems feasible for Russia to achieve, and when we also consider that the US is actually regressing
on this measure, it is indeed to be likely that by 2024 the two
rivaling countries have the same life expectancy score. By reaching the
rate of 80 according to the 2030 plan, Russia would then actually
overtake America. That would of course be sort of a miracle, taking into
account how really awfully bad things were in Russia in the 1980s and

Jens Holm

We have Our own statistics about and do get the numbers to almost anyone which for some reason can use them.

So it correct CIA are one the big collacters, but they collact our data. I not we would complain.

They also makes big data estimates. They are made, when there are no real data or only old and maybee inaccurate data. By that their results mainly are the best we got.

EU has its own statistics. They are quite accurate and used for almost everything. Some data are hard to compare well like oension version pension age and people getting pension before time as well as a part of the population go on working almost untyil they die.

REASON: We help each other after rules. So the rich wont help mpre, then its agreed as well as the poor parts and countries has to have good proof for, they really are that low to improve their standards to the more wealthy ones.

That of course includes health and living age as well as how many is born and how many dies the forst year.

I had 2 russian de-explanantions the other day.

One was Russian has lower unimplyment then danes…It was not mentioned, that so may Russians has the wife at home, so many more danes in % works. By that its quite clear much more danes actually work – and by that also dont contribute by tax and support themself or partly do.

The second one was many in eastern Europe has to go to other countries to get a job. Thats right, but they are free to that because then they are able to send money home and compensate for there are no jobs(yet).

And that ignpored even it has been so fopr all EU citicens for many years. Denmark have about 200.000 from other countries doing better here contribting to Our GDP as well, We are happy for that even they send much money home and not only to Eastern Europe. We fx need well educated in IT above the low level as well as ingeniors.

Russians dont understand we are not kombinates and we own each other as stockholders.

Here its also true GDP only is an indicator. All know that, but we alos can see Our homes, Outside the window, schools. education, healt care, hospitals and pension. We are one of the most digittalized countries in the world even we are not the most advanced in education about it. But we do export a lot of stuff but import much more.

So mch for numbers and statistics. Dont tell the usual mija´v songs about CIA and like that. Danes in the statistics are based on Danish made numbers and everytime they are in copy pated into EU, UN, Nato whatever.

But its true CIA are experts in megadata even we are nor far behind them.

ButYou can be corect about nubers from Russia. You again hide more and more data and semmes to mingle with it. So who says You get the right data from Your Goverment…I dont. I use the data, we gets.

I see Russian and arabian data being misguided every day here. For both the 50% middle class is never mentioned. Thats 165 million people doing fine.

You only mention the few % stony rich ones and the poor. You also say that the rich ones should give the poor money for doing nothing.

In that “black debate” its never mentioned that so many millions of the low incomes and the many on wellfare has decided before birth, that their tradtions are to be as they are.

As long as they have that trasition, I dont feel sorry or pity for those lazybums. They should change a lot and by that USA g´dould give more wellfare to the ones, which cant support themself.

johnny rotten

When I was young it was common to think that the biggest and most dangerous thieves were bankers, now the U$A is a fiction governed by a bank, the €U is replicating the model, basically the West is in the hands of the most dangerous thieves in history, yet our fucking politicians want us to believe in the honesty of the system, even when it is clear to the whole world that Belarus is just another piece of loot for the already scandalously wealthy bankers mentioned above, yet they always find of the betrayers and idiots who support their filthy lies, there is a need for a good cleaning with suitable tools such as guillotines and others like that.

Jens Holm

It would be nice if You had links and recommendations for something better. We do try to keep them on line but not to plunder them. We need them very much as well.

It seemes You are not aware of, that You can be stockholder in most of Our banks and get profit every year.

If You dont like American banks, You are velcome to give loans to the danish instead.



Yes, “The Most Dangerous Thieves in History”, so, ‘follow the money’.
You might like this,
Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: Following the Money – American Herald Tribune

johnny rotten

Thanks, excellent piece, I have already saved it in my archive.


Thanks for the excellent article.


These very disturbed soros protesters,best vy to move elsewhere,seem not like (adult)caring mothers:

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