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The Saudi Purge: The Middle East Is On The Verge Of New War

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Saudi Arabia is going through a major internal political crisis the likes of which has rarely been seen.

A missile gets fired on the Saudi capital. A missile, which was allegedly built in Iran and smuggled to Yemen, just to be fired at Saudi Arabia.

According to initial reports, two Saudi princes died back to back in 24 hours: one in an “accidental” helicopter crash, the other during a firefight that broke out while security forces were trying to arrest him. On November 7, Saudi Arabia’s information ministry spokesman said that “Prince Abdulaziz is alive and well”. However, the prince could not be independently reached for comment by the media.

Other high-ranking members of the establishment and the royal family — the two tend to be one and the same in Saudi Arabia — get arrested on charges of corruption, with their bank accounts frozen.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri unexpectedly resigns after he was summoned to Riyadh by his Saudi-backers.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of conducting acts of “direct military aggression” and accused Lebanon of “declaring war” on Riyadh by allowing Hezbollah “aggression” against the kingdom.

All this happened in a span of just a few days.

With ever-growing security challenges and problems at the regional level, the crisis that took hold of Saudi Arabia does not seem to be slowing down.

One contributing factor to the ongoing crisis is a major split in the Saudi royal family: the power struggle that resulted in the former crown prince being deposed and replaced with a new one, a move that shook things up quite a bit inside the country. The echo of this can be seen in the current “anti-corruption” persecution, enforced by the current Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Outside the country, several key foreign policy projects failed: the effectiveness of the Yemen intervention can be judged by the fact that it resulted in a missile being fired at Riyadh. Bashar al-Assad is still in power in Syria. The attempts to scare Qatar into submission backfired, as Qatar has been getting more and more friendly with Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Iran is gaining more and more influence in the region, while the Saudis seem to be losing it, hence they are trying to compensate for their losses by participating in proxy wars elsewhere.

The Saudis also tried to flex their diplomatic muscle. King Salman even visited Moscow, where the two sides exchanged promises with no guarantees that these will ever be fulfilled. This also backfired, as some considered it a demonstration of weakness or an attempt to make peace by making concessions.

Add economic struggles to this series of failures, and one can see why the King’s and his Crown Prince’s position seem less and less stable by the minute. The situation apparently seemed so dire, that in order to keep everything afloat active persecution seemed the only possible way to keep the King and his successor in power. The “anti-corruption” campaign is just an excuse: the corruption has always been high in Saudi Arabia, and no one batted an eye before now.

These are temporary measures.

Persecution can hardly solve foreign and internal matters, and it will not lead to a solution of the problems. Right now, the kingdom’s leadership is desperately in need of an enemy to unite the population and draw their attention away from the chaotic events that unfolding in the country.

A warlike rhetoric against Iran, Lebanon and Hezbollah are a clear sign of this. While Iran is a potent regional power in military and diplomatic terms, Hezbollah is a non-state actor. So, Riyadh may choose the group as an enemy for its risky foreign policy undertaking. Saudi Arabia and Israel are obvious allies in their will to destroy Hezbollah. On November 5, Tel Aviv started the largest-ever aerial exercise in the history of Israel. A leaked diplomatic cable confirmed that the Saudis and Israelis are coordinating their efforts against Iran and Hezbollah thus escalating the already tense situation in the Middle East.

The region may be heading for another large-scale military conflict.

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For the Yaudi Barbarians wenn reading the actual situation

Zainab Ali

desperate times call for desperate measures by the zio satanic wahabbis – aided by big time losers israhell and ameritards


Saudi Arab takes advice from Israel and America because Saudi Arab trust in them. If there is a good advice then Israel and America will never tell to Saudi Arab because they don’t wanna see a strong Muslim country. They want that all Muslim countries attack on each other that nobody left to take the name of Islam.

On Israeli and American advice King Salman and MBS have arrested all Saudi princes which belongs to different tribes that is a big issue for Salman and MBS.

Now if they assassinate these princes then there is a life threat for both Salman and MBS. if they release then still there is a life threat for them. So now they are completely trapped. So if a country leader takes advice from enemies then they will trapped.

