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The Stormtroops Of Regime Change And Counter-Revolution

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Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson

The West is facing an unprecedented threat to its hegemony, as more agile, innovative, and cohesive non-Western powers are growing by leaps and bounds, to the point of making a transition to a global non-Western hegemony for the first time in history. During the last five centuries, the baton had passed from one European power to the next, and ultimately to the United States. Should the United States falter under the double weight of its global imperial overstretch and domestic oligarchy plundering even its own society, there will not be another Western state there to pick up where it left off. European Union, once touted as a likely successor or possible candidate for US-EU co-hegemony, is showing few signs of consolidating into a federation. Thus America’s decline would in all likelihood lead to the People’s Republic of China becoming the global hegemonic power.

Russia certainly has problems with oligarchy as well, but at least there the oligarchs are essentially treated as a “necessary evil” of capitalist economy and kept in check by the national security wing of the Russian state that is directly answerable to the President. Likewise China’s billionaires are kept at arms length from political power, lest they use In the West, on the other hand, the oligarchs run the show and the national security state is kept under close ideological surveillance to ensure that it will come to the defense of the oligarchy “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. US service academies, which admit on the basis of recommendations by elected US officials, who themselves are creatures of special interests and Big Money, are an example of that ideological oversight. And ultimately the US political system’s apparent inability to reform itself, to make itself more fair and meritocratic, means that it’s bound to lose the great power competition to those who are simply marginally less corrupt.

But that simply won’t do, which means the more effective competitors have to be brought down by other means, up to and including open warfare for which the United States is actually preparing. The current US modernization programs appear to be intended to give the US the ability to wage offensive warfare even against nuclear weapons states by not later than 2030. In the meantime other tactics will be used, such as economic warfare, information warfare, and of course the use of various proxy forces.

Since in an oligarchy property of the elites becomes of paramount importance, right-wing militants have long been used as a means to suppress socialists and communists. Very often these right-wing paramilitaries operate jointly with the official law enforcement and security forces. Examples here include the SA stormtroopers operating as Hilfspolizei in support of German police forces combating left-wing parties in Weimar Germany, the autodefensas in Colombia, even the drug cartels whose own politics tend toward the reactionary end of the spectrum. We are seeing exactly the same process emerge in the United States, in the form of right-wing, white supremacist militias who are allowed to openly flaunt laws of the United States and are invariably, without exception, treated as allies by US police departments, though not at the federal level just yet. The situation is only marginally better in the EU, but even there right-wing militants are treated with kid gloves and, like their Islamist brethren, are allowed to travel to Ukraine and obtain combat training and experience in the Azov Regiment. Considering that, in the view of European leaders, “there is no alternative” to economic neoliberalism, there is little doubt Europe’s far right will be weaponized in support of the regime should pro-democracy protests in European countries rise above the level of the Yellow Vest ones we have seen so far.

But that is only the defensive aspect of weaponizing right-wing nationalists. It keeps the ruling classes secure against threats from below, but does not contribute anything to the struggle against China, Russia, other “emerging threats” to Western hegemony.

Thus whereas extremists are the stormtroopers of counter-revolution waiting in the wings in case there is an actual threat of revolution or even substantial reform in countries of the West, in non-Western countries they are used as the spearhead of regime change. These extremists come in two flavors. The first prong is Islamic extremism, and so far to the extent that Western governments cultivate such individuals (as seems to be the case in Europe), it’s done exclusively for foreign consumption, as it were. For the most part, Western intelligence services displayed remarkable equanimity as French, Belgian, even German islamists traveled back and forth between their home countries and various MENA war zones. Invariably in cases of “blowback” in the form of terror incidents, the perpetrators were described as “known to the security services”. CIA’s investment in Al Qaeda in the 1980s, in particular, did result in fair amount of “blowback” in the form of 9/11, but even that has not dissuaded Western powers from promoting this type of proxy fighter.

The second prong are the ethnic nationalists of Russia and other CIS states. Before Ukraine, not having a war on which to sharpen their claws, they adopted the guise of “soccer hooligans” and, courtesy of UEFA, quickly developed international links. There is little known on Western services’ efforts to utilize these contacts, but it is evident Western countries actually keep track of their “hooligans” in order to occasionally prevent them from international travel if there is danger of excessive violence. Kiev’s ‘hooligans” were in force on the Maidan and formed the lion’s share of Parubiy’s “Maidan security force”. There is also a lot of overlap between these “hooligans” and various right-wing organizations like Right Sector, Azov, C14, and others. But in order to be fully effective, these right-wing militants must be mobilized by someone with big money, usually an oligarch disaffected with the system who enjoys the secret blessing of the US and EU.

In Kiev that scenario worked to perfection. Yes, there were right-wing nationalists, and yes, there were disaffected oligarchs willing to bankroll their organizations and mobilize them to achieve their purposes, which was beforehand blessed by Western powers that be. In Hong-Kong this approach faltered, apparently largely because Beijing was able to reach a behind-the-scenes agreement with the island enclave’s oligarchy which then abandoned its militants to their own devices. Consequently that uprising has all but flared out. In Belarus neither of these conditions were satisfactorily met. The country does not really have oligarchs capable of raising a de-facto army of street-fighters, and the street-fighters themselves are none too numerous. While there is evidence Ukrainian entities participated in grooming Belarusian shock troops, including in the trenches of the Donbass, in the end their numbers and/or enthusiasm was not what the Western curators of Belarus’ coup anticipated. After a few nights of violence, that segment of the protest movement vanished out of sight due to effective Belarusian counter-intelligence efforts. Atlantic Council practically disclosed a state secret when it bemoaned the absence of “robust young men” capable of going toe-to-toe with the security forces. It is evident Lukashenko’s survival took them by surprise, and it is probable someone over-promised their ability to deliver said “robust young men” onto Minsk streets.

