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JUNE 2023

The Taliban Are Unstoppable In Their Momentum

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The Taliban seem unstoppable all over Afghanistan, as their gains are followed by even more gains.

In recent days, the Taliban’s march through northern Afghanistan gained momentum with the capture of several districts from fleeing Afghan forces.

More than 300 Afghan military personnel crossed from Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province as Taliban fighters advanced towards the border.

The Afghan soldiers escaped to neighboring Tajikistan, saving their lives from the enemy.

On July 4th, the Taliban was on the verge of taking Faizabad, the provincial capital of the Badakhshan province.

Senior local officials have already taken a flight and escaped to Kabul.

Following the fall of dozens of districts of the Badakhshan province, Afghan commandos of special operation forces were deployed to the strategic city.

The gains in northeastern Badakhshan province in recent days have mostly come to the insurgent movement without a fight.

The areas under Taliban control in the north are increasingly strategic, running along Afghanistan’s border with central Asian states.

Last month the religious movement took control of Imam Sahib, a town in the Kunduz province opposite Uzbekistan and gained control of a key trade route.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed the fall of the districts and said most were captured without a fight.

The Taliban in previous surrenders have shown video of Afghan soldiers taking transportation money and returning to their homes.

From those who didn’t return, many have joined the Taliban ranks as deserters from the Afghani army.

The Taliban reportedly captured the city of Farah, another provincial capital, and the largest city of the Farah Province in western Afghanistan.

Footage of the city showed dozens of Afghani army soldiers, many of which were killed.

Hundreds are being killed on each side every day, with reports coming in from scores of Taliban being killed by Afghan security forces, and still the Taliban are the ones coming in on top and capturing even more areas.

A significant impetus to the Taliban was the fact that the US abandoned its key position –
the Bagram air base and has turned it over to the Afghanistan Army.

Initially, the Taliban spokesman said that everything had been either been taken by the Americans or destroyed, but it seems that U.S. forces have left behind radar and navigation systems as well as hundreds of vehicles.

On July 3, the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority revealed that the U.S. military left behind Radar and Very-Small-Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems at the air base.

The systems, which were deactivated by U.S. troops before withdrawal, were successfully reactivated by Afghan engineers.

Seeing as how there’s significant equipment there, the Taliban may change their decision not to attempt to capture the base, and in exchange turn their gaze towards it, as it would be a great boon to their operations.

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It is collapsing so fast that it could never have been more than a house of cards to begin with. – lol


It is collapsing so fast I’m not being about to cartoon quickly enough to keep up.

Christian terrorists



So when the Taliban have taken over the whole of Afghanistan, what happens next?!


The Jews are moving the attention of their US Tyranny wardog towards Iran.

Arch Bungle

They can’t do much more of that in any case.

The confused wardog is stuck between China, Russia and Iran.

At this rate the US MIC will tear itself into three pieces.


Don’t you mean Tranny Wardog? XD

L du Plessis

Nope to Russia…😝


THAT will be up to the TALIBAN AND AFGHANIS.None of our damn business and never was..

Arch Bungle


As it was before the USA inserted themselves into the situation.

Thomas Malthaus

What will they do to American troops barricaded inside the US’ Kabul compound? Anyone who looks and speaks like a Westerner might be fair game throughout Afghanistan.


Hopefully slaughter them


They’ll be hanging to the skids of the last helicopter out.

Arch Bungle

Take their ears and make necklaces. It’s only fair …

Tommy Jensen

Nobody dares to touch an American. Americans never gets killed, only our Allies………………….LOL.


So long as the Jews’ Z(C)IA’s poppy fields are fine the Jews’ propaganda-media will say nothing.

Arch Bungle

But now that the Talibs are rising to power those poppy fields are about to go up in smoke …

concrete mike

Bye bye cheap opioïds too, double whammy!


Burn all the poppy fields and drug stashes. No more high life for american “soldiers”.

