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JUNE 2021

The Saker: When Sanity Fails – the Mindset of the “Ideological Drone”

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The Saker: When Sanity Fails - the Mindset of the "Ideological Drone"

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

My recent analysis of the potential consequences of a US attack on the DPRK has elicited a wide range of reactions. There is one type of reaction which I find particularly interesting and most important and I would like to focus on it today: the ones which entirely dismissed my whole argument. The following is a selection of some of the most telling reactions of this kind:

Example 1:

North Korea’s air defenses are so weak that we had to notify them we were flying B1 bombers near their airspace–they didn’t even know our aircraft were coming. This reminds me of the “fearsome” Republican Guard that Saddam had in the Persian Gulf. Turns out we had total air superiority and just bombed the crap out of them and they surrendered in droves. We have already seen what happens when an army has huge amounts of outdated Soviet weaponry versus the most technologically advanced force in the world. It’s a slaughter. Also, there has to be weaponry up the USA’s sleeve that would be used in the event of an attack. Don’t forget our cyber warfare abilities that would undoubtedly be implemented as well. This writer seems to always hype Russia’s capabilities and denigrate the US’s capabilities. Sure, Russia has the capacity to nuke the US into smithereens, and vice versa. But if its a head to head shooting war, the US and NATO would dominate. FACT.

Example 2:

Commander’s intent: Decapitate the top leadership and remove retaliatory capability.
Phase one:
Massive missile/bombing campaign (including carpet) of top leadership locations, tactical missile locations and DMZ artillery belt. Destruction of surface fleet and air force.
Phase two:
Advance into DMZ artillery belt up to a range of 240 mm cannon. Not further (local tactical considerations taken into account of course).
Phase three: “break the enemy’s will to fight” and destroy the “regime support infrastructure”
Phase four:
Regime change.
There you go….

Example 3:

I guess an American attack on North Korea would consist of preemptive strategic nuking to destroy the entire country before it can do anything. Since North Korea itself contributes essentially nothing to the world economy, no one would lose money.

These examples perfectly illustrate the kind of mindset induced by what Professor John Marciano called “Empire as a way of life” [1] which is characterized by a set of basic characteristics:

  1. First foremost, simple, very simple one-sentence “arguments”. Gone are the days when argument were built in some logical sequence, when facts were established, then evaluated for their accuracy and relevance, then analyzed and then conclusions presented. Where in the past one argument per page or paragraph constituted the norm, we now have tweet-like 140 character statements which are more akin to shouted slogans than to arguments (no wonder that tweeting is something a bird does – hence the expression “bird brain”). You will see that kind of person writing what initially appears to be a paragraph, but when you look closer you realize that the paragraph is really little more than a sequence of independent statements and not really an argument of any type.
  2. quasi-religious belief in one’s superiority which is accepted as axiomatic. Nothing new here: the Communists considered themselves as the superior for class reasons, the Nazis by reason of racial superiority, the US Americans just “because” – no explanation offered (I am not sure that this constitutes of form of progress). In the US case, that superiority is cultural, political, financial and, sometimes but not always, racial. This superiority is also technological, hence the “there has to be” or the “would undoubtedly” in the example #1 above. This is pure faith and not something which can be challenged by fact or logic.
  3. Contempt for all others. This really flows from #2 above. Example 3 basically declares all of North Korea (including its people) as worthless. This is where all the expressions like “sand niggers” “hadjis” and other “gooks” come from: the dehumanization of the “others” as a preparation for their for mass slaughter. Notice how in the example #2 the DPRK leaders are assumed to be totally impotent, dull and, above all, passive. The notion that they might do something unexpected is never even considered (a classical recipe for military disaster, but more about that later).
  4. Contempt for rules, norms and laws. This notion is well expressed by the famous US 19th century slogan of “my country, right or wrong” but goes far beyond that as it also includes the belief that the USA has God-given (or equivalent) right to ignore international law, the public opinion of the rest of the planet or even the values underlying the documents which founded the USA. In fact, in the logic of such imperial drone the belief in US superiority actually serves as a premise to the conclusion that the USA has a “mission” or a “responsibility” to rule the world. This is “might makes right” elevated to the rank of dogma and, therefore, never challenged.
  5. very high reliance on doublethink. Doublethink defined by Wikipedia as “the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts“. A perfect illustration of that is the famous quote “it became necessary to destroy the town to save it”. Most US Americans are aware of the fact that US policies have resulted in them being hated worldwide, even amongst putatively allied or “protected” countries such as South Korea, Israel, Germany or Japan. Yet at the very same time, they continue to think that the USA should “defend” “allies”, even if the latter can’t wait for Uncle Sam’s soldiers to pack and leave. Doublethink is also what makes it possible for ideological drones to be aware of the fact that the US has become a subservient Israeli colony while, at the same time, arguing for the support and financing of Israel.
  6. glorification of ignorance which is transformed into a sign of manliness and honesty. This is powerfully illustrated in the famous song “Where were you when the world stopped turning” whoso lyrics include the following words “I watch CNN, but I’m not sure I can tell you, the difference in Iraq and Iran, but I know Jesus and I talk to God” (notice how the title of the song suggests that New York is the center of the world, when when get hit, the world stops turning; also, no connection is made between watching CNN and not being able to tell two completely different countries apart). If this were limited to singers, then it would not be a problem, but this applies to the vast majority of US politicians, decision-makers and elected officials, hence Putin’s remark that “It’s difficult to talk with people who confuse Austria and Australia“. As a result, there is no more discernible US diplomacy left: all the State Department does is deliver threats, ultimatums and condemnations. Meaningful *negotiations* have basically been removed form the US foreign policy toolkit.
  7. totally uncritical acceptance of ideologically correct narratives even when they are self-evidently nonsensical to an even superficial critical analysis. An great example of this kind of self-evidently stupid stories is all the nonsense about the Russians trying to meddle in US elections or the latest hysteria about relatively small-size military exercises in Russia. The acceptance of the official 9/11 narrative is a perfect example of that. Something repeated by the “respectable” Ziomedia is accepted as dogma, no matter how self-evidently stupid.
  8. A profound belief that everything is measured in dollars. From this flow a number of corollary beliefs such as “US weapons are most expensive, they are therefore superior” or “everybody has his price” [aka “whom we can’t kill we will simply buy”]. In my experience folks like these are absolutely unable to even imagine that some people might not motivated by greed or other egoistic interests: ideological drones project their own primitive motives unto everybody else with total confidence. That belief is also the standard cop out in any conversation of morality, ethnics, or even the notions of right and wrong. An anti-religious view par excellence.

Notice the total absence of any more complex consideration which might require some degree of knowledge or expertise: the imperial mindset is not only ignoramus-compatible, it is ignoramus based. This is what Orwell was referring to in his famous book 1984 with the slogan “Ignorance is Strength”. However, it goes way beyond simple ignorance of facts and includes the ability to “think in slogans” (example #2 is a prefect example of this).

There are, of course, many more psychological characteristics for the perfect “ideological drone”, but the ones above already paint a pretty decent picture of the kind of person I am sure we all have seen many times over. What is crucial to understand about them is that even though they are far from being a majority, they compensate for that with a tremendous motivational drive. It might be due to a need to repeatedly reassert their certitudes or a way to cope with some deep-seated cognitive dissonance, but in my experience folks like that have energy levels that many sane people would envy. This is absolutely crucial to how the Empire, and any other oppressive regime, works: by repressing those who can understand a complex argument by means of those who cannot. Let me explain:

Unless there are mechanisms set in to prevent that, in a debate/dispute between an educated and intelligent person and an ideological drone the latter will always prevail because of the immense advantage the latter has over the former. Indeed, while the educated and intelligent person will be able to immediately identify numerous factual and logical gaps in his opponent’s arguments, he will always need far more “space” to debunk the nonsense spewed by the drone than the drone who will simply dismiss every argument with one or several slogans. This is why I personally never debate or even talk with such people: it is utterly pointless.