Could this work in Russia? Probably not, due to both Russia’s own preparations and the West characteristically shooting itself in the foot. Preparations include formations like Rosgvardia which are meant to combat the low-to-middle intensity scenarios like the Maidan. But the Western economic warfare against Russia, the freezing of assets of Russian firms and individuals, have encountered a consolidation of the Russian oligarchs around the country’s political center. The West overplayed its hand there: expecting a quick, Maidan-like resolution in Moscow, it sent a signal it does not respect Russian individuals’ property rights, and which oligarch wants to have their property rights disrespected?

The tragic irony of it all is that while the strategy of destabilization using the disaffected oligarch—young extremist combination has been progressively less effective with coming years, as governments worldwide have drawn appropriate lessons from color revolutions and are determined not to be undone in a similar manner. Is United States experiencing a genuine, home-grown, grass-roots pro-democracy movement that is not bank-rolled by oligarchs or spearheaded by racial extremists? To be sure, elements in the Democratic Party think it can be used as a “get out the vote” device against Donald Trump, but on the other hand there is mounting evidence it is having an opposite effect. America’s middle bourgeois, being easily frightened and anxious to protect what little property it still has, just might decide Trump’s the guy to keep them safe going forward. But even, or perhaps especially, if Biden is elected one should expect more use of various paramilitaries to maintain order. Unfortunately America’s internal instability will mean even more erratic and reckless international behavior.

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nothing about american antifa and blm terrorists…(?).


BLM terrorists? Show me the bomb plot they’ve been convicted of….. I’ll wait. I bet if it was the 60s you would call MLK and the civil rights movement terrorist too. Yet again, you have a proxy Nazi flag as your profile pic so I’m not surprised .


to understant that anyone who is not a fucked up commie/marxists is a “nazi” ..or what? im not a racist but a conservative. so..stfu moron..


You may not be a classical nazi. At the very least you are a Nazi sympathizer or at worst an active neonazi. “please ignore my proxy Nazi dogwhistle flag that was created by notorious Nazi hangout 4ch*nPol. ” No


it’s not a “nazi” flag, just i like green and black kek flag. you stupid commie ;)) im proudly citizen of kekistan monarchy ..??


When you think that everyone is stupid, you end up looking stupid to everyone.


ps … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d0ab7b8e8efcb292cd5747e6218d98f54891f7e6a8c3c4fb460c18caed5c6113.jpg


My point exactly. (I just wanted you to show your true colours, thanks)


? what;” true colours’ ? green? are you afraid me, girl..

Tommy Jensen

But what if that is true? What if everyone really are stupid and you are a loner? Whattabout that.


The chances of that are rare for one be right while the masses are wrong (not it never happens), theres an saying , “a head full of pride leaves no room for wisdom” . I know this from my conspiracy theory days, I thought I had forbidden esoteric knowledge when in reality I was in a misinformed fantasy land and my convictions to falsehoods made me look like an erratic fool to the “normie idiots” I’d rather be a clueless NPC than a misinformed pseudo intellectual.

Jens Holm

Thats where You get the green from https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a3e5354321a851d46a725b959ea2656447bf1eee12e3c8975cb58afa75327e2.jpg


“was created by notorius Nazi…” so? better than “jewish supremacy” aka Soros/Rothschild bolchevik “army”

Jens Holm

Thats why I named it green yesterday.


”We are opposing to those people… that ‘world elite’ which plans to establish technogenic based neo-slavery system seriously and forever. Under such world disorder, there will simply be no place for majority of people. Every ordinary fighter realizes it here… After Russia disintegrates, we will get world structure ruled literally by the devil.” ~ Donbass militia member Gennadiy Dubovoi, 2014

“The present Republic is a colony of slaves at the service of the stranger… For by enforcing a policy of financial blackmail, to squeeze the last ounce of substance out of its people, it is forced also to take their last rights away from them, lest the general discontent may one day flame up into open rebellion.” ~ “Mein Kampf”

See any similarities between what Dubovoi and Hitler said? See any similarities between what the banker gangsters did to Donbass and Germany…?

Let’s face, facts, AAG: The German Nationalist Socialists were demonized by the banksters for defying their toxic policies the same way Donbass and Ex-Bolshevik Russia are getting demonized. Clueless “neo-Nazis” like Oleh Tyahnybok and Azov Battalion, who have more in common with Leninist Communists due to Nuland, Kolomoisky, and other Zionists leading them, do not change this.


Hitler was simply replacing one tyranny with another, for an African it may be argued that Hitler’s tyranny would have been worse coz at least the allies were starting to be ashamed of their open racism unlike the Nazis who were so proud of it and wore it as a badge of honour with their master race talk.

Dobovoi was fighting against a CIA backed ethnic cleansing against culturally russian ukranians and western neoliberalism. Since the west’s elite was financing his people’s demise it makes sense that he would view them as absolute devils… He was also right to some extent, neoliberalism is devilish coz its heartless vulture capitalism pretending to be humanitarian and democratic, two faced, just like the devil would be.

