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The Taliban Are Feeling The Taste Of Victory

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The Taliban Are Feeling The Taste Of Victory
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The Taliban Are Feeling The Taste Of Victory
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The Taliban Are Feeling The Taste Of Victory
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The Taliban’s gains appear to be nearing critical mass in their successful operations against the Afghan security forces.

Currently, most areas of Kunduz, Sar-e Pul, Takhar, Ghazni, Kandahar and Helmand provinces have been captured by the Taliban and Afghan Army bases have been besieged.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group’s militants would not attack provincial capitals until September 11, because of its adherence to the Doha Agreement. All would be fair game after that.

Ample footage is available online, showing the Taliban attacking Kandahar city, as well as various other locations.

Most of the key border crossings and districts are almost entirely under the group’s control.

This is significant due to the fact that many Afghan soldiers are attempting to run across the border. Early July videos from the province of Faryab showed the executions of surrendered Afghan soldiers.

Most recently, on July 12th, the Taliban seized the Saigan district of the Afghan province of Bamiyan. A checkpoint with weapons fell into the hands of the group. Afghan soldiers allegedly surrendered.

Just a day earlier, the Taliban reportedly destroyed two helicopters at Kunduz Airport as a result of an infiltration operation.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense continues releasing numbers of Taliban casualties, attempting to make them seem as if the government forces have the upper hand. 271 Taliban militants were killed and 162 were wounded as a result of Afghan Army operations in a dozen districts over the 24 hours between July 11th and 12th. And still, the Afghan security forces are heavily on the back foot and are scrambling to present any form of opposition.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are guaranteeing that their victory will not be spoiled.

On July 8th, the Taliban delegation visited Moscow. As a result, the group claimed that the territory under their control would not be used in the interests of any third party. They would also fight ISIS, would not attack neighboring countries and would allegedly share power with other members of Afghanistan’s society.

It is not a far-fetched prediction that the Afghan armed forces currently have between a month and three months left before the Taliban consolidates its control over most, if not all of the country.No quarter is being given, and most key districts are either being captured or besieged.

The United States with its withdrawal has likely opened a Pandora’s Box in the “Graveyard of Empires” and Afghanistan’s citizens will live through a massive humanitarian crisis.

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Peter Wallace

Time will tell if they will stick to their promises but it would be good if peace can finally arrive after decades of war . It would be good to see the Taliban against ISIS although I seem to remember years ago when ISIS first went too Afghanistan they captured the local Taliban leaders and made them kneel on anti personal mines they had dug little holes in the ground for and then detonated them all at once.. I saw the video of it so it did happen. Bit like when they first set up in Syria and the local leaders of the various groups went to have a meeting with them and the Taliban just took them out and shot them. Sort of lets everyone know where they stand. Poppy fields to be destroyed. Wonder if there will be a corresponding drop in opioid deaths and emergency call outs in America. The Taliban were as bad as ISIS last time and maybe they have learnt it is easier to rule if there is a certain amount of freedom .. Let’s hope so for the sake of the people .


Americans ended that peace period, the shame is that even than they were already suffering and suffered in bitwin american ocupation and they will suffer more with the country abandoned new after the destruction.


The recent trip to Moscow shows that the current taliban regime is well aware of the nations geostrategic importance. Once the dust settles the country will have a chance for peace and prosperity. Something unknown to the people in many decades.

One can see the way Russia & China do business with other countries. They emphasize joint cooperative ventures that benefit both nations. The americans, british and zionist scum simply create war and asset strip whatever they can from a nation.


Read already that Exceptionals could had broken a deal to exploit the mineral resources like the rare earth found there.

A clown like you

Here is a video of Taliban leader saying: “They will attack Iran and kill Iranian civilians for “invading” Afghanistan and they will teach Iranian to never attack Afghanistan (Taliban) again.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KiWpIkWlDw&t=86s Say as you wish, but it doesn’t change anything, they are backward Sunnis. Best joke of the year, nor Russia, China, or Iran believe Taliban. The US is not out of the picture as well, they hate to be called losers.

I said it before and I say it again, no one believing the Afghan government, they are done for. Masood’s son (Northern Alliance) and Shi’a militia are left. It far from saying it is done for, as none of the main groups have done anything yet because of their deal. Also, SF go on and show the population of those areas that are now in Taliban hands, why don’t you as well give a history of those areas, you know how many times over past years Taliban and Afghan (ANA) lost and gain those areas.

In time we will see how things go. If you think there will be “peace” by these clowns you have a very bad wet dream.


The Commonwealths position is to negotiate with the taliban,deep state homosexuals are doomed:

A clown like you

Why would anyone care about Commonwealths countries? They are just dogs of yanquis and Zion suckers.

Arch Bungle


Got english translation? To me it just sounds like gibberish.

A clown like you

He threatened Iran, and Iran find and end him, easy for you to understand Sunni fuk face? Funny you got no Afghani or Iranian friends, yet you speak as if you live in M.E and have the right to talk for others.

Arch Bungle

hey fukface, no words coming from you have any integrity.

since there’s no translation on this coming from a credible source, I declare it bullshit.

And I declare you, a sub-human IQ asshat.

A clown like you

Hey shit, Sunni fuk face, I have 2 Afghan friends who do speak and know what is going on in their fuking country.

Arch Bungle

Confirmed your video is hogwash. Try again, dumbfuk.

A clown like you

The kid can’t speak Farsi nor can he understand anything. So it is my problem…it wasn’t for you buddy, also, no one talked to you. It was Afghan and Iranian.



Djibril Al Kamylles

We must not withdraw talibans are dogs of war but Bashar first hold still

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