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JULY 2022

The Scandal Involving Greenpeace In Russia

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The Scandal Involving Greenpeace In Russia

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The Scandal Involving Greenpeace In Russia
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The Scandal Involving Greenpeace In Russia

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Last week, several Russian media outlets accused Greenpeace of subversive activities inside the country.

Indeed, the quasi-political activity of Greenpeace in Russia has significantly intensified amid the Ukrainian crisis. This time, the target was the program of the parks arrangement in Moscow. Recall that the UN has recently recognized Moscow as the best metropolitan location in the world in terms of “infrastructure development” and “quality of life”.

“No to the barbaric “arrangement” of Moscow’s forest parks,” Greenpeace appealed to Muscovites in order to bring mass protests. Before the announcement by the Moscow government of its plans, many of the same groups created in social networks, were overwhelmingly comprised of bots, which were filled with emotional publications, about how the authorities plan to destroy the ecosystem of Moscow and calls to take part in protests.

Greenpeace has long ago gained a reputation as a purely commercial structure that corporations use in infighting or as an instrument of pressure from the United States. The most egregious scandals were related to Africa and Latin America.

Greenpeace always tries to justify itself publicly in such situations, but each time it gets worse and worse.

In the Russian case, Greenpeace traditionally states that its branch exists on private donations, while providing a funding structure. It shows that 77% of the funding is from foreign Greenpeace funds, which, in turn, are funded by the Turner Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, David & Lucile Packard Foundation and other well-known conductors of the “soft power” of Washington and Brussels.

In Russia, Greenpeace opposes garbage reform – the construction of modern W2E plants for thermal waste processing. Many hundreds of such enterprises are successfully operating all over the world, including European countries, without any pressure from Greenpeace.

The organization demands that the Russian authorities abandon nuclear power plants, which looks like idiotic concept against the background of the recognition of nuclear energy and gas as “green” in the EU. Greenpeace demands that the Russian authorities stop the development of new oil and gas fields and much more, which will cause irreparable damage to the Russian economy and, by the way, to the environment.

Lobbying for the preservation of traditional dumps is another topic. Apparently, it follows a simple logic – dumps stink, getting people to protest against them is not a difficult task, and if there are no dumps, there is not such a useful tool for influence.

A feature of mass events managed by Greenpeace is their high manageability. Protests arise quickly, and the topics of these protests are also quickly forgotten. They are nullified or transferred to the political level. It all depends on the customer of the events and on the financial benefit for Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is a logical brainchild of the era of the dictatorship of global capital. Of course, there are many real environmental enthusiasts working within the organization, but they are directed by the same “effective managers” from Wall Street.

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the end

Hi muppets, as far as I am concerned I will support such organizations the next minute their members start using horses, mules, donkeys or other natural transport vehicles instead of cars. Only organic, no CH business…


Clean energy is ironically anything but clean.


Last edited 4 months ago by OnTheFritzzz

Russian-Israeli Connections (Links In Comment Section): https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/the-russian-quot-late-night-show-quot-motivates-russian-kids_1Ocd88PjOL74AO5.html


Putin’s Rabbi Berel Lazar “⁣Whatever Russia is doing today in the Middle East, is fully in coordination with Israel.” https://worldtruthvideos.website/search?keyword=barel+lazar





Last edited 4 months ago by OnTheFritzzz
Chris Gr

So what?


Idiots on here can’t figure out jews control east and west.


They mindlessly eat up the lies they are told and lack the intelligence to think any different from what their rulers tell them.

Last edited 4 months ago by OnTheFritzzz



Exactly. There is no reason for Russia to tolerate any of these US funded degenerates, especially not now. Jehovah’s Witnesses, GreenPiss or N.analny – ban and destroy them all.


Greenpeace have done good work in the past,problem is these days many of these groups have been infiltrated by the Reich for subersive ends.


Not just groups, but independent media as well. The Guardian for example, the investigative journalism once; now the worst propaganda. Fighting against globalists 10-20 years ago, now they all serve them.

Last edited 4 months ago by Viktor
Rodney Loder.

Green Peace is Trotskyist. Trotsky betrayed the progressive movement for worker and public ownership of the means of production while pretending to be some kind of ideologue, now Green Peace is mimicking Trotskyist play book. The Trotskyist movement particularly at University activist level post 1965 was supported and funded through Freemason business contacts same as Green Peace is today, but Green Peace has much more possibilities associated with their narratives and so is much more harmful to the progressive movements and they gey a lot more funding than the Trotskyist movement ever did.


All of those movements were subverted from within, or created as social agitators for false reasons. NS Germany was ahead of its time in animal and environmental protections.



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