Israel and America second advice to King Salman and MBS was regarding Saad Hariri resignation. This drama also badly flopped because Iran and America both called to Lebanese president the we are with you don’t worry.

So in view of these failures Israeli and American advices have brought the Saudi Arab leadership to the verge of destruction.

You can call me Al

Very good comment. We have not even started to see the backlash to the coup yet in Saudi Arabia FROM WITHIN !!.


Thank you.


MBS or salman trying to get US or Israel intervene in their internal politics. Both Salman and MBS has little legitimacy to the succession of the throne and their opposition is on the higher ground both in politics and businesses. MBS is a disappointment if he’s compared to the other Prince in line to the throne.


You are absolutely right.


Arresting top princes of Saudi Arabia and freezing and then confiscating their wealth and properties I don’t think so that this will solve the problems. They should have to be united and friendly with each other and to focus on installing heavy industries in Saudi Arabia. They should also focus on current financial crisis of Saudi Arabia.

These princes problem is that their own country Saudi Arabia is totally dependent on oil and they have invested their huge wealth in different companies in Zionist America and in Europe. They should have to invested that money like China and Russia to develop different industries in Saudi Arabia. So today Saudi Arabia would be less dependent on natural resources for their revenue.

I have no clue that how Saudi Arabia will manage to come out from this chaos because if you hurt one tribe prince in Saudi Arabia then you cannot protect yourself from his revenge.


The Saudi’s are in dire straits !

Richard M

No more money for nothing and chicks for free, for the Wahhabistani bastages! :D

Jonathan Cohen



Crawl back under your rock, hasbara. Your cult’s Wahhabi puppets aren’t going to go away soon unless Iran yells “BOO!!!” (they appear to be as cowardly as their Jewish masters). Iran isn’t going to go away AT ALL.

You aren’t going to get your gay/pedo pride parade in Tehran.


Need a ” Criminal investigation ” !

Bruce MacKinnon

Yes, the Straits of Hormuz, now Hommus.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Great news. Since the king executed the top Shea cleric. Also shows the Saud king and the atheist zionist Israel leadership are blood brother jews. The Saudi king got his list of enemies direct for Natenyahoo.


“The Saudi Purge: The Middle East Is On The Verge Of New War”

Same WAR with a seemingly “different” face – It is still the ZIONIST Ashkenazi Psychopaths, and their need to conquer the Middle East , which, of course, includes,Saudi Arabia, just a continuation of that war with the SAME desired FINAL GOAL, being this Planet.

Have you forgotten- WAR by DECEPTION, so soon?

Please don’t be confused by what their LEFT hand is really doing while their RIGHT hand directs you to other places


Murray Smith

As does the zio censorship.


There will be a great war in the fall of 2017, several months I already knew this was coming. I studied ancient scriptures, astronomy, biblical numerics in combination with feast days of the lord listed on the Hebrew calendar, together with message of modern prophets (Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. Then I pattern was revealed to me. 3 moths ago I posted 1 YouTube movie about it very informative, two weeks ago another YouTube movie packed with more relevant information:

Also the length of this war (untill peace is signed) 7-8 January 2018 and the result (division of Jerusalem) is included




888mladen .

It’s interesting how you study Bible numerics instead of Bible prophecies including esoteric literature as they would be on pair with the Word of God in order to style yourself as an authentic end time prophet. So what’s you solution to the problem of sin? How can I be saved from the imminent destruction of this degenerate sinful world which Christ compared with the Noah’s days? You have no answer just like Nebuchadnezzar’s magi cos for you Bible is a book of numbers not prophecies just like any other religious book.


Dear 888mladen, thx for your reply J I study the combination not only biblical numerics. Well some books in the bible have some estoric properties for example Song of Solomon.

I am not a prophet, I am a pattern searcher (less important but still nice). But for the pattern searching I studied deeply the bible.

The solution of sin is this: In the bible you can read in John 14:6

6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

And John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world (You) that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world (you) to condemn the world (you), but that the world (you) through Him might be saved.

