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JULY 2022

The Secret U.S.-&-UK War Against Europe

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The Secret U.S.-&-UK War Against Europe

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Written by Eric Zuesse

The secret U.S.-and-UK war against Europe is well documented but little known, and some conceptual and historical background is pre-requisite in order to understand that documentation.

Historically, nations which share the same currency don’t go to war against one-another unless one of them is a colony of the other and is (like America’s colonies were in 1776) in a revolution to establish its independence against the imperialist one of them. Having a common currency is therefore a strong factor — but not a decisive one — toward peace between nations.

UK (Britain) has its pound, EU (the European Union) has its euro, and U.S. (America) has its dollar. U.S. (its dollar) and UK (its pound) are now in a war against EU (its euro), so as to help to extend into the future the dollar’s (America’s) existing dominance as the main global reserve currency — the future political and financial dominance by America, heading ultimately to control over all nations by America’s Government, practically obviating the United Nations and its (crippled) role till now as the authoritative source of international law: the laws that govern not within nations but instead between nations — replacing that existing body of international laws, by “the international rules based order,” in which America’s Government will be setting those “rules.” It’s an international struggle to replace the U.N. and all international laws, by a global dictatorship either by the U.S. and the UK, or else by the U.S. and the EU. All three of those currencies are, however, agreed together, to prevent there ever being control over international laws by the U.N. and its agencies, or by anything OTHER THAN the nations that are in America’s fundamental military alliance, which is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: NATO. NATO is to be expanded in order to increase the U.S. Government’s (and the U.S. dollar’s) dominance, and thereby weaken the U.N.’s authority and its already-crippled and ever-weakening power.

UK’s aristocracy took control of American foreign policies on 25 July 1945, when, at the Potsdam Conference, America’s Anglophile General Dwight Eisenhower seconded Winston Churchill’s hostility against Joseph Stalin by telling the naive new U.S. President Harry Truman (who practically worshipped Eisenhower) that either the U.S. would ultimately conquer the Soviet Union, or else the Soviet Union would conquer America; and, so, the Cold War was then born, on that date, in Truman’s head, by his decision to agree with Eisenhower’s viewpoint and commence what became called “the Cold War” so as ultimately to conquer Russia. Truman then backed General George Marshall’s plan, The Marshall Plan, in 1948, to provide billions of dollars in U.S. reconstruction aid to any European country that would side with America against the Soviet Union in order to establish the planned future all-encompassing U.S. global dictatorship (control of the world by America’s billionaires and their corporations, especially granting them access to all countries’ natural resources).

America’s NATO military alliance was then created in 1949 to assist in the intended ‘anti-communist’ (actually anti-U.S.S.R) ultimate conquest (which would be the crowning achievement of America’s conquest over the entire world). Subsequently, America’s CIA brought America’s European allies together into what ultimately became the European Union, so that European nations would be controlled from Washington both militarily and economically. However, whereas formerly, the European Union was controlled by the U.S. Government almost as much as America’s NATO anti-Russian military alliance is, that is no longer the case; and, therefore, UK’s aristocracy, during 2016-2020, led a secret campaign, to remove UK altogether from the EU, and to install at 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson to do Brexit — British exit from the EU — in what Britain’s billionaires saw as being the right way, keeping “the Anglosphere” (U.S. and UK) in control over the world, as opposed to the way in which UK’s then Prime Minister Theresa May was negotiating with the EU, which would have weakened not only America’s control over Europe, but also UK’s control over Europe, which latter (control over Europe) the UK controls only indirectly by virtue of its “Special Relationship” with the U.S. Government, which controls Europe. (For UK to lose its voting privilege in the EU was puny in comparison to UK’s increased power over the EU through being uniquely allied with America’s Government, which controls the EU.) That constitutes the necessary conceptual and historical background, in order to understand the following:

On May 15th, Kit Klarenberg at The Gray Zone bannered “Operation Surprise: leaked emails expose secret intelligence coup to install Boris Johnson”, and demonstrated from leaked private documents, that an authentic conspiracy by a clique of supremely well-connected individuals within Britain — Britain’s Deep State, answerable only to Britain’s billionaires and hereditary aristocracy — had actually engineered Theresa May’s downfall as Prime Minister and her replacement by Boris Johnson, so that UK would no longer be allied with EU except as being EU’s superior, because of Britain’s unique bonding with its former colony, America.

