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The Taliban Captured Advanced US-Made Drones At Kunduz Airport (Photos)

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The Taliban Captured Advanced US-Made Drones At Kunduz Airport (Photos)

AL ASAD, Iraq–ScanEagle UAV sits on the catapult prior to launch. 16 April 2005, By Gunnery Sergeant Shannon Arledge of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

The Taliban captured a number of US-made Boeing Insitu ScanEagle drones after taking over Kunduz Airport in northeastern Afghanistan on August 11.

On August 12, the group shared photos showing at least one of the captured drones as well as other weapons which were left behind by government forces at Kunduz Airport. The other weapons included a T-62 battel tank and several MaxxPro MRAP [Mine Resistant Ambush Protected] vehicles.

According to the Taliban’s claims, more than 500 military vehicles were seized at the airport. A Mi-35 attack helicopter was also captured by the group’s fighters.

The ScanEagle is a small, long-endurance, low-altitude drone that is equipped with a day\night optical system. The drone has a range of 100 km and an endurance of 24 hours. The drone was designed for reconnaissance, but it can be equipped for other tasks.

The US have supplied a number of ScanEagle systems to the Afghan National Army in the last few years as a part of a $174 million program. The program received much criticism as it failed to achieve its main goals.

The Taliban will not likely be able to operate the ScanEagle drones it seized at Kunduz Airport. Still, the seizure of the drones was a blow to the Kabul government and its allies in Washington.


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The Black Terror

The Taliban successes have created a big problem for them: they are accumulating too much captured equipment. A potential growth industry in the future Afghan economy may be self-storage facilities.

Chess Master

The can only store things in houses, larger storages will be bombed.

G2 Man

The US dropped more bombs on Afghanistan than the entire European and Pacific theaters of WW2, but did not make a dent in Afghan resistance that operates from caves and tunnels. In Tora Bora near Torkham in Pakistan, the caves complex at over 10, 000 feet covers over 40 kms. People fail to understand the role of topography in asymmetrical warfare. Can’t bomb mountains.


Whose airspace do they over fly to bomb Afghanistan? Iran? Pakistan? The USA is being run out of Central Asia and burning their bridges as they retreat. Middle East is next followed by the East Asia as the dominos continue to fall.

G2 Man

As the veteran Canadian reporter Hilary Brown reported from the deck of the USN Forrestal after the US fled in defeat from Vietnam, “this concludes another chapter in disgraceful and ignominious US history of lost wars”.

Arch Bungle

That stuff sells like hot cakes at arms bazaar.

Afghanistan is the crossroads of International arms smuggling…


They have no use for those drones, Talibs use asymmetrical warfare, they dont want or need high tech, but…
The electronics and encryption keys in those drones in Chinese or other hands is worth a lot of AKs and RPGs…

G2 Man

These will end up with the Pakistan army and in Kashmir. There is already an uptick of resistance there.

Arch Bungle

Sadly, this stuff will probably end up in Syria in the hands of ISIS


Lots of materiel that can be use against neighbouring countries…

S Balu

It will be used to monitor and keep Ahson Indian Dalit boy in check and make sure he does not misbehave

G2 Man

Most will end up in Kashmir for sure as the resistance there is picking up and getting very sophisticated as yesterday’s daylight ambush of Indian occupation forces amply demonstrated. New IEDs with copper plates perfected in Afghanistan and Iraq are showing up, loitering ammunition and drones are next.

Arch Bungle

The Taliban are not known for acting outside the borders of Afghanistan.


The Scan Eagle is “advanced”? Iran captured one intact in 2012 and used design elements to create its own Yasir, and that was 9 years ago!




Just tidying up before the final push to take Kabul. Ghani will be sneaking away soon.

G2 Man

In an positive development, Iranian intelligence has just organized a peaceful surrender of Northern Alliance chief Ismail Khan to save Herat, the main Iranian trading post , and save the city and civilians. Iranian intelligence has hundreds of agents embedded with the Taliban forces in western Afghanistan and that has led to peaceful resolution in Mazar e Sharif and now Herat. The same type of deal will soon take place in Kabul.

China collapse 2024
G2 Man

This pointless attention seeking has to end as it is not even juvenile. However, the resistance in Kashmir is picking up and has ominous implications for India. The Taliban takeover is the worst outcome for India.

Russia collapse 2022

1 million Iranians killed in Iran Iraq war worry abt that shia

G2 Man

I am neither a Shia nor Russian, but your idiotic childish rants are pointless and don’t add to anything but your ignorance. I don’t respond to uneducated third world brats, but mostly these forums are largely for adults with real world experience. Your inferiority just shows when you cheer for death of others. In psychology it is a very disturbing sign of childhood trauma and abuse. It is best that you learn from adults and develop some humanity. For educational purposes, most intelligence agencies and respectable strategic analysts from SIPRI concluded that Iranian war casualties were about 400,000 (both civilian and military) and Iraq lost over 250,000 and 110,000 taken prisoners. The largest haul at Qasr e Shireen and Khorramshahr when two Iraqi corps were decimated.

So making idiotic childish claims is rather mundane to say the least.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man
Dalit Gandoo

Abay tere ma ki chut, jahil Hindu bhonsere kay liar. You got owned hahaha

Islam fini



Modi se ja ke gau mutra maang.

Islam fini

Aisha ki Gand mari thi mohammad ne 🤣🤣

Dick Von D'Astard

Just like as with ISIS in Iraq, the U.S. has trained extremists, armed them and will continue to provide VIP services to them. The Central Islamic Agency will still be conducting its dirty business from Afghan soil.

G2 Man

According to US Congressional GAO (Government Accounting Office) records, the US and its NATO vassals have spent over $23 billion in “training and support services” for the ANA since March 2002. What is astonishing is the obviously pathetically poor standard of “training” that the supposedly 300,000 ANA and Police trained by the west simply did not fight and melted away, faster than the ARVN, which I had expected and posted earlier. Kabul will also certainly fall without a fight as advance Taliban teams have already entered the city. The most humiliating US defeat of the 21st century has cast a severe embarrassment over the pathetic “quality” of western mercenary armed forces recruited from the dregs of drug infested decaying societies. In mere 75 years of neo-imperialist delusions since 1945, the Americans have proven to be the most cowardly, inept and absolutely incompetent military in human history.


This is the same way US supplied weapons to ISIS. “Accidentally”

Arch Bungle

Add another stock item on the famous Arms bazaars of Afghanistan…


US supply of these types of electronic weapons systems to Afghan army and police had problems. Many of the Afghan rank and file recruits cannot read or write – so can’t read basic technical manuals or leave written notes for colleagues. They can only communicate directly, either face to face or through radio/phone. Just think how much this would compromise training on any electronics based systems that have procedural checklists and manuals to operate. Seriously.

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