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JUNE 2023

The Taliban’s Blitzkrieg Continues: Kandahar, Four Other Provincial Capitals Claimed By The Group (Videos)

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The Taliban's Blitzkrieg Continues: Kandahar, Four Other Provincial Capitals Claimed By The Group (Videos)

File image.

The Taliban continues to advance on different fronts across Afghanistan while facing very little, if any resistance from government forces.

On August 13, the Taliban imposed control of Kandahar, the second largest city in the country. The group’s fighters stormed the southern city a day earlier. Afghan government forces retreated after failing to stop the Taliban.

Kandahar was not the only provincial capital to fall into the hands of the Taliban on August 13. The group also captured the following provincial centers:

  • Lashkar Gah, the capital of the southern province of Helmand;
  • Qala-e-Naw, the capital of the northwestern province of Badghis;
  • Firuzkoh, the capital of the northwestern province of Ghor;
  • Tirin Kut, the capital of the central province of Oruzgan.

In most fallen areas, Afghan government forces, who were trained and equipped by the US, either retreated or defected to the Taliban.

In the northwestern city of Herat, which was captured by the Taliban on August 12, local warlord “Lion of Herat” Mohammad Ismail Khan, was spotted with Taliban fighters. It remains unclear if he defected to the group or was captured by it.

As the Taliban rapidly advances toward the Afghan capital, the Biden administration took the decision to deploy 3,000 troops in the country to facilitate the drawdown of personnel at the US Embassy in Kabul.

With Kandahar, Lashkar Gah, Qala-e-Naw, Firuzkoh and Tirin Kut, the Taliban have seized a total of 15 provincial capitals within a week. More cities will likely fall into the hands of the group in the upcoming few hours. High-level defections are already being reported in Pol-e Alam, the capital of the eastern province of Logar.


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G2 Man

The US sore loser spoiler plan to create a “civil war” has failed. Thanks to Iranian negotiations with Taliban, Herat and Mazar e Sharif quickly fell and Ismail Khan has switched sides to save the civilians and the city. Herat is the main Iranian trade hub for Afghanistan. General Ghaani’s several years embedded with Afghan resistance groups and fluency in Pashto is paying dividends. Kabul will fall without a fight as well. Almost 70% of the ANA has now defected or actively supporting the Taliban. That is the primary reason the US is fleeing in such a disorder.

Last edited 1 year ago by G2 Man
Leif Sachs

To my knowledge Mazar e Sharif hasn’t yet fallen

Arch Bungle

It will fall soon. It is inevitable.

Kevin Dudd

China Preparing to Recognize Taliban as Kabul Fall nears: Sources indicate that PRC is increasing its diplomatic footprint in Afghanistan with the opening of several consulates in key cities aimed at increased trade.


Breaking News : Afghan Vice President Has Reportedly Escaped To Tajikistan in a airforce plane

Bazza Oz

Has anyone bothered to ask why the seppos keep on losing wars they start? fair dinkum Yanks are 100% Wallies.


You mean Dostum the Uzbek mass murderer?


Amrullah Saleh.

G2 Man

Amrallah Saleh, he has an American wife, like Ghani and a very big mouth, but first to flee.


The Modi regime in India is acting as though it is Delhi that is about to fall, not Kabul, such is the propaganda in the Modi worshipper Internet. Propaganda channel WION, which is owned by an RSS (Modi’s parent fascist organisation) member, is especially stricken by the collapse. It fails the laugh test to imagine that the Modi gangsters, who just lynched a Muslim man in Rajasthan and beat another in Delhi, care about the welfare of Muslims in Afghanistan or for that matter in Xinjiang (which they couldn’t find on the map to save their lives anyway). The real reason for this upsurge of despair is the loss of the four Indian “consulates” in Afghanistan – Herat, Kandahar, Jalalabad and Mazar e Sharif. What kind of requirement was there for four consulates in a relatively small country with not too many – a couple of thousand – Indian citizens and a perfectly good embassy in Kabul? And then when the Kandahar consulate was closed the other day, 50 (!) Indian “diplomats” were withdrawn from it. What kind of consulate requires 50 diplomats? Of course none of these consulates were anything but hubs for exporting spies, saboteurs, terrorists and weapons into Pakistan through the mostly open Afghan frontier. The Modi regime had been openly trying to break Balochistan away from Pakistan. Now all that is impossible, and the regime is weeping tears of rage. Apart from which it is suddenly apparent even to Modi’s semiliterate brain that the Bidet regime might not actually fight China in a suicidal war for the greater glory of Narendrabhai Damodardasbhai Modi.

Hindu Fungus

The stinky Hindu street sh1tters after the Americunts are the biggest losers in Afghanistan, a lot of trained Jihadis are head towards Kashmir. Even Imran Khan alluded to it.