Last edited 1 year ago by block

well im def not supporting taliban extremists either

Arch Bungle

The Talibs are not extremists.

An extremist is someone who would drop a nuclear weapon on a civilian population just to make a point.

An extremist is someone who drops a MOAB on some random primitives in the mountains as a weapons test.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
A clown like you

From your comments, ISIL isn’t extremist either. They not just extremist they are terrorists and it is fact…just like ISIL they love to kill Shia and other who don’t follow their views on matters, sound like ISIL in Iraq and Syria to me.

“An extremist is someone who drops a MOAB on some random primitives in the mountains” Ohh you fuked up bitch…so is it okay for your beloved terrorists to killed 60+ civilians at a wedding huh? And 100s more to show “power” against civilians.

Come and suck my dic* bitch…don’t give me HIV like those gay Taliban and ISIL Wahhabi Sunnis.

Arch Bungle

Nope. Wrong. ISIL is a world apart from the Taliban. Pull your head out your ass.

>Come and suck my dic* bitch…don’t give me HIV like those gay Taliban and ISIL Wahhabi Sunnis.

Gee, that’s real intellectual of you. American public school graduate, right?

A clown like you

Don’t fuking talk as if you lived under the rules of Taliban or ISIL moron. Have you? No. You have no clue about those terrorists – both follow Wahhabism and very much the same. You love to talk out of your ass, how about have get a test of Taliban rules before saying pure BS. Your kind is the same as those who support Zion.

Gee, use quotation marks. American public school graduate, right? Or Wahabi Sunni school?


If you dont wanna live under their rules , then F@ck off and go live under the Qom Mullah rules. Taliban are a national liberation movement, that defeated a WSuperpower + 2 dozen other cowardly invader nations in a war of attrition that lasted 20 years. So go suck your own dick b1tch

Arch Bungle

You’re just digging yourself a bigger hole.

Some advice:

Quit. People will think you’re less of an idiot than you already are.

A clown like you

A lot of people see this and say the yanquis lost…you are stupid, the US never had war with the Taliban – (it is like saying the Soviets lost…no they left). The US goal was to destroy Afghanistan on many levels. They have achieved their goals.

Also, why some of you people now sucking on Taliban di*ks? Taliban are worse than ISIL, and Afghanistan would be the next Syria and Iraq…to give birth to Wahhabi terrorists. Turkey – SA – Qatar – yanquis and Zion are all in support of the Taliban…the whole gang that supported ISIL in Iraq and Syria…funny huh.

Taliban are pigs of the West… China has a Muslim population in their country, guess what next Afghanistan, there is also Iran. Before some say shi& like “ohhh, China and Iran are strong”…that’s not the point, wars cost money…the yanquis, Zion and Wahhabi sit and laugh their ass off.

P.S anyone of you likes to live under Taliban rules…fuk no, there is the whole problem with Shi’a and other Afghani groups as well. Stop talking as if the Taliban are any fuking better than yanquis or ISIL. I very much want to believe progress takes place in Afghanistan…but it is also very clear it would take years before we see much progress. I don’t have much hope but all we can do is wait and see.


The Taliban are worse than ISIS? In what parallel universe?

A clown like you

Taliban are best friends of the Wahhabi brotherhood… No, tell me how are they different first. They both love to kill Shi’a…they both follow “old Islamic rules” etc etc.


What? The Taliban literally have a Shia military commander right now. And they’re Deobandis from the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence, not Hanbali Wahhabis. Apart from which they declared war on ISIS in 2015.

It pays to do some research before shooting off your keyboard about things you know nothing about.

A clown like you

You fuker are apes…let’s see in few years how shit goes.

Arch Bungle

You’re a tw4t. Clearly you have a deep insecurity complex that gets triggered whenever someone contradicts you.

Dweebs like you will continue pushing their lies even while reality itself contradicts you.

Do these sound like extremists?

