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The Twilight Zone Of The “Brand-New Global Narrative”

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The “Civilized World”, led by the US, hand in hand with Big Tech and MSM, is reaping the fruits of the ‘new normality’ it has created.

On February 8th, UK media reported that a nuclear submarine wartime officer – Lieutenant Claire Jenkins had been shooting pornographic videos with her lover. She goes by the online handle of Curry Taylor.

She was doing so at the Faslane nuclear submarine HQ, HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow. Even after the news had broken and she had come under investigation, she still released a video and photos on her OnlyFans website. The most recent one had the caption “He really used me.” Her partner in crime is Leading Seaman Liam Doddington, also based at HMNB Clyde.

It turns out that the British high command was not overly concerned about pornography being produced by a wartime officer of a $1 billion nuclear submarine – the HMS Artful.

It was more concerned over the possibility that Jenkins and Doddington could potentially be blackmailed for information by foreign entities and spies. The porn part was fine, apparently.

Then, on February 9th, the Royal Navy launched another investigation into a second female sailor. The second sailor’s identity is unknown, but she is also uploading explicit videos online, together with sultry photographs. She goes by the alter-ego of Izzy Bell, a 5ft, 21-year-old “submissive princess”, and has gathered more than 10,000 likes on OnlyFans.

And while this is largely harmless, another part of the new normal is more concerning.

The Biden Administration, formally less supportive of Israel than its predecessor, is going to provide Israel with $9bn worth of weapons. And because Tel Aviv needs to provide an upfront payment to fund some Biden project in the US, they could actually receive the money from a US bank as a loan.

Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump is having the impeachment trial against him retroactively moving forward. The Democrats and some Republicans are attempting to “rectify” the tragedy that was the Capitol Building storming.

If this had taken place in another country, it would have been called a “democratic action” by its citizens. In the US however it ran counter to the mainstream narrative.

The new normal is in – hypocrisy, absurdities, lies and going to extreme lengths for profit and for justification of one’s own questionable actions. It’s rather reminiscent of the old normal, but don’t tell anybody.

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The new normal is in – hypocrisy, absurdities, lies and going to extreme lengths for profit and for justification of one’s own questionable actions. It’s rather reminiscent of the old normal, but don’t tell anybody.”

As if there were anything more absurd than the Zioneonazi terrorist “revolution of dignity” in Euromaidan Kiev, and their subsequent “anti-terrorist operation” in Donbass. The Western-backed so-called “democratisation” of Ukraine didn’t really stop Putin from looking for more business and partnership with them. The rest is just more pipeline geopolitics.


money junkies never have enough.
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viktor ziv

mornings awake…


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sign up NOW the best SS jobs are going to latinos

Ryan Glantz

What’s really going on?? Why Biden isn’t President….
1) Air Force One didn’t bring Biden to the Inauguration – he had to pay
for his own ride. Further investigation found CHINA paid for it.
2) The government has March 4-6 dates reserved with private contractors
for an inauguration. (Not Jan 20).
3) The military gave Biden a 4 gun salute like they would give
dignataries of a different country – or a funeral, not the 21 gun salute
given to Presidents.
4) The resolute desk shrinks in some pics.
5) The resolute desk has scratches in the wrong places.
6) Parking lot out side the window when Biden’s in the Oval office.
7) Sworn in on an upside down Bible.