Dobovoi would have fought Nazi Germany and their racial state capitalism or whatever the heck the Nazis were

Jens Holm

Hitler was not replacing a tyrany at all. He replaced a democrasy which could not devellop the country because France punished them too hard.

It seemes You have made cigarets of Your history books before You read them.


Correct, Jens. Germany after World War 1 was hit with similar austerity policies as what hit Ukraine after Maidan. Donbass pushed back against the austerity and was hit with a war, much like how Germany pushed back and was hit with a war. The major difference is that we now have the Internet and alternative media to make the truth more immediately evident in Donbass’s case.

Jens Holm

Non listen. At the end of WW1 where Germany los´t any country could take parts of Germany as they wished.

Danes y that could take old danish land with mainly danes as well as old danish land almnost only with germans.

But we decided an election and the german danish part prefared to be with Germany(Preussen).

By that they were gratefull and good relations was made both ways t Germany(not the Nazis).

I have proposed that many times for people over there but not a single one has prefared and spoken for that solution.

That adding should be removed and kind of compensated. I also see the same as we avoided, which is very bad relations to Our neighbors.


That just means Germany was hit with austerity and balkanization. The banksters often try to break up countries into weaker, more exploitable pieces, as well; just ask Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia, Korea, the US (the Bank of England oligarchs tried to send military aid to the South in the American Civil War), etc.

”Although pre-[World War One] Germany had a private central bank, it was heavily restricted and inflation kept to reasonable levels. Under government control, investment was guaranteed to internal economic development, and Germany was seen as a major power. So, in the media of the day, Germany was portrayed as the prime opponent of World War One, and not just defeated, but its industrial base flattened.” ~ “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars,” Michael Rivero


Yes treaty of Versailles was total rape I know, I would have been on his side at this point. the problem is that his rhetoric changed the closer he got to power and after. He used socialist lefty talk to appeal to the masses then the night of long knives happened when he ordered his goons to kill all socialists he tricked into joining the NSDAP , that’s when he showed his true fascist intentions, that’s when he became a bad guy.

Jens Holm

He was a bad guy long time before that and before he wrote “Mein Kampf” in about 1923.



Wow… That was an interesting read, …. Though I do have a left leaning bias coz of my historical context. Here most of not all of the nonleft movements and armies always fought with the colonizer while all the lefties were fighting against white minority rule and apartheid. Before I knew my history I was actually right wing. Lol.


He was sent to join NSDAP (*DAP back then) by military intelligence service. He was basically their agent.


What… So he hijacked another guys gig….. sounds more probable than starting everything himself I guess. You just made me realize that maybe I don’t know enough about this the be talking so much .


Shockingly, but not many people know this… and that’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’ but accepted, mainstream historical fact.

After World War I, Hitler returned to Munich. … In July 1919 he was appointed Verbindungsmann (intelligence agent) of an Aufklärungskommando (reconnaissance unit) of the Reichswehr, assigned to influence other soldiers and to infiltrate the German Workers’ Party (DAP). At a DAP meeting on 12 September 1919, Party Chairman Anton Drexler was impressed with Hitler’s oratorical skills. On the orders of his army superiors, Hitler applied to join the party and within a week was accepted as party member 555

And you know what they say: once an agent, always an agent…


This “kill all socialists” story sounds suspect, too. We know NSDAP government spending went towards the military, but why also grow the middle class?

“When compared to workers in America, the UK, Sweden and France, workers in Nazi Germany were paid the least. However, in the area of imports/exports, Nazi Germany did quite well. In 1933, 1935, 1936 and 1937 there was a trade surplus while the annual trade deficit of 1934 and 1937 were relatively small.” ~ “Nazi Germany and the Economic Miracle,” C.N. Trueman

Low worker wages compared to foreigners but having so much domestic production there are trade surpluses is exactly what China is doing now, and its middle class is growing. Even “socialists” like Bernie Sanders have to admit this. It makes sense Germany did the same thing as China, hence why the bankster gangsters, who want shrinking middle classes, demonize them the same.

Jihadi Colin

You need to read Mein Kampf. Hitler’s thinking process was….. complicated.


If the NSDAP were as racist as the “Saddam has WMDs” people claim, why did it have non-White soldiers? Why did it ally with predominantly non-White countries such as Japan, or have non-White sympathizers in Iraq and Iran? The Allies even invaded Iraq and Iran over this. Does that sound better “for an African”?

You are correct, AAG, about “the west’s elite… financing [Dubovoi’s] people’s demise,” but the exact same thing was true with Germany. Ever heard of the Lend-Lease Act? The West’s elite had billions of dollars worth of military aid shipped, not to the Germans, but to the Soviets, exactly like they ship billions in military aid to the Maidanites, Al-CIA-da, and other proxies today.

That aid was strategically significant, too: Around 93% of the Soviets’ produced railroad equipment, about 33% of their trucks, and 30% of their aircraft. The Soviets were not going to make up that logistical supply by walking to Berlin, meaning they would have lost without it.

As far as the banksters’ geopolitics is concerned, Donbass and Ex-Bolshevik Russia are in the same position as Ex-Weimar Germany. I understand that the “Putin invaded Crimea” people have a lot of good propaganda around World War 2, but it is just as sketchy as their current propaganda.


Yea, ww2 is too complicated. That plus the propaganda and counter propaganda makes things too confusing. All I know is there was a bunch of imperialists with exploitative intentions towards the third world, they beat the f*k out of each other, weakened themselves thus granting the third world a bit of freedom and breathing space.

Ironically I should be thanking hitler, the guy single handedly ended colonialism and freed the world.