Here is how the leader of that cabal or conspiracy explained, on 4 October 2019, his strategy to a small group of followers — students, perhaps — which fortunately still remains on youtube:


However, his jargon in that stunningly revealing video (which now must be understood in light of Klarenberg’s 15 May 2022 revelations) requires some additional important historical and terminological background.

“The five-eyes alliance,” that speaker said, “keeps the free world free,” but what does this mean? His “free” is actually a lie; really, it’s the opposite of free; it is the voting and taxpaying publics’ enslavement to the U.S. and British Military-Industrial Complexes (or “MICs”), after the 1991 termination of the U.S.S.R and of its communism and of its Warsaw Pact military alliance that mirrored America’s NATO, and it now means only the U.S. regime’s rule of the world by its aristocracy, who are psychopathic and who control and profit from their armaments-makers while their publics pay for it in taxes and destructions and corpses. It means precisely what the originator of this conspiracy, Cecil Rhodes, had first stated in 1877, and it does constitute the “Special Relationship” that UK and U.S. have had ever since this “Special Relationship” was finally and fully in place and fully functioning, starting on 25 July 1945, when Truman set America onto this fateful path, of conquering the entire world — Rhodes’s vision of the world’s future, and of how Rhodes would create the organization to bring it about. Here is from that historic 1877 statement, by Rhodes (which the speaker in that video was actually — and very skiilfully — representing: this is the original statement of that viewpoint):

I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. …

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire. …

What has been the main cause of the success of the Romish Church? The fact that every enthusiast, call it if you like every madman finds employment in it. Let us form the same kind of society a Church for the extension of the British Empire. …

To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom, and of colonisation by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the Islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire, the inauguration of a system of Colonial representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire and, finally, the foundation of so great a Power as to render wars impossible and promote the best interests of humanity.

This was to be, and is, the foundation-stone of the renewed British Empire’s Deep State. (Here is its full document.)

Rhodses’s phrase “the best interests of humanity” expressed actually his racist-cultural viewpoint. It is, ultimately, an allegation that Her Majesty’s Government will be better to rule over international relations than any alternative, such as FDR’s intention for an armed United Nations, could ever be. Though Rhodes wanted international relations to be ruled by Britain’s aristocracy, FDR wanted it to be ruled by a U.N. which would be an armed democracy (federation) of nations. Hitler had his vision of a “Thousand-Year Reich,” but Churchill, who was an ardent Rhodesist, and who had been a protégé of Rhodes, favored, instead, Britain’s version of such an all-encompassing global empire, and this was/is to be achieved by harnessing Britain’s empire to the back of the far stronger American horse. Rhodes knew, even in 1877, that this would be the only way that the British Empire could successfully continue into future centuries.

Right now, the EU is sinking because by adhering to America’s demand to halt importation of gas and oil from the EU’s main supplier, which is Russia, energy-costs throughout the EU will soar and destroy their economy. And this is the strategy of Biden, and of Johnson. Biden, too, is a Rhodesist — just as Obama and Trump and Bush I & 2 and Clinton and Reagan were. The Governments of both U.S. and UK are Rhodesist. This doesn’t mean that in each and every matter, the two dictatorships agree, but that almost always they do; and, that when they don’t, UK’s Government doesn’t prod its American horse to buck and throw off its British rider, because those Brits know that this — riding on the American horse — is the ONLY way that they can continue the British empire to the extent that they have been allowed to do after WW II. The Rhodesists, and their “Five-Eyes Alliance” (Prins also refers to it as “the Anglosphere”, which is yet another phrase for what Rhodes was advocating for) are realists, who are trying to extend for as long as possible into the future their joint and collective aristocratic exploitation of the entire world. This means: keep Europe down, and all other countries out. It’s especially the case with regards to Germany, which is the EU’s industrial giant. As the New York Times reported on 5 April 2022:

Already Germany has reduced its dependence on gas from Russia [from 55%] by 15 percent, bringing it down to 40 percent in the first three months of the year, the energy ministry said.

