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The Syrian Arab Army Between The Hammer And The Anvil

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The resurgence of ISIS has become fact. There can be no denying it or acting as if it’s still an impending event.

Terrorist activities are becoming bolder, as evidenced by ISIS cells ambushing another Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit in the Homs countryside.

According to the terrorist group’s own information agency, five SAA soldiers were killed in the attack.

Just days earlier, ISIS attacked three phosphate mine posts, which were being defended by Iranian-backed forces, to the east of the town of Khunayfis in southern Homs.

ISIS has ramped up the intensity and frequency of its attacks in central Syria. They are attempting to spread their influence back into the areas of their former self-proclaimed Caliphate. So far, the terrorists haven’t been able to push all that far towards the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle and western Deir Ezzor.

This could just be a matter of time, however, since they now appear both revitalized and re-equipped.

The SAA and its Russian support are attempting to contain them, so far with relative success.

ISIS is pushing towards the province of Raqqa, and ultimately the city of Raqqa, both of which are currently under the control of the SDF, while Turkish proxies operate in the surrounding area. They are also targetting the SAA and sometimes Russia’s forces.

On February 17th, Turkish forces destroyed a truck of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the northern Raqqa countryside. The SAA are present there to monitor the ceasefire and didn’t respond.

Another push, however, could be coming from northwestern Syria – from Idlib. Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the ruling group in the region, has just released US journalist and propagandist Bilal Abdul Kareem.

The propagandist, who had been detained because of a conflict with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, was released as a result of a plea from a group of Atimah locals and public figures.

This could potentially lead to a more united terrorist front in Idlib, which might possibly receive U.S. support. The Biden Administration recently started talking about “moderate opposition” again, claiming that HTS has reformed and is no longer affiliated to al-Qaeda.

The Syrian Arab Army is caught between the hammer and the anvil. The government is attempting to consolidate power and contain ISIS in the central region, HTS and other terrorists in the northwest, and Turkish proxies in the northeast.

On February 17th, a slight spark of hope came from the Russian-brokered prisoner exchange between Syria and Israel, but this does not mean that tensions between the sides will be calming in any significant way.

A de-escalation with Israel will only be possible when Tel Aviv drops its primary policy of destabilizing and undermining the sovereignty of Syria, in order to hamper Iran’s influence.

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Steve Standley

Let’s be honest: Israel’s aim is to take Syria and other parts of the middle east for their own. They think God gave it to them, but this is ridiculous. Everyone here knows of the Oded Yinon plan. Israel is an evil state.


I.sraeli S.ecret I.ntelligence S.ervices need to be stopped at their source. Time to turn Tel Aviv into a glass parking lot.

Hasbara Hunter


Icarus Tanović

This is filmed by very creators of ISIS, this ia filmed in Israel, for stupid cattle to forget seriousness of the situation.

Hasbara Hunter

Stupid Cattle doesn’t even know what is goin’ on in the first place…the seriousness of the situation will come as a big surprise soon…

Icarus Tanović

They like Al Julani and Abdulkarem, westerners think that those are true Muslims, because decades of brainwashing is taking its toll, and newer generations don’t even think about for themselves.


One can’t really expect to have “sovereignty” and “self-determination” if one makes socioeconomic policy dependent on “business and partnership” with the likes of Ziocorporate terrorist globalist entities like Germany, EU or NATO, while accomodating foreign policy to the requirements of those very same entities in order to facilitate more “business and partnership” opportunities. Russian (and China’s for that matter) talk about sovereignty falls apart at the seams and becomes joke and mockery with the hard facts that they strive for more trade and business with the Zioterrorist globalist West.

With the league of terrorist Ziojews, US, Turkey and NATO’s ISIS/al-Qaeda operating in different parts of Syria peace is never going to happen, much less with Syria’s #1 ally Putin trying hard not only not to ruin but increase business with ZioNATO terrorists.

Meanwhile, ISIS will find shelter and arsenals at al-Tanf/SDF and Idlib whenever they may need it.

Hasbara Hunter

The AngloZioNazis are pushing for Armageddon… Russia & Allies try to prevent Armageddon…

Fog of War

” The AngloZioNazis are pushing for Armageddon ” I doubt it. The super rich and powerful want to enjoy their spoils not die. Unless, of course, they posses something we know nothing about.

Hasbara Hunter

You are right AngloZioNazi Elites don’t wanna die…because they know they cannot take their gold to Hell with’m…A Lab-Created Killer-Virus will be a good option though…because the Elites can have the Antidote…the Scum will get nothing and all die…

Fog of War

Please stop, you’re making too much logical sense. Some on here will be very confused as a result.


This is hat happens when you fight a war with one arm behind your back,every army whether its a conventional army or an army of terrorists Apes,need logistics and supply lines and bases in the rear,until those supply lines and bases are hit hard it will continue.

