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The Steel Gauntlet Of Russian Diplomacy: Second Day Of Operation In Ukraine

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The Steel Gauntlet Of Russian Diplomacy: Second Day Of Operation In Ukraine

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The Steel Gauntlet Of Russian Diplomacy: Second Day Of Operation In Ukraine
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The Steel Gauntlet Of Russian Diplomacy: Second Day Of Operation In Ukraine

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The second day of the Russian peace enforcement operation in Ukraine started with a new round missile strikes on military infrastructure and forces belonging to the Kiev regime. Among other targets, strikes once again hit military objects around Kiev.

The regime officially confirmed that it was blowing up bridges to stop advancing Russian forces. One of these incidents took place near the town of Ivanovka southeast of the capital. The group of forces moving there are likely aiming for the town of Gostomel and its military airport. Earlier, on February 24, a group of Russian paratroopers supported by military helicopters blocked the work of a military facility after a successful air landing operation. Since then, the paratroopers have been involved in heavy fighting with the superior forces that guard the Ukrainian capital and its surroundings.

Panicking air defense units of the regime even downed an allied Su-27 warplane by mistake. Initially, Ukrainian officials and the MSM tried to present this as a case of ‘defeating the Russian Air Force’ but photos showing vestiges of the plane in Ukrainian camouflage forced them to change the story.

The military situation remains complicated in the east and northeast of the country. Over the last few years, the Kiev regime has been burdening these regions with hardcore Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi elements. These well-armed units put up fierce resistance against the Russian Armed Forces.

As of the morning of February 25, the city of Kharkov remained in the hands of these forces. Kiev’s troops openly deploy their military equipment, including rocket artillery, near civilian targets and use civilians as human shields. Initial reports, that the city was fully blocked by Russian troops have not been confirmed so far.

Intense clashes between the Russians and pro-Kiev radicals were reported in the city of Sumy. Both sides reportedly suffered casualties.

Mariupol also remains in the hands of the Kiev regime. Radicals fortify the city and block civilians from leaving it. There are reports regarding the killing of civilians who tried to leave through check points belonging to pro-Kiev forces. Kiev’s troops create fortifications in the apartments of multi-story buildings and take civilians there as hostages.

In the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, people’s militias of the Donbas are slowly suppressing the multilayer defense created by Kiev in the past few years. Local sources report that they plan to block Mariuplol from the northern and eastern directions.

Meanwhile, the regime’s defenses collapsed in the regions near Crimea. Forward Russian units outflanked Kherson city and are advancing towards Nikolaev. Another group of the Russians took control of Melitopol and is securing the area before further operations.

The fight for the future of people living in the territory of modern Ukraine has reached a milestone. The Russians have come to put an end to the terrorist regime established there. Nonetheless, the criminals backed by NATO are not going to surrender easily.

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I wonder if there are any of our Canadian soldiers involved in these battles. I support Russia’s actions btw. Hard because everyone around me is completely ignorant of the reasons that caused this conflict. And I don’t bother arguing to them, it’s futile.


I have workmates like that, totally braindead. Victory to Russia and God bless Putin.


There are no Canadian or any other countries soldiers only volunteers and mercenaries. I was surprised how many Germans are well informed, of course not all but most people don’t care about geo politics …

jens holm

None representing Nato is there. If so it wasnt a match like this.

Maybee Ypu should find someone else to be with. We do care a lot. No matetr who they are in Ukraine, they has to choose their own destiny.


Thats the whole point and not some Putin crackpiping about any in Nato are there as well as any Russian being red, black, green or white is no ember og EU or Nato.

NO way. We already has taken mpore then needed of the Russian collapsed crashlanding.

And when Putin dies, the socalled country will split up. Its only runned by fear and bajonets. It goes for Kasakstyan, Blearus and parts og Caucasus.

The reasons seemes people know nothing else …

Martin Rapavý

That is the whole point: the people must have the right to choose. The people in Ukraine did not have the right to choose. The people in the Crimean Peninsula did not have the right to choose. The Kievan regime always suppressed their will and their human and political rights. The people in the Donets Basin did not have the right to choose, either. And when the people of Crimea did finally free themselves from the Ukrainian yoke, the Kievan regime blocked the supply of water to the peninsula, which was tantamount to a crime against humanity. And when the people of the Donets Basin declared independence from the Kievan regime, the Kievan regime unleashed a bloody war on them.

And the West calls this genocidal regime a “democracy”.

Col. 'Sandy' Volestrangler

There were various NATO countries’ personnel in there conducting ‘training’ apparantly. But likely they would not be involved unless they were deliberately placed in harm’s way for propaganda purposes.


Rt has down, now we wonder will this site targeted too?

Charles Homer

Here is an article that looks at the state of democracy in Ukraine:


If Washington is using the reasoning that the West must protect Ukrainian democracy through the use of both military action and economic sanctions, as you can see, it is a democracy of a very different sort than what most of us would consider to be a true democratic system.

jens holm

There is more democrasy in Ukraine then in Russia. Thats why even the nazis has influence.