I admit that Hitler and the NSDAP showed weaknesses in the Bankster Empire like its inability to advance beyond 2nd generation warfare, hence why the Allies had to absorb two-times the number of military casualties to win. Hitler also showed that regional and world powers should not take the Empire’s bait when it uses sanctions and provocations to justify an escalation, hence why Russia responded to the Ukraine Crisis, not by openly invading Ukraine like the Empire wanted, but by plying the Internet and alternative media, the legally present Sevastopol Naval Base troops, Crimea’s democratic referendum, political and plausibly deniable military aid to Donbass, etc.

However, between the CIA overthrowing Mosaddegh in Iran, the Cold War conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, etc., the support of Wahhabist/Takfiri terrorism, corporate conflicts like blood diamond wars, etc., the Empire kept kicking around the “third-world” for a while…

cechas vodobenikov

wikipedia lies–US aid was irrelevant ‘amerikan academics are technicians that serve power w a thin understanding of everything”. Richard Hofstadter


This again, Cechas? If the aid were “irrelevant,” why does Russia still have American Studebakers on display? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d463186be9dff3d5212941119d7a9eca7442c0093efcc64f5a5116552b90c9c8.jpg

You might as well pretend that all the Toyota technicals, anti-tank missiles, and other materiel the banksters’ current proxies have are “irrelevant”… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/835d19aae1ca47088c0b871110849bbb899a2e098cc5283eab109c220f9379f8.jpg

Jens Holm

Its a traffic accident on a golf court.


The weird thing about trying to focus on the “right-wing” part of the banker gangsters like President “Big Fan of Israel” (Trump’s words) without bringing up the “left-wing” part of the banksters is that Nuland, Biden, Soros, and other elements of the “left-wing” were more involved with Maidan in the first place.

“Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since. And it played a – an important part in events now.” ~ “Soros on Russian ethnic nationalism,” (May 25, 2014)

“Left-wing” Antifa and corporate BLM versus “right-wing” MAGA and Q-Anon is a false choice; the banksters win either way.


this video was the largest, steamiest dump i have ever seen



johnny rotten

Fascisms were born in an insurrectional climate and great political crises, what we are witnessing today resembles in many ways that historical period, with the difference that today it is the western nation states that make chaos possible, in the USA they do nothing to fight the urban warfare but soon something will have to be done, the watchwords will be law and order as usual, and the country will become officially fascist, perhaps even through a military coup, quien sabe?

Jens Holm

Thats rotten. There is no Urban warfare.

Jens Holm

The writer has no idea abiut whats goi´ng on in Russia as well as USA.

Its also ignored that USSR by bad methods systematicly collapased it self and USA has big probpems but so far only is declined a little. Even Hesbollah use dollars:)

And true USSR laft a plundered vakuum from west of Berlin to the Parlament in Khaberovsk. The writer should not us for that quagmire.

It seemes forgotten most of those regained or new countries mow are doing much better then they did in Comecon even great mistake is done.

West or almost the whole west has left “Neoliberalisme and Neocolonialisme” many years ago.

EU pr defination is a mix of liberalisme and konservatisme but added compensations by many laws to take care of ones with low income or none. And we wont help Russia to repair, what has been totally outdated even before last chance by Garbatjov and Jeltzin should have been there 20 years before them.

Those areas all are firced by Tzars as well as Bolsjevics and now has their own choise – and should have.

And we dont care a roten timato about Belarus being a memeber of us. We spend so much money to repair what they never had by their own as well as making confusion into Chaos by Making som Marx under torture version of socialisme.

The fokus from write is wrong. There is not a single word about Russian devllopment, because there is none. The writer even defend Oligarcs and create new ones in Syria as undertakers.

The main job for Russia is to educate much more people. Russia cant handle the future by non educated and scientists. None of them can make not even a car.

And for Syria. Even they have oil, they just sold fuel even most people know the money is in simple plasticbags and up.

Rhodium 10

Dont be naive!..everybody know that EU will collapse ( lack of productive economy, Inmigration,speculation, indebt, lack of natural resources, service and tourism sector damage, Burocracy…etc..) while USA face a racial problems, homeless, beside the rise of China economy around the world!…the only problem of Russia is the beggars states of east Europe trying to inject the globalist doctrine in Russia and the Turkish neo-otomans destabilizing first Caucasus and then do the same in central Asia!…but what will Russia use to get rid of treacherous Lukashenko and pro Western Pashinyan!

Jens Holm

I think Im an realist.

When I try to compare with the rest of the world, I anytime will wor for this and its chnges during time.

Chine is no problem. They make the cake bigger, so the fight is about that and no collapses, but we also are their market as well as they are ours, sowe are affiliated.

I see no injections from here as well as from Eastern Europe. I see the EU finance and make job, where USSR hardly do anything.

There are problems but some and some parts already are doing much better then in the forced Comecon. The problems also has made big problems, but my kind of people expect long term solutions will work.

The base has to be changed. Most there never has learned to decide always being feudals under tzars, bolsjevics or eastern european dictators.

Pashinyan is not “Pro west”. He is anti bad things from the past and look for somethin else – and all weapons are from Russia just as in Azarbaidian:)

cechas vodobenikov

u see nothing—blind from birth, suffering from a bankrupt educational system and nordic lack of feeling and hatred of life


Wait, aren’t many of the “bad methods [which] systematicly collapased” the USSR also present in Federal Reserve Act US, ECB EU, and other banker gangster countries? The same waste, fraud, and abuse economies (see: the Holodomor, Chernobyl cover-up), the same false flag wars (see: Shelling of Mainila, Katyn Forest Massacre), the same forever wars (see: Afghanistan, the Cold War), etc…?