Pepe Escobar updates us on the rapidly changing situation, its title gives away its content, “A Saigon moment in the Hindu Kush”:

“Their [Taliban] new tactical approach works like a dream. First, there’s a direct appeal to soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) to surrender. Negotiations are smooth and deals fulfilled. Soldiers in the low thousands have already joined the Taliban without a single shot fired.

“Mapmakers cannot upload updates fast enough. This is fast becoming a textbook case of the collapse of a 21st-century central government.

“The Taliban are fast advancing in western Vardak, easily capturing ANA bases. That is the prequel for an assault on Maidan Shar, the provincial capital. If they gain control of Vardak, then they will be literally at the gates of Kabul.”

As for Tajikistan and its fabulous mountains, the Taliban say have no fear:

“The Taliban, for their part, officially declared that the border is safe and they have no intention of invading Tajik territory. Earlier this week even the Kremlin cryptically announced that Moscow does not plan to send troops to Afghanistan.”

This is not the behaviour of an extremist group.

An extremist group doesn’t request the superpower to render proof of O.BL’s guilt before they will surrender him.

You’re such a tosser. Unbelievable.


Iran will have to include Taliban Afghanistan in the axis of resistance if it wants to maintain the gains it made regionally in the past twenty years. Afghanistan can never be a threat to Iran not for the next twenty years either – it will be too busy rebuilding its economy – a golden opportunity for the iranians to get involved. A new order is emerging – one that will not allow the region to be divided by the old colonial divide and rule trick – Been there, done that. If Iran can help Hamas, then why not Taliban?


And Shia love to kill Sunni – When Safavid PIGS raided 100% SUNNI Iran from the North, They massacred every single Sunni Ulema and replaced them with imported Lebanese Shia priests because Shia cult had no priests in Iran or Iraq. So who gives a shit about Taliban except if you’re Shia Afghan – then Fuckoff to Iran

Arch Bungle

The Soviets lost.

They achieved no military objective whatsoever. The left, because they failed to achieve any military or strategic goals.

The Yanquis lost.

They failed to achieve any military, strategic or economic goals whatsoever. They left after 20 years of not achieving any of the above.

If you claim that they achieved the goal of destroying Afghanistan, you are an idiot, dear friend. The reason you are an idiot is because it should be clear Afghanistan was destroyed at all levels before the US showed up (the second time).

Why spend 20 years destroying a 4th world shit hole at the cost of 2T dollars ???

If they had gone after Iran or China or Russia, that would have meant something.

But wasting time destroying an already destroyed patch of mountain range ? For what?

A clown like you

Making your own goals for others doesn’t mean shi* buddy. Why would the US give a fuk to Afghani? They were there to loot and act as if they finished off “Al-Qaeda” somehow and other BS.

“failed to achieve any military, strategic or economic goals whatsoever” You don’t have a clue how the US work buddy, where the US has done such a thing? Iraq, Syria, Vietnam LMFAO. You sure love to talk as if the US did such things. The old rich pigs in the US pay to start a war to make themselves richer…yanquis are slaves. The Soviets saw nothing to fight for so they left, they never set “strategic or military goals”.

If you think the US didn’t stop Afghanistan from progressing your a moron… That “2T dollars” went right back in rich as$h0le in the US STFU, remember what DONALD RUMSFELD did you stupid fuk? Most of the money goes to yanquis companies and what they did? build a school just for the Taliban to use as a hideout. Remember when Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah tried to take the power? What did that pig Pompeo say to them? “the US will cut 5-10 million if they don’t make new government soon”. That 2T when too rich pigs, it was never entry into Afghanistan in the first place.

“But wasting time destroying an already destroyed patch of mountain range” “Afghanistan would be the next Syria and Iraq to give birth to Wahhabi terrorists.” Both Al-Qaeda and ISIS are in Afghanistan and time to time work with the Taliban.

Arch Bungle

Dude, your entire screed is a bunch of logic-less, reason-less sewage wash.