So it’s really simple, for your sin is payed costly with the shedding of his blood on the cross.

If You believe this and pray for forgiveness to God your sin will be forgiven, it is a gift of mercy.

You are equipped with an interface to communicate directly with God (He can hear you if you pray to him J)

The next thing you can pray is: If you really exist and love me and want to give the best too me than please come in my live and show yourself to me.

I can guarantee you if you sincerely pray this to God your live will change dramatically for the best J.

Kind regards,


888mladen .

I have to disappoint you in your believe that Song of Solomon has some “esoteric” meaning. Anything esoteric which means occult has been strictly forbidden by Jehovah the creator in His Word under the death penalty. It’s qualified as idolatry that is diametrically opposed to the worship of true God the creator of Heaven and Earth. Bible language of typology has nothing to do with esoterica and it can be properly understood only with in its context. Few clues to you J

Atlanta Bill

I thought Jews were supposed to be smart. Israeli Jews must be the exception. They get their warplane blown out of the sky by a network of state-of-the-art antiaircraft installations that Russia has finally consented to give Syria, and what do they do? Prepare their air force for a massive air attack.

We shouldn’t be fooled by all the saber-rattling. What took place in the Wahhabi state of Saudi Arabia is just the internecine fighting among the circles of corruption in the U.S. élite, threatening a major split in the ruling class and being experienced as a political tsunami among the puppet states. Both the Saudis and the Israelis are seeing signs that their mother ship is going down in chaos and confusion with an imbecile, or maybe a whole cabal of imbeciles, at the helm. Israel is falling into economic hard times because the boycott is gaining momentum. And Saudi Arabia is losing billions because they’ve been forced for years now to reduce the price of their oil so the re-emergent Anti-Comintern Pact can economically ruin Russia and weaken it before they make their second attempt at Operation Barbarossa. That’s why, fearful of what’s to become of them, some of the oil sheiks made a move toward the petro-yuan. At the same time, the U.K. establishment and possibly those of a few other European states are now showing signs that they’re anxious to reduce their military commitments in the face of the looming economic catastrophe.

Buying into the delusional talk of economic recovery that their own media create for the serfs of the homeland only divorces their psychopathic brains further from reality. And they actually believe that the fantasies that feed those brains of theirs will resound in the general public, while in truth they’re perceive by most as a mockery of authoritative pronouncements out of the babbling mouths of raving lunatics. Meanwhile, history, far from at the end they imagine for it, has outpaced them and begun to leave them in its wake.

888mladen .

“I thought Jews were supposed to be smart” Hatred never makes people smart.

L'Obelisk Jewellers


Nigel Maund

The best thing that could happen is that Saudi Arabia collapses into an all out revolution aganst the Saud Family. Right now the most dangerous and duplicitious State on earth, Israel, is scheming to use the increasingly desperate Saudi’s as a battering ram to smash Hezbollah and Yemen and hence renew the lost war in Syria. The final target for Israel has always been Iran. The US and UK support Israel as they always have being integral key puppets of the International Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Fascist Cabal and their quest for global hegemony. See this link for previous US and UK actions in Iran:



Whenever a nation gets cuddly with Israel……


There is something wrong here. This doesn’t make sense. It should be time to make peace for Israel and Saudi Arabia. This might be the last chance they have. If the conflicts goes further then it will strengthen Iran-Irak-Syria axis even further. With the ability now to mass produce missiles with high precisions and high explosives and the even better ability to deploy them in the saudi-israeli doorsteps. Israel is for sure doomed and Saudi arabia might survive as a weaker irrelevantly submitted nation. If the US intervenes it will give room for china to grow even faster. This is a fascinating moment in history.

888mladen .

“Israel is for sure doomed” exactly. Even Hans Kissinger said they weren’t gonna need Zionist illegal state much longer.