In 1941, US Congressman Wright Patman called out the banksters’ “idiotic system” of “the Federal Government borrowing the use of its own money.” He said, “I believe the time will come when people will demand that this be changed.” About one month later, the attack on Pearl Harbor, which the banksters provoked via sanctions and aggressive maneuvers against Japan, ended those demands.

But now, the demands against the banksters’ idiotic system are back, as are the sanctions and aggressive maneuvers to provoke another world war to end the demands.

You were 100% correct, Jens, in saying that “the main job for Russia is to educate much more people,” yet this is part of why the provocations are not working like the banksters historically got them to work. So, if this continues, if more people keep getting educated by Russians and others challenging corrupt oligarchies, won’t the oligarchies running the US, EU, etc. also collapse?

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c6f92d3b2b16d8c626761903f225bb3c394eceea1e797fec96c044c60d1aa04.jpg Its very difficult to make a two liner for Your first 12 lines. USSR didnt collapse because of its banksystem but by things before they even was produced was decided in price. Thats includes You as employed is not rewarded for education, skills, hard work and by that paid pr hour for handling advanced things any can not – instead of a random sum decided by the Goverment or a local goverment.

The good and sometimes also bad thing about the capitalistic system is things and people compete and it makes winners and loosers in sales and use.

By that all products improve according to the needs and by that it also make loosers. Here we dont punish loosers as hard if someone think we should, because the final result in netto is an improvement, where You get best to the price.

And the market decide, You buy that get a small sheep car, one in the middle and one maybee with gold and zobel. and You get many models because we also makes money in different levels as well as by priorities.

Its Lavrov to the left. Putin has not told him what to do, but he is ready. One foot already has left the ground:)

Denmark dont produce cars apart from we rebuild specialized cars, but we can go out tomorrow and buy maybee random at least 200 different kinds of cars. And if we can wait a whole week, we can buy 500 other kinds of cars too.

So the cars are not reduced to “one of each”. The reduction is in best to the price, so many can effort to have cars.

And it do devellop. Cars on batteries will change the whole market. We also see misted cars having smaller batteries and fuel as reserve.

Danes for the moment are in the top for trying to make hydrogene by Our widpower system. It might be a looser. It might be a winner, but it makes sense to make hydrogene for cars when we have too mich windpower for electricity,machines and heating.

Thats how it is. So many car factories might “die” or has to change to batteries and compete. So far none unfortunatly has said, we dont need cars anymore:)

And there we partly are back to Your banks. They dont give loans based on dead gold under their poillows. thy give loans based in trust. The gold is only a reserve.

So when You give loans as long as its fopr production and it pays more off then the loan is a loan os a very good think.

Very simplified. You buy an expensive cow by loan. As long as You can sell the milk for drinking and cheese then the loan for the cow and food is, its a good loan because You then has a job.

Its the same for a taxi. Do You have passengers and they pay according to competing in the market and it gives money to pay back the loan and fuel and more to it, You can have a place to live, food, clothe and a beer now and then even You pay for next generation and to Ypu own giovermentel decided pension.

So it is about risk and very much about costs as well as benefits.

You probatly also know,that if You give cows better food to the price, they give more and better milk. You also know You will like to go by taxi more often, if its clean, its fast and You are treated nice.

..And yes, we have to keep banks in line, but that goes for the rest of the structures. Unfortinatly what You write about is not only for banks. They have no patent in cheeting for own purpose.

We have new examples right here. The Goverment has given many millions to compensate for Covid and jobloosing. We right now has 128 cimpoanies, which was given money, which has cheated and has to oay back as well as being punished for that kind of theft. A few of those companies not even has a single unimployed. I am a kind of proud in Denmark for the moment is number one in low corruption and we try to make better sytems for banks here, which has moved billions of rubels around the world mainly from oligarcs and corrupters paying no tax in ot only Russia but also from the new states in Asia.


I dont care even if many says its an idiotic system as long as its much better then Engels or Muhammed Arabistan. So I am for ot has to be repaored and renowed but see no reasons for, it should not exist.

And we have tools for confiscating not only banks but all parts of Our countries in those systems if we reallyy want or need it very much.

USA has done it about 100 years ago.

Vestager in EU try to keep monopols away in several sectors, so real compete is there to change thins after markedt and what we decide as important or not. Its an everlasting fight and not a new one. …………………………………………..

Oligarcs dont run things here. Most things are runned by loans named as the stockmarket, so everybody including You can invest in the stockmarket and get paid back for it by interest for it.

Only 20% of the Danish production is private owned. If You go to Syria 20% is on the stockmarket.

So we typical work for others which Syrians think is unheard and strange. But the resaults are there. We mainly use the best to the jobs and no by old father chosen very nice son given cars to the son and flowers in the behind to the women. .

We also are for equal rights for women in this because we with open eyes see, they are just as good as men in almost all jobs. And even if they were not, we pay people for, what they are worth.

We have see Our female Premiere Minister handling Covid better then most ministers in the whole world. The economy is AA. We import people to work for us because we have no unimployed and She just has handled a pension reform well.

So thats what I am missing for Russia and Arabistan as well. I only see male pinquins even dansih women pr capita in estimate contribute with 40% of Our GDP.

