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The Six-Year Epic Failure: Riyadh’s Crusade On Sana’a

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Six years of the Saudi-led war have passed in Yemen, and it keeps going with no sign of a peaceful solution on the horizon.

The “occasion” was “commemorated” with a briefing by Ansar Allah, or as they are popularly known – the Houthis. Some impressive numbers were shared.

Houthi spokesperson Yahya Sari said that the Saudi-led coalition carried out more than 266,150 airstrikes throughout these 6 years. The predominant number of those strikes targeted Yemeni citizens, homes, cities and other infrastructure.

On the side of the Houthis, at least 1,348 separate missile operations were launched, with nearly 500 being behind enemy lines on key military facilities of the Kingdom and the UAE. In total, the Houthi Air Force carried out 12,623 raids with drones. In 2021 alone, Ansar Allah has carried out 1,464 operations, including 124 attack operations, and the rest reconnaissance.

The Ansar Allah ground forces carried out 12,366 combat operations throughout the years. When it comes to losses, the Houthis didn’t share theirs. They claimed that over the 6 years, the Saudi-led coalition had suffered some significant losses. In total, more than 240,000 fighters were either killed or injured.

This includes UAE forces, Sudanese mercenaries, Saudi armed forces, as well as the troops of the Yemen puppet government.

As expected, the update focuses more on what the Houthis achieved and what Saudi Arabia has lost, but it has been an open secret that Riyadh’s intervention in Yemen hasn’t been a glowing example of success.

In just the past few days, leading up to March 22nd, the Houthis carried out a significant attack on Aramco oil facilities. A refinery was struck by 6 suicide drones. The Saudi Ministry of Energy claimed that the attack caused a fire that was “quickly” controlled by the refinery’s staff. Satellite imagery, however, showed the damage to be much more extensive than Riyadh let on.

Saudi Arabia, on its part, released footage of its airstrikes on Ansar Allah in the Marib province. The videos presented 17 pinpoint airstrikes by Riyadh warplanes on vehicles and positions on several fronts of the province. The Saudi-led coalition also released a video showing precision airstrikes on a cave supposedly used by the Houthis to store suicide drones. It is purportedly located near Yemen’s capital Sana’a.

In spite of these videos, and the Saudi attempt to present the situation in a somewhat positive light, the Saudi-led coalition has been slowly retreating in Marib.

Six years of war have passed in Yemen, in which massive amounts of funds were “invested” by Riyadh to fight a war that it still can’t even go near winning.

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Stupid is as stupid does. The US is now emulating the Saudi sardine conditions used store human beings. The Saudis victims were foreign guest workers and the US is now storing human beings from the age of seven to seventeen.


Pave Way IV

That’s some mighty comfy looking rape/COVID pens for the kids. You’re better life starts here, little amigo. I see the psychopaths leave the sodium arc warehouse lamps on at night. That increases the kids’ stress levels,. They’ll be easier to manipulate during the day. Unless those are dead bodies. In that case, we’re just keeping them fresh for organ harvesting – the light won’t bother them a bit!


I somewhat doubt that the Western MSM will comment on this shining example of US double standards.

If in was in China, the MSM would have had a feeding frenzy of the images for months.


Well, they have nothing on China and are already in a frenzy. They are careful to only mention Uygurs and not another single one of other Muslim groups who live without any problem whatsoever. Even for Uygurs, the Chinese government only confronts the western “boots on the ground” Uygurs. Like always, western MSM conveniently forgets to mention that economic growth of XinJiang is higher than average of all of China and most of Uygurs are content with their lives.

The other issue is of course Hong Kong, the west is furious that China finally decided to treat them much more leniently than any western country if the table was turned. And the third issue, Tibet, they never bother to actually ask the residents of Tibet. They just interview with exiles, yet again conveniently forgetting that those exile receive salaries from various government funded NGOs and think tanks. Tibetans are actually happy to get rid of the monks’ thuggery, who used to kidnap their children and steal their means of living.

The MSM loyal audience live in an imaginary universe and for their ones who know a thing or two, watching their constant lies are so painful.

Like always I draw a parallel to Iran, You know that BBC has a Persian service that isn’t managed by BBC itself but by foreign office and MI6. For so long (since before 1979 revolution they filled our minds with carefully selected mixture of truth, half-truth and lies. This service is insanely active in social media, single-handedly produce more content than all other services (including global) combined. Good news is recently they became so sloopy that even their followers started to notice and and under each post, there are countless comments making fun of them and calling their lies out. I hope the same happens for their western audience too.

I wish countries like Iran, China and Russia made a coordinated effort to give the western governments a taste of their own medicine in the media war.


I agree with you. A long dead old friend of mine spent a few years in the (British) Commonwealth Police.

He had postings to the Yemen and Hongkong. In the Yemen his police were from Pakistan

In Hongkong he said that the only freedom the Chinese residents had was to do what they are told. :)


Check the news bro……The US just imposed broad spectrum sanctions on China just now. So there we have it……..Russia/ China/ Iran are all sanctioned now.