But industry leaders have pushed back against imposing sanctions on Russian natural gas. Turning off the taps would cause “irreversible damage,” warned Martin Brudermüller, the chief executive of BASF, the chemical producer based in southwestern Germany. Making the transition from Russian natural gas to other suppliers or moving to alternative energy sources would require four to five years, not weeks, he said.

“Do we want to blindly destroy our entire national economy? What we have built up over decades?” Mr. Brudermüller said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung last week.

Already, due to pressure from the Biden Administration, and against German popular opinion and the pleas by German businesses of all sizes not to do it, Germany recently cancelled the recently completed Nord Stream II mammoth gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, which would have reduced gas prices in Europe. Instead, those prices are expected soon to double. And almost all of the EU will be taking a big hit from such decisions by Germany and other EU nations. It is a U.S./UK war against not only Russia but also Europe.

That is what Gwythian Prins, the leader of their cabal or conspiracy, who speaks in that youtube video, was actually talking about. (Klarenberg’s article says nothing about Rhodes, but what Prins says in this yotube video of him is likewise totally in keeping with Rhodes’s plan, about which the article by Klarenberg reveals lots of private evidence.) And America’s European stooges are doing everything they can to impose American rule, despite the fact that in certain details, UK’s aristocracy are profoundly dissatisfied with the extent to which the EU is not doing everything that UK’s aristocrats want them to do. UK’s aristocrats know that bucking the American horse would cause them to be thrown off of it. So, they choose, instead, to stay on it, and to merely nudge it whenever they want a minor change in its direction. And that is what Prins is advocating for, against the EU, upon his colleagues and students.

And that explains the documentation linked-to here regarding the U.S.-and-UK war against Europe. It is their war to keep Europe down, and all the rest of the world out, and only Britain still in the saddle riding the American horse to permanent victory, against the publics everywhere. It is for continuation of “the Washington Consensus.”

Klarenberg’s article includes lots of fascinating documentation, such as this photo of Prins’s email dated “September 22, 2018 at 4:53 AM” to a certain “Julian Blackwell, addressing his chum as ‘Trooper,’ a reference to the publisher’s SAS special forces background, and thanking him for his ‘hugely welcome and generous willingness to cover my foregone income for effectively the first half of this FY [financial year] [so that Prins would be able to engineer Boris Johnson’s replacing Theresa May].'” It would all be highly incriminating, if UK weren’t a dictatorship and Prins himself weren’t one of that dictatorship’s key agents. Interestingly, the organization at which Prins was speaking, “Veterans for Britain” (of which Prins is a board-member) was revealed on 5 December 2017 to be a “Dark Money” group fronting for Conservative Party UK and for Republican Party U.S. financial backers; and the group which revealed that was “Open Democracy,” which itself is funded by mainly Labour Party UK, and Democratic Party U.S., financial backers, but also by some middle-of-the-road (i.e., anti-Trump) U.S. Republican Party financial backers — in other words: “Open Democracy” is funded by billionaires in both America and Britain. In both countries, membership in the dictatorship class (the nation’s aristocracy) requires being a billionaire, or else close to that. The public are merely their suckers, to be manipulated (via propaganda from their media) however at least some of the billionaires want them to be suckered. There is consequently a constant contest between conservative and liberal billionaires, in order to s’elect’ into national office only politicians who are backed by at least SOME of the billionaires. And one of the things that all of the billionaires are funding is propaganda in favor of keeping U.S. and UK on top, ruling the rest of “The Anglosphere,” and keeping Europe down, and all other countries out.


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All the EU members of NATO are just going for F-35s and Patriots instead of Rafael. Some of them will be forced to go out of their own sixth gen fighter programs. Most of these countries sell their Euro to buy USD and then buy stuff from USA. LNG is another way to create sale of Euro for USD. Good luck to Eurozone.