Here we see the Duma inspecting Murmansk after some fishy dinner.


I like that pic, every one of those penguins is infinitely more intelligent than you…


All right, this is a lot to unpack. First off, Jens, I would not draw thick lines between the “Western” banker gangsters and Bolshevik Soviets. Please see Sutton’s “Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution,” the US’s billions of dollars worth of Lend-Lease Act military aid shipped to the Soviets during World War 2, and General George Patton having an “accident” when he planned to finish the war against the Soviets to see what I mean.

Next, the Soviets being “paid… a random sum decided by the Goverment or a local goverment:” Would this be as detrimental if the USSR did not promote spiritually/metaphysically selfish ideologies? In Karl Marx’s “Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,” he wrote, “The criticism of religion disillusions man… so that he will move around himself as his own true Sun.” Of course a selfish person will not work to his or her fullest without personally getting something for it. “Western” bankster countries work off of similar selfish ideologies; just ask George “Some kind of god, the creator of everything” Soros.

However, this is not stable or sustainable, especially when competing with people following spiritually/metaphysically selfless ideologies. If someone believes as Colossians 3 says, “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” won’t their work be the right thing regardless of what “human masters” pay them? For example, Donbass militia member Russell Bentley is nicknamed “Texas” because he left Texas in the US to help defend the people of Donbass. He said, “Everyone who is here is fighting for Novorussia at their own expense.” Does that make sense with either the banksters’ or Bolsheviks’ selfishness? And you know how Soros’s Maidanites have been losing against the Donbass militias, right?

Finally, you being Danish will give you different perspective on the banksters’ policies than an American like me, but fact is, Jens: Denmark supports the banksters’ rich-get-richer wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. That’s a good sign a country is run by corrupt oligarchs…

cechas vodobenikov

anyone stupid enough to believe the disgraced Sutton cannot be believed

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny is a farcical idiot

cechas vodobenikov

as usual jenny u purvey stupidities

cechas vodobenikov

North Korea manufactures autos—u dainties can hardly produce bad cheese LOL


The video omits the Jew orchestrated and financed scamdemic and BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists in the US carrying out the democrat’s antiamerican agenda. Led by democrat controlled cities and states. And misrepresents patriot militias and patriot groups as white supremacists. Which is total nonsense. The neonazi skinhead white supremists are a tiny fringe element that play next to zero effect in the current unrest. The Jew financed and orchestrated scamdemic and BLM/Antifa terror operations in conjunction with the Democratic party are 95% of the problem. The video drops the ball completely on the US part of the problem. Though I agree with a lot of the geopolitical part of the presentation about changing hegemony.


Fair points, but is that the whole story? The banker gangsters own both major, corporatist parties in the US. President “Big Fan of Israel” (Trump’s words) is just as “Jew financed and [part of the] orchestrated scamdemic,” and this is especially true if it is a false flag attack like the US troops at the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, two weeks before the outbreak, suggest.

“Patriot militias and patriot groups” are similar to BLM/Antifa in that they are all getting funneled into one of the banksters’ orbits. I agree that looking at the “right-wing” orbit without comparing the “left-wing” orbit is a weakness of this video, but should we do the inverse?


I agree with everything except that right wing patriot groups, which have people from both parties, are in the same category as BLM and Antifa. A lot of these people are just basic patriotic Americans. The patriots aren’t destroying America like the democrats and their BLB/Antifa brown shirts. They’re trying to stop it.


Nice, but please note that when I said “funneled into one of the banksters’ orbits,” I did not mean they are all in their orbits. You are correct, Richard, that some patriot groups do not really support the banksters or their policies; however, some do. Why do you think fighting and dying in the banksters’ rich-get-richer wars has been propagandized as “patriotic” for over 100 years? Major General Smedley Butler warned “War is a Racket” in the US from before World War 1.

Not all of BLM and Antifa supports the banksters or their policies either. For example, check out the article from RT, “Now it’s personal: Seattle mayor moves to dismantle CHOP after protesters show up AT HER HOUSE.” Mayor Durkan was seemingly fine with CHOP/CHAZ when it was complaining about racism and police; the banksters do not truly care about these since they manipulate all races and armed forces other than the police. Yet when Council Member Sawant started saying the mayor was a “corporate politician… [who] utterly failed working people,” that hit too close to the banskters’ control of money.


You’re moving the goal post on what patriotism is. From people concerned about their communities being destroyed, the subversion of law and order, and trying to maintain some semblance of social sanity. To conflating it with wars for profit. Which is something that most Americans have figured out is a scam detrimental to the national well being.

Durkin didn’t move to dismantle CHAZ/CHOP simply because protesters showed up at her house. It would of happened anyways and was a minor consideration compared to all of the other reasons combined. Like the 500% rise in violent crime, nightly gun fire, the Feds were going to intervene, the city was getting sued by people and businesses in the zone, etc..

Seattle is an outlier and a magnet for left wing democratic looneys. The entire council of 8 left wing dem progressives and 1 socialist is nutty. They make Durkin look half sane by comparison. They outlawed riot control in the middle of arguably the worst social and economic strife in the city’s history. Durkin got a restraining order in federal court preventing the enactment of the ordinance.


So, “people concerned about their communities being destroyed” by anyone Trump or his Zionist buddies say is doing the destroying has little influence in “patriot militias and patriot groups”? I admit that more and more Americans are waking up to the extortion racket wars, but let’s face facts, Rich: If people the banksters are targeting were not actively avoiding giving them a PNAC “new Pearl Harbor,” many of those “patriot groups” would be alongside Trump backing the rich-get-richer wars.