As a result, a fact-based and logical argument now gets the same consideration and treatment as a collection of nonsensical slogans (political correctness mercilessly enforces that principle: you can’t call an idiot and idiot any more). Falling education standards have resulted in a dramatic degradation of the public debate: to be well-educated, well-read, well-traveled, to speak several languages and feel comfortable in different cultures used to be considered a prerequisite to expressing an opinion, now they are all treated as superfluous and even useless characteristics. Actual, formal, expertise in a topic is now becoming extremely rare. A most interesting kind of illustration of this point can be found in this truly amazing video posted by Peter Schiff:

One could be tempted to conclude that this kind of ‘debating’ is a Black issue. It is not. The three quotes given at the beginning of this article are a good reminder of this (unless, of course, they were all written by Blacks, which we have no reason to believe).

Twitter might have done to minds what MTV has done to rock music: laid total waste to it.


There are a number of important consequences from the presence of such ideological drones in any society. The first one is that any ideology-based regime will always and easily find numerous spontaneous supporters who willingly collaborate with it. Combined with a completely subservient media, such drones form the frontline force of any ideological debate. For instance, a journalist can always be certain to easily find a done to interview, just as a politician can count on them to support him during a public speech or debate. The truth is that, unfortunately, we live in a society that places much more emphasis on the right to have an opinion than on the actual ability to form one.

By the way, the intellectually challenged always find a natural ally in the coward and the “follower” (as opposed to “leader types”) because it is always much easier and safer to follow the herd and support the regime in power than to oppose it. You will always see “stupid drones” backed by “coward drones”. As for the politicians , they naturally cater to all types of drones since they always provide a much bigger “bang for the buck” than those inclined to critical thinking whose loyalty to whatever “cause” is always dubious.

The drone-type of mindset also comes with some major weaknesses including a very high degree of predictability, an inability to learn from past mistakes, an inability to imagine somebody operating with a completely different set of motives and many others. One of the most interesting ones for those who actively resist the AngloZionist Empire is that the ideological drone has very little staying power because as soon as the real world, in all its beauty and complexity, comes crashing through the door of the drone’s delusional and narrow imagination his cocky arrogance is almost instantaneously replaced by a total sense of panic and despair. I have had the chance to speak Russian officers who were present during the initial interrogation of US POWs in Iraq and they were absolutely amazed at how terrified and broken the US POWs immediately became (even though they were not mistreated in any way). It was as if they had no sense of risk at all, until it was too late and they were captured, at which point they inner strength instantly gave way abject terror. This is one of the reasons that the Empire cannot afford a protracted war: not because of casualty aversion as some suggest, but to keep the imperial delusions/illusions unchallenged by reality. As long as the defeat can be hidden or explained away, the Empire can fight on, but as soon as it becomes impossible to obfuscate the disaster the Empire has to simply declare victory and leave.

Thus we have a paradox here: the US military is superbly skilled at killing people in large numbers, but but not at winning wars. And yet, because this latter fact is easily dismissed on grounds #2 #5 and #7 above (all of them, really), failing to actually win wars does not really affect the US determination to initiate new wars, even potentially very dangerous ones. I would even argue that each defeat even strengthens the Empire’s desire to show it power by hoping to finally identify one victim small enough to be convincingly defeated. The perfect example of that was Ronald Reagan’s decision to invade Grenada right after the US Marines barracks bombing in Beirut. The fact that the invasion of Grenada was one of the worst military operations in world history did not prevent the US government from handing out more medals for it than the total number of people involved – such is the power of the drone-mindset!

We have another paradox here: history shows that if the US gets entangled in a military conflict it is most likely to end up defeated (if “not winning” is accepted as a euphemism for “losing”). And yet, the United States are also extremely hard to deter. This is not just a case of “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” but the direct result of a form of conditioning which begins in grade schools. From the point of view of an empire, repeated but successfully concealed defeats are much preferable to the kind of mental paralysis induced in drone populations, at least temporarily, by well-publicized defeats . Likewise, when the loss of face is seen as a calamity much worse than body bags, lessons from the past are learned by academics and specialists, but not by the nation as a whole (there are numerous US academics and officers who have always known all of what I describe above, in fact – they were the ones who first taught me about it!).