Listening to Michael Hudson explain the main thesis of his new book on Multipolarista, aka Benjamin Norton. ‘Economist Michael Hudson on decline of dollar, sanctions war, imperialism, financial parasitism’. This article is excellent, explaining the long range demands of US-NAYOYO foreign policy. {https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlUSqQ8U8T8&t=4s}

These points are also covered, somewhat, in the article, “After the NATO War is Over”, found at Vineyard of the Saker. {https://thesaker.is/after-the-nato-war-is-over/}

Past US-EU bullshit and attitude wafts past Southern noses. The West made noble fortunes of piracy, slavery, colonial pillaging, indigenous genocides, and brutal racist warfare. The South now realizes the EU-US will demonize their leaders at any time for transparently selfish reasons. They will seize assets necessary for development and proper functioning of Southern economies, as they have done to Cuba, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, and Russia. This article correctly states the US will manipulate trade relationships to weaken loyal countries.

As examples consider Iranian, Venezuelan, and Mexican crude which supported the West through both world wars. They received only poverty, contempt, and death squads in return. US+EU supported a Pakistani coup d’etat. They threatened India with human rights investigations over recent citizenship legislation. If Russia, Iran, Ira, Syria, Libya, and Venezuela were able to sell their crude in a ‘free market’, the price would drop to $20/bbl and stay there, crippling expensive fracked Texass crude. US-NAYOYO want this crude, they just don’t want to pay for it, and they don’t want anyone but themselves to benefit by it.

[Part 1]


[Part 2]

Financial war takes a nasty turn by Alasdair Macleod — {https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/financial-war-takes-a-nasty-turn?gmrefcode=gata}

An astounding overview of the impact and reasoning behind White West sanctions against Russia.

Looming Threats in the Global Economy? — YouTube — TVO (Canadian TV Ontario interview with Yanis Varoufakis)

“… humanity under capitalism is borrowing from the future hoping to repay the future. … at some point we keep borrowing too much from the future and then the present cannot repay the future.” The money printing mania merely painted over the cracks in the economy. Modern capitalism and industrial agriculture have been borrowing from the future for two centuries, and now the bills are coming due.


“The West made noble fortunes of piracy, slavery, colonial pillaging, indigenous genocides, and brutal racist warfare.” This statement alone, unfortunately, discredits the rest of your narrative, which contains many salient points. The West didn’t invent piracy, slavery, colonial pillaging, indigenous genocides, and “racist” warfare. All had been done for thousands of years before the rise of “the West”. The African slave trade narrative is the most manipulated of this narrative. The West African Kings and Chiefs involved in the slave trade had been selling their “excess population” consisting of those captured from other tribes or sometimes their own, to Arabs for centuries before Whitey showed up. Slaves not sold were slaughtered. Colonial pillaging? What do you think the Persians, Mongols, and Ottomans were doing? Genocides? Read the Old Testament and see the Jews had, according to them, mastered it thousands of years ago. “Racist” warfare? At one time, every tribe was though of as its own race. The DNA of Ötzi – the Iceman found killed in the Alps – does not exist today.

Chris Gr

Very correct

AM Hants

How many MEPs are sponsored by a certain Hungarian of a certain faith? In fact how many US and ‘5 Eye’ politicians are also funded by the same person, and came through his mate’s ‘Young Global Leader Academy’?

When all the NATO members, excluding the US, hand over their weapons and systems to Ukraine, where will the first point of call for replacements be? Will they have to purchase from US ‘MIC’ or will they be allowed to purchase from the international market or their own domestic market?

No wonder NATO demands expansion. What will be the first thing required of Finland and Sweden? Does it start with a shopping list?

Peter Jennings

The Finns and the Swedes are fooling themselves. Both countries have the smallest armies in the world. Their armed forces are that small, they don’t even appear on any lists when comparing the size of armed forces around the world.