For example, let’s say that Iran responded to the assassination of General Soleimani, not by giving a few dozen American soldiers headaches, and maybe killing “Ayatollah Mike,” but by actually killing dozens of American soldiers. Which “patriot groups” would be opposing Trump’s warmongering then? Who would be warning us that Soleimani was helping stop terrorism in Syria since the Obama administration started backing the “moderate” extremists there?

And I apologize if the RT article’s title misled you about what actually happened. “Dismantle CHAZ/CHOP simply because protesters showed up at her house” is not what actually happened; rather, the protestors were getting too close to corporations and classism being at the root of the problem. Think of it like why Occupy Wall Street was squashed while Black Lives Matter, which started around two years after Occupy, is still going and gets corporate backing.


Your conflating domestic terrorism, sedition and subversion with foreign wars. They’re two completely different topics. I don’t see patriot groups marching on Washington demanding more foreign wars, do you? I do see them marching in cities across America against the JWO color revolution that’s occurring here.

The patriot groups didn’t need Trump to tell them who was behind the social unrest. It was on the news every night. Left wing JWO color revolution looneys. Have you actually been through any of these protests and riots? I work in these areas every night and have to deal with these idiots.

You haven’t misled me about what happened at the CHAZ/CHOP zone. I ran a half dozen unarmed and armed recon ops through it while it was in existence in places that the police wouldn’t go. If you don’t want to accept an eyewitness version of what happened from someone who lived it as to why it was disbanded. That’s up to you.

You can search all of the issues that I raised from the lawsuits, exploding violent crime rates, nightly shooting, the council’s attempt to disarm and disband the police, the feds planned intervention, etc.. To which I would add a half a dozen patriot groups planned 4th of July march through the zone to dismantle it if the mayor wouldn’t. Those are the primary reasons that it was dismantled. Not a protest in front of the mayor’s house on June 30th.

“According to Heavy, an event has been posted on Facebook in which a call is being put out for “American Patriots” to retake the so-called autonomous zone in Seattle, which has been named “CHAZ. The event, which has been scheduled for July 4, already has around 2,000 RSVPs with another 15,000 expressing interest in the event.”

– “American Patriots” are planning to retake the so-called Seattle “autonomous zone” from CHAZ insurrectionists –


“On June 12, Black Lives Matter protesters negotiated with local officials to leave the zone.[37] The size of CHOP decreased four days later, when roadblocks were replaced and moved.[38] CHOP continued to shrink in size following shootings in or near the zone on June 20, 21, and 23[39][40] when some occupiers left.[41][42] Durkan responded that the SPD would return peacefully and in the near future.[43][44] On June 28, she met with protesters and informed them that the city planned to remove most barricades and limit the area with activists to the East Precinct building and the street directly in front of it.[45][46][47] That day, CHOP organizers also expressed their intention to refocus on the area near the police station and away from the sprawling encampment at Cal Anderson Park, after it became a political liability as they struggled to maintain security.[48] In the early morning hours of June 29, a fourth shooting left a 16-year-old boy dead and a 14-year-old boy in critical condition with gunshot injuries.[49][50][51][52] Calling the situation “dangerous and unacceptable”, SPD Chief Best told reporters, “Enough is enough. We need to be able to get back into the area.”[53] On July 1, 2020, after the mayor issued an executive order, Seattle police cleared the area of protesters and reclaimed the East Precinct station.[3][17][54][55][56] Protests continued in the streets of Seattle in the days following the closure of the zone.”

– Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone –



Say “patriot groups [did march] on Washington demanding more foreign wars:” What would be their casus belli? Their reason for war? That “Assad gassed people because reasons”? That “Putin annexed Crimea through a democractic referendum”? That “Iran might have killed a CIA commander we can’t really talk about”?

The banker gangters cannot count on their foreign targets to give them a casus belli, so they will keep trying to fabricate one. And yes: This includes the “Left wing JWO color revolution.” Do you honestly believe the banksters care if regular people fight each other rather than the banskters’ systems?


The people at the top behind the trouble are criminally insane. The only thing that they care about is advancing their evil agenda.


Yes, absolutely. Therefore, our ability to see through the agenda and stand for better is paramount. In this case, the agenda is manipulating both “the left” and “the right.”

Think about it, Rich: You mentioned “Left wing JWO color revolution,” but with it being arrayed against Trump, who is also a JWO puppet, you don’t see how the JWO is setting itself up to win regardless of which of their fake “sides” comes out ahead?

Even the “anti-Trump” “right-wing” like the Lincoln Project are serving the warmongers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6gAUO86TuM


Trump caved to the Jews early on and it wouldn’t surprise me if compromise material was part of it. There was the anonymous Jane Doe pedophile rape lawsuit during the campaign covered by VT and others that went away.

America First may or may not have been a bait and switch. Trump was the only candidate to talk against Israel during the campaign. And then threw the American and Palestinian people under the bus for the vermin Jew. To become the most Judeophile, Israel Firster, Zionist fanatic president in US history.

However the issue that you took exception to was the issue of patriot groups:

“”Patriot militias and patriot groups” are similar to BLM/Antifa in that they are all getting funneled into one of the banksters’ orbits.”

I don’t see it that way. And you never explained how opposing the rioting and breakdown of society is being used by the color revolution criminals to further their objectives. The patriot groups never used excessive force that would create a cycle of violence to counter the BLM/Antifa crime wave.