Brad Isherwood

Rothschilds /Central Bankers/Old Masonic -MIC game,….Putin/Russia and Xi /China are entangled with the Old criminals. The Crumbling Empire of USD $ now faces choices on where the war machine must go in order the Empire continue. With Tiger Forces set to move into the SDF/ISUS Euphrates oil fields. ..the response of Uncle Shlomo will be interesting. Trump left the door open for US to leave after ISUS was ended. Israhell will not want US to leave Kurd Syria or Al Tanf. We find out soon if Trump is Shabbos Goy. Wish Putin would throw the Jew Bankers out and stop playing the Masonic game, As it’s truly dangerous IE. ..all these Wars and Genocide since the 1700s. Netanyahu is in world of @hit…some of this Iran hysteria is misdirection as Legal doom is near Nosferatu. http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.ca/2017/11/vivian-lee-new-york-truck-attack-hoax.html Recent US false flag events. ..from Vegas to ISUS attacks on Halloween are the Morphed 911 PNAC Crazies trying to script ISIS into Iran and Hezbollah. ..so Israel can get US to attack them with US sheeple singing war songs to Jesus in Kevlar.

888mladen .


Brad Isherwood


Jon Eric Phelps and Joel Skousen have similar predictive views about America being attacked by Russia/China. My past history post and links of the Old Masonic MIC game actually plugs into the trending that Phelps and Skousen opine. I wish, hope,pray…it was not so….That Israel becomes this Toxic Cancer which drives the planet to 11:59 nuclear doom. I’ve hoped that Putin and Russia would break and throw off the Jewish Banking/Oligarch Hegemon. US Deepstate are musing on lighting nukes off in next wars. …We are right at the door.

Recent Fake/False Flag events in USA reveals how dumbed down and moth to the flame the Sheeple are. One recognizes how small one is vs the Juggernaut of madness which has marched since the 1700s. US back in Afghanistan making sure the Opium flows. ..is like the British East India company Scheming in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. “It’s just good Business ” (Lord Cutler Beckett )

888mladen .

There will be no nuclear dooms day. That’s a lie used to scare people into NWO. However there will be Creator’s judgment day “in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up”. It doesn’t need to be your and my dooms day. There is refuge but people prefer darkness rather than light. They want to be their own saviors. That’s why we descend ever deeper and deeper in chaos.

888mladen .

Putin is not against NWO just to make it clear. He is a member of the Orient Lodge. He will never stop doing it. It’s his second nature.

Brad Isherwood

While the Masonic Lodge history is evident for its geopolitical, financial and military influence globally since the 1700s, The Occult (That which is hidden) Agenda is a Mystery . We have Globalism or NWO …the Rise of Corporation power . The Ancient Mystery schools going back to Dynastic Egypt (Further back in time IMO), These used intelligence/spying as a basic operating structure. Today…this has become Global,Digital and AI. The Church Universal and other Religions also depended/operated on intelligence /spying model. Within the Masonic and the Religions. ….they compete with each other. 11:59 betrayal and wars etc is regular history with All. It’s difficult to know* what will occur next in world history with this crowd. On a side note, …The Rothschilds don’t give a RIP about Israel or any of that YHWY religion mind mush. They are opportunists who use nations,religion etc for agenda. Clearly….the Genocide of humanity is of import to the Masonic as history reveals The Spanish flu killed as many as the battles of WW 1. Most natural DNA species on Earth only have a few Genetic defects latent in their DNA. Homo Sapien (That’s us)…have over 4000 genetic defects. Some opinion suggests we humans are genetic augments …not natural evolution. How and why** and When** this genetic augment intervention occured is considered. This reality upsets Mainstream science with its evolution and uniformity gradualism agenda, Upsets the Religions. ..as God or God’s are considered. Intervention also considers off world visitation to Earth from before 50,000 BC One can see that the Masonic and the Religions have insider knowledge about the real history of this planet.


Rubbish, you don’t know him at all. Did you make this up, or did you read it somewhere?


In case you don’t know (apparently not) Vladimir Vladimirovich had the Rothschild family banned from entering Russia (and Soros) a couple of years ago. Since paying off all old Soviet debt (not just the Russian portion) the Russian Central Bank is no longer controlled from the City of London and full autonomy is in the works … obviously slowly because it is very complex and dangerous (ask Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi). Other than that, good post.