So did the EU, and China retaliated. This sanction game is good, but we must help and enable people in various countries to have their right of self determination… Yay democracy!! The exact same game they play with Kords and Baluchs and Uighurs and Hong Kong and Venezuela and Syria and…

Let’s say, I don’t know, California? Scotland? Catalonia? Valonia? Ireland? Corsica? Quebec? Gibraltar? Too many choices! What do to?


I want soodi moder ghehve and turkish guppu moghal absolutely destroyed and rubbed into shit! Remove them from history. The Sassanian screwed up fighting the Romans, and got weak. Result was these camel jockey walked right in…..you know this right……this will not happen ever again!

Arch Bungle

Looks a lot like a Uighur Holocaust Camp (if such things exist at all).

Pave Way IV

UN Security Council brief posted last Tuesday identifies that bastard Hadi as the one ordering the fuel embargo for Hodeidah since January. That’s half of Yemeni fuel imports. He is punishing 20 million of his own starving Yemeni civilians in the north because his Saudi-backed regime is f’king losing. This increases my suspicion that the U.S. 5th Fleet / CENTCOM are the ones holding the vessels for Hadi. Peace through prolonged starvation and disease. Nice job, you fucking genocidal psychopaths. The UN relief agencies never mention the fact that Hadi, himself, is the one responsible for forcing Ansar Allah to attack Marib in January in order to liberate the Safer refinery and oilfields from al Islah mafia tribes.


Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock – Briefing to the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, 16 March 2021 [link]


If the self described,most democratic nations on earth had stopped arming and aiding Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in a war of conquest with Western weapons and military assistance, this conflict would have been over years ago.

The main reason for the Western arms in Saudi Arabia,and all the other ‘everlasting wars’ far from home are ,of course, the vast profits involved.


If they Yemeni army and Ansarallah don’t fall in the trap like Hitler did and don’t start attacking civilian targets, in a few short months there won’t be any profits. Other oil producing countries with untapped capacity will happily fill the Saudi share in the market.

Guess what will happen to a milk cow who’s milk is dried up?

Ashok Varma

Even the most lazy illiterate Saudi should be asking how come the billions in western weaponry can not even protect their capital city. MBS has led them into an unmitigated disaster and humiliation.

Pave Way IV

Saudi Arabia has one of the most repressive societies and censored media on earth. Nobody will ever question the monarchy’s decisions, however disastrous or humiliating. Saudi Arabia does not have citizens. It has subjects of the king.

Feral Finster

Yours and Ashok’s statements are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


remember that the disunited states of insufferable fools is no better than the worst offenders in the world – 45 million on food stamps, same number outright poor, 75 pct with no health cover when things turn bad, fly over states no longer with a viable schooling system and a filthy rich elite in the coastal states running the show (and rest assured that the jews in palestine ain’t any better and the sole reason why the jews are covered with vaccines against the covid-19 is the extortion against pfizer’s ceo, feo and moderna’s ceo etc, allowing the jews to secure the necessary vaccines – no other viable explanation is around).

Jim Allen

You do understand these are NOT “vaccines.” Right ? mRNA is gene therapy that alters DNA, in ways as yet unknown, except to set up an autoimmune response that will set the immune system to attacking itself when it encounters anti-bodies from wild Corona Virus after the not vaccinations. Kind of surprised the pretenders would be so quick to de-populate themselves. Remembering Israel bought 1.5 million doses of Sputnik V(5) actual vaccines from Russia, early on.


and I’m all for the russian sputnik v vaccine but the EU is hard against anything Russian nowadays, except the gas and the crude/gasoline/diesel/fuel and the other what nots.


Here’s another joke of the week: Saudi foreign minister, Faysal bin Farhan (not to be confused with the queer Adel-al-Jubair who was demoted after Khashoggi fiasco) claimed that Saudis have a plan for everlasting peace in Yemen. Of course there’s no mention of invasion, murder of civilians, the starvation, medical terrorism, agri-terrorism and good old Wahhabi terrorism. They want Yemeni side to immediately stop all their military operations inside and outside of Yemen and instead the terror coalition might “ease” the embargo on Hudaydah port and Sana’a airport for a limited number of ships and flights. He said the plan is complete and all they need is that the Salvation government in Sana’a to accept it! AS we say in situations like this, it’s %50 complete.

Well that’s it.did you expect that they let Yemenis decide for themselves or spare them of indiscriminate bombing of civilians? Naturally Ansarallah rejected this clown show and said any peace plan that doesn’t mention the invasion how it all started is not going to work,

Facing this rejection, this Farhan guy accused Iran as the main reason for prolonging war in Yemen. If only in all these 6-7 years they managed to capture an actual, hinest-to-god Iranian and didn’t derail more than 5 separate talks that other countries like Oman and Kuwait initiated, I might believed them. They never implemented the Stockholm agreement after almost 3 years for Hudaydah. Nor that their bottoms are handed to them on a daily basis they want peace, and for them the peace means Yemenis let them do whatever they want. Fat chance! Now is your turn to shake in the basement of your palaces.I hope we openly transfer air defence systems to them, listen to their howls and say “so what”? We might be closer to that point that we think, fingers crossed.

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