Patriot groups opposing the color revolution have nothing to do with BLM/Antifa. The patriot groups that have gotten involved are opposed to what the Jew scamdemic color revolution criminals are doing in the streets and behind the scenes.

If they and the like minded people that they represent aren’t enough of a political force in society to vote the JWO scamdemic color revolution politicians out of office. In elections where they actually have a choice, like the Washington governor race. Where it’s Islee the radical dem bio and economic terrorist, against Culp the republican anti scamdemic small city police chief pro gun rights candidate who’ll repeal Islee’s abuse of power emergency resolutions. Then that’s a problem. But it isn’t because they’re being played by the scamdemic criminals as you contend.


Rich, who do you think also claims to be “opposing the rioting and breakdown of society”…? Yeah, it’s “Big Fan of Israel” Trump. Regardless of whether he wins or loses the selection, some patriot groups will be manipulated into “supporting” Trump just to oppose Biden and “the rioting and breakdown.”

This is why Putin and better leaders like him keep stressing that it’s best to vote for people and policies we support rather than against those we hate because “the gate to destruction is wide.”

Please note that I always said some patriot groups are being successfully manipulated into supporting the JWO via Trump. Just like some BLM/Antifa segments are being successfully manipulated into supporting the JWO via Biden. Do you really believe that every single person identifying with Black Lives Matter would support the JWO when the knee-to-neck detainment technique used on George Floyd originally came from “Israeli” Defense Force training in how they “police” Palestinians?

However, similar to Trump, pseudo-support for the JWO is also being created by Biden. For example, you mentioned VT; that’s Veterans Today, right? Didn’t you notice that Duff, Dean, and some of the other writers have taken to opposing Trump by steering support towards Biden? Even if they do not want active support for Biden and only want votes, what do you think will happen if/when the vote is contested? One of their articles is literally called, “Can we do a counter coup if Trump refuses to leave? Americans prepare.” https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/10/25/can-we-do-a-counter-coup-if-trump-refuses-to-leave-americans-prepare/

Half-hearted yet de facto support due to a false sense of obligation is how the banker gangsters always operate. Clearly, the banksters will try to have a “counter coup” support Biden, not people and policies better than him, but anyone, patriot groups included, defending Trump would also be in the wrong.


All of the patriot groups countering the color revolution that I’m aware of have nothing to do with supporting the JWO. And rarely if ever are breaking the law. They’re simply people opposing the insanity.

The vast majority of the BLM/Antifa protesters breaking the law are supporting the JWO color revolution. Either out of stupidity, malice, or both.


Really? None of “the patriot groups countering the color revolution” also support Trump, the military-industrial complex, the police state, etc.? Examples? Evidence, please…? Jeez, even Veterans Today, which was opposing the JWO since the Bush admin. and straight through the Obama and Trump admins. is showing support for one of the JWO candidates.


What don’t you understand about the stance of the patriot groups is opposing the criminal JWO loony left dem color revolution insanity? A lot of the patriot groups are moderate dems. They’re not doing this because they support the JWO dem color revolution. They’re opposing it lawfully because they’re against it. The other issues that you’re raising have nothing to do with patriot groups lawfully opposing the criminal JWO color revolution.


Rich, you honestly do not see how “lawfully opposing the criminal JWO color revolution” also includes “lawfully” supporting Trump? Especially if he “lawfully” wins the election or “illegally” loses the election? The last thing we need are “patriot groups” doing that, and that’s why I asked for specifics.


No I don’t. Patriot groups aren’t lock step Trump supporters. They’re republicans, democrats and independents opposing the JWO color revolution. Whether they support Trump or not is immaterial to whether or not they oppose the JWO color revolution. That’s why a lot of people don’t vote. Because they don’t approve of either candidate. Not all democrats support the looney left wing crazies.


Your words, Rich: “Trump caved to the Jews early on.” Whether or not someone supports an agent of “the JWO color revolution” sounds pretty material to de facto opposing “the JWO color revolution”…

Regardless, if you cannot discuss details, then just keep the points we discussed in mind. Exactly what these “patriot groups” support will become more evident in the next few months. Stay safe, mate.


I am discussing the details. You’re missing the point. Patriot groups consisting of republicans, democrats and independents lawfully opposing the criminal BLM/Antifa JWO color revolution, many of whom aren’t Trump, JWO, MIC forever war supporters, is what’s being addressed.

You’re going off on this irrelevant tangent trying to conflate patriot groups opposing the JWO criminal insanity as doing this for Trump, the JWO, MIC because they’re Trump, JWO, MIC supporters. That’s not the case. They’re doing this because they oppose the criminal insanity, not because they’re Trump supporters. Many of whom aren’t Trump, JWO, MIC supporters.

John Brown

The Republican party are 50% of the problem and the Democratic party are 50% of the problem both owned by the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship


Agreed. The Republicans are arguably the lesser of two evils. But yes, they’re both anti American Jews and Zionists destroying America.

Tommy Jensen

Green clima change energy, eco environment and gender equality can save the United States and the planet, if people would just stop being deniars, skepticals and anti-semites.


Ice cap shrinking on Mars over past 100 years? CO2 or solar cycle?

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just name the sanderin

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

EU military unification is full steam ahead with great britain regardless of brexit. as military unification is not trade and doesnt fall under being part of the EU

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

anything left of stalin is right wing white supremacist brah.

terrible video

James Adams

The only states that will replace the US are undemocratic shitholes

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