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Saudi-led Coalition Develops Its Advance Towards Yemen’s al-Hudaydah Port


Saudi-led Coalition Develops Its Advance Towards Yemen's al-Hudaydah Port

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On December 8, the Saudi-led coalition and pro-Hadi forces entered the province of al-Hudaydah in western Yemen after capturing the Abu Musa military camp and the villages of Qatabah and Haymah north of Khokha, according to Yemeni sources. The strategic Khokha town was captured by pro-Hadi forces on December 7.

The Yemeni sources said that Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted dozens of airstrikes against several positions of the Houthis in al-Hudaydah city and port to support the ongoing attack of pro-Hadi forces.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Abdo Majali spokesman for the pro-Hadi forces said that forces are planning to open new fronts against the Houthis. Brig. Gen. Majali also revealed that the aim of the ongoing military operation in al-Hudaydah is to besiege the Houthi-held Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and to capture it.

The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV said that over 60 Houthis were killed and dozens other were captured during the ongoing battle in al-Hudaydah province.

From its side, the Houthis have not released any information about their defensive operations in al-Hudaydah province so far. During previous attacks of the Saudi-led coalition, the Houthis allowed pro-Hadi forces to advance in the coastal terrain, then conducted successful counter-attacks against them when they reached the mountains terrain. The Houthis might use this strategy again.



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