Call back when you’re out of rehab and learned to think two straight thoughts one after the other.

A clown like you

Go live under a rock and never come out.


It seems it is YOU who have no idea how the US works. The prime reason for the immediate invasion of afghanistan was the pipeline. The Taliban refused it and Rumsfeld promised to carpet bomb them – but they waited 18 months until they planned 911 as an excuse.

The Soviets never “Left:” they were soundly defeated and lost thousands of men.

ISIS is the US army’s foreign legion – it has and never will be part of Taliban. You are clueless and your logic defies every analyst worth their qualification. – you must be a dumb Qom supporting Fuckhead


Soviets were only defeated by traitors,(liberals)aka pieces of sht who ignored the fact they reinstated legit commy leader whilst destroying poppy fields in their exit,ye dig? Usa had ideas,when they try the decoup,soviets were invited to set things straight,by the peoples elected leaderwhich they did,prefer cia tyranny to the truth? Don’t insult integrity,only cia softcocks try that kind of sht,bi polar imbecels,cheney is dead so are his policys,along with it,better late than never,besides CCCP spirit remains in russia and other cis todays,which is more than anyone could say for todays lgbtq democracys to say the very least,happy days for taliban whom i may add are communists certainly not isis or mullahs or any other paid on the cheep cia proxy!


100% – Afghanistan was a wasteland after 10 years of Soviet occupation and many more years of internecine strife. (It makes the yankee defeat even more humiliating – the most advanced military could not defeat the most backward military LoL). Afghanistan was an energy pipeline route and a nice foothold on the Russian Southern Flank. the US achieved neither the pipeline nor the presence it so coveted. Another empire got served by 6th century tribesmen. If Iran behaves and does not stir the Shia shitpot in Afghanistan, I dont see why the Shiites of afghanistan would be in danger


No,cccp win the mission,before the great divide,problem is media ignored the fact afghan legit commy leader was reinstated,asides to the fact after covering 60% territory retreated afterwards, destroying all poppy fields,in retreat,thats what happened,mission accomplished,screw cia narrative,if it were not for communist the whole world would end assfkd to brekky by nazis!

Conversely you are on the money in regards to the yanks,have a nice day:

Arch Bungle

“Taliban are pigs of the West…”

Totally wrong. The Talibs have been in Afghanistan before the British showed up in the 18th century.

Shush now. Speak not of what you know not, child.


I’m surprised the Empire is actually leaving. Afghanistan is a shithole, but it’s also incredibly strategically important, center of Eurasia. Taliban exist to give US army pretext to stay forever, just as was planned with ISIS in Syria/Iraq. I guess Pentagon decided to completely change its strategy, as someone said perhaps to use Taliban guerillas to destabilize the entire region (Tajikistan first as we can already see).

Taliban victory is not the end of the war, it’s just another phase…

Liberal guy

True its a major step or trick by the Anglo zionist for the future


Taliban are not terrorists. US army is. Taliban was is and will be a national liberation movement. They have no interest in anything else

Rodney Loder.

Biden bombed Iraq and Syria to cover his retreat from Afghanistan, he thinks that the US is a portrait of Donald Trump with gay overtones, probably he’s right, anyhow I’m sure Assad will survive the new Taliban victory, KSA is Taliban’s major sponsor, could be why US is running away, obviously there has been a deal between the Biden Administration andTaliban to attack Iran and Pakistan, my information is that the deal won’t come to fruition, Allah (swt) knows best, all praise be to Allah (swt).


a never ending supply of targets, WMD part 2 .

Liberal guy

Yes but not like the previous one

Tahuan Tinsuyo

The panic, for the US, is the loss of the opium trade. It is likely that the opium trade will be used to repair the damage done by the US instead of financing the US war.

L du Plessis

Just like in Vietnam the US high tails, how will it fair against China ?? 😅

Last edited 1 year ago by L du Plessis
Tommy Jensen

We are also unstoppable. We’ll be back.

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