The US wants more nato poodles. They are only interested in the land with which to mount attacks on Russian soil and its people. Should the people of Finland, or the people of Sweden, have a change of heart, they need to be mindful of what can happen to a country when they make a call to the US/nato bunko squads. This strategy hasn’t worked out terribly well for Ukraine. All the best AM.

Peter Jennings

There will come a time when people in Bighty will simply stop paying their bills, come what may.


The positive side to all of this is the fact that US weapons are very expensive and not very capable against nations big and small..


So, a very expensive and not very capable anglosaxon touch to gather. It’s stupid to less the Germans out, German bosses will find someone to cancel the “rodhesian” orders. Do you remember what Albert Speer did, in the end, to Hitler’s german industry destruction order?


Now they got me liking Rhodes. I like the idea of filling up much of the world with white people.


You racist biotch!


That’s all true and fine but only the tip of the iceberg. I would add at least two other items:

1. Brexit is irrational for Britain, no matter how closely allied it is with the USA, it is not the USA, but yet another slave of the North American superpower. Such subservient position makes much better sense for countries like Canada or Australia but Britain is a much larger (and much more European no matter what they imagine) country in terms of demographics and it used to rely economically on Europe (partly by importing much needed workforce but mostly because it lives off money-laundering and had privileged access to the finances of Europe, which it doesn’t anymore).

Brexit thus may have been a pro-US “coup” but there’s more to it: its timeline coincides way too much with the rise and fall of Corbynism, which was a most serious democratic threat to the capitalist order itself in its country of origin. In my understanding Brexit (from Cameron’s referendum to Johnson’s final signature) was largely a farce meant to polarize British public opinion along “EU yes” vs “EU no” axes, directing most of the vote to the Tories and the LibDems, which stood for and against Brexit very unmistakably, while Labour was split and rather agnostic, theirs was another fight, one that could be against the EU but in socialist terms not in terms of unconditional surrender to the USA.

2. British foreign policy re. Europe (inherited by the USA) was always directed to impede any sort of continental unity, usually under a leading continental power. This was that way since Elisabeth I rejected marriage with Philip II and continued in the wars against France (Spanish succession, Seven Years’, Revolutionary and Napoleonic) only to shift in the 19th century against Russia (which had become very strong after Napoleon’s defeat, hence Crimea War), then against Germany (WWI and WW2) and then again against Russia/USSR (reinforced by its victory over Hitler, etc.)

This is the essence of the Splendid Isolation, which was never too isolated, just opportunistic to keep everybody else down, benefitting from their unique insular geography.

If Europe is devastated, as it seems it will be, it’ll be because it could not unify in time. Blame it on the Anglos, although continental Europeans are also to blame for lack of statesmanship, for trusting our declared enemies.

AM Hants

I remember what life was like over in the UK, before the Globalist, allegedly good mate of Jimmy Saville, decided he would sign up to the Common Market, free trade agreement. The days before ‘asset stripping’, where you were allowed to laugh and have a sense of humour and when the Brits were renowned for their manners. You had companies, with British names, trading for centuries, no problems. Companies, handed down through the families, trading well, no problems. An education system, that was breaking free from the tried and traditional way, that encouraged critical thought. When Academics were balanced via supply and demand. When Polytechnics traded as polytechnics and Universities catered for a higher level of alleged education. Basically, days when it was fun to be British and funnily enough, we were even respected. What happened next? The Asset Strippers arrived, and how many of those old family businesses were picked by the vultures? What happened to the days when we could actually laugh and enjoy our lives? The days when surveillance was minimal and layers of Government, basic?

Funnily enough, it is those that never experienced those times, that believe that the UK cannot function without the EU. Remind me, but, how much did the UK pay into the EU Budget and how much did she take out? How many actual ‘creditor’ nations are funding the EU disaster?


Do you mean CONSERVATIVE PM Edward Heath, direct precursor of Margaret Thatcher? I don’t remember, I was too young then, although I remember mentioning the name of his French contemporary Pompidou, rather derisively.

