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The Taliban Pushes Forward, Captures Two New Provincial Capitals (Videos, Photos)

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The Taliban Pushes Forward, Captures Two New Provincial Capitals (Videos, Photos)

Taliban fighters in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, in June. IMAGE: Parwiz Parwiz/Reuters

On August 14, the Taliban pushed forward in eastern and northeastern Afghanistan, capturing two provincial capitals from government forces.

Taliban fighters took over Sharan, the capital of the eastern province of Paktika. The group faced no real resistance from Afghan government forces.

The Taliban is currently in control of Sharan governor’s headquarters, the local center of the Afghan Police and the headquarters of the Afghan intelligence. Paktika’s central prison was also seized by Taliban fighters, who released dozens of prisoners.

In the northeastern part of Afghanistan, the Taliban captured Asadabad, the capital of Kunar province. The local leadership surrendered to the group, while Afghan government forces retreated without showing any resistance.

At least 43 Afghan service members escaped to Pakistan via the Bin Shahi-Sur Kamar border crossing, according to Pakistani sources.

Meanwhile, the Taliban coutinues to advance towards the Afghan capital, Kabul. On August 14 morning, the group’s fighter launched a large-scale attack on Maidan Shahr, the capital of the central province of Maidan Wardak.

Maidan Shar is located less than 20 km to the southwest of Kabul. Heavy clashes are currently ongoing in the city’s outskirts. Taliban fighters may storm the city in the upcoming few hours.

As the Taliban approaches Kabul, the US is preparing to secure its remaining troops, diplomats and citizens in the capital. According to the Pentagon, two battalions of Marines and one infantry battalion will arrive in the city on the evening of August 15. The UK is also sending troops to Kabul to secure the evacuation of its citizens.

A day earlier, the Taliban captured the provincial capitals of Kandahar, Helmand, Badghis, Ghor, Oruzgan, Logar and Zabul. The group is currently in control of 20 out of 34 provincial capitals in Afghanistan, including the second largest urban center in the country, Kandahar, and the third, Herat.


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Americunt LOSERS

Americunt LOSERS and puppet regime in diapers me thinks hahahaa


The Americans should not worry about anything, the Taliban won’t even touch them. If they are smart, they should tell Ghani to resign so Kabul doesn’t have to see war. Why does anyone think they’ll defend Kabul?

cosmo kramer

taliban wont touch americans? really?


Why would they? The Americans are leaving, especially the occupying force.

north K

so they are locked out of the central asia. no room for them there.


whats the fukk is there in central asia? mongols? What would you do with them? They got fukk all to trade.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
north K

there gotta be something there otherwise north america wouldn’t have been there for so long. maybe poppy fields that turned out to be a major income source for cia? maybe some mineral deposits? maybe north america was there to cause trouble all around to its neighbors? maybe there were some nice looking beaches along the afghan coastal lines for sun bath?

Last edited 1 month ago by north K
Ma Laoshi

Let’s for a moment consider the total contrast between the current Taliban offensive and the Russian/SAA efforts in Syria. No unilateral withdrawals and ceasefires; no green-bus deals or other such “masterstrokes”; take control of the borders and more generally cut enemy lines of communication. Their enemies are offered a simple choice: surrender and be spared, or take your chances in a fight but you may get hurt. Ruthless but effective; almost as if they don’t believe in this “the slower the better” school of military strategy.

Yes, big differences in the resolve of their adversaries. All the same, it’s clear who is serious about winning their war.


Most Afghan governors have negotiated a swift handover of entire regions and cities to the Taliban. In Syria every area had to be taken over by heavy hand to hand fighting with fighters that many were prepared to fight to the death, use civilians as shields, and never compromised until faced with complete obliteration. One Afghan city had two gunshots heard during the takeover!!! Syrian cities are/were destroyed battlegrounds, almost nowhere was there a peaceful handover.
Also none of this’d have happened if the Americans hadn’t announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan!!! In Syria the Americans are still there, and they are not budging from their bases – but Syrians took most of their country back anyway. Syria was definitely the tougher fight. If US operation in Syria was to end like Afghanistan, the entire territory of Syria would be taken over by SAA within weeks.
Taliban has also taken heart of the Syrian fight, and the Houthis. It is Syria that changed everything, it is where the globalist elite’s relentless advance came to a screeching halt. Afghans too have benefited from that reversal a great deal.

Alberto Bohon

It is my fear that the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan is a strategy for the future US government to create a pretext as a new attempt to occupy Afghanistan again. the demonic ZioUSA government creates false narratives to favor themselves as happened on September 11, 2001 that culminated with the US military invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. As ZioUSA/Nato can create a false attempt to blame the new Taliban government and thus create a pretext to invade Afghanistan again. look at the fake sophist euphemism of the Arab spring 2010-2011 created by the Obama administration demon that destabilized the Middle East. may Allah crush the devil ZioUSA.

Alberto Bohon

Kabul has fallen! Taliban conquers Kabul.

S Balu

aliban victory is momentous and historical as it will be beginning the demise of US empire ie The long term consequence may be that the Afghan War symbolizes a global shift away from US power.and USA has proved to BE A PAPER TIGER

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