All Cow Worshipper Embassies are Den of Spies – Spies fled a few days ago. Pity talibs couldnt catch and slaughter the piss drinking pigs. They have lost all their investments and China will Take over – Instead of US cornering China and Pakistan with India, India is cornered – Kashmir insurgency will amp up 1000% when talibs finally take Kabul. Their 20 year long party is over

Alberto Bohon

my analysis would be that with the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan, India could be left with geopolitical losses, Pakistan will probably take advantage of the situation and advance on Kashmir and expel the Hindus from the region and so China will also benefit from the new Opening on the One Belt Silk Routes and One Road on Pakistan and Afghanistan, the new Taliban government must maintain diplomatic relations with Iran, Pakistan and China and maintain trade agreements.

G2 Man

That is exactly the way things will pan out. This a big win for China, Iran and specially Pakistan as it gives it the strategic depth and well as totally eradicates India from any regional power equation. There is good editorial in Dawn, one of the main Pakistani papers about their strategic win and also the extension of CPEC with Iran and Afghanistan. Indians are not liked in the region due to Modi’s pro-Zionist polices and genocide on Kashmir. One has to keep in mind that the Pakistani Pashtun general Akbar Khan (under nom de guerre of Tarik)who raised a tribal Pashtun lashkar (war party) to wrestle the Azad (free) Kashmir from illegal Indian occupation in 1948. I have a feeling history is about to repeat itself.

Bazza Oz

Let’s hope not mate.


Iran and the Taliban at war would make the zionazi pseudostate very very happy.

G2 Man

Iranians are prudent people and times are different. The Taliban are guarding Iranian consulates that are all over the country. There are videos of them drinking tea with Iranian diplomats.


Taliban – Iranian unity will weaken all of ZIO-US-NATO plans for the region and will sink India.

G2 Man

India has lost about $ 2 billion worth of projects in Afghanistan and is basically finished in the region. People forget that India is a fractured failed state with immense immense poverty and domestic ethnic, religious and caste conflicts. India is incapable of governing itself as its quite pathetic history of continued foreign occupations has amply demonstrated. The Chinese are well respected as hard working and non invasive and polite people and will do fine in Afghanistan.

S Balu

My observations are Taliban is making orderly take over WITHOUT CREATING CHAOS and once they take over life is as normal and security is enhanced This shows Taliban to be far more organized and credible to rule Afghanistan US by bombing Taliban are closing door to their future relationships with Afghanistan


Don’t be that stupid! Listen to your leader.. Iranian are smart ppl they know very well that Afghanistan can not be a real country without the Pashtun.. Pastuns are closer to Iranians by tribe.. General Ismaili qaani or whatever you called him was always with the so called Taliban.. Your leader said the Taliban of yesterday is not the Taliban of today..

A lot of Hazara fighters also embedded with the Taliban… The Taliban couldn’t have reach where they are today without Pak and Iran..

For over 15 years you think your leadership especially the irgc must be sleeping?


LMFAO – This old Goat vowed to crush the Talibs just Days ago, no he’s sh1tting quietly in his pants and joining The Taliban ranks – No Fool like an Old fool LoL


It wont happen – Talibs are v2.0 now – wiser and smarter. They have Hazara commanders in their ranks – unthinkable 20 years ago. They need international recognition. They have to play the game or else Afghanistan will starve. That region needs Sunni-Shia Unity or else everyone remains weak

G2 Man

Very astute observation. I have analyzed over 200 video feeds from all regions of Afghanistan and unlike 1996, this time the Taliban or resistance forces are very diverse and unified. Most of the rank and file seem to be an ethnic mix and many leaders are indeed Uzbek and Hazaras.


True – an astute observation balu. This is Taliban v2.0, not the idiots of 20 years ago.

Alberto Bohon

Goodbye ziodevil neocon USA👹


“We offer them freedom but they refused for 20 years.”

You didn’t offer them freedom … you bombed and invaded your way into the country, deposed the Taliban and replaced it with a government of your liking then made a few US contractors and individuals immensely wealthy at the expense of the US taxpayer until the US government borrowed itself into insolvency.

The party’s over …. now comes the hangover.

Arch Bungle

I think if the Iranians decide to engage the Taliban diplomatically they can resolve those issues.

While you insist the Taliban are a terrorist group, they will always be one (to you).

You should learn the lesson the Americans have not learned – making an enemy out of someone guarantees eternal conflict.

G2 Man

If the idiotic Americans bomb the Taliban then all bets are off and they will create more enemies and eventually blowback will hit US and Europe. Afghans have long memories. The US is a humiliated and defeated paper tiger and the best course is to just leave the region and deal with its immense poverty, drug addiction and racial issues at home. A failed state like US can never be a major military power, no matter how much money it spends. Its loser military will still be made up of drug addicted dregs of a violent frayed society.

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