I won’t defend the EU or even the British accession, all I say is that: (1) Britain is part of Europe and is not between Kansas and South Dakota in any way, (2) Britain just suicided itself with the Brexit because only a Lexit was possible (or is possible for future comparable cases, socialism is needed to plan the transition), (3) to a very large extent the Brexit farce was a political maneuver directed against Corbynism, one of the most serious socialist rallying points in recent European history.

Chris Ge

What socialism? Modern progressivism or old school marxism leninism?


Progressivism? That’s what the Democratic Party of the USA? Those are bourgeois liberals with a wing to cater “reform socialists” (useless social-liberals) and keep the proletarian camp divided and subjugated.

As for “marxism-leninism” that’s Stalinist code for Stalinism. I question the very term because I don’t find Lenin really Marxist but rather Blanquist, a sectarian socialist tendency (dominant in France in those days) of which Engels said that could only produce a dictatorship if they ever succeeded.

I’m quite anti-Leninist, it is a historical sui generis process replacing non existent national bourgeoisies in peripheral countries wanting to develop (and progress socially too, let’s not deny that way too many positive things like shorter work journeys, greater gender equality, etc. all came via the USSR, which pioneered them all), but I respect the ur-Marxists (Marx, Engels and Lafargue) and also Bakunin and some other “anarchists”. My references today are very notably Apo Öcalan, Murray Bookchin and Toni Negri among others. Apoism very especially should be carefully considered because, even if it stems from Leninism for historical reasons, it has shifted very radically to have their own post-Leninist project, one that is against the nation-state, that is radically democratic (Swiss style at least) and that admits that the struggle is not only against Capitalism but also against its precursor: Landownerism-Patriarchy, which is not yet fully overcome and in which Capitalism emerges and thrives.

So Apoism would be the short answer to your question. I’d also emphasize, as the Kurds do, the ecologist aspect, which is absolutely necessary and may be the ultimate contradiction of the exploitative (not just of people but also of Earth itself) class regime that emerged with the warrior gangs of the Metal Ages.

Chris Gr

The first part is correct. Those called progressives and social liberals are nothing more than the degenerate bourgeoisie. They are far-right on the economics and far-left of social issues.

On the other hand, I am kind of reactionary. I believe in the patriarchy thing and the unity of religion and state. But on the economic issues I am a bit of socialist but not far-left, mostly center-left. Assad has moved to the center-left economically (while Salah Jadid was far-left, just like Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein, that’s why these two fell).


You’re a classical fascist or social-Christian, as opposed to modern “libertarian” fascists who are radically against Keynesianism or any sort of “socialism”, even if it is to “save capitalism from itself”, as Keynes put it, or their very similar liberal-conservative (neoliberal = neocon) cadres of Reagan/Thatcher style.

Patriarchy is an old pre-capitalist ideology that has no salvation, Capitalism itself works against it by its own mercantilist tendencies and has been doing so for centuries already. Patriarchy is basically dead, dead man walking in places like Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, it can’t relly fight against armed women, which is ironically what they fear and hate the most, being killed by a proud woman.

This is all kinds of silly because it would maybe make sense in the old days when military was largely about strength (the main or sole disadvantage of women other of being attached biologically to potential motherhood), but since it’s now only about bravery and skill in the use of guns and other post-strength technology, women are basically as good as men, provided similar training, at fighting (they may be on average slightly harder to target because of size even). Being brawny is not anymore of much relevance and that’s one important reason why Patriarchy is doomed, just as the infantry revolution of the late Middle Ages doomed knights and the whole aristocratic regime to collapse.

What’s the role of men today? Being genuine people, as always was one way or another. Not being a jerk (and all patriarchs are jerks, some more than others but all have a jerky, undignified attitude of tyrant, of bully).

Chris Gr

This is not fascism but reactionarism. But you can’t tell the difference because many on the far-left think that anything to the right of Biden is a fascist.

Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are runned by very corrupt people. And it is not just the military but all of the aspects of life.

Libertarian fascism is an oxymoron. Anarcho-capitalism is far-right libertarianism on economics but this doesn’t denote culture. Some anarcho-capitalists are very “progressive” on some ideas. On the other hand, look at Jack Donovan. He is anarcho-communist but a nationalist and very sexist.

