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JUNE 2021

The Terrorist Pit of Europe

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The Terrorist Pit of Europe

Smoke rises after an airstrike from US-led coalition in the city of Kobane, also known as Ain al-Arab, seen from the southeastern border village of Mursitpinar, Sanliurfa province, on November 9, 2014. Photo: AFP

Originally appeared at Fsksrb, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

International reaction to the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris is no less evident from the ease with which the terrorists in the world shipped nearly one hundred and fifty peaceful inhabitants. Mass rallies all over the world, hash-taggs with the Eiffel Tower in a circle for the bereaved (which resembles something very closely to the emblem of the German “Mercedes-Benz”, staining profiles in social networks … All of this was part of the universal outpouring of emotion that have become a lot stronger than the very Parisian explosion. French President Francois Hollande (the most faceless and unliked French leader in recent decades) has urgently, lest we say – as the last, closed borders and to the entire territory of the country and introduced an emergency situation. After all, even without that terrorist acts difficult to repeat in French territory. The terrorists from ISIL have already announced the following objectives – London, Washington and Rome. But there’s no hurry with the closure of borders.

What really happened in Paris and why is there so much panic among millions of people in Europe? There was a crash of one model of European society, according to which the European Union is obliged to serve as an oasis of peace and prosperity. True, the edge of European borders there are sounds of explosions at the fourth city in Donbass shot by Kyiv artillery, Syria, Kenya, the Balkans, the terrorists are killing women and children and the residents of Odessa burned alive, but – it does not matter because it is “out there” in the uncivilized jungles of the “third world”. After all, the greater half of this story is a figment of “Russian propaganda”. The European Union prides itself on its Maastricht and the Lisbon principles, openness of borders, freedom, brotherhood and equality.

But the terrorists were able to penetrate up to the fatherland “liberty, equality and fraternity”. Inflicted a blow to the heart of the “united Europe” and are obliged to compel the inhabitants of the whole world not only immediately over painting their avatars, but to imagine who actually dug Europe terror pit. There pit they dug themselves Europeans together with the United States for the last quarter of a century – since the management was still the European Economic Community and NATO decided to “reformat” Eurasian space on a wave in which the disintegrating Soviet Union. The same France has actively participated in the “process” – from the former Yugoslavia (in which the French “Mirage” flew combat missions in 1999, a French diplomat Bernard Kouchner as the first head of the UN Mission in Kosovo played not just last role in turning the province The focal point of extremism and terrorism), then virtually destroyed the Libyan statehood and afterwards are still dealt with the bombing of Syria. Where do all these bombing occurred as an act of desperation after it became clear that a strategic initiative in the Middle East region at high speed passes to Russia. The absence of understandable positions in all important all-European issues (of refugees to the eurozone), moving from Washington to Berlin and vice versa, playing with the Mediterranean countries and the concomitant bombing of the countries belonging to the region … Yes, in the recent history of France had a moment when Paris actively and effectively participated in peacekeeping efforts in 2008 in the conflict over South Ossetia. But that was when the president was Nicolas Sarkozy, in which time, if nothing else, at least you could count on France.

By the way, a few words about Sarkozy. Just today it was he who uttered the sentence, he was obliged to utter his successor Hollande even before the tragedy in Paris. Yes, “we are waging and there is war waged against us” and, most importantly is that “the victory of the Islamic Republic” requires a broad coalition in which there will be Russia.

To destroy an “Islamic state” everyone is required, including Russia, “- said Sarkozy after meeting with President Hollande. Former President confirmed that fighting terrorists requires “broad coalition”. At the same time noted that the two coalitions against Islamists in Syria “can not exist.” As they say the French newspaper Le Figaro, Sarkozy recently visited Moscow and in it he met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as in the present geo-political conditions of Europe before considered for vice than trunks and crowns effective diplomacy in multiple directions.
The Sarkozy stressed that the main task of the country’s leadership to ensure the safety of the French: “Today they do not feel safe.” Ex-president also demanded that Europe move to the “new immigration policy”.

Led to the fact that the peaceful residents regardless of the color of the flag and profile in Facebook still liable for the errors and crimes of their government. But their government, unfortunately, have no idea to calculate what will be the consequences for their errors, nor draw experience from what has already happened. Security expert at Britain’s Royal Institute united for defense research Sasanka Joshi says that “most closely parallels” between the current terrorist actions in Paris can be made with the attack in Mumbai in 2008 who carried out Islamic terrorists from Pakistan. ” Then “in several parts of the city exploded bombs and fired artillery” – recalls Joshi.
But who in the European Union still excite similar parallels. For them, and Mumbai, and Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, Libya, Syria, the Balkans, – all this periphery that is unworthy of their compassion and understanding.

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