If this was only limited to low-IQ drones this would not be as dangerous, but the problem is that words have their own power and that politicians and ideological drones jointly form a self-feeding positive feedback loop when the former lie to the latter only to then be bound by what they said which, in turn, brings them to join the ideological drones in a self-enclosed pseudo-reality of their own.

The Saker: When Sanity Fails - the Mindset of the "Ideological Drone"

What all this means for North Korea and the rest of us

I hate to admit it, but I have to concede that there is a good argument to be made that all the over-the-top grandstanding and threatening by the North Koreans does make sense, at least to some degree. While for an educated and intelligent person threatening the continental United States with nuclear strikes might appear as the epitome of irresponsibility, this might well be the only way to warn the ideological drone types of the potential consequences of a US attack on the DPRK. Think of it: if you had to deter somebody with the set of beliefs outlined in #1 through #8 above, would you rather explain that a war on the Korean Peninsula would immediately involve the entire region or simple say “them crazy gook guys might just nuke the shit out of you!”? I think that the North Koreans might be forgiven for thinking that an ideological drone can only be deterred by primitive and vastly exaggerated threats.

Still, my strictly personal conclusion is that ideological drones are pretty much “argument proof” and that they cannot be swayed neither by primitive nor by sophisticated arguments. This is why I personally never directly engage them. But this is hardly an option for a country desperate to avoid a devastating war (the North Koreans have no illusions on that account as they, unlike most US Americans, remember the previous war in Korea).

But here is the worst aspect of it all: this is not only a North Korean problem

The Saker: When Sanity Fails - the Mindset of the "Ideological Drone"

The US policies towards Russia, China and Iran all have the potential of resulting in a disaster of major magnitude. The world is dealing with situation in which a completely delusional regime is threatening everybody with various degrees of confrontation. This is like being in the same room with a monkey playing with a hand grenade. Except for that hand grenade is nuclear.

This situation places a special burden of responsibility on all other nations, especially those currently in Uncle Sam’s cross-hairs, to act with restraint and utmost restraint. That is not fair, but life rarely is. It is all very well and easy to declare that force must be met by force and that the Empire interprets restraint as weakness until you realize that any miscalculation can result in the death of millions of people. I am therefore very happy that the DPRK is the only country which chose to resort to a policy of hyperbolic threats while Iran, Russia and China acted, and are still acting, with the utmost restraint.

In practical terms, there is no way for the rest of the planet to disarm the monkey. The only option is therefore to incapacitate the monkey itself or, alternatively, to create the conditions in which the monkey will be too busy with something else to pay attention to his grenade. An internal political crisis triggered by an external military defeat remains, I believe, the most likely and desirable scenario (see here if that topic is of interest to you). Still, the future is impossible to predict and, as the Quran says, “they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners“. All we can do is try to mitigate the impact of the ideological drones on our society as much as we can, primarily by *not* engaging them and limiting our interaction with those still capable of critical thought. It is by excluding ideological drones from the debate about the future of our world that we can create a better environment for those truly seeking solutions to our current predicament.


1. If you have not listened to his lectures on this topic, which I highly recommend, you can find them here:

Empire as a Way of Life, Part 1 | mp3 | doc
Empire as a Way of Life, Part 2 | mp3 | doc
Empire as a Way of Life, Part 3 | mp3 | doc
Empire as a Way of Life, Part 4 | mp3 | doc

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I sometimes wonder if this mindset has infected Europe as well. That they can’t see that their subservience to the US and willful participation in all its war is making us the very rogue states we cry foul of. No European government seems to want to cry foul of the US. They all saw what happened to France and Germany during the lead up to the Iraq invasion, how they got sidelined as ‘Old Europe’. And how successive French and German governments have had to engage in various forms of analingus to get in America’s good graces again. Also I’ve noticed that in Europe also one liners and ‘tweets’ have replaced intelligent debate. It’s not about making a good argument anymore, but crafting that perfect one liner that will make it into the evening’s news. Political correctness is also doing its evil work here.