Personally, as a reactionary, I don’t agree with both bourgeoisie nationalism and ethnic nationalism because bourgeoisie nationalism is opportunism and ethnic nationalism is extreme and misguided.

Chris Ge

Very correct. They used everybody against each other.


Green fachism, covid, now war.. All pushing in the same direction: inflation, fossil fuel scarcity.. That must be a coincidence. USA is also self sabotaging with Xiden.. This all comes from city of London, in preparation for the collapse of their debt slave system, they need new control system mechanism


After reading the bit about the UK aristocracy orchestrating a secret campaign to remove the UK from the EU, I stopped reading. The whole article is a load of revisionist BS. First of all, the entire UK aristocracy fought tooth and nail to undermine the Brexit movement in 2016, by marshalling all the official bodies and media outlets to denounce it as an act of self destruction. After the referendum, there was another 3 years of further undermining of the Brexit position by Theresa Mays government to make it Brexit in name only. David Cameron himself, only gave a referendum as a political ploy to undermine the UKIP. His government also used every means to sway the vote to remain. Finally, Boris Johnson was elected as leader, but that was obvious right from the beginning. In other words, there was nothing strange or unexpected about his win, that would make people say, well I never expected that.

The stuff about Truman and Ike also sounds nonsense to me. I have read from other analysts, such as Michael Hudson, that Truman was no patsy, and was himself instrumental in undermining the UN that Roosevelt had set up. According to Hudson, Truman was the first neo con. Ike, as far as I can remember, actually reduced the size of the US defense budget by half before he left the office of POTUS and even warned about the MIC. Anything else that comes from these so called axioms must therefore be taken with a huge dose of salt.


It will be ok for common French workers. There are still cheap houses to buy and to repair when you live 45min far from city centers. Petrol is expensive? Buy a Honda CBR 125.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sylvain

one more proof, that a big nuke on london and washington will solve 99% of the problems of the world.

AM Hants

3 Corporations rule the world.

City of London – independent of England, with their own laws and taxes, loyal to the Roman Empire. Control the economy.

Washington DC – independent of the United States of America. With their own laws and taxes, loyal to the Roman Empire. Control Military.

The Vatican – independent of the country they lodge in, Italy. With their own laws and taxes, loyal to the Roman Empire. Over 2,000 years ago, Jerusalem was an outpost of the Roman Empire. Control Spirituality.

How long has the Vatican been at odds with Orthodox Christianity?

Treaty of 1213, when the Monarchy in Great Britain were facing bankruptcy and cut a deal with The Vatican. The cost was to hand over all land, territories, including present and future colonies to the Vatican. This treaty has never been receded. You also have all US Presidents, minus one, and not sure about Trump and Biden, who share the DNA of King John II.

What have the 3 Corporations got in common? Who administers the Vatican Estate and the Crown Estate and not forgetting the Fed Reserve? Who has been after the land and natural resources of Russia, since time began?

The secret war, that is not so secret, only it is not the people of the United States of America and the United Kingdom, just the squatters, that set up their own bases, in both those nations, and not forgetting The Vatican. With those that administer the Three Corporations, what are their links to a Nomadic Turkic Tribe, that adopted Christianity, Islam and Judaism, whilst learning Hebrew?


The dark British Crown company sadly controls much of the world through fake US and EU money and national infrastructure and actors playing politicians. Now they want a digital pound, that is why the flu agenda.

Peter Jennings

Just look at the recent treatment dished out to Canadians and Australians. This is your US/UK empire. That empire is now one and the same after ‘good old winnie’ transferred empire authority to the US for lots of jewish money, to save him from going bankrupt. Drinking and gambling were his preferred activities. Blighty is now holding on to the USMIC coat tails as its drunken leaders can’t stay on a horse.

I’m thinking that Russia and China will be a hedge too high for this ’empire’ horse.


It is also war against the British people who dont have their heating on, who dont cook and who wash in cold water.


Will Putin Russia sign the WHO epidemic treaty ? Are robber barons the best to manage an economy ?

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