Brad Isherwood

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_for_International_Settlements Some Internet coverage of Putin taking the Russian Central Bank out of BIS/Rothschilds System…so ya…Zero hedge publish to numerous alternative news websites, Saying Putin is soon to break with Rothschilds. As of today’s web searching. …I have discovered no firm evidence the shift has occured. Even though Russia has developed a fund transfer system vs Swift for its new basket currency/non USD oil/nat-gas futures with China and others, It appears Rothschilds still have their favored system in play in Russia.

Globalism is going digital which means physical currencies are getting forced out, While metals fight to stay in the profits game. Rothschilds have numerous share positions on Russian metals/mines, A Vist to John Helmer/Dances with Bears website has loads of London/Rothschilds moving on Russian assets and busting Russians as Russians go after Russians while Rothschilds Bankers grin.


At your prompting I have searched John Helmer’s site extensively and there is NOT loads of stuff about London/Rothschilds, nor asset shifting, nor Russians going after Russians. There is very little and nothing up to date on such issues. Nothing much more recent than 2014, maybe a piece from last year. I have no idea why you recommended it.

Brad Isherwood

http://johnhelmer.net/russia-for-rothschild-%E2%80%93-get-it-while-it%E2%80%99s-still-warm/ Dancing with Bears website has loads of insider info on Russian economy, Oligarchs, Intrigues with banking,take over/acquisitions. ..etc And Rothschilds. It’s a usefull resource for someone wanting to consider the goings on in Russia which Are not mainstream publish. You can use Zero hedge for more up to date publish….yet …it’s tabloid /spin cycle at times,…like their publish that Putin was soon to dump Rothschild. …then it didn’t occur.


I couldn’t find much at all of anything recent since 2014 on Dancing with Bears and not much on the RCB generally, though I searched. I have frequented Zero Hedge every day for nearly eight years and that’s where I got some of my information, also Sputnik and Izvestia … some on RT and RI too. A little on the President of Russia official site. I have watched TV nor read Western MSM for about ten years, except for a few things occasionally. Russia Feed is quite good too, but nothing about the RCB as far as I recall. I am hardly deficient in Russian info, but there has NOT been a big push to display de-dollarisation for obvious reasons.

Brad Isherwood

http://johnhelmer.net/open-and-shut-case-the-russian-diamond-mine-that-has-been-stolen-at-least-four-times-in-twenty-years/ I find the Dances with Bears website usefull for this type of coverage. Yes. ..articles exactly naming Rothschilds are limited,..yet you do see the contact level they have with Russian metals, mines ,oil etc. Russia Central Bank still anchored to BIS. The recent Floating Ruble and basket currency transactions with non USD suggests to me that Putin/Rothschilds are facing the transition openly. .. So far…Rothschild is not undermining Russia like US is with Sanctions . http://russia-insider.com/en/us-tries-push-russia-out-eu-gas-marketby-buying-russian-gas-and-reselling-it-eu/ri21534?utm_campaign=related-articles&utm_source=/en/us-tries-push-russia-out-eu-gas-marketby-buying-russian-gas-and-reselling-it-eu/ri21534

Where global digital currency goes is beyond my insight. I find getting good true true economic picture on Russia difficult. The Saker sometimes hints that Putin has had setbacks with economic sector oversight. Seems the Old regional Rulers and Oligarchs still get in the way and delay progress or reforms. Putin has survived the brunt of the US sanctions. I think Putin and Xi have initiated sufficient momentum in oil/nat gas contracts,pipelines. Transportation with that heading towards Europe,..to show Rothschilds and Euro Bankers the Future is going to be Eurasia /OBOR.

The Crazed US/Old Empire Zionists may not have the backing of Rothschilds or Rockefellers for these high consumption wars which are loss and humiliation. House of Saud is big time in debt….even if Oil goes to 70$ bbl. …the world economy is not moving on pace for higher consumption. War may move Oil higher…but then…you get all the shipping and other Insurance risk With weak economy…and Central Banks facing rate hikes which will clobber Housing,Commercial mortgage and Future project loans.