Biden took his hand off before being finshed swearing in.
9) The bookies in Las Vegas have yet to pay out for Biden’s win.
10) Wrong person swore them in and Harris was sworn in BEFORE Biden.
11) Sworn in BEFORE 12:00 noon on the 20th….the Constitution is very
specific about the time.
12) While it was supposed to be live….some prerecorded parts of the
inauguration were televised 11 hours before they ‘happened’ in Spain.
13) Trump left on Air Force One.
14) Have you seen Biden use AF1, Marine 1, the Beast limo?
15) The White House is EMPTY….no one is living there.
16) The VP’s house is EMPTY….no one is living there. (excuse is they
are replacing the flu in a chimney – a
one day project).
17) Trump had 17 flags at his goodbye speech (17 is the number of Q)
Many Q posts have been proven true.
18) MustangMedic’s videos of the 25th – buses coming into Congressional
buildings and leaving full of people…some were prison buses. I watched
it live at 4 am.
19) The market was crashed by some Reddit guys who have a logo that
looks like Trump (suit and hair) and
crashed GAME STOP stock. The hedge fund Game Stops….Nesara/Gesara
(look it up)
20) The “military” at Joe’s inauguration weren’t real military…
actors. No medals, wrong uniforms, holding rifles wrong.
21) All of DC has been fenced because they are a foreign country on US
soil. (do some research).
22) Have you seen Biden on the WH grounds? The viewing stand was in
front of the WH property. And you’ve never seen him on the lawn taking a
stroll. In fact, he was locked out of the WH.
23) The military is in charge because Donald Trump signed the
Insurrection act. If the military is in charge, no president can be
inaugurated. It’s in the Constitution.
24) Q appears to be military intel, but nobody really knows.
25) Melania wore an interesting dress when she got off AF1 in Florida,
look it up.
26) Mara Largo has an interesting history. It was donated to be the
“Winter Whitehouse” before Trump bought it. It has 3 bunkers and a
SCIF…a secure room for communications with the military. Why would
Trump need that if he’s not President?
27) Kamala is an Anchor baby and not eligible.
22) Biden is senile and therefore not eligible.
23) Photos of the Castlerock Oval office set in Hollywood. This is
where Joe is writing his ‘executive orders’ – many details do not line
up with the real Oval office….windows are not wood, wallpaper, flags,
pics on the wall…etc..
24) Normally “executive orders” show up in the national registry
immediately…Joes are taking days and say “pending”….
25) The white house phone number has been disconnected for 11 days…
26) The media is saying Joe called the National Guard to
Washington…but they would be under Donald Trump and the Military’s
command since the Insurrection Act was signed.
27) The White House goes dark every night at 10-11pm for 11 days now.
Why? Never did before.
28) Pictures taken outside of Joe and Kamala are too green. Washington
DC is quite gray this time of
year…but they are surrounded by green plants….California?
29) Secret service has no name for Biden like they do for Trump (who is
30) John Kennedy’s remains were in a blue box….The Trumps gave the
Obama’s a blue box that looked the
same as a parting gift – as if to say, we know.
31) The notes received at Bush’s funeral that were given to Pence, the
Bushes, Clintons, etc. said “They know everything, I’m sorry”. At the
time nobody knew why Pence received one…now we do.
32) Biden has not been seen in the flesh anywhere – it’s been video,
stills, CGI but no live sightings.
33) Charles Flynn (brother of Michael Flynn who the Democrats crucified)
has become Commander of the US Army Pacific….this would never have
happened if Biden was REALLY in charge..

Tommy Jensen

The only thing I noticed was Melanie’s outfit. comment image


Now this is a Viagra,


You have a bright future,

Tommy Jensen

If this is voluntary so what? Its normal around this age to have a high libido.


At your job? You government job? You realize that Huxley’s “Brave New World” with its orgy porgies describes a tyrannical dystopia, yeah…?

Nekoime Nekoprezime

What Trump has with Capitol Hill breach?! Inform Yourself.

Colleen Crouse

This is not what it seems. This is a delivery on an outlay the US made last year. There was a report about a Naval officer who had photos of a nuclear submarine who had been court martialed and punished. There was nothing pornographic about the phots at the time, but the “loaning” out of two submarines has been State Department policy for a long time. Is this correct? Or is it an effort to yield some return on the Brexit banter by Parliament akin to what the alleged “Russian spying” allegations are about? Were you concerned that it was not sexy border guards in their dorm? Would you have preferred the crypto in rubles?

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