I weep for the old country.


It is a mind control. Europeans believe in the U$ hype!


I fully agree with your comment.
I would add to this the all too common cry of ‘Russian hacking ‘ into all facets of European society and values. This ‘cry’ was bellowed this week by Boris Johnson ,the UK Foreign Minister, in his visit to Moscow.

The amusing part of all this is that Boris declared that the UK had not been successfully hacked but the EU in general had been. This statement de facto declared that the UK Intelligence Services were able to prevent Russian hacking and that the other EU countries Intelligence Services are incompetent.

2018 it seems will be an interesting year. Will reality be WW3 or will it be more of the same hysteria of 2017 ?

Happy Christmas to all.


Political correctness actually if one can defend their action through logical argument.
Nowadays they couldn’t even do that. Not even bothered to.


I was surprised to hear that Russia and China backed a very strong sanctions regime on N. Korea, tantamount to what precipitated Japan’s attack on the US during WW2. I’m totally confused by Russia and China’s action in supporting this in the Security Council. Do they not understand that the US will NEVER agree in the Security Council to release those sanctions until N. Korea not only disarms, but is a colony of the US with the US chosen puppet at the helm and military installations there? It strikes me as the Deep State now holds all of the cards and can force a war in N. Korea. The sanctions stranglehold will either eventually force China and/or Russia to do as the US does, violate International Law and drop the sanctions, or force N. Korea to lash out over the effects of the sanctions stranglehold on it’s country. Just what were the Chinese and the Russian thinking?


I read that one already and not sure what you’re getting at. I didn’t claim an oil embargo or that the sanctions are the same as they were with Japan, nevertheless, the sanctions are severe and even include N. Koreans losing jobs working abroad and cuts off trade including agricultural. It is a cause for war and I don’t understand why the Chinese and Russians would go along with such a thing. It’s as if the Russians and Chinese don’t understand the Deep State’s agenda. Even if N. Korea disarmed, the US will never release the sanctions until they have disarmed the N. Koreans and have set them up as a US colony.


i guess everyone knows the deep state wants a war badly;Iran or NK are probably considered small fish. main goal however is Russia and/or China. May be Russia and China are choosing the lesser evil? yes, sanctions are bad but better than nukes.


So you’re saying that this is a delaying tactic by China and Russia as once N. Korean civilians begin to suffer and/or die, there will be a war anyway. The N. Koreans aren’t going to go down without a fight; it’s the reason they’re working on nukes in the first place.


Lena Jones • 5 hours ago
We sure are losing grip on reality – I can’t bare to look anymore. Check out this article here that details our current geostrategic status:
Empire of Gunpowder and Glass: https://platosguns.com/2017

please, check this.


Please read ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ by David Talbot to get a feel for why the US is the way it is. Truman’s creation of the CIA and appointing a psychopath to head it; which he later came to regret.

ps. I don’t fault any people as a whole, only the criminals. Examples: Zionists not Jews, Nazis not Germans, Terrorists not Muslims, the Deep State not Americans etc……


thank you, i will.governments and people are different entities.




Great! The Saker back on track, at his best. After raping the Yugoslav tragedy for his own purposes: a drone-like behaviour.

David Rogers

So youre just bitter that we have an American empire instead of a “submit or die” Islamic empire?
Please comment on the “submit or die” tenet of Islam. As the father of a little girl i find your false religion and its Sharia law would be more dedpicable than American empire..and as we both know..thats saying alot


Well, you just supplied him with another example. In the pic at the top of the article, there is a flaw…there should have been a bible in his hand along with the flag. This would prove the American ‘moral and spiritual superiority’. But, no mind, you took care of that. As for your submit or die, have you looked at images of Raqqah or Mosul? Your comment proves his entire article…in more ways than one…yet I doubt you even see it.