Yeah I get all that. I get that John Helmer has lived in Russia for years and (amongst other things banned from Australian TV) been involved in commenting on Russian business (as a parasite contributing nothing, like all financial pundits). But what has he had to say about the RBC breaking away from the City of London? NOTHING. He is what is known as an “Atlanticist” like Medvedev and others who have mainly gone quiet, especially since Yugoslavia and Libya.

. You strike me as flailing around and trying to preserve the existing system. But I suggest to you that it is nearly over, e.g. the petrodollar will fail and the Empire of Chaos will collapse.

Brad Isherwood

I’m not trying to make excuses for any system/status concerning Putin/Russia. Infact…I’m on the record here this forum for criticising Putin and Lavrov for compromise with US, Empire and Rothschild Central Bankers. I wish that Putin would break with the Rothschilds/BIS system, I’m not perfect. ..recent Web search says Putin has not broken away totally from BIS. Russia is creating a new transfer system with China and others in various collective signatory which is building up the Eurasian/OBOR

The world is flooded with USD $ Petro dollar. Organized crime,Gambling, Narcotics trafficking and money laundering is primarily the All seeing Eye. While wars and weapons sales make the headlines, The above Action of the USD ensures it will have global leverage. Not saying that is good or should remain…just saying that’s the Way of the World which the Masonic/Corporation set in motion ….since the 1700s. Rothschild going to play all sides. ……just like they have since Napoleon


Sorry that I was a bit dismissive. Not your fault, I’ve become increasingly impatient with the extent of sheer ignorance, especially since 9/11 which certainly woke me up and got me to try to dispel my own ignorance – not that it makes the slightest difference to global or even local affairs. In any case my impatience often shows when it shouldn’t, as in your case. Hell we are 90%, say, in agreement! . I have been a Russian sympathiser since about 1956, though not obsessed, dogmatic, etc.. However this bias predisposes me to try to see the best coming out of Russia whenever I can, but especially since Vladimir Vladimirovich became President. He is the only World leader I have ever really respected. I inherently, intuitively “connect” with his values and ways of thinking, though of course I cannot emulate him. I understand his patient approach to undoing the extreme damage done by Washington during the 1990s. (I could not have been so patient.) An example is his handling of the coup in Kiev. A lot of people said that he should have sent in the Russian military and rolled thing up to Kiev – maybe 2-3 weeks – but what then? A much more massive loss of life, a pretext for Washington/NATO to maybe launch WW3 or, at best, getting bogged down for years, like in Afghanistan. Better to easily allow the people of the Crimea to rejoin Russia and quietly support the Donbass, then wait for the Junta to fail and Washington to lose interest – as is happening (and who needs a troublesome failed state in the RF anyway? . On the political and economic fronts? Well the Constitution was written by Washington lawyers and the neocons were unleashed on the economy, so what to do, undo all this by decree? Possible, but Russia was weak and he would have probably been assassinated and Russia Balkanized. Constitutionally amendments require a 2/3 majority in the Duma, but it is stacked with too many Atlanticists/Quislings and the oligarchs had gained too much power. So slowly does it. Who would have thought, even only ten years ago, that there would be a strong alliance with China and Iran, for instance, and Iraq and Turkey coming on board surprisingly, not to mention numerous other lesser players. Who would have thought that the petrodollar would be under serious challenge and that nothing much can be done about it. . Maybe I am too optimistic and positive. Maybe I have just eagerly sought out moves to make the RCB national, but the signs have quietly been made public, so until it all proves futile, I’ll continue hoping that Russia prevails, that the Eurasian cooperative project succeeds, the One Belt, One Road gets completed and so on. . In short. I am not significantly disagreeing with you, but my interpretation is more optimistic I think. Sorry to have been impatient with you.

Brad Isherwood

I’m retired from the Oil/Nat gas sector… Built process systems,pump jacks, well head blow out preventors . Underwater cut CNC Cryogenic Plasma Gantry, 50 TON remote control cranes, Welding,layout,metallurgy inspection. So ya…there’s the money….and ya…your part of the problem as the world murders each other for oil and gas. Reminded of Hitler trying to get Maikop and Stalingrad https://www.awesomestories.com/asset/view/Oil-and-Operation-Blue-Hitler-Wants-Russian-Oil0 Japan wrecked itself on Asia theft /even though US Sanctions drove them to it. All the wars for oil and gas in just my lifetime… That contradiction got my attention. …seeing thru 911 ensured there’s no going back.