Now even facebook will be a no go for russians. And the Ukrainian history is erased in Your books too.

You are wrong speaking about USA. Most of the world incl. UN dislike it or worse.


Southfront accompli un Travail exceptionnel La Russie Est Un Pays Prédestiné À La Gloire La Puissance Et Le Prestige dans peu de temps on n’entendra plus parler Des Néo-nazis.


Finally – Russia is doing what must be done. Ukraine’s rat nest of fascists and nazis will be exterminated.

jens holm

You grow them Yourself. Half written about it is a lie too.

Martin Rapavý

The other half being true is more than justifies the current action against them.


pens nazi homo upset

buko reiboko

Use more TOS-1, rocket artillery ,cruise missiles and airstrikes to destroy troop concentrations of the ukranonatzi army, to minimize russian soldiers and civilian casualties

Last edited 1 year ago by buko reiboko
jens holm

You have to kill most of the Ukraininans too to get control. Thats what they are used to. Thats why.

That taken out of Your history books.

None there want a father, a mother of for that matter an infantil bring brother. You can be friends with them within 100 years if You are foreigners and stay in a foreign cuntry.

Rodney Loder.

Trump did what Obama couldn’t and Biden is the beneficiary, the World unipolar moment has ended, Trump ended it, so we don’t owe Trump anything but he did force China to quit supporting jew maggots openly. China’s support for israel is still ongoing and China and Russia both support UAE and KSA in order to strengthen their B&R and in the case of Russia energy industry. However China probably will have to reconsider support for jew maggots or rather jew maggots will have to end their romance with China and Russia or Biden will get the bullet, hahaha, Great work South Front.

C Osgood

The tactics of the neo-Nazi groups will be familiar to anyone who closely followed the fighting in Syria in 2016. The jihadis did the same things.

andre zulu

forgot to mention the top gun of kiev… and the little feldgrau men in western ukraine…


Thank you for providing explanations, I read there are 2000 Russian tanks and armored vehicles coming from north and east of river Dnieper I wonder if its true and if they’ll manage to surround Nazis.


Also 12 000 profesional troops and 70 000 volunteers from Chechenia are coming, plus there is part of Russian guard from Chechenia coming over, I hope Nazis know this its going to be really fun for them, really soon !

Hungary Guy

Yep, then: with new Government get as many as possible CSTO Peacekeepers in to solidify.

"R" Addison

Now, youR RepoRts are on-spot! Look foRwaRd to when my earnings will enjoin w.o. masks and no moRe hitch-hiking for foodstuffs…


There has been a dearth of information on the Ukraine operation since yesterday. Any updates?


I heard in the “news”, that Russia is using only 35k to 40k of its 150k soldiers in the Ukraine. Can anyone confirm this and explain, why?

Col. 'Sandy' Volestrangler

No one else is even covering the actual conflict, so I always look here first. Everyone else, from RT to BBC is just carrying competi ng atrocity stories. It’s interesting to see all these names from WW2 showing up again. Mariupol. Kherson. I keep expecting Stalino to appear by accident.


USA/NATO exposed—impotent immoral incompetent fake denazify ukraine and usa

ridi pagliaccio

The doctors and the military pull the trigger on this population reduction, a form adapted to conservatives and another to progressives who do not dislike seeing guts and violence. They diverted attention to a country in the antipodes so as not to concentrate on cutting off the heads of the politicians, technicians and bankers who execute the plan. If you like war, go and fight, don’t force other idiots to do it. If you think that there are many human beings in the world, set an example, be consistent and shoot yourself in the head.

porc halal

Since the fall of the former Soviet Union, the Ukrainian Nazi state has begun a massive persecution of ethnic Romanians in the former Romanian territories occupied by the Bolsheviks and given as a gift to the artificially created multinational state. Basically, the Romanians, the third largest ethnic group in Ukraine, have no rights in this Nazi state and the Ukrainians ar conducting a continuous and sistemathic war of ethnic cleansing against the Romanians.

Romania, is currently led by a treacherous and largely allogeneic political class, is practically led by Jewish and Hungarian extremists who are campaigning openly and unabashedly against Romanians by restricting their constitutional rights, imposing discriminatory, fascist, apartheid laws , attacking and denying the culture, history and religion of the Romanians… the president of Romania is a Nazi, who was the leader of the political organization representing the Germans in Romania the president of Romania is a Nazi, who was the leader of the political organization that represents the Germans in Romania, organization who declared itself openly and by court order as the successor of the former Nazi organization “the German ethnic group”, which was the only political organization in Romania after World War II, who was convicted of war crimes by the Nuremberg court … that is why , Romania is now just a colony of US and EU and so was Nazi Ukraine until Russia attacked the fascist Ukrainian regime…

Last edited 1 year ago by porc halal
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