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The Spontaneous “Military Coup” in Caracas was Meant to Fail?

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Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared on Global Research

Comparison with the Failed June 29, 1973 Coup which preceded the September 11, 1973 military coup against Salvador Allende

The Spontaneous “Military Coup” in Caracas was Meant to Fail?

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This article gives the US far too much credit. The US tried frantically to get support going for this political coup attempt. It just got totally outplayed. I think many generals gave fake support with Maduro and team not-US knowing giving them the orders. Then somewhere in Langley a counter of military support went from red to green and they got the party started only to have the fake support withdrawn and the real traitors being left out in the open. The cleaning operation is already ongoing.

Joe Kerr

The overthrow of the Shah in Iran took the U.S. by surprise, as did the Cuban revolution. Chossudovsky is usually a good read, but here he gives bungling boofheads like Pompeo and Bolton too much credit.


It was dumb all the way. This is not 1973 Chile, that is for sure. The world position of the US is much weaker now and there is a huge difference between Kissigner and Pompeo.


be that as it may a more robust coup attempt may be on the way, think of all the death and destruction the “bungling” US has caused in the middle east


Anything is possible Javier. I don’t think it will work. The time of possible success has passed, in my view.


Weaker position? Yes and no. They’re weaker in many ways. But the world financial system is far more deeply integrated and electronic, and the US has veto power over a lot of it, so they can make sanctions bite a lot harder than used to be possible. Mind you, if they use this weapon too often they will lose it as financial institutions find themselves tripping over US sanctions every step they take and start creating workarounds.


I agree with you purple. Where that financial strength falls apart is that it is being pryed up out of the concrete on a daily basis. BRI is beginning to kill it, as well as exactly what Venezuela is doing; ditching the US petrol dollar. Another element that did not exist in Kissengers’ day is US debt. It is actually staggering at this point. Further, Russia is back and playing the game by a set of rules, unknown to US halls of power. They get clocked everytime now. The US has potential strength but, it is not being correctly applied and is being drained on the daily. My take, I wish well to you.

Peter Bozich

I think the morons in Washington are desperate, the U.S is a different outfit when comparing it to the regime in 1973.
Today it’s a clown show, mired in debt, with an outdated army and military that are exhausted.
They simply, can only cause chaos, nothing more. The people of Venezuela have seen enough, from the bombing in Yugoslavia to the U.S being embarressed in Syria , to let their country be taken over by a CIA punk in Guaido.

You can call me Al

Who allowed this tosh on SF ?.

R PLobo

If the US was really on the ball why bother with the charade? The zionazis are on the run and at best Venezuela is a distraction to the fiasco in Syria. With the collapse of the moderate head choppers the zionazis have only card left – to negotiate with the Russians for some sort of reprieve from full out war with Syria, Hezbollah and Iran.
A US attack on Iran is never going to happen – the US can only field bottom of the barrel mercs. The gunboat diplomacy is long gone – Venezuela is no banana republic that the US can just land on the beaches and declare JOB DONE!
However, Trump is able to shift attention to a less lethal opponent in Maduro. Unlike Iran that will destroy US bases and of course the entity – Venezuela can be played at little cost to the US as a propaganda tool.
Maduro is not going anywhere but the zionazis got a waiver – at least for now – on their mortal defeat in the ME.

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