History,…Ancient History is my passion… Today’s chaos has its legacy roots all the way back to Sumer/Babylon and Dynastic Egypt. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8d/Victory_stele_of_Naram_Sin_9062.jpg/220px-Victory_stele_of_Naram_Sin_9062.jpg Naram Sin /Grandson of King Sargon of Akkad. So ya….this guy and his army wander into your land… and it’s the Bad day. My optimism is on the very people who oppress us, Yes…the 1%. Hope is they recognize nuclear war does not equal win,….living underground for 30 years, Is not living! Putin and Xi create a new opportunism… China having all those hi speed trains and increasing wealth middle class. All that’s going to spread to rural Russia. There’s lots of money and power for the 1%…if they can kick the war/genocide habit.


Yep. I have a very diverse background from engineering to building to teaching technical subjects to farming to road works and more … just about anything practical to earn a living, with more academic studies in my spare time. Jack of all trades, passable at most! One way or another we are on more or less the same page. I realize that there are Sumer/Babylon links, but I don’t know enough to have an opinion. Ancient Greece has been of more interest to me … can’t cover everything! Anyhow all the best.

888mladen .

To attack IR? US can’t do it. And this is why. Read the stats from the II Gulf war and you’ll understand. http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/New_World_Order/Clash_Civilizations_SH.html

888mladen .

My friend you somehow always miss the fact that Rothschilds are just Vatican bankers. An please don’t get angry with me because of your prejudices against Bible and Christianity but use your brain that God has given to you.

dan kopfz

A direct conflict between Iran might be the end of Israel and Saudi Arabia. US doesn’t have the power anymore to protect them.


Hard to say what’s going to happen, but it must be hitting the Saudis hard that the Syria project has completely failed. Soon Daesh in Iraq and Syria will be history. SAA, Hezbollah and PMU are going to have thousands of experienced, battle-hardened, ISIS-killing warriors looking for the next job. Some will head back to help reconstruction, but not all. Suddenly they notice Yemen! And they are going to head to Yemen, or start aiding Yemen in any way they can think – that’s why the Saudis want to put a complete blockade on, they want to starve Yemenis to death before help arrives. Because a defeat in Yemen will be the hardest pill to swallow. If the attack on Yemen is beaten back, Saudis will fall, perhaps they will be invaded – their dreams of empire extending to Africa will be over. Israel’s dream of having a safe passage for their submarines at Bab-el-Mandeb (in order to launch a no-warning nuclear attack on Iran) will be over too. It is a disaster for the schemers. In the plan Russia was still supposed to be in the wilderness. But they helped Syria to survive, and demonstrated that their weapons systems are very good, and critically, affordable. Saudis have realised that no matter how many American made weapons they have in the country, they are surrounded by enemies with good weapons too. It was not supposed to end like this. The would-be vassals are not supposed to fight back! Even if America rides to the rescue, and that is a tough ask, the future looks bleak, as Iraq and Syria are much stronger as a result, and Iran is stronger still. They all have battle hardened soldiers and commanders. Israel’s time of easy victories over the Arabs is over. Wars by proxy and by bogus uprisings have been exposed. Next time people will be ready. Syria changed everything – that is what they will say in the future.

The Hoh

Yep!!! We need more wars to take our minds off Climate Change and the massive destruction and suffering coming our way.

Zan Ljuk

climate change is nwo bullshit


Hi 888mladen, thx for your reaction.

the definition of esoteric is: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. So your right it is not matching up with the book song of Salomo, sorry for the confusion,

Sidharth Sankar

The young crown prince has created an enemy out of everybody in the Royal family. What can go wrong?


KSA is circling the bowl.

Zan Ljuk

saudi barbarians are of joo origin. you muslem are the stupidest bunch on this flying rock.

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