Arch Bungle

Between the hammer and the anvil is where steel is formed …

johnny rotten

The aggression against Syria is just one of the many fronts of the clash that sees the West against the rest of the world over which it would like to dominate, between the two contending systems only one will survive, Syria has chosen which side to take and has chosen the side winning, when the global situation is defined it will be isisrahell has to be in a bad way, while the Axis of the Resistance will emerge as the most powerful part in the MO, no, Syria is not in trouble, those in trouble are the sponsors of terrorism that will come called to answer for their crimes.


Ukraine proxy war (not Syria) is the place where the US-NATO will attack Russia and escalate conflict on the higher level.

Lost Empire

I’m agree with you. America will fight until the last ukrainian, lithuanian, latvian, estonian and polish against Russia


Or last European in general… There is new, (US sponsored) military alliance, between Ukraine-Georgia and Moldavia… Sounds like perfect cannon fodder for the war in Ukraine.


Russia did that themselves with 70+ years of brutality and occupation.


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Doesn’t matter how big mouth you all have Iran is just would be regional power (If that is true they must agree that detail with Turks and IsraHell)


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cechas vodobenikov

ISIS is one of many euphemisms for CIA as US empire disintegrates into various transgender republics, BLM oblasts, antifa autonomous regions, middle trumpistan, KKK Covid kakistocracy, they will lack the capacity to fund ISIS, SDF, HTS and other efforts to learn alphabet

Tommy Jensen

Something strange is going on. After so many years of war the Assad side must control and survey their areas and know what happen. How can organised ISIS units then appear from nowhere?? Conclusion: – Everybody sits with open mouth when US Convoys drive in and over Syria. – SAA missiles intercept some missiles but daily Israel attacks all hit their targets. – ISIS openly operates in Assad area, and Assad side dont know where they came from.

Still dragging feet. This cant go on.

Diana Cornwell

Out of nowhere? How unreasonable you are. Putin transported millions of ISIS members to Idlib in air-conditioned buses with Turkish collusion. Putin and his Russians are succoring the Muslim terrorists there instead of eliminating them. The Turks are happy, Israel is happy. Putin is NATO’s greatest asset at the moment.


Turkish military is involved in the air attack on the Russian airbase in the region of Latakia, Syria – Khmeimim, Turkish and pro-Turkish units attacked the Russian airbase with missiles from the Turkish TRG-300 Kasirga complexes. This Turkish missile system has a range of up to 120 km. Shortly after the attack, the Russian and Syrian air forces carried out large-scale airstrikes on jihadist positions in the Tahrir area… Late in the evening of February 9 and early in the morning of February 10, the Syrian Arab Army and Russian aerospace forces launched a colossal missile strike near the city of Tarkin, Syria. According to field sources, the Russian and Syrian units hit a Turkish transport convoy trying to transport oil trucks from Syria to Turkey. Pro-Turkish local militias guarded the convoy. Judging by the footage provided, the damage is colossal and includes both oil transport trucks and military equipment. It is not reported whether the military equipment is owned by the Turkish army or by the convoy’s exporters. There are reports of casualties – 28 pro-Turkish soldiers killed and dozens more wounded. https://bulgarianmilitary.com/amp/2021/02/12/turkish-units-involved-in-attack-on-russian-base-in-syria/


In the meanwhile millions of lower caste/ low income Russians vacationed in Turkey on da budget. Even cheeky cheechan like you. Stupid twink, knows everything but likes to jive talk here.


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Isis is a Jew World Order state sponsored terrorist sock puppet intel front. Ranging from useful idiots, to mercs, to government intel handlers. Who conveniently get extracted on an as needed basis so that they don’t get caught by their victims. While the rest of the terrorists get killed, captured or flee.

Fog of War

You forgot Western Spec Ops troops.


They fall under the category of embedded intel handlers. But yes, in some cases I’m sure that they carry out ops by themselves dressed up as Isis.

William D

Cool story, with the special forces being lifted out of the combat zone just in time, good twist at the end.

Icarus Tanović

What is this all about, SF? Are you spreading demoralizing information or what? Don’t lik e you tone recently. Nothing can revive Isis.

Diana Cornwell

ISIS appearing out of nowhere? How pathetic you all are. Putin transported millions of ISIS members to Idlib in air-conditioned buses with Turkish collusion. Putin and his Russians are succoring the Muslim terrorists in Idlib instead of eliminating them. The Turks are happy, Israel is happy. Putin is NATO’s greatest asset at the moment.

erwin vercauteren

the yanks and their foreign legion are back this will take an other approach and i guess this is why the Russians and Iran are preparing an all war on these US and backed scumbags this is not finished but these scumbags will all become fertilizer time will show us the real nations that are fighting terror an,d US & ISRAEL ARE CERTAINLY NOT PART OF THEY ARE THE WORLD GREATEST TERRORISTS

Cheryl Brandon



“A de-escalation with Israel will only be possible when Tel Aviv drops its primary policy of destabilizing and undermining the sovereignty of Syria, in order to hamper Iran’s influence.” Blame the Jew for ISIS. Is this what i am reading? And their capitol is Jerusalem

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