David Rogers

Still waiting for the critical refutation of my contemptuous position of Sharia law, Allah, and Muslim society springing from that demented theology. Will it be forthcoming? Or you just going to keep calling me names? ..or you just showing your fanboi allegieance? Maybe you should reread the article


Maybe you should re-read th earticle. You just used the very tactics he mentioned in his article. Do you even see it? No. Because you have the very mindset he is discussing. Blather and absolutely no merit. Where is the name calling you mention? See? The same tactics…groundless accusations, as if real. Syria should be a great example. Which state, the US or Syria, is more inclusive? Which peoples, Americans or Syrians are more inclusive? Your whole argument is not an argument, it’s a gaggle of unprovable one-liners that mean nothing. He is also right about another thing. One cannot have an intelligent discussion with someone with your bent, because you have cemented yourself into a delusional position that you can’t neither run from or defend. You are like the trolls here that continue to blather on about nothing, preferring to only stir the pot. They are best blocked, so intelligent conversation can take place without diversionary trips into propaganda land. It looks like you are of the same ilk.


Allah? This word means “god”. In Arabic; used by poeple of Arabic language, be they Muslims, Christians and even Jews, and others. So, according to you: “God is a ficticious false god.” Even for atheists this sentence doesn’t make sense. “God the best of planners.”: This will make sense to Muslims, Christians, Jews, and any other monotheist. And to quite some polytheists, too. Even to some animists… so do they all believe the words of the (Holy, for Muslims) Quran?!


as a father of a little girl you should know that we live in 21 century and empires are outdated. it would be great if americans find other income generating occupations. wars, beheadings, bombing, stealing, colonizing are profitable, yes, but you do not want your little girl to grow up in such “life- style”. may be, just may be there are millions of little girls out there who do not want to suffer just because some are exceptionally greedy and mentally sick. it’s kind of funny to promote the american empire and reject the islamic empire. honey, wake up . the americans createdt he islamic empire. it is your baby.

John Brown

Peter Schiff should add these examples of these debates to it. As we can see this is what has been created by the USA federal government by design to dumb down its population. I believe this had been done to the black community in the USA to try to counter the threat of the Nation of Islam who know haw to debate all to well for the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire. It was endorsed initially by Brbra Bush.
Oswald Bates #2
Oswald Bates
Just compare the almost identical debates are mind boggling!!!!!!

John Brown


Eskandar Black

This is an incorrect oversimplification of the American point of view, The author focuses on narrow samples of extremely small minority of politically active internet trolls, which is a sliver of a larger non politically active community. I wager these samples do not represent either the best arguments, nor are they based on the most pertinent information.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Perhaps. But it is a frightening accurate view of the mindset of what passes for leadership in the U S and it ‘s client nations.

Tommy Jensen

Eskandar may be right, but it doesnt matter as MSM goes with the mindset of the elite.

Tommy Jensen

But the examples are taking out from MSM whther or not they represents anybody.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Sadly, your list describing the ideological mindset, accurately depicts most of the leadership of the US/UK.
They are people who find the world (both inner and outer) chaotic and terrifying and instead of confronting those fears, choose to escape into a simplistic, oddly comforting jingoism.
It is exactly the type of person who should never be given power over anyone or anything but who seek power above all things.
It’s fear that drives them to seek extraordinary control and fear that keeps them clinging to a a belief system that they know, at some level, is inconsistent with reality.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The US is dumb now days. Just as the Communist Russia was dumb 90 years ago.
Now Europe and the USSA are Communist and dumb.
Nationalist are smart, globalist are dummies. Always have been, always will be.

John Brown

See Peter Schiff should add these examples of the following debates to his video example. as we can see this is what has been created by the USSA federal government by design, to dumb down its population. I believe this has been done to the black community in the USSA to try to counter the growing threat posed by the Nation of Islam who know how to debate very well, using truth and historical facts to show how the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire has oppressed and exterminated Africans and all Goyims. It was initially endorsed by Barbara bush.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x